Rush to the hot search! On a hot day, the mother gave the electric fan to her child and was killed by the heat.

After crouching

The high temperature in various places continues to spread.

Some people don’t pay attention to it after heatstroke.

Wait until after severe heatstroke

The tragedy is irreversible …

In the past week, the emergency department of Sandun Hospital of Zhejiang Hospital has received many cases of heatstroke every day. A 30-year-old female patient with heatstroke (severe heatstroke) did not turn on the air conditioner at home, and the electric fan was given to the child. By the time the family found out that she was not in the right condition, the patient had fallen into a deep coma.

What took you so long? Her husband explained that "she is not afraid of heat at ordinary times". In the end, the doctors tried their best, but there was nothing they could do.

The doctor stressed that heatstroke is severe heatstroke, and the mortality rate is very high if the rescue is not timely. However, heatstroke usually does not happen suddenly. If there is threatened heatstroke or mild heatstroke, we must intervene in time, otherwise the symptoms will continue to worsen, such as heatstroke and even death.

On the social platform, related topics also rushed to the hot search.

Netizens said

"Poor inherit the wind"

Some netizens don’t understand her husband’s words.

Xiao Bian reminds that in high temperature weather, whether in production or life, we should guard against the personal safety risks caused by summer heat.

Eight Mistakes of Heat Shock Disease

Misunderstanding 1

Heat stroke is heatstroke, so it is not life-threatening.

Heat stroke is the most serious type of severe heatstroke. Heat stroke is not as simple as raising body temperature, but produces a series of terrible physiological reactions. Patients will have multiple organ failure, central nervous system dysfunction, disseminated intravascular coagulation and so on. If it is not properly treated in time, the death rate of heat stroke is very high, and the general death rate can reach 50%-70%, and the death rate of elderly patients over 70 years old will reach 80%.

Myth 2

If you have symptoms of heatstroke, you can cool down at home.

Heatstroke is extremely dangerous once it develops to the stage of heatstroke. When the patient has symptoms of heatstroke such as high fever, no sweat, blurred consciousness, convulsion, or even no response, don’t hesitate to call 120 in time and send him to the hospital as soon as possible.

Misunderstanding 3

Indoor, there will be no heat stroke.

Heat stroke is not exclusive to outdoor, and indoor small environment with high temperature and poor ventilation may also cause heat stroke. Decoration workers and workshop workers who stay in a closed space for a long time belong to the high-risk group of heat stroke; Some elderly people live in old houses with poor ventilation and no air conditioning, and are also prone to heat stroke.

Misunderstanding 4

If you don’t do strenuous exercise, you won’t get heatstroke.

Heat stroke can be divided into labor type and non-labor type, the former refers to strenuous exercise in summer and high-intensity physical activity; The latter is common in the elderly, infants, pregnant women and other people with slightly weaker physique. In the summer of 2022, there was an incident in Shandong where a woman suffered from fever during the confinement period and eventually died of heatstroke.

Myth 5

If the temperature is not high, it is not heatstroke.

Elevated body temperature is the main feature of heatstroke, and the core body temperature of patients is mostly above 40℃. The core temperature mentioned here is often reflected by rectal temperature. Our daily measurement of axillary temperature or ear temperature can only be used as a reference, and can not be used as a basis for the diagnosis of heatstroke.

Myth 6

Only in summer will there be heatstroke.

Heat stroke is not exclusive to summer. For example, workers who work in unventilated high-temperature factories for a long time, firefighters who face raging fires, and even people who steam saunas in winter may suffer from heat stroke.

Misunderstanding 7

In hot weather, eating more cold drinks can prevent heatstroke.

The most important thing to prevent heatstroke is to drink plenty of water, including white water, salt water and drinks containing electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and chlorine. Eating a lot of cold drinks will increase the burden on the stomach. Alcoholic drinks and high-sugar drinks will make the body lose water and are not recommended.

Misunderstanding 8

Women with weak constitution are more likely to get heatstroke.

Generally speaking, women’s heat adaptability is weaker than men’s, but a large number of clinical data show that there are more men suffering from heat stroke than women, which should be related to men’s more outdoor work and heavy physical activities. Such as outdoor high-temperature workers, steel workers, firefighters, athletes, soldiers participating in training, etc. are all high-risk groups of heat stroke.

Diffusion reminds people around you

The heat is scorching

Be sure to watch out for heatstroke!

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This week’s wonderful movie channel has broadcast many fantasy movies since 12.20.

Special feature of 1905 film network In the genre practice of China’s films, fantasy films have sprung up in recent years, with excellent films such as series, Journey to the West series, Di Renjie series and so on. Domestic fantasy movies are based on oriental mythology, with grand scenes and exploding 3D special effects, which capture a large number of fans and gradually occupy a place in domestic film types.

As the largest domestic film output platform in China, the movie channel will assemble a series of fantasy movies such as "Nine-story Demon Tower" this week, as well as suspense crime movies, healing love and so on, so stay tuned!

Nine-story demon tower

Fantasy index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: A wonderful adaptation of Ghost Blowing Lights that fans should not miss.

Broadcast time: December 20th at about 15:55.

In 1979, the skeleton of a mysterious creature was discovered in Kunlun Mountain. The expedition led by Hu Bayi went deep into the hinterland of Kunlun Mountain to find more secrets about the remains of paleontology, only to be attacked by different mysterious creatures in the process and accidentally fell into the nine-story demon tower. Except for Hu Bayi, the life and death of the group became a mystery.

Hu Bayi returned to Beijing after leaving the army, reunited with his young Wang Kaixuan, and embarked on the journey of exploring unknown civilization again between the mysterious man and the expedition team. On the way, he met Shirley Yang and went hand in hand. A group of people were attacked by unknown creatures in the prince’s tomb, oil town and other places. What happened here once again points to the nine-story demon tower, and this time it will be an unsolved mystery that has been dusty for thousands of years … …

Wonderful film review:The first step is China’s fantasy works that can compete with Hollywood blockbusters.— — From time network

The Four Heavenly Kings of Di Renjie

Fantasy index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: The fantasy and suspense of ancient mythology, the martial arts action reappears Tsui Hark’s fantasy masterpiece.

Broadcast time: about 20:15 on December 20th.

The Four Heavenly Kings of Di Renjie is the third in a series of films directed by Tsui Hark.Strange things happened one after another in Luoyang, the capital of the gods, and the samurai group wearing the ghost face of Chiyou committed crimes everywhere; The fox outside the pub knows human language; The carved dragons on the pillars of the palace Ganyuan Hall came alive. As a detective, Di Renjie should not only solve the truth and motivation of the mysterious case, but also find ways to face Wu Hou’s pressing.

Prior to this, Di Renjie broke the case of the Dragon King, was given a royal mace of Kang Long, and was in charge of Dali Temple, which made him the biggest threat to Wu Zetian’s road to power. In order to eliminate the thorn in the side, Wu Zetian ordered Wei Chi Jin to assemble a powerful group of aliens in an attempt to seize Kang Long’s mace.Di Renjie not only has to protect Kang Long’s mace, but also has to solve mysterious and strange cases, and he has to face Wu Zetian’s seizure of power and is caught in many crises … …

Wonderful film review:A spectacle film that combines brain holes, imagination and fantasy.— — From Douban. Shameless, asshole

Never imagined

Funny index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: Popular online dramas grafted with The Journey to the West’s hilarious doubled.

Broadcast time: December 20th, about 11:38.

The story sets the time in the Tang Dynasty and takes Shi Niu town as the starting point. According to legend, Shi Niu, a huge monster, and a small demon named Wang Dachui were suppressed here.Hammer, the little demon king, was born different from ordinary people, with sharp ears and a little magic. He always boasted of the local demon king. But what he never expected was that his fate was reversed after meeting the Tang Priest’s Master-Apprentice Group. For the Tang Priest’s Master-Apprentice Group, meeting Wang Dachui was also the 82nd most depressing task. Therefore, the two sides staged a fantastic adventure of loving each other and killing each other.

Wonderful film review:This is a movie that can make the audience laugh from beginning to end.— — From the network Yanshan Knife A

Next: predecessor

Warm index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: A warm-hearted healing romance.

Broadcast time: December 19th at about 12:18.

If you are still confused in love, hurt by the pain brought by your predecessor, and hesitate on the way to find the next one, you might as well walk into this film and have a healing journey. Maybe you will find that love is not far away.

Lin Xintian, played by Guo Caijie, has never had a smooth road to love, and she can never meet the right person at the right time. Just when she was disheartened, fate made her meet the affectionate warm man Wuchuan played by Ryan. I thought that I finally met the right person this time, and when I was immersed in happiness, I was miserable and cheated. At the height of sadness, good luck finally arrived, and Lin Xintian, who was wandering around, finally found true love — — The person who has had a secret crush since he was a student and has never let go.

The wrong person will eventually be separated, and the right person will always come. Those injuries and tears you have suffered in love are also the foreshadowing of happiness.

Wonderful film review:Don’t be afraid of love, because it is predestined.— — From time network taoxinxu Shi Fan

Glacier chasing after the murderer

Suspense index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: Reveal the cold and warm life behind the suspense mystery.

Broadcast time: about 00:28 on December 20th.

Snowflakes flying all over the sky created a picturesque dream world, but in this dream world, a complicated case was quietly buried. The murderer killed three people in an extremely cruel way. Every time he committed the crime in the same way, he cut the ice with a chainsaw, tied the victim’s hands behind his back, then threw it into the biting glacier, and finally covered it with ice, letting it slowly struggle to death.

Headed by Zhou Peng, a senior policeman played by Tony Leung Ka Fai, and Wang Hao, a young detective played by David, the "murderer" went deep into the glacier to trace the real murderer and find the truth.In the cold glacier with hidden dangers, everyone is inevitably involved in a series of complicated events, but the ultimate truth under the glacier subverts everyone’s imagination … … In the film, whether it is the fetters of family ties, the reflection on environmental protection, or the revenge between good and evil, it is very embarrassing.

Wonderful film review:An action suspense blockbuster with strong male hormones, freezing the corpse under the ice and gripping.— — Pony from the internet shines

The topic of "super moon" has been searched frequently: how to form it? How to observe?

  Beijing, March 12 (Reporter Shangguan Yun) A bright moon often entrusts people with good wishes and thoughts. Recently, topics related to the "Super Moon" have been on the hot search for many times, and astronomy enthusiasts have chosen the right time and place to observe and feast their eyes.

  In fact, the "super moon" is an astronomical phenomenon that everyone has paid more attention to in recent years. So, what is a "super moon"? When does it usually appear? How can people observe?

  Conditions for the formation of "super moon"

  To form a "super moon", two basic conditions need to be met, one is "nearest" and the other is "roundest".

  Data Map: On March 9, the night of February 16, the Lunar Year of the Rat, Beijing, before the arrival of the "Super Moon", a full moon rose, reflecting the street lights in the community. China News Service reporter Sun Zifa photo

  "The orbit of the moon around the earth is elliptical, with the closest perigee and the farthest apogee." Yuan Fengfang, director of popular science at Xinglong Observation Base of National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences, explained.

  She said that "super moon" means that the moon is at the perigee when it is at the full moon. At this time, when the moon comes to perigee, it looks bigger than usual because it is close to the earth.

  "February 19, 2019 is the Lantern Festival in China, which happens to be ‘ Super moon ’ 。” Yuan Fengfang said, "The super full moon meets with our traditional festivals, which is more ornamental and attracts public attention."

  How to watch "Super Moon"?

  To watch the super moon, strictly speaking, you can choose to observe it when the moon-earth-sun is closest to a straight line in sequence. To put it simply, on the night when the "super moon" appeared, it can be observed anywhere as long as it is sunny or in partly cloudy.

  Data Map: On the evening of March 10th, "Super Moon" appeared in Beijing. China News Service reporter Futian photo

  Yuan Fengfang introduced a set of data. At 10: 35 am on April 8, Beijing time, the moon, the earth and the sun were almost in a straight line, and the moon was the most round at this time; At 2: 08 am on April 8, Beijing time, the moon reached perigee.

  She said that it is suitable for observation from the evening of April 7 to the morning of the 8 th. You can shoot a moon at 2: 08 am on April 8 and before sunrise.

  "In fact, we can appreciate it with our eyes ‘ Super moon ’ You can also use ordinary binoculars or monoculars, or even SLR and telephoto lenses. " Yuan Fengfang explained that "super moon" is a very common astronomical phenomenon. "We can see the full moon every month, can’t we?"

  Appear no more than 4 times a year.

  Earlier, some media reported that astronomical experts said that the "super moon" mostly happened on the 15th and 16th lunar months, and it will be staged four times in the Year of the Rat in the lunar calendar, and the time will be on February 9th, March 10th, April 8th and May 7th respectively.

  “‘ Super moon ’ In fact, it is only a very common phenomenon. The period between the moon’s arrival at perigee takes 27.55 days, and the period between two full moons is the full moon, which takes 29.27-29.83 days. " Yuan Fengfang said.

  There is a small time difference between the above two periods. Yuan Fengfang said that it is precisely because of the difference in the length of the cycle that there are no more than four "super moons" every year.

  Data Map: "Super Moon" appeared in Beijing. China News Service reporter Mao Jianjun photo

  Interestingly, Yuan Fengfang mentioned that the perigee of the moon on April 8 was about 500 kilometers closer to the earth than the perigee on March 10. Therefore, the "super moon" on April 8 will be a little bigger (about 0.1%), but it is difficult for the naked eye to see the difference in size.

  Interesting "Minimum Moon"

  It is worth noting that there are not only "Super Moon" but also "Minimum Moon", and some netizens jokingly call it "Super Little Moon".

  The so-called "minimum moon", that is to say, when the moon is full moon, it just runs near the apogee.

  "The only time in 2020 ‘ The smallest moon ’ , on October 31. " Yuan Fengfang suggested that interested people can take pictures of the "Super Moon" and the "Minimum Moon" in the same place and use the same set of shooting equipment, and then make a comparison. This is an astronomical observation that the general public can do. (End)

The director of the film version of A Dream of Red Mansions responded why the title of the film was not called "Mu Shi Qian Meng"

According to the Sina film report, Hu Mei, the director of the film version of A Dream of Red Mansions, responded to the controversy about the film title "Good Marriage".

Wandering stars

Hu Mei: First of all, I would like to sincerely thank netizens for their attention to the film. Next, I would like to share with you my understanding of the film title: As we all know, "Mu Shi Qian Meng" said that the crimson pearl fairy grass still shed tears, and Daiyu died of tears; And "Golden Jade and Good Marriage" refers to the death of Daiyu and the marriage of Baoyu Baochai. However, does getting married mean happiness? Is this marriage fair to Xue Baochai?

In the fifth episode of A Dream of Red Mansions, the lyrics of Baochai’s "Life’s Mistake" are written as follows: "Facing the sky, the mountains are glittering and translucent with snow; I will never forget the lonely forest in the world. " The implication is that Baoyu obviously guards Baochai every day, but he can never forget Daiyu in his heart. "Even if it is Qi Mei’s case, it is hard to be flat." The word "meaning is difficult to be flat" is now an online buzzword. Although it was not initiated by Cao Xueqin, it was remembered and still used today because of A Dream of Red Mansions. I think these three heavy words are about the fate of Bao Daichai. Therefore, the title of the film is not to promote women and restrain women, and the story does not promote women and restrain women; The "alliance between wood and stone" is about the tragedy of two people, while the "golden jade and good marriage" is about the tragedy of three people. If "the alliance between wood and stone" is "great sorrow", then "the marriage of gold and jade" is "great sorrow", which is also the story that our film really wants to tell.

Thank you again for your attention. See you at the cinema.

Wandering stars

Shang Tang’s "Mid-term Examination": The big model was accelerated and upgraded, and the revenue related to generative AI increased by 670.4% year-on-year.

On August 28th, Shang Tang Group released the semi-annual report for 2023, achieving an operating income of 1.433 billion yuan in the first half of the year, up 1.3% year-on-year; The net loss narrowed by 2% compared with the same period of last year, and the adjusted net loss narrowed by 6.7%.

The financial report shows that the Group’s revenue related to generative AI has achieved a strong growth of three digits thanks to the release of the "day-by-day" big model system during the reporting period, and the generative AI product series such as "Consultation SenseChat", "Second Picture SenseMirage" and "Shadow SenseAvatar". According to the latest news, Shang Tang’s "growing day by day" big model has passed the Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services for the record, and Shang Tang’s "Consultation SenseChat" has been officially opened to the whole society.

Shang Tang said that while increasing investment in R&D of large-scale models, the Group still adhered to the operating goal of continuously reducing losses. Combined with the management requirements of cost reduction implemented since 2022, its AI commercialization efficiency improved, and the current operating cost decreased by 6.5% year-on-year.

Shang Tang’s capital reserve is still sufficient. By the end of the reporting period, Shang Tang held a total of 14.82 billion yuan in bank deposits, cash in hand, structured deposits, bonds and other fixed-income products.

The iteration of large-scale model technology is accelerated to consolidate the core competitiveness of AI.

Since the end of 2022, the generative AI model has been on the rise, and the world’s major technology giants are rushing into the big model track, intending to get a slice of this promising market.

IDC predicts that in 2026, the AI big model market in China will reach 21.1 billion US dollars, and nearly 50% of the terminal devices in China market will have AI engine technology.

In April, 2023, Shang Tang’s "Consultation SenseChat1.0" was released, which is one of the earliest chat robot products based on the large language model with hundreds of billions of parameters in China.Only two months later, Shang Tang, together with a number of top domestic scientific research institutions, released the first basic model InternLM with comprehensive performance exceeding GPT-3.5-turbo in China. On this basis, "Consultation" quickly iterated to version 2.0.

In August, the new model InternLM-123B completed the training, and ranked second in the world in terms of test scores on a total of 300,000 questions in 51 well-known evaluation sets around the world.For example, in five evaluation sets on reading comprehension, the scores of InternLM-123B are all higher than those of GPT-3.5-turbo and the LLaMA2-70B model newly released by Meta, and the scores of individual test sets differ by nearly 20 points.

It is reported that InternLM-123B focuses on upgrading the code interpreter and plug-in calling ability. python interpreter, API calling and search can be used to solve complex tasks and flexibly build AI agent applications. Due to the remarkable improvement of the new model, it is expected that "Consultation SenseChat" will be upgraded to version 3.0 in September.

In addition to the big language model, Shang Tang is also committed to training the world’s top three models of Wensheng Map. As early as January, Shang Tang’s second painting 1.0 started the internal test, and a second-dimensional picture can be generated by inputting prompts; In April, the second painting was upgraded to 2.0 and officially released; In July, version 3.0 of Seconds Painting adopted a brand-new generation model architecture, which can realize professional photography-level picture detail description, and its core algorithm surpassed Google’s Imagen and OpenAI’s DALL·E2 on COCObenchmark.

With the iteration of Shang Tang’s second painting from 1.0 to 3.0, its model parameters increased from the initial 800 million to 7 billion. Version 4.0 is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2023, and new aesthetic system support will be introduced.

The iteration speed of Shang Tang AI model is extraordinary, which is due to the support of the computing infrastructure behind it. Since 2023, in order to maintain its core competitiveness, Shang Tang has continuously upgraded SenseCore, an intelligent computing infrastructure. The number of online GPUs has increased from 27,000 at the end of March 2023 to about 30,000 recently, and the computing power scale has increased by 20% to 6ExaFLOPS.

Since 2023, more than 1,000 large models with parameters ranging from billions to hundreds of billions have been trained on Shang Tang AI equipment, which has achieved technological iteration leading the industry and supported dozens of generative AI applications.

It should be said that the maturity of any AI technology is by no means achieved overnight. Behind Shang Tang’s big model is the "miracle" of deep learning algorithm, computing power improvement and data accumulation, and deep cultivation for several years.

According to the AI Big Model Market Research Report (2023) published by Jost Sullivan, Shang Tang ranks first in China in terms of comprehensive competitiveness in product technology, strategic vision and ecological opening-up construction.

Release the commercial potential of big model and accelerate the optimization of business structure

When people talk about the big AI model, most of the time they are feeling the impact and subversion it brings to all walks of life, but few people think that the commercial landing of the big model will come so quickly.

The industry has been growing crazily for half a year, and it has completed the transformation from "Hundred Models Battle" when running into the market to thinking about putting technology into practice. Industry analysts believe that with the rise of basic model and tool layer, the cost and difficulty of building applications will be greatly reduced. For application developers, all downstream applications are worth reconstructing.

The observation of AI trend in the era of big model points out that vertical domain application is the main battlefield of big model. With the rapid development of generative AI technology, it has spawned brand-new commercial value in many fields. Although these models are in the early stage of expansion, they also show excellent capabilities. Like other disruptive technologies, this change will develop slowly at first, and then accelerate rapidly.

A ready-made case is that in Shang Tang’s interim report, this change is gradually emerging.

In the first half of 2023, Shang Tang’s revenue related to generative AI recorded a year-on-year growth of 670.4%, and its contribution to the Group’s business increased rapidly from 10.4% in 2022 to 20.3%.Large-scale model has become an important driving force to upgrade the business of Shang Tang.

It is understood that Shang Tang released a series of generative AI products in April, which is one of the earliest enterprises in China to release related products, including Consultation, Secondhand Painting, Ruying, Qiongyu and Gewu, respectively corresponding to the five mainstream generative AI application landing scenarios: natural language interaction, AI Wen Sheng Tu, digital people, 3D big scene reconstruction and 3D small object generation.

The landing and maturity of AI big model not only accelerates the transformation and optimization of Shang Tang’s own business structure, but also shows the potential of more business application scenarios.

Reflected in the business level, at present, Shang Tang’s main businesses are divided into four major sectors, namely, smart business, smart life, smart cars and smart cities. During the reporting period, Shang Tang actively promoted the commercial application of AI technology and helped customers to quickly iterate new products based on large models, with remarkable results.

Among them,Driven by the big AI model, the revenue of the smart business sector increased by 50.2% year-on-year to 854 million yuan, the revenue proportion increased by 19.4 percentage points to 59.6%, the number of service customers reached 481, and the revenue of single customers increased by 59.9%.For example, in cooperation with domestic head insurance companies, Shang Tang provided cross-validation of crop underwriting data based on AI remote sensing model, which helped to improve the risk assessment and claims service system. Compared with the traditional manual identification scheme, the efficiency was improved by 60 times.

The tentacles of the smart life business extend to the C-end. In cooperation with customers in different fields such as e-commerce, traditional media and community platforms, Shang Tang’s AI products such as consultation, second painting, shadow and grid objects all come in handy. From digital life to high-precision 3D object modeling ability, Shang Tang’s technical strength can be intuitively presented to C-end users. During the reporting period, the revenue of this business increased by 6.7% year-on-year to 312 million yuan, the proportion of revenue increased to 21.8%, and the number of customers increased by 47.5% year-on-year.

Besides,The revenues of smart cities and smart cars are 184 million yuan and 84 million yuan respectively.Among them, the mass production business of Jueying achieved a year-on-year growth of 573%, and the number of mass production deliveries reached 390,000 vehicles, driving the gross profit of bicycles to increase by 29%. In terms of intelligent experience, Shang Tang built an intelligent assistant in the cabin based on "Consultation" and launched a number of interactive products in Chinese in the cabin. In the first half of the year, the number of smart car customers of the company increased by 70% year-on-year to 34. With the continuous transformation of its cutting-edge technology, the business income is expected to show a rapid growth trend.

Guolian Securities Research Report believes that the AI big model opens the second growth curve in Shang Tang, Shang Tang is in the leading position in R&D investment and business scale, and it is also the first manufacturer in China to lay out the AI big model. The company has accumulated rich technology and application experience in the AI field, which is expected to take the lead in the AI 2.0 era and promote the further growth of the company’s performance.

It is worth mentioning that,Previously, Shang Tang United many countries.bestThe model InternLM-7B, with a parameter of 7 billion, released by scientific research institutions, has opened some of its training data, training codes and basic model weights to academia and industry for free, and supports commercialization.

On August 31st, Shang Tang expanded its opening authority again, and announced that the large-scale model application "Consultation SenseChat" will be fully opened to users from now on, which is one of the first domestic large-scale models successfully filed and approved to go online.

Baidu uses technology to make the complex world simpler.

  In the past few years, various problems based on AI (artificial intelligence) have been one of the hottest topics in the field of science and technology. How to make this cutting-edge scientific and technological force simpler and acceptable to the people has become a real problem at present. In response to this problem, Baidu gave its own plan.

  A few days ago, after reaching a strategic cooperation with China Science and Technology Museum, Baidu’s "Voyager" AI Popular Science Bus has started from Beijing, and has been launched in local science and technology museums in five cities across the country. On August 4, 2017, Baidu and science and technology hall held the launching ceremony of "Artificial Intelligence Popular Science China Tour" in Beijing, which marked the first stage of the strategic framework cooperation agreement reached between them based on artificial intelligence popular science. This trip of artificial intelligence science popularization in China has been carried out in local science and technology museums in five cities in China. The "Voyager" AI science popularization bus will spread the knowledge of artificial intelligence to all parts of the country, which also shows that Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology not only changes industries, but also cares about people’s lives. Bring updated artificial intelligence knowledge to further places. Prior to this, Baidu also successfully realized the "restoration" of the damaged Terracotta Warriors and Horses and the intelligent display of related cultural relics through artificial intelligence technology. In addition, Baidu is also committed to using the new AR (Augmented Reality) technology to restore and reproduce the folk life of old Beijing, and use technology to awaken history, so that experiencers can fully experience history and culture and become a part of history.

  Make the complex world simpler.

  In fact, it is Baidu’s mission to make the complex world simpler with technology. In the past few years, Baidu has been committed to technological innovation and the development of artificial intelligence. The reason why Baidu can achieve today’s achievements is closely related to the country’s concern and support for the field of scientific and technological innovation.

  In order to realize the mission of "making the complex world simpler with technology", Baidu will adhere to two core strategies: consolidating the mobile foundation and winning the AI ? ? era. In short, AI is the core driving force of Baidu.

  It is reported that Baidu AI platform is the foundation of developing application layer, which is composed of Baidu Brain and Baidu AI Cloud. Baidu brain is the first complete artificial intelligence platform in the industry, including algorithm layer, perception layer, cognition layer and platform layer. Baidu’s algorithm layer includes machine learning platform and deep learning platform; Perception layer includes speech recognition, image recognition, AR, VR (virtual reality) and other capabilities; The cognitive level includes NLP (natural language processing), knowledge map and user portrait; The platform layer is an AI open platform, which opens different capabilities to the outside world. Intelligent cloud is the foundation of Baidu AI platform, which is composed of AI+ big data+cloud.

  At present, Baidu’s AI technology capability is accelerating at a solid pace. For developers and eco-partners, Baidu announced a number of important plans, including the Apollo plan for intelligent driving and the two open platforms for intelligent voice DuerOS, to fully launch Baidu’s important AI eco-strategies, technologies, business progress and solutions.

  Up to now, in the field of artificial intelligence, Baidu has opened more than 60 AI core technologies, forming four major AI commercialization scenarios: airport, sales customer service, home and automobile. At the industrial chain level, only in the field of intelligent driving, more than 50 upstream and downstream manufacturers of the first-tier automobile industry at home and abroad have announced their participation in Baidu AI circle of friends in the three months since the announcement of the "Apollo Plan".

  Baidu takes artificial intelligence as the driving force to continuously improve its existing core businesses, especially mobile phone Baidu, search, information flow and other core products. At the same time, in order to explore long-term market opportunities, Baidu will continue to expand emerging AI-driven businesses through open platforms and ecosystems.

  Awakening history and culture with science and technology

  Awakening history and culture with technology is one of the important practices undertaken by Baidu, the global artificial intelligence giant, in the field of AI, and it is also one of the most intuitive channels for the public to experience the power of AI at present.

  On August 4th, 2017, Baidu and science and technology hall held the launching ceremony of "Artificial Intelligence Science Popularization in China" in Beijing, which marked the first stage of the strategic framework cooperation agreement reached between them based on artificial intelligence science popularization. This trip of artificial intelligence science popularization in China has been carried out in local science and technology museums in five cities in China. The "Voyager" AI science popularization bus will spread the knowledge of artificial intelligence to all parts of the country, which also shows that Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology not only changes industries, but also cares about people’s lives.

  On May 18th this year, Baidu announced that it had realized the "restoration" of the damaged Terracotta Warriors and Horses and the intelligent display of related cultural relics through artificial intelligence technology. According to reports, the "restoration" plan uses AR technology to "restore" the Terracotta Warriors and Horses No.2 pit, kneeling figurines and bronze chariots and horses. Visitors can see the "alive" Terracotta Warriors and other cultural relics with their own eyes by scanning the three triggers of "plane layout", "light box of kneeling figurines" and "structure diagram of bronze chariots and horses" in the No.2 pit of Terracotta Warriors and Horses through Baidu AR function of mobile phone.

  At the same time, the Digital Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses built by Baidu Encyclopedia was officially launched, presenting the Terracotta Warriors and Horses to the audience for the first time with the "ultra-high-definition level" of 20 billion pixels, becoming the first historical landscape in eight wonders of the world to be exhibited online with 10 billion pixels.

  At the beginning of this year, following the restoration of Chaoyangmen by Baidu AR technology, Baidu began to comprehensively upgrade AR technology and completely restore the nine gates of old Beijing as cultural cities. It is reported that Baidu’s activity of restoring the nine gates of old Beijing through AR technology was held during the Spring Festival, so it has attracted the attention of many citizens and friends. During the event, passengers can see all kinds of life scenes of the old people in the old Beijing city after triggering AR through the mobile phone Baidu App, and at the same time, they can also interact with the restored "Old Nine Gates", which is very exciting.

  Compared with some applications with a strong commercial atmosphere, Baidu’s attempt to awaken history and culture with technology and let the experiencers fully experience history and traditional culture with new AR technology can really make more and more people pay attention to and even participate in the inheritance and protection of history and culture. This also shows that Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology is not only about changing industries, but also about people’s lives themselves. Text/Liu Yang

Ten-year-old marathon runners need to be careful when they run "horses" because of cardiac arrest!

  "Stand up straight and stride." Under the guidance of medical staff, Xiao Chen, a running friend, is conducting exercise treadmill experiments in Beijing Hejia Hospital. In the Beijing Half Marathon in April this year, Xiao Chen had a cardiac arrest. Fortunately, he was discovered by the volunteers of Hejia AED, and was successfully rescued through cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED (External Automatic Defibrillation Transporter) electric defibrillation. After months of recovery, doctors need to re-evaluate his heart function.

  The start of the 2019 Beijing Marathon is just around the corner, and even senior runners may "stumble" and face the great risk of sudden cardiac death.

  Cardiology experts remind that six types of patients, such as those who have a history of myocardial infarction, those who have been diagnosed with heart diseases and have undergone surgery, and those who have a history of unexplained syncope, are generally not suitable for marathon. If you want your heart to be safe in high-intensity events, you need scientific cognition and pre-competition heart evaluation.

  Senior runner’s cardiac arrest AED successfully rescued

  "I was more excited when I finally sprinted. I shouted and rushed over. After a few steps, my feet were soft and I suddenly lost consciousness." Xiao Chen, a runner who suffered an accident in this year’s semi-Marseille in Beijing, said that he has ten years of long-distance running experience and participated in eight or nine marathons, which is a senior runner. I didn’t expect that this time he became the object of "first aid".

  At that time, it was Yuan Tong, an emergency nurse in Beijing Hejia Hospital, one of the medical security units of Beijing Half Horse Race, who was present to defibrillate Chen Jinxing AED. She said that the timely discovery of the support staff and the skilled use of AED pulled Xiao Chen back from the death line, otherwise once the cardiac arrest was not treated for 4 to 6 minutes, the brain would be irreversibly damaged, and even if the heartbeat was restored, it might become a vegetative state.

  Wang Dezhao, chief physician of the Department of Cardiology, Beijing Hejia Hospital, said that cardiovascular system accidents that often lead to cardiac arrest and sudden death in marathons are usually sudden acute myocardial infarction or malignant arrhythmia. Although the probability of occurrence is low, once it appears, it is the most dangerous. It is the most effective way to rescue patients with cardiac arrest and sudden death by using artificial chest compressions and AED defibrillation in the early stage. Beijing United Family Hospital is the official and exclusive designated medical service provider for Beijing Marathon. All AED volunteers have passed the cardiopulmonary resuscitation training organized by the American Heart Association (AHA) and obtained the certificates of Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ACLS), so they have the ability to find and rescue runners with cardiac arrest in the first time.

  Six groups of people should have a heart evaluation before the game.

  How to run a horse safely? Wang Dezhao said that runners must first have a clear understanding of their physical condition, and the following groups of people are not suitable for participating in such high-risk events.

  First, patients who had a history of myocardial infarction in the past, especially 6 months after myocardial infarction; Followed by patients who have been diagnosed with angina pectoris, or have undergone coronary stenting, coronary artery bypass grafting and installed pacemakers; Third, it is a patient who has a history of unexplained syncope or has done electrical cardioversion; The fourth is patients with severe arrhythmia or taking antiarrhythmic drugs; In addition, patients with a history of congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy or cardiovascular malformation, and patients with special ECG manifestations, such as Brugada syndrome, long QT syndrome and preexcitation syndrome (all three groups have special ECG manifestations), are not suitable for high-risk events similar to marathon.

  In addition to people who are not suitable for horse racing, there are six groups of people who can participate in the marathon, but they need to be evaluated before the race. The first category is people with risk factors of coronary heart disease, including smoking, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, family history of premature coronary heart disease (male < 55 years old, female < 65 years old), heavy drinking, sedentary, obesity, staying up late and working under great pressure; The second category is people with family history of sudden cardiac death; The third category is people who have had severe diarrhea or used diuretics recently, and it is very likely that there are abnormal levels of potassium, magnesium and calcium ions; The fourth category is people who have arrhythmia without drug treatment, including sinus arrhythmia, various premature beats, sinus bradycardia, etc. The fifth category is people who have had discomfort in the area below the jaw and above the umbilicus related to activities, or have palpitations and shortness of breath; The sixth category is people who are anxious, hypochondriac and have had a history of panic attacks. Most of these people do not have the typical symptoms of organic heart disease, but they belong to high-risk groups. If there is no heart assessment, there may be unexpected situations in extreme sports such as marathon.

  Three types of heart assessment help runners stay away from accidents

  Wang Dezhao introduced that marathon is an extreme sport with certain potential risks. However, as long as the heart function is scientifically evaluated before the game and the physical condition is known in advance, accidents such as cardiac arrest can be avoided to the maximum extent.

  "If the heart is compared to a house, then it has three systems, including waterway system, circuit system and structural system." According to Wang Dezhao, heart evaluation is also divided into three categories according to three systems: the first category is the evaluation of the "waterway system" of the heart, and the "waterway system" refers to the blood vessels of the heart itself &mdash; &mdash; Coronary artery. If the runner has chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, pressure, burning pain, pain in the left upper limb or left shoulder and back, which suggests that angina pectoris is possible, it should be evaluated by exercise treadmill test to observe whether the runner will have myocardial ischemia when he reaches the limit heart rate, which is also a simple and effective means to screen coronary heart disease. If the exercise treadmill test is abnormal, further coronary CTA or coronary angiography is needed.

  The second kind of evaluation depends on the "circuit system" of the heart, that is, the evaluation of cardiac electrical activity. If the runner has palpitation, irregular heartbeat, too slow or too fast heartbeat, it suggests that the cardiac electrical activity is abnormal, and it is necessary to do ECG monitoring for 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month or even longer. By monitoring the ECG changes at the onset of symptoms, the disease can be diagnosed and whether it is suitable for the competition can be evaluated.

  The third category is the evaluation of heart structure. If the runner has heart murmur, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease, etc., it is necessary to evaluate the morphological structure of the heart by heart color Doppler ultrasound. If you have serious structural heart disease, especially hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy or aortic stenosis, you are not suitable for marathon.

  How to predict and save yourself when you suddenly feel unwell in the game? Wang Dezhao said that first of all, runners should stop exercising, rest in a comfortable and relaxed posture, and seek help from medical staff; If the heartbeat suddenly accelerates, fast and even, it may be supraventricular tachycardia. You can hold your breath and cough hard, which may stop the tachycardia. If the pain in the chest or other suspicious parts (back, upper limbs, pharynx, etc.) persists, the attack of acute myocardial infarction cannot be ruled out. It is best to lie on your back, relax as much as possible, take a deep breath slowly and wait for rescue. (Reporter Chen Si)

"Hot Search" official announcement lineup exposure concept poster Zhou Dongyu speaks for the truth

1905 movie network news On April 12th, the film Hot Search exposed the concept poster and officially announced the lineup. The film is directed by, starring, and tells the story of an explosive article by Chen Miao, editor-in-chief of the media, which accidentally involves a criminal case. Xin Yukun, the director of the high-profile crime film, partnered with Zhou Dongyu for the first time, which is really exciting.

The newly released concept poster is also fascinating. The poster is covered with endless digital barcodes. Zhou Dongyu’s eyes seem to be staring, but it also reveals a trace of helplessness. Under the shadow of her side face is the figure of Justin, just a twist, but people can’t help but get nervous. What kind of relationship they have and what they will experience are all curious.

Director Xin Yukun cooperated with Zhou Dongyu for the first time.

Focus on the just battle of the network

Director Xin Yukun is praised by many movie fans as one of the directors who can shoot crime movies best in China. His first work, Heart Labyrinth, ranks the highest in domestic crime movies on Douban platform and has become a classic of crime movies in the eyes of many movie fans. Director Xin Yukun became famous in one fell swoop, and won many domestic and international awards and nominations with this film. The second work, The Burst of Silence, has the same high score and high reputation, which makes foreign directors of high-scoring crime films also praise it. The film Hot Search is a new realistic work directed by Xin Yukun, and it is also his first collaboration with Zhou Dongyu, which is expected.

Unlike Xin Yukun’s first two films, which tell the criminal stories of marginal people, the film Hot Search closely follows the pulse of the times, focuses its vision on the network environment that is closely related to everyone, and strives to redeem people with realistic storylines and complex humanity, arousing broad and strong social resonance, with a particularly prominent sense of topicality and type.

Zhou Dongyu speaks for the weak.

Song Yang Justin was involved in the game

The film Hot Search tells the story that Chen Miao (Zhou Dongyu), the editor-in-chief of the media, accidentally receives the help of the client while tracking the topic event, and involves a criminal case. Chen Miao’s partner He Yan (Song Yang) and group president Peng Yue (Justin) are involved in it one after another. What is the truth? What are the dangerous secrets behind it? In the face of the parties’ help, how will Chen Miao respond? A just war with the network as the carrier is about to begin.

Zhou Dongyu’s role this time is Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, which is also her first time to challenge the role of a strong woman in the workplace. Mature and capable in modeling, brave and determined in character, which is quite different from the screen image she used to create. When Chen Miao put all her eggs in one basket to speak for the weak, she also completed her own human redemption. What kind of charisma and profound emotional resonance this role will bring to the audience is fascinating.

After reading these ten classic movies, it is equivalent to reading ten classic literature!

1905 movie network news The ancients said, "There are poems and books in your belly that flatter you."Reading makes people wise and sensible.It is also the source of our happiness &mdash; &mdash;"The book has its own golden house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu."

On the history of film,Films based on literary works also have a place.This kind of film has a certain basic audience.But it is always criticized by the audience."A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets in their eyes."There must be a novel in your heart that is worth adapting.

April 23 rdIt coincides with World Book Day.In this season of "sharing the four monsoon seasons and sharing reading pleasure",Let’s recall the ten years when literature was adapted into movies.From it, I can see the fireworks that collide with literature and movies.

Tangshan Earthquake is adapted from Aftershock, a novel by Zhang Ling, a writer from Canada, which tells the story of a surviving girl who was separated from her family in Tangshan Earthquake for 32 years.

In 2009, one year after the Wenchuan earthquake, director Xiaogang Feng decided to adapt it into a movie."23 seconds" and "32 years" are the core of novels and movies &mdash; &mdash; The short 23-second earthquake changed the life of the girl and her family for 32 years.It shows the impermanence of life in the face of great disasters and praises the tenacity of life.

When the film was adapted, the scene of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake was added. In the film, the brother and sister met each other at the scene of the Wenchuan earthquake relief after many years, and reached a life dialogue through time and space with images.

"33 days of lovelorn love" pioneered the domestic "chick movie", and also pushed the light novel with relaxed and pleasant words into the field of film literature adaptation.Bao Jingjing, a writer, successfully became a screenwriter across the border with his pungent, clean, slightly teasing and self-deprecating style.

The film "33 Days of Lovelorn Love" truly presents Bao Jingjing’s language style, brisk camera language, lively editing, and constantly emerging golden lines.At the beginning, did you also laugh and follow the heroine step by step out of the trough of lovelorn?

Because the movie tells us that love is very important, but life itself is more important.

Listening to the Wind is not the first time that Mai Jia’s novels have been made into films and television. The TV series Plot Against the Wind and the movies are the pinnacles of domestic spy war themes.Listening to the Wind is a movie version of the novel "Assassination", which tells the story of how the blind He Bing uses his keen hearing to help the organization obtain information.

Mai Jia’s novels not only have strict logic like detective novels, but also present the characters’ hearts and the changes of the times through legendary twists and turns and suspense stories.

"Listener" invited the cast, with Siu Fai Mak and Zhuang Wenqiang as screenwriters and directors, and Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Zhou Xun as starring roles, and presented an exciting spy war drama for the audience.

"To the Youth We Will Die" started the wave of domestic youth films. Since this film, almost every generation of youth has been filmed.

As a masterpiece of online literature, To Youth also sets a benchmark for the adaptation of movies by online literature.The profound thinking about youth in the original works, through the intuitive presentation of nostalgic scenes in the film, directly aroused our memories of youth, which made us have similar life experiences and triggered youth feelings.

The charm of literature may lie in empathy, and images can lead you through time and space, which is also the charm of movies.

"To Youth" tells the story of the youth of the post-70s generation, while "In a hurry that year" is a youth film customized for the post-80s generation.With humorous words, the novel depicts a picture of post-80s youth through the ten-year love story between Fang Fen and Chen Xun.The green campus, ignorant feelings and precious friendship are slowly unfolding with one national event after another.

The film version of "In a hurry that year" has beautiful pictures and sincere feelings. Are Eddie Peng Yuyan and NiNi the best candidates for Chen Xun and Fang Fen in your mind?

And the song "In a hurry that year" sung by Faye Wong, did it ever make you cry, reminding you of those years when you buried your love in your youth?

As a novel with a length of 540 thousand words, Wolf Totem has been written for more than 30 years. It is the testimony of the author Jiang Rong who lived in Dongwuzhumuqin Grassland in Ximeng, Inner Mongolia for 11 years.The protagonist of Wolf Totem is not a man, but a wolf. Therefore, it is more difficult to film and television the novel, and it also attracts the French director Jean-Jacques Arnault to come to China not far from Wan Li to shoot.

In 2009, when the film project was established, "Wolf Totem" took six years to shoot, and it was destined to be a masterpiece that could not be reproduced since it was domesticated for the film.

Although the space is limited, the film Wolf Totem restores the legendary story about wolves in the original work to the greatest extent, and also presents the Inner Mongolia prairie with abundant water and grass on the big screen, and reveals the close relationship between the natural environment and human behavior.

The film "July and An Sheng" is a rare masterpiece of film and television adaptation beyond the text &mdash; &mdash; It not only captures the exquisiteness and degeneration between Anne Baby’s words, but also enriches many details.The film sublimates a youth literature centered on love into a film and television work focusing on women’s feelings and discussing growth, choice and fate.

The success of July and An Sheng is also inseparable from Zhou Dongyu and Sandra.The two young actresses, one static and one dynamic, are full of tacit understanding in contrast, and their wonderful cooperation in the film has also made their acting career a highlight moment.

Ceng Guoxiang, a young director, also stood out with July and An Sheng and became one of the representatives of young directors.

The Legend of the Demon Cat is adapted from the famous novel Shaman Empty Sea by Japanese writer Baku Yumemakura. The twists and turns are the characteristics of his works, and his love for the culture of the Tang Dynasty makes him write all the romantic stories of the Tang Dynasty in his book.

In order to reproduce the style of the Tang Dynasty, director Chen Kaige spent six years building a palace in Xiangyang.During the filming, Baku Yumemakura went to Xiangyang to visit the crew of The Legend of the Demon Cat, and when he got off the bus, he burst into tears &mdash; &mdash; Director Chen Kaige’s restored book, Datang, can be presented to him. As a writer who constructs a dream world with words, how lucky he is.

For the ultimate pursuit of art, The Legend of the Demon Cat not only tells a sad and tactful love story, but also presents a dreamlike Tang Dynasty.This is the charm of images, which leads us to cross the time gap and appreciate the prosperity of the Millennium.

As a Beijinger, Zhang Beihai wrote his love for Beijing in the novel "Xia Yin". In his works, the prosperity of the capital, the chivalrous courage of Beijingers and the warmth and coldness of the people in Beijing are presented one by one.

Jiang Wen, a Beijinger, also empathized with his feelings, and made "Xia Yin" into "Evil Does Not Suppress Righteousness".The film magnifies the romantic feelings in the book, and also bears a deep imprint of Jiang Wen. The beautiful silhouette on the eaves of an alley in the sunset is the "chivalrous seclusion" in Jiang Wen’s mind.

Although it is a martial arts story, whether it is a novel or a movie, it is obvious that the story is telling the times, the wheel of history is rolling forward, and the old and the new alternate, and the Beijing is misty, but it is not the same.

Liu’s science fiction is so wonderful that it is very suitable for adaptation into a movie. However, Liu’s science fiction is so grand that it is difficult to adapt it into a movie.

The Wandering Earth in 2019 is a successful attempt. It is not a complete re-enactment of the plot of the novel, but an interception of a story line in the novel.The operation of simplifying the complex allows the film creator to have enough space to present the sci-fi world in detail in the novel.

Therefore, The Wandering Earth has made a leap in the sci-fi genre of China’s films, providing an excellent template for the "aborted" Three-body film.

Literature is the nutrient solution of the film, which has been nourishing the film since its birth &mdash; &mdash; The fireworks between them are gorgeous but not short-livedThe first incense burnerBlossoms ShanghaiA Writer’s Odyssey&hellip; &hellip;

Many literary adaptation films are being made. While we are waiting for new works, we should take advantage of this spring to read a masterpiece, wander between the lines and cultivate ourselves. Watch a film adapted from literature, have some fun in the video story, find a comfort, and feel the charm of words and light and shadow together!

The media "expressed their opinions": did NATO and Russian military exercises escalate the tension?

  Cctv newsThe multinational military exercise codenamed "Fast Trident -2017" began in western Ukraine on the 11th. The military exercise will last for two weeks, with 2,500 soldiers from NATO participating. From September 14th to 20th, Russia and Belarus will hold the "West &mdash; The joint military exercise in 2017 will extend from kola peninsula to Belarus. In recent years, what are the frequent military exercises between NATO and Russia? Will the tension between Russia and the West continue to escalate?

  India Express: NATO-Russia confrontation is meaningful

Indian express

  The article in India Express pointed out that the Ukrainian military said that the "Fast Trident" military exercise was to deal with the "Western 2017" large-scale military exercise to be held by Russia and Belarus on the border. Although Russia called the exercise "purely defensive", it still caused panic in the Baltic countries and Poland. The Russian side said that 12,700 Russian and Belarusian soldiers will participate in the exercise, but some opponents said that as many as 100,000 soldiers may participate.

  CNN: A rehearsal of military exercises or armed conflicts.

  CNN reported that both the "Fast Trident" military exercise and the large-scale military exercise that Russia is planning will put the region in a tense situation. Military experts believe that Russia’s "Western 2017" military exercise is a drill for the armed conflict between Russia and NATO, because the Russian exercise is very close to the expected strike site that the outside world thinks. Russia said that some NATO members tried to intensify the situation to the maximum extent before the exercise and made unfounded accusations against Russia.

  Sputnik: Hostility between the United States and Russia escalated.


  Sputnik’s article pointed out that before the "Fast Trident" exercise, on August 24th, US Defense Secretary Matisse said in a meeting with Ukrainian President poroshenko that the Trump administration was considering providing Ukraine with more weapons of destruction. Dan Kovalik, a professor of international human rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, said that Matisse’s remarks clearly regarded Russia as a direct threat, and the US behavior could be understood as an escalation of hostility between the two countries, which would inevitably have a negative impact on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict between the two countries.

  Xinhua News Agency: NATO strengthens support for Ukraine

Xinhua News Agency

  The article of Xinhua News Agency said that "Fast Trident" is a military exercise set up under the framework of NATO’s Partnership for Peace, which has been held in Ukraine since 2006 to show NATO countries’ support for Ukraine. Of the 2,500 soldiers participating in this competition, 1,000 are Ukrainian soldiers, with the purpose of helping Ukraine to carry out military training and promoting interoperability between the United States, Ukraine and other NATO troops. This marks the further strengthening of military cooperation between Ukraine and NATO.