Where is the network anchor’s "job-hopping" road?

  BEIJING, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) Recently, the popular anchor Ti mo Feng sent Weibo, saying: "The contract with DouYu has expired, and future cooperation is still under negotiation … … 。” Weibo, who is less than 100 words, caused a hot discussion among netizens, and once pushed Ti mo Feng to a hot search in Weibo.

  Netizens are guessing, where is Ti mo Feng’s next stop? Where to? This may be a difficult choice for online celebrity anchors represented by Ti mo Feng in their career development.

  From Ti mo Feng’s announcement of her freedom to her negotiation with Tik Tok Platform, all the signs show that Ti mo Feng wants to make a leap from online celebrity to a star. Her subsequent development will also become a typical sample for the outside world to observe the development of online celebrity anchor.

  Ti mo Feng won a large number of fans on the live broadcast platform with her beautiful voice. Not long ago, she also held a solo concert in her hometown of Chongqing and attended variety shows such as talk shows. After moving to Tik Tok, Ti mo Feng has reached more than 30 million fans, trying to compete with first-line traffic stars such as Show Lo, Joker Xue and Yang Mi for fans and attention.

  Although he occasionally ranks in the TOP10 of Tik Tok’s celebrity love dou list, Ti mo Feng may still have a long way to go to achieve the leap from online celebrity to celebrity.

Screenshot from the network Weibo

Screenshot from the network Weibo

  What is the work and commercial value?

  For example, Show Lo, who ranks in the forefront of Tik Tok, has made numerous films and TV songs for more than 20 years, and his hosting programs are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Joker Xue won numerous music awards and was very popular. These stars also have commercial value, such as the release of Jay Chou’s new song, which earned 15 million music revenues overnight, which fully reflects the strong commercial appeal of the stars.

  On the other hand, Ti mo Feng has gained some fans with several music works since her debut, but it is also confined to the live broadcast circle, far from reaching the popularity of first-line stars. More importantly, she didn’t come up with bright works to establish her star status.

  In terms of revenue, in September 2019, Ti mo Feng’s data of small gourd ranked 38th on the fighting platform, with 895,000 monthly active fans in the live broadcast room and an average monthly reward of 209,000. Its income index ranks 30th in Betta platform, popularity index ranks 75th in Betta platform, and powder increasing index ranks 57th. The three indices in August ranked 43rd, 52nd and 28th respectively. Thus, Ti mo Feng’s commercial value is far from matching her status as a "fighting fish elder sister".

  Does online celebrity anchor have strong entertainment system support?

  A online celebrity wants to become a star, which requires not only his own professional ability, but also a perfect entertainment system. This entertainment system is rooted in the entertainment market, and it continuously supports a star’s popularity and market recognition through a series of means such as artist training, brand packaging, resource promotion, exposure and publicity. However, online celebrity anchor is rooted in the live broadcast soil and lacks the support of this entertainment system. It is very difficult to achieve the leap from anchor to star.

  Then there is the short life cycle of online celebrity anchor. There is even a saying in the industry that online celebrity’s life cycle is only two years. For the predictable aesthetic fatigue of users, most anchors may not escape this fate. Fans like anchors that provide novel perspectives and unique experiences. When people get used to this method, they will get bored and finally start to pursue the next online celebrity. Therefore, under such circumstances, online celebrity anchor should extend his life cycle in the fields he is familiar with and good at. However, online celebrity anchor’s pursuit of stardom still faces great challenges.

  What is the geometry of the anchor winner of job-hopping

  If Ti mo Feng moves to Tik Tok, will it bring her a leap forward? On the contrary, many anchors have switched to other platforms, but few have developed better than before. For example, Brother Snake, the anchor of the fighting fish Jedi survival plate, quickly became popular because of his sharp play, handsome face and fighting fish flow blessing. However, in the end, Brother Snake broke his contract and left Betta, and went to Huya for live broadcast. His popularity declined and gradually became a second-line anchor. In addition, there are anchors such as Hyun Shen, Du Ji, Bai Yinfei, Bao Zi, etc. After they left the original platform, their status and popularity were not as high as before.

  Industry analysts believe that this is related to the anchor not adapting to the new environment. On the original platform, the anchors are familiar with the ecological environment of the platform, and it is easy for the anchors to achieve the best live broadcast state. Once you switch to other platforms, the unfamiliar environment will affect the performance of the anchors. Secondly, this is related to the platform operation strategy. The anchor switched to other platforms, and these platforms hope that the anchor can bring fans to the new platform. But now the high-quality content of the platform leads to very high stickiness of fans. Only a few will migrate to other platforms with the anchor. Once the platform finds that these anchors can’t bring the expected traffic and revenue, it will reduce resource support and anchor revenue, and some anchors even return to the original platform.

  Where should Ti mo Feng go? No matter how Ti mo Feng chooses, it shows the career development dilemma of online celebrity anchor. Faced with such a dilemma, Ti mo Feng may be the best choice to stay in Betta. After all, Ti mo Feng has been fighting fish for five years, Ti mo Feng and her fans are familiar with the ecology of fighting fish, and fighting fish has also made Ti mo Feng. The cooperation between the two sides may give Ti mo Feng more room for imagination in the future.