"Hot Search" official announcement lineup exposure concept poster Zhou Dongyu speaks for the truth

1905 movie network news On April 12th, the film Hot Search exposed the concept poster and officially announced the lineup. The film is directed by, starring, and tells the story of an explosive article by Chen Miao, editor-in-chief of the media, which accidentally involves a criminal case. Xin Yukun, the director of the high-profile crime film, partnered with Zhou Dongyu for the first time, which is really exciting.

The newly released concept poster is also fascinating. The poster is covered with endless digital barcodes. Zhou Dongyu’s eyes seem to be staring, but it also reveals a trace of helplessness. Under the shadow of her side face is the figure of Justin, just a twist, but people can’t help but get nervous. What kind of relationship they have and what they will experience are all curious.

Director Xin Yukun cooperated with Zhou Dongyu for the first time.

Focus on the just battle of the network

Director Xin Yukun is praised by many movie fans as one of the directors who can shoot crime movies best in China. His first work, Heart Labyrinth, ranks the highest in domestic crime movies on Douban platform and has become a classic of crime movies in the eyes of many movie fans. Director Xin Yukun became famous in one fell swoop, and won many domestic and international awards and nominations with this film. The second work, The Burst of Silence, has the same high score and high reputation, which makes foreign directors of high-scoring crime films also praise it. The film Hot Search is a new realistic work directed by Xin Yukun, and it is also his first collaboration with Zhou Dongyu, which is expected.

Unlike Xin Yukun’s first two films, which tell the criminal stories of marginal people, the film Hot Search closely follows the pulse of the times, focuses its vision on the network environment that is closely related to everyone, and strives to redeem people with realistic storylines and complex humanity, arousing broad and strong social resonance, with a particularly prominent sense of topicality and type.

Zhou Dongyu speaks for the weak.

Song Yang Justin was involved in the game

The film Hot Search tells the story that Chen Miao (Zhou Dongyu), the editor-in-chief of the media, accidentally receives the help of the client while tracking the topic event, and involves a criminal case. Chen Miao’s partner He Yan (Song Yang) and group president Peng Yue (Justin) are involved in it one after another. What is the truth? What are the dangerous secrets behind it? In the face of the parties’ help, how will Chen Miao respond? A just war with the network as the carrier is about to begin.

Zhou Dongyu’s role this time is Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, which is also her first time to challenge the role of a strong woman in the workplace. Mature and capable in modeling, brave and determined in character, which is quite different from the screen image she used to create. When Chen Miao put all her eggs in one basket to speak for the weak, she also completed her own human redemption. What kind of charisma and profound emotional resonance this role will bring to the audience is fascinating.