[Winter Olympics is coming] Beijing: Practical drill for alpine skiing center in response to extreme weather.

CCTV News:In these two days, Yanqing Division of Beijing Winter Olympics ushered in the first heavy snowfall this winter. In this cold wave weather, there was a complicated precipitation process from rain to sleet and then to snow. The snowfall lasted for 20 hours, and the accumulated snowfall reached blizzard. All teams in the National Alpine Ski Center seized this meteorological opportunity and conducted targeted drills and stress tests.

With the order of the Secretary-General of the National Alpine Ski Center, the "Ambulance Transfer Exercise in Ice and Snow Weather" officially began. In the windy and snowy weather, the medical business leader urgently dispatched three off-road vehicles from Beijing Emergency Center and relevant personnel in place, and quickly and safely transported the critically wounded from the athletes’ medical station to the designated hospital, successfully completing various transfer processes, and the exercise achieved the expected results.

Zhang Wenzhong, Director of Beijing Emergency Center:Generally speaking, we have a perceptual knowledge in our hearts after the whole process. First, the handover of patients; Second, we should do a good job of protection, and how to drive well in the snow, especially the possible bad weather, we should all think about it, and make full preparations before we can complete the task of protection.