In-depth experience BYD Yunqi family redefines body control with technology.

  As the world’s first exclusive intelligent body control system for new energy, Yunqi has been receiving much attention since its release in April. Nowadays, the cloud system has been gradually installed on various models of BYD, allowing more users to experience the power of cloud technology. The cloud system was developed by BYD, which made BYD the first enterprise to master the 3-way 6-degree-of-freedom body control technology. BYD’s first product matrix of Yunqi, which currently includes Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A, Yunqi -P and other products, can greatly enhance our driving experience in many aspects such as comfort, handling, safety and off-road.

  It is luxurious to carry, and Yunnian -C creates a new experience of driving and leaping forward.

  Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system can realize rapid and continuous variable adjustment of damping through thousands of signal inputs per second. At the same time, with the cloud algorithm, the optimal damping control scheme can be output in real time to meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

  During the test drive of Han DM-p Ares Edition, it can be clearly felt that Yunqi -C makes the chassis "hard" by adjusting the damping, which provides greater support for the body and makes the driving and handling feeling of the whole vehicle more stable. At the same time, in the face of bumpy road conditions such as speed bumps and gravel roads, Yunxiao -C can make the chassis "soft", effectively buffering the impact of the road surface on the whole vehicle and greatly improving driving comfort. Whether it is a test of the sense of control or an experience of comfort, Yunqi -C’s performance is amazing.

  Exercise and comfort are perfectly compatible, and Yunnian -A sets a new benchmark for luxury and comfort.

  Yunqi -A intelligent air body control system can give consideration to both driving maneuverability and comfort, and at the same time, output precise control strategies through Yunqi Intelligent Computing Center to realize dynamic adjustment of vehicle stiffness, height and damping, and bring more detailed and diversified control to the whole vehicle.

  In the process of experiencing Tengshi N7 equipped with the standard version of Yunqi -A, the most intuitive feeling is convenience, comfort and luxury. It can realize the functions of welcoming guests and taking things conveniently by adjusting the height, which makes it more convenient for us to get on and off the bus and move things in our daily life. In case of sudden acceleration or sudden braking during driving, the iCCT intelligent comfort control technology carried by Yunqi -A can achieve stronger anti-pitching ability, effectively restrain the vehicle from raising its head and nodding, and greatly reduce the discomfort of the passengers.

  However, when faced with the scene of high-speed steering such as Panshan Highway, Yunqi -A can not only restrain the roll of the car body, but also integrate suspension, braking and driving through iCVC intelligent vector control technology. Even in the face of the difficult continuous mountain curve, it can easily enter and exit the curve with a very steady posture, and it is handy to control. With the help of iADC intelligent drift control system, drift is no longer the exclusive skill of "high-level players", and even ordinary people can enjoy drift with one click. Yunqi -A has achieved a perfect integration between luxury driving and interesting handling, and the overall experience is impressive.

  Let cross-country have no threshold, and Yunqi -P brings subversive experience.

  Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system integrates three core technologies of machinery, hydraulics and electronic control to fully meet the off-road needs of users. Yunqi -P can adjust the height, damping and stiffness. When driving U8 in mountain road, you can obviously feel that the road vibration is filtered completely, and the support is also in place in the corner. It is not like the traditional hard-core SUV, and there will be no many small vibrations. For Yunnian -P, this kind of comfort experience on unpaved pavement is unprecedented.

  Looking up at U8 and Equation Leopard 5 under the blessing of Yunnian -P can not only realize the long suspension adjustment stroke, but also have the "hidden function" ultra-high and ultra-low mode. Therefore, even a behemoth like U8 can "hold the bottom" in extreme off-road conditions and "touch the head" in the urban restricted highland basement. At the same time, Yunqi -P with strong off-road performance has also added intelligent genes. The four-wheel linkage function can intelligently distribute the oil pressure through the central control cylinder, so that the four wheels can keep touching the ground at all times, which greatly improves the off-road passability. When parking in the wild, you can also keep the vehicle absolutely level by camping leveling function, so that the rest in the car will no longer be disturbed by terrain. It can be said that Yunqi -P greatly lowered the cross-country threshold, allowing Xiaobai to cross-country easily, bringing unprecedented experience to drivers and passengers.

  BYD leads the industry with cloud technology.

  Most importantly, Yunqi started from the systematic control of the vertical direction of the whole vehicle, and realized the safety of the whole vehicle. On the one hand, it can greatly reduce the risk of vehicle rollover and increase the safety of passengers by restraining the change of body posture; On the other hand, the cloud system can adjust the posture of the car body at any time through 3-to-6-degree-of-freedom fusion control under complex road conditions such as snow, mud and water. The cloud chariot system can not only effectively protect the safety of passengers, but also effectively protect the car body, and truly realize the dual protection of people and cars.

  In the future, BYD will also launch Yunqi -X, which represents the highest level of the global body control system. At the press conference, BYD had already demonstrated the power of Yunqi -X by looking up to U9 for dancing and three-wheeled driving. Recently, Porsche Active Ride, the new hydraulic active suspension system of Porsche’s third generation Paramera, has also earned enough attention in the form of "dancing". Different from Porsche, BYD Yunqi -X is more advanced in system design ideas and realizable functions through innovative new energy architecture. This also proves that BYD has been at the forefront of the industry in the field of body control, and will continue to lead the development direction of the industry with forward-looking technical layout.

  Through the experience of the whole family of Yunqi, we can clearly feel the overall improvement of the comfort, handling and off-road performance of Yunqi. There is no doubt that Yunqi is a super technology with the ultimate experience and safety. As BYD’s cutting-edge black technology, Yunqi’s birth not only fills the gap in the field of domestic body control technology, but also enables more domestic users to experience the high-end driving and control experience, and further realizes the technological transcendence of established western car companies and promotes the world’s automobile technology to a new height.