Recommend 5 plots to independent games! You can play with your mobile phone, so don’t collect it quickly?

What excellent plot-oriented indie games can you play on your mobile phone? In this issue, we recommend five excellent plots to you to ensure that each style is different! Conscience recommendation, remember to like the collection ~

This is a work that fully exposes the development history of western medicine in the Middle Ages. In this work, you can see many magical scenes of western medicine in an era when science and technology have not been effectively developed. For example, doctors in those days had a deep relationship with barbers. Barbers’ shops were not only places for haircuts, but also places for visitors to enjoy and treat patients. Visitors had to buy tickets if they wanted to see them. Therefore, in order to make their diagnosis and treatment more exciting, doctors and hairdressers with actor attributes need to add bloody elements to stimulate the eyes in the process of diagnosis and treatment to win more ticket income. Doctors also need to add a lot of spices when preparing the medicine, regardless of the therapeutic effect. Anyway, if it tastes bad, your patient will definitely not come again.

All kinds of outrageous things are perfectly displayed by excellent plots, vivid games and appropriate pop-up science popularization. Players will feel the backwardness of thought, the cover of privilege, the desire of human nature, and the spirit and inheritance of exploring truth in the medieval background from the perspective of a doctor. Every bit of progress and common sense of mankind has been paid a great price. Let the players feel the original weight of common medical knowledge nowadays. I think this is the greatest significance that this game can give us. Players who like this absurd and true tonality must try this work.

Soothing music, exquisite 2D pictures, and a sad but unpretentious love story that spans two people’s lives. If you want to get a peace that is not short-lived but very substantial, then just put down some utilitarian heart and follow the music wholeheartedly to feel the story of this work.

In the setting of this work, there is a technology to realize the dying man’s wish by modifying his memory. But for the integrity and truth of the memory chain, it is not as simple as just modifying the results and turning what is not obtained into what is obtained. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually adjust the past memory of the modified person, so that the memory chain is completely established. Therefore, in order to realize Johnny Welsh’s dream of going to the moon all his life, the protagonists played by the players should enter the sea of his memory, witness his life in flashback, solve the mystery of why he went to the moon, correct his memory, and witness his touching love story with his wife again. This book has won the best game script award in GameSpot’s best game of the year, and the mobile version has optimized the mobile experience on the basis of the original.

As long as you like indie games, or want to experience the charm of the plot to the game on your mobile phone, then this game must not be missed!

The game version of the Walking Dead is a narrative game with zombie doomsday theme and branch selection. In the game, we can interact with the scene with the development of the plot, such as kicking the window, talking to people and investigating the scene. At the critical moment, we need to make a choice between minutes and seconds. In the background of doomsday zombies, these choices are often difficult to choose. It may be that you decide who to save in one thought. If you choose one of them, you must accept the end of death. Or it may be an unintentional choice that leads to an unexpected result and kills someone. At the moment when the decision must be made in a few seconds, the player can’t think carefully, so he can only act according to his instinct. This makes the game very real and has a sense of substitution.

The game is based on the fact that Lee Everett, a black criminal, was forced to embark on a journey of survival due to the zombie crisis on the way to be escorted. On the way, he met Little Lori Clementine and they worked together to find a way to survive. It is worth mentioning that when TGA was still called VGA, this game won the best game award of the year.

This is a decryption game with terrorist elements. In the game, the player will play the painter trapped here. The player must meet the requirements of the cute little girl in the painting and paint the correct color according to the requirements. However, the little girl’s requirements are not so easy to understand clearly. Once a mistake is made, even a little mistake will offend the little girl. She will be ruthless and give the player a death ending.

That’s true, but it’s great fun to tease the little girl, try all kinds of painting methods of death, watch her various interesting reactions, and collect 48 ways to die with a big brain hole. When the player crosses these death endings, the life story of the lovely little girl and the story behind her will also be presented to the player, and the story of this horror element will also have a sudden change in style. This book is not long, but the interactive feedback with the little girl is very vivid. The experience of attracting players to die all the way is still very good.

This is a conversational chat game. Taylor on the other side of the dialog box turned to us because he was in trouble on another planet. Players need to understand Taylor’s situation according to his description and judge and guide him what to do next according to their own experience. If the player makes a mistake, Taylor may die and never be contacted again.

Time and reality are synchronized in the game, when you give a certain order. Taylor needs an hour to finish it, so it’s really only an hour before he receives his contact information. If you are late, he can only wait for you silently all the time. Taylor’s narrative in this play is particularly graphic, which can easily arouse the imagination of players. Let the whole game get a very excellent sense of substitution. Players who like pure text games should not miss this game.

So that’s all the content of this recommendation. What other interesting plot-oriented mobile games have you played? Welcome to share your recommendation in the comments section ~


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