BYD Qin 100 Huanxin debut official guide price of 209,900 yuan.

Continue to plug in the road of the strong sports car

BYD Qin 100 Huanxin debut official guide price of 209,900 yuan.

On February 27, 2017, BYD’s plug-in sports car, Qin 100, was officially listed, with an official guide price of 209,900 yuan. After enjoying the policy support of 36,000 yuan and saving about 17,000 yuan in purchase tax, travel tax, etc., the actual national payment price of Qin 100 Electric in the future is 173,900 yuan. At the same time, BYD Auto Finance Company will provide a new energy finance scheme with a zero interest rate, and the payment will be as low as 100 yuan in 100 days, so that consumers can enjoy a green life more easily.

BYD Qin is a plug-in hybrid vehicle for personal consumption market, which has become an important driving force for the popularization trend of new energy vehicles in China. It has changed consumers’ inherent concept of new energy vehicles in the past, cultivated the first domestic users who changed their travel modes through new energy vehicles, and injected confidence into the development of China brand in the new energy vehicle market.

Since its listing at the end of 2013, BYD Qin has nearly 70,000 car owners, ranking first in domestic new energy vehicles, and its technology, quality and reputation are still in a pioneering position in the industry.

Qin 100, which is listed this time, inherits the core technical advantages of "dual engine and dual mode", and has been sincerely upgraded in environmental protection performance, driving control performance, appearance and interior decoration, intelligent technology and other aspects, and is committed to providing consumers with a better driving experience, so as to continue China’s road of being a strong player by mixing new energy sports cars.

Green line worry-free: pure electric cruising range exceeds 100 kilometers

Qin 100 inherits the advantages of BYD’s new energy technology, strives to alleviate consumers’ travel concerns and popularize the worry-free green lifestyle of "short-distance pure electricity and long-distance hybrid". Equipped with a battery with higher energy density and better safety and a smarter battery management system, the pure electric endurance of Qin 100 has increased from 70 kilometers to 100 kilometers-not only exceeding the mainstream plug-in hybrid vehicles on the market, but even longer than many entry-level pure electric vehicles. At the same time, the pure electric cruising range of 100 kilometers has also set a new record for plug-in pure electric cruising maintained by BYD itself, so that the technology of new energy vehicles in China continues to maintain the international high level.

For consumers, Qin 100′ s ultra-long pure electric cruising range of 100 kilometers has greatly improved the zero-oil travel radius, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers has also been reduced to 1.2L The use of "replacing oil with electricity" will save consumers a lot of car costs. At the same time, the stronger battery life also reduces the frequency of user charging and improves the convenience of use. Coupled with the very low threshold of charging hardware (household power supply, wall-mounted charging box and public charging pile can all charge Qin), Qin 100 has further promoted the popularization of new energy vehicles, making more and more consumers willing to join the ranks of green travel.

Full control: event-level adjustment, Qin 100 control comprehensive upgrade

For a long time, the pursuit of speed pleasure and driving pleasure has been deeply engraved in BYD Qin’s product genes. As early as the end of 2013, when Qin came out, with the "dual-engine power" hybrid system composed of 1.5TI engine and motor, with total power of 217kW and total torque of 479N·m, Qin Neng achieved an amazing achievement of 0-100km/h acceleration of only 5.9 seconds, which refreshed the industry’s understanding of the sports performance of hybrid cars.

In 2014, Qin became "the first new energy vehicle in the world to participate in rally", and won the SAE category of China Rally Championship (CRC) for three consecutive years. In 2016, Qin won several awards in China CCPC with zero modification.

The rigorous and fierce competition not only verified Qin’s technology and quality, but also accumulated rich experience in research and development and adjustment for the newly upgraded Qin 100. Thanks to this, Qin 100 optimizes the chassis structure, EPS steering program, electronic control program and other parts, and the handling, driving stability and comfort of the whole vehicle have been greatly improved.

Specifically, Qin 100 changed the connection position of the front suspension stabilizer bar from the swing arm to the shock absorber, and the rear suspension was upgraded to a high-performance multi-link independent suspension. Coupled with the use of a series of lightweight materials, it has high chassis hardware specifications and excellent driving texture. In addition, Qin 100 transferred the power battery from the trunk to the floor of the car body, which not only effectively reduced the height of the center of gravity of the whole car and reduced the roll range of the car body, but also expanded the trunk space to 450L, greatly improving the practicality of the trunk.

In order to verify the evolution results of handling, BYD Qin 100 "went to the track before listing", and won the SAE group championships in Changchun Station and Jixi Station in succession. The chassis technology, power matching and vehicle quality stability have been rigorously and fully tested to ensure that vehicles can create speed and passion for consumers with high-quality driving and control experience.

Enjoy the fun: central control, large screen, real-time interconnection, smart car life

Brand-new three-dimensional grille, Dynasty series Chinese logo, cool wheels and LED light guide taillights all make Qin 100 look more scientific and technological. After opening the car door, you will find that a conspicuous 12.8-inch ultra-large HD touch capacitive screen and its open Carpad Android car system are the essence of profoundly interpreting Qin 100 intelligent technology.

This system integrates powerful functions such as audio-visual entertainment, Bluetooth phone, intelligent voice control, radio, voice navigation, 4G network, CarLife, Phonelink car interconnection, etc. Drivers and passengers can realize rapid interconnection and mutual control with the owner’s smart phone through data cable, Bluetooth or Wifi, and can experience various application services safely and quickly in the car. Combined with the 12.8-inch ultra-large high-definition touch capacitive screen with great impact, it brings both visual and tactile enjoyment to drivers and passengers. In order to create a real-time interconnected driving experience, Qin 100′ s Carpad Android in-vehicle system also has a built-in wireless network card and a 4G module, which can satisfy drivers and passengers’ fun of surfing the Internet anytime and anywhere.

In addition, Qin 100 is also equipped with two kinds of 12.3-inch full LCD digital instruments with adjustable UI interface, 360 ultra-high-definition panoramic image system (4.0), PM2.5 green clean system, mobile power station, one-click convenient cloud service, full of scientific and technological remote control driving and other 100,000-yuan equipment for car owners to choose individually, so as to enhance the driving experience of car owners in an all-round way.

So far, BYD Qin has been listed for more than three years, and it continues to lead the development of the industry and has been recognized by many consumers. With BYD’s "Electric Future" providing value-added experience in the whole value chain, Qin 100 will further provide customers with three value leaps beyond expectations: technology, products and services. It can be predicted that Qin 100, whose comprehensive strength has been significantly improved, will seize more market share, continue to write the legend of the strong plug-in sports car in China, and help BYD brand to continue to be the leader of new energy vehicles.