The new technology of lithium battery or M9, with higher safety and longer service life.

With the approaching of the listing date of M9, more and more information is exposed. Recently, a person close to the supply chain revealed that the innovative composite current collector of lithium battery is expected to be applied in the M9.

The composite current collector is a sandwich structure of "metal -PET/PP polymer material-metal", which replaces the original pure metal foil. It has the application advantages of high safety, long life, high energy density and low raw material cost, and is expected to replace the traditional current collector and become the mainstream material of lithium battery current collector in the future.

Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an released magazine battery 2.0, which is the first battery in China to announce the adoption of composite current collector. The first model is Haoplatinum GT. At the launch conference of the car, Ai ‘an also announced the test report of the bullet shooting fully charged battery pack. The results showed that the bullet penetrated three batteries, which caused the battery pack to be short-circuited and burst in an instant, but the battery pack just smoked and did not catch fire, and the temperature dropped to room temperature after standing for 24 hours.

In addition, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Kirin battery has adopted a composite current collector, which is mounted on pure electric MPV Krypton 009.

According to the research report of CITIC Jiantou, the composite current collector is both safe and economical, which is a major innovation in lithium batteries. In 2023, the industrial trend has gradually become clear and accelerated significantly, and equipment manufacturers, new copper foil factories, battery factories and end users have accelerated their layout; At the same time, the technology continues to break through, promoting the composite current collector to mass production, and 2023 is expected to become the first year of mass production.