Women who have seen the world: don’t wear gold and silver, don’t spend money on clothes, don’t curl their hair, and they are elegant and temperament when they are old.

Envy those women who are not affected by age, but still have extraordinary temperament even when they are getting older. Instead of envy, it is better to learn how to look up to them and learn more about how these elegant women dress themselves up every day. I believe you can also make a big change.

Do remember! Women who have seen the world will not wear gold and silver, clothes and hair, because to be a temperament woman, it is necessary to be exquisite from beginning to end, without a detail. If you operate like this, it will be difficult to be elegant until you are old!

It can be elegant when you are old, and it is analyzed in three parts:

The first part, hairstyle-don’t curl your hair at will

(i) Several negative cases of curly hair:

① instant noodles

The curling degree of instant noodles is exaggerated, and if it is not taken care of well, it will also cause a messy effect. Moreover, the instant noodle head directly enlarges the head, making the face of the head look very big. This hairstyle will become aunt as soon as it is left, especially without makeup.

② explosive head

The explosive head is a more exaggerated hairstyle based on the instant noodle head, which may be a combination of high bulkiness and instant noodle head. In short, leaving this hairstyle will only make people feel that you are a second-dimensional person, not everyday, and there is no beauty at all.

③ Wool roll

Wool rolls have higher requirements for hair quantity, and people with less hair quantity will be more suitable. If the hair is a little careless, it will become the type of explosive head, so it is easy to make the overall image sloppy and unfocused, and it is easy to split.

(2) Keep a natural hairstyle that pays attention to fluffy feeling.

1. Collarbone micro-curly hair

The length of the clavicle is the least height-conscious, and staying tall and short will not affect the proportion of the whole person. Moreover, with the range of micro-curls, the hair will look less stiff and add a lot of foreign flavor. More importantly, it can highlight the lines of the neck and clavicle, which will visually make the upper body thinner.

Shoulder-length natural straight hair

Straight hair about the length of the shoulder has a sense of lightness between the length and the length. It retains the conciseness and comfort of short hair, but also brings the exquisiteness and femininity close to that of long hair. In addition, it is a more natural straight hair, and the overall image will appear more elegant and temperament.

3. Short straight hair over the ear.

Short hair just over the ears is very capable and exquisite. If it doesn’t exceed the ears, it will look too masculine. The overall image is biased towards men’s style and has no femininity. This kind of short straight hair concentrates the sense of refinement and comfort, and can also show the slender lines of the neck on the side, which has different advantages for people with long or short necks.

The second part, wearing-not gaudy.

A focus on taste should be good at subtracting clothing.

(1) The style of clothes emphasizes texture rather than design.

We should be good at wearing basic clothes and bottoms, and reject all styles with surface design, such as prints and three-dimensional elements! And the quality should also be checked, and it will be expensive when you wear it.

The soft wool of woolen coat, the drooping feeling created by the three-dimensional thickness of jeans, or the softness and delicacy of simple matching sweaters, each single product can achieve a very fine sense of high-end quality, and there will be no frivolity and no sense of inferiority. Both sets are very simple to wear, but they are enough to appear very advanced in taste.

For example, when we choose the simplest shirt, we must choose a material that is not easy to wrinkle and deform. This silky material with a pearly feel will refract light and shadow on the upper body and will not be easily affected by external forces. It is best to match it with suits and pants with the same strong sense of drooping, so that the whole will develop in a smooth and flat direction.

⑵ Simple collocation is clear at a glance.

This follows the effective combination of tightness, depth and softness. Seemingly plain minimalist collocation, but you can see that the dark slim top of the upper body is outstanding for slimming; At the same time, the stiff material of the lower body is also very stylish, and the outline of the legs is out. Paired with a wide tube of trouser legs, it is in sharp contrast with the slim upper body, and it can also cover all kinds of shortcomings in the legs, so as to be slim and tall with confidence.

The combination of black and white in color and the same sense of material make this set very convincing. Full of neutral and heroic beauty, stiff sweaters and suit pants, as well as classic and soft black and white complement each other. You don’t need to decorate it, just concave a shape is full of high-grade feeling!

(2) Be good at finding some color combinations with high sense.

-advanced colors are not dark or bright, and there must be a bright side in color matching.

Like these deep black, gray blue, etc., they are old-fashioned colors when they are worn. Young women wear them without vitality, while older women wear them more old-fashioned, which is not suitable in short; There is also a fluorescent color with brightness and no texture. Although it is bright when worn, it is also very tacky.

(1) light color and cold color with advanced beauty upgrade.

The color of the cold feeling is biased towards the winter atmosphere, and most of the colors are blue-green or gray, etc. When matched with light colors, the upper body will have a shiny feeling. Moreover, the combination of dark gray suppresses this cold temperament, and the light color is just right, which even magnifies the advantages of cool color.

⑵ The combination of dark color and warm color shows the beauty of foreign color difference.

Warm colors are different, and they have enough eye-catching strength. Just showing warm colors is already very foreign. Matching with light colors will weaken the fashion sense of this contrast, but using deep colors as the background board will immediately highlight the bright eyes of these warm colors, and the eye-catching parts will be seen immediately after a comparison.

The third part, accessories-don’t wear gold and silver

(1) The inclusiveness of gold and silver is too small.

A sense of high class needs a certain clothing style to match.

A slight increase in style and details will be exaggerated or rustic.

Accessories made of gold and silver are generally set off by formal or grand clothes, and clothes that are too simple and casual are somewhat out of place with these accessories. And especially gold, the style should be chosen very carefully. If you exaggerate a little, you will wear it very rustic.

(2) It is easier to directly select images with elegant and advanced temperament.

(1) representative accessories with quality can be grasped at a glance.

A watch is a single item that can best show a person’s fashion taste.Senior people will definitely choose watches for jewelry decoration. There are many grades of watches, and expensive watches can even buy a suite, so look closely at those who have taste, or those who have money, and prefer to study watches.

Bags are also a fashion weapon that can easily show the taste and texture.Cheap bags and expensive bags can be reflected not only from the brand logo, but also from the material and workmanship. Even if you wear simple and simple clothes, you can’t stop your sense of high-grade when you carry your expensive bag out of the door.

⑵ "Soft accessories" have more choices.

The ornament of accessories is not only gold, silver and jewelry to achieve a sense of high quality, but also soft peripheral elements can actually play a very good role in ornament.Hats, shawls, scarves or belts,They all belong to soft accessories that can play a plus role.

Learn from women who have seen the world, and they will never wear gold and silver, or make their hair styles and clothes fancy. Everything is simple and elegant, so that they can be so elegant and elegant until they are old.

Minimalist history of Han dynasty

We had just finished the struggle between Chu and Han in the ancient history of China.

Next, we will take a detailed look at the Han Dynasty.

The Han Dynasty was also divided into the Eastern Han Dynasty and the Western Han Dynasty, which were founded by Liu Bang and Liu Xiu respectively, and of course there was folly in the middle.

We will also talk in detail about the western development of the Han Dynasty-Western Regions.

Without further ado, let’s talk about it now:

History of China-A Collection of Han Dynasty

What benefits can you gain by sticking to fitness? How long does it take to exercise before you can feel the effect of fitness?

Original content, those who carry it without authorization will be investigated! # How long does it take to exercise to get a fitness effect #

Why do you exercise? There are many reasons for choosing fitness.Many people exercise to lose body fat, improve muscle lines and gain a good figure, but also to build a strong body and physique and resist the aging speed.

So, how long does it take to exercise before you can feel the effect of fitness?

Fitness is a long-term thing, not exercise today, it will change tomorrow. People who start fitness today are likely to feel sore muscles after getting up tomorrow, and walking is a problem.

However, 90% of people give up fitness after less than one month, and such people are often unable to reap the benefits of fitness.

If you want to reap the effect of fitness, we must stick to fitness for at least one month and punch in at least three times a week before you can feel your own changes.

So, what difference will you make if you keep exercising for one month, three months, six months, one year and three years? Let’s take a look:

Stick to fitness for a month,You will feel that your vital capacity has improved, and the difficulty of exercise is not as difficult as it was at the beginning. You can’t keep running for 5 minutes at the beginning, but you can keep running for more than 20 minutes.

The sore feeling after each fitness exercise gradually disappears. You just started to form the habit of punching in the gym, and the whole person’s mental state is gradually getting better.

Stick to fitness for 3 months,You will find that your body fat is obviously reduced, and the whole person has become energetic and confident. With the improvement of sports ability, you may be able to adapt to more intensive training. You have entered the entry stage of fitness from the stage of fitness, and you have begun to learn to exercise more scientifically and make a fitness plan that is more suitable for you.

Stick to fitness for half a year,You begin to enjoy the feeling of sweating but carefree in fitness. You no longer feel that fitness is a kind of torture, but learn to feel happy in fitness, and you learn to exercise actively. Sticking to fitness can release stress, relieve negative emotions and keep you positive and optimistic.

Stick to fitness for a year,You will find that in addition to getting better and better, your skin condition will gradually get better, and all kinds of rough and dark yellow problems will be improved.

As the saying goes, fitness is a cheap plastic surgery, safe and without side effects. People who insist on fitness, time will let you meet a better self, you resist the years and keep the frozen age.

Stick to fitness for three years,Your self-discipline has exceeded 90% of people, but you persist in what others can’t insist on. Such people, whether in body management or career achievements, will achieve more outstanding results and move towards higher achievements.

So, have you started working out? How long have you been keeping fit?

If you choose to start, don’t stop easily. Now you work hard to keep fit, and in the future you will definitely thank yourself for sweating hard.

Cuju: the embryonic form of football

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, like a fire in winter, ignited the passion of fans who had been dormant for four years. Modern football originated in England, but as a sport, its embryonic form originated in China. In ancient China, there was a sport similar to a football match, which was cuju.


Cuju originated in barracks at first.

Kick, creep, and step (step). "Take a step against the foot." The words "Nie", "Ta" and "Tread" all mean stepping from top to bottom. Reverse pedaling is equivalent to kicking and jumping from bottom to top. Cuju is to kick the ball, but it is different from the current football kicking method. The main form of Cuju is actually to kick the ball, which is similar to kicking shuttlecock. It can be played by one person or by many people in formation, mainly from bottom to top to prevent the ball from landing. Of course, there are also competitions in which two teams are divided to kick the ball into the goal to win, similar to modern football matches.

It should be noted that there was another ancient ball game called "bow-beating", which had little to do with football, but was the prototype of polo and prevailed in the Tang Dynasty.

Cuju, written in different ways in ancient Chinese, is also called kicking, kicking, kicking, kicking, kicking and so on. The earliest ball is made of wool, so the ball is also called "wool pill", which is written as "cave" or "ball" Later, people filled skins with hair to make spheres, so the ball was written as "bow", which means a ball made of leather by bending. Guo Pu notes the cloud in "Three Cangs": "Mao Pills can make the performers bow." Inflatable rubber balls didn’t exist until the Tang and Song Dynasties. In the Tang Dynasty, Xu Jian and others compiled a comprehensive book "The Book of Beginners", which recorded: "In ancient times, it was tangled with wool, but now it is done with skin and cells (possibly animal bladders) as the lining, and it is done with a sigh of relief." "Toe" is related to the foot, mainly from the part of the human body that touches the ball.

According to Ji Yuan of Things, Cuju originated in the era of the Yellow Emperor and was originally invented to train soldiers in battle. Mawangdui’s silk book "Sixteen Classics" records that the Yellow Emperor defeated Chiyou and "filled his stomach and thought that he bowed, so that people could hold on to it, and those who were more rewarded". Liu Xiang said to Bielu: "Cuju players are rumored to have done what the Yellow Emperor did, or, from the time of the Warring States. When you are squatting, the military situation is also good. Therefore, when you practice samurai, you know how to be talented, and you practice it because of playing. " There are 25 pieces of Cuju among the thirteen military skill schools in Hanshu Yiwenzhi. It can be seen that Cuju originally originated from barracks, and it is probably a sport that soldiers play in their spare time during military training, which can relax their body and mind and also train teamwork. The original ball games were related to leather, which also confirmed this point. Because in ancient times, the closest contact and user of leather was soldiers, so "soldiers and leather" were connected in Chinese.

From the perspective of literature, Cuju first appeared in the Warring States Period. "Historical Records" and "Warring States Policy" both recorded the popularity of cuju in the State of Qi in the Warring States Period: "Linzi is very rich and real, and all its people play the lute, drum instruments, percussion, playing the piano, fighting cocks, walking dogs, six blogs and stumbling."

Cuju was popular in Han and Tang Dynasties, and reached its peak in Song Dynasty, forming a professional Cuju group called Qiyun Club or Round Club, similar to today’s football clubs. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Cuju gradually declined. For fear of being discouraged by playthings, Zhu Yuanzhang, the Emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, once ordered officials and warriors to ban cuju, "kicking round, unloading feet", and even "bowing round kills nine families". Ming Xizong also ordered that folk football be prohibited. However, Cuju was not banned among the people, and there were still concluding works. The Ming Dynasty wrote "Cuju Atlas" and "Cuju Spectrum", which recorded the methods and rules of Cuju competition from the Tang and Song Dynasties to the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, as well as the forms and specifications of courts and goals. For example, there are ten ways to kick the ball, such as shoulder, back, turn, take, control, drag, hold, knee, racket and moon, and ten kinds of "no kicking tactics" which are not suitable for kicking the ball, such as "after drinking", "before the banquet", "under the muddy water" and "under the lamp and candle". These works also record more than 40 kinds of ball brands and more than 100 cuju clubs.

At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the Eight Banners also made it popular to play football at the grassroots level. However, in the Qing Dynasty, Shizu Shunzhi made an edict that "it is forbidden to play football immediately" on the grounds that "this dynasty always studies art, and its leisure time is related to book history". Emperor Qianlong even banned cuju on the grounds of gathering people to make trouble. Cuju inevitably declined under the official ban of the two dynasties.


Liu Taigong is not happy without the ball.

The literature recorded the popularity of Cuju in Qilu during the Warring States Period. After the King of Qin swept Liuhe, the troubled times at the end of Qin Dynasty and the struggle between Chu and Han, the tradition of Cuju was still not cut off among the people. By the time Liu Bang established the Han Dynasty, the world was reunified, and Cuju won the "endorsement" of Emperor Liu Taigong, the emperor fans like Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty and Wei Wudi emerged, and the general stars like Huo Qubing and Liang Ji emerged. Cuju was quite popular in the Han Dynasty.

The reason is probably that Cuju, a sport similar to fighting chickens and running dogs, is quite in line with the civilian characteristics of the Han Dynasty.

Liu Bang, the Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, was the first commoner in history. He retained many characteristics of common scoundrels. For example, when Chu and Han were contending for food, Xiang Yu caught Liu Bang’s father, Liu Taigong, tied him to a high chopping board, and set up a big pot next to him. The water in the pot was boiling hot. Xiang Yu threatened Liu Bang to kill Liu Taigong like an animal and throw him into a pot to cook broth for the soldiers to satisfy their hunger. Liu bang had the cheek to say to Xiang Yu, you and I are brothers who become sworn brothers, and my dad is your dad. You have to cook your dad. If you are lucky, please share with me. Liu bang is such a rogue, but this rogue is a bully who can effectively restrain the aristocratic family.

Liu bang was born in a common town, and his father Liu Taigong was also a common man. Liu Taigong was the first real emperor’s father in history, Qin Zhuang Xiang Wang’s "emperor’s father" was sealed by Qin Shihuang, and Liu Taigong was the first emperor’s father who lived to enjoy the actual treatment. Liu Taigong "lay down" all the way to become the emperor’s father, entered the capital Chang ‘an (now Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province) and settled in the magnificent palace, but he was unhappy. Liu Bang is a dutiful son. Seeing his father unhappy, he asked people around him to find out why. It turns out that Liu Taigong is not used to the life in big cities. According to "Miscellanies of Xijing", Liu Taigong "lived a good life, killing teenagers, selling cakes with wine, and fighting cocks for pleasure". He likes to associate with some butchers and vendors, and takes pleasure in selling wine, cakes, cockfighting and playing football. Now he is trapped in the deep palace and has no life.

After Liu learned about it, he ordered Wu Kuan, a craftsman, to build a new city in Liyi, modeled after Fengyi (now Fengxian, Jiangsu Province), a hometown of Pei County, and even the old temple of Fengyi was moved to the new city. When Liu was young, he once offered sacrifices to the God of Yuyu Society in the temple. The layout of streets and lanes and the scenery of utensils in the whole new town are all copied from the old ones, and even all the folks in Fengyi have been relocated easily. The hometown is full of elements, which can be called a replica of a hometown. After the men, women and children of Fengyi came to the new town together, they could recognize their houses at a glance when they walked in the streets, and even the chickens, ducks, dogs and sheep brought by the villagers were scattered on the road, so they could find their own homes.

When Liu Taigong arrived in the new town, he saw that the meat sellers, wine sellers and cake sellers in the city were old friends from his hometown. Besides, there were many recreational activities such as cockfighting and playing football, and he was still familiar with the street life, so he was really happy. In July, the tenth year of Emperor Gaozu (197 BC), Liu Taigong died. In memory of his father, Liu Bang renamed Liyi Xinfeng (now Xinfeng Street, Lintong District, Xi ‘an City, Shaanxi Province). Zhang Shoujie’s Historical Records of Justice in the Tang Dynasty quoted a cloud from Kuozhi: "The old city of Xinfeng is located in the southwest of Xinfeng County, Yongzhou, and the Xinfeng Palace in Han Dynasty." The reason for building the city is the same as that recorded in Xijing Miscellanies.

In Chinese, there is an idiom "Chicken and dog know the new wind" or "Chicken and dog know the new wind", which means that you can still be as familiar and happy in a foreign country as in your hometown. When Su Shi first arrived in Huizhou, he wrote a poem, including two lines, "It seems as if he had traveled in a dream, and he was glad to know the new scenery", expressing a feeling of deja vu and revisiting the old place.


Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and Cao Cao are "fans"

Cuju was endorsed by the Emperor Tai in the Han Dynasty, and was naturally deeply loved. According to the biography of Han Dong Fangshuo, Dong Yan, Toy Boy of Liu Piao, princess royal, was distinguished for a while, and no one dared to call him by his first name. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty regarded him as the "master". Dong Yan is famous all over the world, and the dogs, horses, cuju and swordsmen in the county are gathered in Dong Yan’s mansion like spokes on the hub.

Not only does Dong Yan like playing football, but Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty is also a "fan". Dong Yan often watches cockfighting, dog fighting, horse racing and cuju competitions with Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was happy to watch the game, he ordered Mei Gao, the son of Mei Cheng, to write a poem to record the game and the fun of watching it.

Huo Qubing, a general in title of generals in ancient times, likes playing football. He was successful as a teenager and showed no sympathy for foot soldiers. When he was fighting outside the Great Wall, the soldiers were hungry and listless, but he drew a stadium on the ground and played football.

Emperor Cheng of Han also likes to play football. The Miscellanies of Xijing records: "Emperor Cheng loves cuju, and the ministers take cuju as their labor, which is not suitable for the supreme." After the admonition of his ministers, Emperor Han became fond of playing chess with less exercise.

Liang Ji, a powerful minister in the Eastern Han Dynasty, was an all-around player in game sports, and playing football was also a sport he was proficient in. "The Biography of Liang Ji in the Later Han Dynasty" said, "(Liang) is addicted to alcohol, and can play full, play chess, play five or six games, play cuju and care for money."

Cao Cao also likes watching football. During the Jian ‘an period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Tianshui Kong Guangui (the word Shu Lin) was good at playing football, and he loved flattery. Wei’s Spring and Autumn Annals called him "knowing the game, stumbling and bowing", "being proud without virtue, but getting rich without success", and Wei Lue called him "good at cuju, so Mao loved it, and he went in and out with followers every side". For this reason, Cao Pi and Wei Lue. (Cover journalist Wen Kanglin)

(Source: Huaxi Dushi Bao December 12, 2022 A15)

Source: Huaxi Dushi Bao

A domestic football match was scolded by a hot search. What happened?

Source: China News Network

On the 8th, a topic entry named # Match-fixing in the Final of Guangdong National Games # occupied a high position in Weibo’s hot search for a long time. As of press time, the reading volume of this topic exceeded 140 million, and nearly 9,000 people participated in the discussion.

From the perspective of competitive sports, this game is not a high-level event. If there are no special circumstances, it will not attract so much public attention to a great extent.

However, looking at the comment area, everyone has a hot discussion.

It’s the darkest hour of football in China, except for the 15-year-old boys.This is a sentence left by a netizen in the topic discussion area.

In the eyes of professional football media, there are also problems in this game. “After watching the replay of the game, there is indeed a suspicion of match-fixing, which supports a thorough investigation."

Everyone’s response is filled with the most emotions, which are helplessness and anger. In other words, today, football in China is still at a low ebb, and this game has poked a lot of people who care about football in China.

Let’s get to know the situation of this game first.

The match was held on August 7th, 2022. It was the men’s B Group A final of the 16th Guangdong Sports Games, and was played between Qingyuan team and Guangzhou team. There was no abnormal situation after the start of the game. In the second half, Qingyuan team took the lead 3-1.

But since then, the Qingyuan team seems to be like a "power outage." Goalkeepers and defenders pass the ball at will in the backcourt and are directly intercepted by opponents; When the Guangzhou team launched the attack, the Qingyuan team defender did not seem to stop the football from entering the goal; According to the camera, several Qingyuan team players started the "walking" mode on the court …

In the end, Guangzhou defeated Qingyuan 5-3 to win the championship.

After the video of this game exploded on social media, Dong Lu, a well-known football media person, used "weird 13 minutes" to describe what happened on the field.

While the outside world is discussing the game,The Chinese Football Association officially announced the launch of an investigation into the game.. The announcement said that in this competition, the performance of athletes from both sides on the field was widely questioned by public opinion, which aroused the concern of all sectors of society. China Football Association attaches great importance to this and starts the investigation procedure, and will form an investigation team with the participation of the Competition Department, the Discipline Inspection Department and other departments, and will go to Guangzhou for investigation on August 8.

It is not what China football wants to cause a heated discussion in such a way.

This year’s poor World Cup preliminaries once again put the national football team into an "infinite loop", and many fans didn’t know how to face the China football that had been in the trough for a while.

In fact, there has been a lot of news about football in China recently.

The Chinese Super League officially resumed the home and away game system. For professional teams and clubs, the home game was opened for a long time, and when familiar spectators entered the stadium again, it brought more positive signals to the team’s operation.

In the East Asia Cup competition that ended at the end of July, the China Men’s Football Team with "U23 National Team" as the main team won the third place.

Although only four teams participated in the East Asia Cup, this ranking did not satisfy the Chinese people. However, the original intention of sending young players out to increase the experience of the competition and taking this opportunity to upgrade is no problem. In the second round, the national football selection team drew with Japan. The game data still shows that there is a big strength gap between the two sides, but with courage and perseverance, the young players can gain confidence and bring some comfort to the depressed football in China.

When facing the pressure and challenges, face the difficulties and use your own efforts to resist the difficulties. Even if you fail to win the game, you will gain confidence. This may be a more realistic idea, and it is also the most needed for today’s China football.

At present, the official has been involved in the investigation of this controversial competition, but the final result has not yet been released. As for whether it is the "fake ball" mentioned by everyone, we still don’t argue.

A few days ago, the first China Youth Football League started. Wang Dengfeng, deputy director of the China Youth Football League Office and director of the Department of Sports, Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education, said, "Whether more and more children can play football is a key issue facing China football at this stage."

As the future of football in China, youth football plays an important role. Please keep it simple and away from the distractions. Only in this way can we help the development of football in China.


In international football, the Japanese football team recently won a brilliant victory, defeating the strong enemy in North America with a remarkable advantage of 4-1, which not only showed their strong strength in both offensive and defensive ends, but also highlighted their tacit teamwork. This victory is not only a recognition of the Japanese team, but also an affirmation and encouragement of the strength of the whole Asian football.

The reason why Japanese football can stand at the peak of world football today is largely due to the profound changes in the youth training system of the Japanese Football Association. They have absorbed the advanced concepts and training methods of international football and cultivated many players with comprehensive skills and strong tactical awareness. On the court, these players built an almost impeccable defense line with their unparalleled teamwork and mutual understanding.

Furthermore, while actively participating in international competitions, the Japan Football Association has also conducted extensive cooperation and exchanges with other football powers. Facing the world-class opponents, Japanese players not only honed their own skills, but also learned valuable experience by analyzing the opponent’s tactical layout, thus constantly improving their own tactical system. It is this international vision and open attitude that makes Japanese football more and more dazzling on the international stage.

As an important representative of Asian football, this leap of Japan is not only their own, but also a remarkable proof of the strength of the whole Asian football. Their success showed the world the rapid progress and unlimited potential of Asian football and won more respect and praise for Asian football.

However, behind all these achievements, it is the result of the long-term unremitting efforts and exploration of the Japanese Football Association. They constantly reformed and optimized the youth football training system, focused on cultivating players’ basic skills and diversified abilities, and established a scientific and efficient youth training model, which provided a solid cornerstone for the rise of Japanese football.

Behind such dazzling achievements in Japanese football are the contributions of many people who have paid silently. From coaches to club staff, from the parents of players to loyal fans, everyone’s efforts and support are an important part of the glory of Japanese football. To sum up, the Japanese football team’s great victory not only demonstrated their excellent ability and team spirit at both ends of the offensive and defensive, but also further consolidated their position in the world football. The continuous reform and optimization of the Japanese Football Association, coupled with extensive exchanges with international football, have created a team with exquisite skills and mature tactics. Their success is not only the recognition of a single team, but also an affirmation of the strength of the whole Asian football.

beauty makeup

0+3 electricity 3 128 Wang Yingna

The operation of beauty headlines today can follow the following directions:
1. Create valuable content: To build brand awareness and influence in the field of beauty, it is necessary to provide high-quality, in-depth and interesting content to attract readers’ attention and share. Can be combined with their own products or services, launch a new product release, makeup tutorial, beauty and skin care tips, industry trends, celebrity interviews and other diverse content forms, to create a headline number with high audience attention.
2. Matrix operation: by setting up different accounts to manage different contents and themes to meet the needs of different users, increase the stickiness of the page, and improve the retention time and average retention time of users. For example, you can create a number of headlines or sub-accounts that specifically publish different types of cosmetics information, makeup tutorials, beauty knowledge, skin care skills, hairdressing hairstyles, etc.
3. Interaction with users: establish user interaction and community atmosphere on the headline number, answer user questions, search and solve user questions, increase attention and goodwill to customers, and generate good reputation and identity.
4. Social channel expansion: Use other social media platforms, such as WeChat, Weibo, Tik Tok, etc., to enhance brand exposure and popularity. For example, WeChat official account and group chat are set up on WeChat to increase user interaction and retention.
For today’s headline multi-account management, you can follow the following steps:
1. Formulate management strategies: formulate different objectives and management strategies, and determine how many accounts to create, account types and themes, the content published by each account and the update frequency.
2. Account creation: according to the formulated management strategy, create a number of corresponding accounts, and uniformly name, design, color matching and identify them, so as to embody brand symbols and characteristics in the avatar, cover and description.
3. Content planning: According to the theme and target group of each account, plan and arrange appropriate content, maintain professionalism and entertainment, and guide users to share and pay attention to multiple accounts.
4. Update in time: update the contents of multiple accounts regularly, and push hot content and current affairs information to each account in time to increase the exposure and stickiness of the content and improve the interaction and return visit rate of users.

No matter how you dress up every day,

Or a trial at the counter in the mall,

People touch and use cosmetics,

The effect is often unsatisfactory.

In fact, every cosmetic has certain skills. Only when it is used correctly can it really achieve its efficacy. Let me introduce you.

Step 1: facial cleanser

Clean the hand skin and moisten the face skin with warm water, squeeze out a proper amount of facial cleanser in the palm of your hand, rub it with water and foam it, then apply it to your face, and gently massage the face skin back and forth in a clockwise direction. After a minute or two of cleaning massage, rinse with warm water.

Step 2 make-up water

The first type: pour the lotion into the palm of your hand, about the size of a dollar coin, and gently pat it on your face with your hand. First pat on the cheeks, then pat on the forehead and chin, and finally gently press with both hands. The second type: soak the lotion on the cotton pad, take the nose as the middle line, and apply it horizontally to wipe the whole face.

3. Emulsion

Apply a proper amount of lotion to the fingertips, spread it on your face, and then gently push it away with your fingertips. After pushing it away, massage it properly, which is beneficial to skin absorption.

4. eye cream

Take a little eye cream the size of a grain of rice with your ring finger, rub it with your two ring fingers and heat it. Gently put it around your eyes in order from outside to inside, close your eyes, and press the eye skin according to the fingering of playing the piano until it is absorbed.

5.face cream

Apply a proper amount of cream to the forehead, nose tip, cheeks and chin, and apply the cream to the whole facial skin in a circular way from the inside out, with gentle movements. You can massage and lift the face to help tighten the skin and eliminate wrinkles. Finally, gently press the face with your palm to ensure that the cream is completely absorbed.

When the beauty of domestic products ushered in a trough, upstream factories and downstream brands thought about these methods | First-line economic notes

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

In mid-May, the 27th China CBE Beauty Expo, which was postponed for one year, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Over 220,000 square meters of the venue, the memorable lively scenes reappeared shoulder to shoulder. It is not difficult to see the enthusiasm of people in the beauty industry and their confidence in boosting the industry.

During the epidemic period, the demand for beauty products as non-essential products was cold, and the offline circulation links such as warehousing, logistics and retail stores were stagnant, and the upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industry chain all encountered "dark moments". Fortunately, after entering 2023, these enterprises have seen hope again.

The total retail sales of cosmetics from January to April was 129.9 billion yuan, up 9.3% year-on-year, which exceeded the level of the same period in 2019 before the epidemic. This is also reflected in the financial reports of various local listed beauty companies-Marubi shares and Shuiyang shares all returned to growth in the first quarter of 2023, getting rid of the "most difficult 2022".

But all this has just begun. Many people in the industry who participated in the Expo admitted that the sales rebound in January and February was less than expected, and the response of e-commerce promotion on Women’s Day on March 8 was flat. Enterprises need to speed up the solution of those problems that are not obvious in the period of rapid development, so as to seize new growth opportunities.

As a partner of many international brands such as L ‘Oré al, Lancome and Sisley when they first entered the e-commerce channel in China, Liren Lizhuang successfully landed in the capital market in 2020 and became a cosmetics online retail service provider with comprehensive data insight, online operation and brand marketing. After listing, Liren Lizhuang began to develop its own brand based on its original experience in the cosmetics industry. At present, it has effective skin care brand Meiyitang, China characteristic plant brand Yurongchu and so on.

Qiao Xiaoling, director of the research and development department of Liren Beauty Cosmetics, who is leading the research and development of new products, told the interface fashion that from the data of e-commerce market, the current consumer preferences are polarized. Consumers with strong economic ability are still loyal to high-end cosmetics, while some consumers whose mentality has changed from excitement to conservatism pursue products with higher cost performance.

This means that the mid-range beauty products are cold.

Cosme Meishi, the head foundry behind famous beauty brands at home and abroad, such as L ‘Oreal, Estee Lauder, Perfect Diary and Hua Xizi, also found the same rule from the needs of cooperative customers.

Cosmis is a Korean cosmetics ODM company, but China has already become its second largest market. Liu Yuanli, deputy general manager of Cosme Meishi’s production headquarters in China, told Interface Fashion that some brand customers are focusing on products with high performance-to-price ratio and strong efficacy, that is, "increasing the quantity without increasing the price", and improving the added quantity and efficacy of ingredients to the critical value as much as possible under the same pricing.

Qiao Xiaoling also mentioned the same development idea. In addition to maximizing the efficacy of products, they will also make precise development according to consumer demand and provide consumers with combined products to cover all their needs. For example, sensitive muscle consumers may need to spray in the sun environment in addition to daily water emulsion, so they will develop it based on the needs of the scene.

In cooperation with local beauty brands, Liu Yuanli also found that some brands that were originally priced by the public began to try to pursue high-end. For example, a brand originally sold lipstick for one or two hundred yuan, and now it will consider launching products with a price of four or five hundred yuan. Some local skin care brands have also begun to put on shelves skin care products with a retail price of thousands of yuan, and they have the courage to fight with international brands.

In the past three years, due to the epidemic, the traffic and logistics were not smooth, and the influence of online and offline sales was a common problem disclosed by many beauty brands in financial reports and external information, and this problem was solved with the liberalization of the epidemic. However, the "stuck neck" problem that the main raw materials depend on overseas markets has become more prominent after this epidemic.

A cosmetics researcher told the interface fashion that during the epidemic period, the problems of overseas raw material procurement interruption and price increase caused many brands to rush to the local market to find alternative raw materials. However, it is very complicated and time-consuming to replace raw materials by re-debugging the formula, filing and registering. Therefore, the delay in launching new products and the increase in development costs have been more problems in the past three years.

The reason why substitute materials are hard to find is that there are not many local manufacturers of daily cosmetics raw materials in China cosmetics industry chain.

Qiao Xiaoling said that this is because if the basic raw materials such as surfactants are only used in a single domestic market, the output may not cover the input, and the quantity efficiency is not high; On the other hand, head chemical enterprises such as BASF and Dow started from large chemical industry, and then gradually entered the fine chemical industry in the fields of daily cosmetics. These international manufacturers basically monopolize the global market share, and it is difficult for domestic small manufacturers to start from scratch.

For the present cosmetic manufacturers, the development of functional active ingredients, a subdivision of raw materials, is a new starting point for competition.

In 2018, Kosmet Group established a raw material company in China, aiming at developing exclusive raw materials with China characteristics. Its newly introduced X-fine ultra-fine powder treatment technology claims to make the base makeup lighter and lighter. Liu Yuanli said that these exclusive technical raw materials can not only help Cosme to expand its own quantity, but also feed back the upstream raw materials companies that provide basic raw materials.

In China, similar manufacturers of raw materials focusing on active ingredients have begun to show their edge.

Qiao Xiaoling takes ergothionine, a popular ingredient in the skin care market, as an example. When ergothionine was first synthesized abroad, its cost price was very high, reaching 200,000 yuan per kilogram. However, after using biosynthetic technology to increase the output of ergothionine in China, the price reduction is immediate, and its current market cost price is basically 60,000 yuan to 70,000 yuan per kilogram.

The technical realizability and broad application market prospect of these functional active ingredients undoubtedly bring new opportunities to local brands. Oriental plant components, peptides, oligopeptides and other peptide compounds are the hot research directions in the domestic cosmetic market at present.

In the past, there were many local skin care brands featuring herbs in China, such as Yiyibucao and Baique Ling. However, compared with the efficacy memory of nicotinamide, boson and other compounds, the efficacy of herbal skin care products always has a sense of distance.

Liren Lizhuang’s own brand Yurongchu has listed a series of products with saffron extract as the main functional ingredient since the beginning. In Qiao Xiaoling’s view, there is still a lot of room for development of oriental herbs. The key is to thoroughly study how to better extract and retain their active ingredients, how to make them work with other ingredients in the formula, scientifically present their mechanism of action, and further verify their safety.

Since L ‘Oré al, Revlon and other international brands entered China for a century, the cosmetics market in China has only developed for more than 20 years. However, local cosmetics enterprises have begun to ponder how to surpass these international competitors by admiring, learning from and learning from them. Everyone reached a consensus that independent research and development is the way to build core competitiveness and barriers.

Local listed cosmetics companies such as Polaiya, Shuiyang, Marubi and Betani all invested in heavy assets projects such as production R&D bases after raising funds. For some brands that get goods from foundries and start with online marketing, in-depth cooperation with foundries is a path to overtake in corners.

In 2020, Yixian (Guangzhou) R&D and production base jointly established by Perfect Diary parent company Yixian E-commerce will be officially put into production this year. In 2022, Kosmet also established a joint venture with Pellet Group, the parent company of new brands such as UNNY, RNW and Aiyu, in Fengxian, Shanghai. Eye-catching shows that the equity ratio of Zhongke Simesi and Pellet in the joint venture company "Pellet Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." is 82%.

Liu Yuanli said that this is a two-way win-win model. The brand side can gain the inclination of the R&D and production capacity of Cosme Meishi, shorten the development cycle, reduce the production cost and so on, and stabilize its own supply chain. Cosme poetry can cultivate more long-term and stable customers, maximize its own production capacity and ensure sales.

In the past three years, the pain felt by downstream brands has also been transmitted to upstream manufacturers, which is reflected in problems such as reduced orders and vacant production capacity. To stand out from the fierce competition in the supply chain, upstream manufacturers must also change the previous thinking of "waiting for customers to come" and actively increase service to stabilize old customers and expand new customers.

In order to recover quickly after the epidemic, Kosmet reconfigured the personnel structure, reduced the number of front-line production personnel by upgrading automation equipment, and increased the recruitment of R&D personnel.

In the past, Cosme Poetry Research Department was only divided into two sections: skin care and make-up, and the increase of researchers also made it refined into the special development of specific product categories such as cream and tissue substances. In addition, Cosme has set up a testing service center to shorten the time and cost of sending products to a third-party testing company for efficacy evaluation.

Because OEM manufacturers often receive orders from brands one to two months in advance to stock up, they are more sensitive to the recovery of the cosmetics market.

Liu Yuanli said that with reference to the data in 2021, Kosmet will achieve year-on-year growth in the second quarter of this year, and the company has begun to feel the atmosphere of 618 e-commerce promotion this year. In addition, from the communication with many brands, the third quarter, which was sandwiched between 618 and double 11 in the past, was a low point in sales, but this year may become a "turnaround" moment in the beauty industry. And the fourth quarter, which includes double 11’s big promotion node, is the expected opportunity for the big outbreak.

At the time of the outbreak of local beauty brands two years ago, it was a hot topic to seize the opportunity and eat up the bonus. However, in the period of fading traffic and low industry, introspection and self-cultivation are the starting points of the brand’s long March from 1 to 100.

Beauty companies based on a single main brand began to exert their brand matrix, such as the make-up brand Caitang to Polaiya, and the high-end anti-aging brand Jieke to Betani; New subdivided blank areas have begun to attract attention. For example, Nature Hall launched the efficacy brand "Own Out" focusing on baby’s fragile muscles at the US Expo; Starting from the cutting-edge brands who have made a fortune online, we are beginning to pay attention to the importance of offline channels. For example, Hua Xizi opened its first flagship store in Hangzhou, and tested the water in pop-up shop in Japan.

These new attempts are new opportunities for local cosmetics enterprises to explore and create for themselves, and they are also important signs of industry recovery and future development.

Recommend 5 plots to independent games! You can play with your mobile phone, so don’t collect it quickly?

What excellent plot-oriented indie games can you play on your mobile phone? In this issue, we recommend five excellent plots to you to ensure that each style is different! Conscience recommendation, remember to like the collection ~

This is a work that fully exposes the development history of western medicine in the Middle Ages. In this work, you can see many magical scenes of western medicine in an era when science and technology have not been effectively developed. For example, doctors in those days had a deep relationship with barbers. Barbers’ shops were not only places for haircuts, but also places for visitors to enjoy and treat patients. Visitors had to buy tickets if they wanted to see them. Therefore, in order to make their diagnosis and treatment more exciting, doctors and hairdressers with actor attributes need to add bloody elements to stimulate the eyes in the process of diagnosis and treatment to win more ticket income. Doctors also need to add a lot of spices when preparing the medicine, regardless of the therapeutic effect. Anyway, if it tastes bad, your patient will definitely not come again.

All kinds of outrageous things are perfectly displayed by excellent plots, vivid games and appropriate pop-up science popularization. Players will feel the backwardness of thought, the cover of privilege, the desire of human nature, and the spirit and inheritance of exploring truth in the medieval background from the perspective of a doctor. Every bit of progress and common sense of mankind has been paid a great price. Let the players feel the original weight of common medical knowledge nowadays. I think this is the greatest significance that this game can give us. Players who like this absurd and true tonality must try this work.

Soothing music, exquisite 2D pictures, and a sad but unpretentious love story that spans two people’s lives. If you want to get a peace that is not short-lived but very substantial, then just put down some utilitarian heart and follow the music wholeheartedly to feel the story of this work.

In the setting of this work, there is a technology to realize the dying man’s wish by modifying his memory. But for the integrity and truth of the memory chain, it is not as simple as just modifying the results and turning what is not obtained into what is obtained. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually adjust the past memory of the modified person, so that the memory chain is completely established. Therefore, in order to realize Johnny Welsh’s dream of going to the moon all his life, the protagonists played by the players should enter the sea of his memory, witness his life in flashback, solve the mystery of why he went to the moon, correct his memory, and witness his touching love story with his wife again. This book has won the best game script award in GameSpot’s best game of the year, and the mobile version has optimized the mobile experience on the basis of the original.

As long as you like indie games, or want to experience the charm of the plot to the game on your mobile phone, then this game must not be missed!

The game version of the Walking Dead is a narrative game with zombie doomsday theme and branch selection. In the game, we can interact with the scene with the development of the plot, such as kicking the window, talking to people and investigating the scene. At the critical moment, we need to make a choice between minutes and seconds. In the background of doomsday zombies, these choices are often difficult to choose. It may be that you decide who to save in one thought. If you choose one of them, you must accept the end of death. Or it may be an unintentional choice that leads to an unexpected result and kills someone. At the moment when the decision must be made in a few seconds, the player can’t think carefully, so he can only act according to his instinct. This makes the game very real and has a sense of substitution.

The game is based on the fact that Lee Everett, a black criminal, was forced to embark on a journey of survival due to the zombie crisis on the way to be escorted. On the way, he met Little Lori Clementine and they worked together to find a way to survive. It is worth mentioning that when TGA was still called VGA, this game won the best game award of the year.

This is a decryption game with terrorist elements. In the game, the player will play the painter trapped here. The player must meet the requirements of the cute little girl in the painting and paint the correct color according to the requirements. However, the little girl’s requirements are not so easy to understand clearly. Once a mistake is made, even a little mistake will offend the little girl. She will be ruthless and give the player a death ending.

That’s true, but it’s great fun to tease the little girl, try all kinds of painting methods of death, watch her various interesting reactions, and collect 48 ways to die with a big brain hole. When the player crosses these death endings, the life story of the lovely little girl and the story behind her will also be presented to the player, and the story of this horror element will also have a sudden change in style. This book is not long, but the interactive feedback with the little girl is very vivid. The experience of attracting players to die all the way is still very good.

This is a conversational chat game. Taylor on the other side of the dialog box turned to us because he was in trouble on another planet. Players need to understand Taylor’s situation according to his description and judge and guide him what to do next according to their own experience. If the player makes a mistake, Taylor may die and never be contacted again.

Time and reality are synchronized in the game, when you give a certain order. Taylor needs an hour to finish it, so it’s really only an hour before he receives his contact information. If you are late, he can only wait for you silently all the time. Taylor’s narrative in this play is particularly graphic, which can easily arouse the imagination of players. Let the whole game get a very excellent sense of substitution. Players who like pure text games should not miss this game.

So that’s all the content of this recommendation. What other interesting plot-oriented mobile games have you played? Welcome to share your recommendation in the comments section ~


Pay attention to the "Twitter Workshop", share good games every day, and bid farewell to the game shortage!

Do a good job in the "answer sheet" of higher level development of education

"The collapse of the county" and the difficulty in introducing excellent educational talents … As an underdeveloped prefecture-level city located in the southwest of Hunan Province, the regional GDP ranking is not in the top of the province. In the past few years, the overall level of basic education development in Yongzhou City was still hovering in the middle and lower reaches of Hunan Province.

How to achieve a higher level of education development?

"Adhere to the priority development of education, implement the strategy of building a strong city through education, and play a’ combination boxing’ around promoting high-quality and balanced development of education, improving teaching quality, and narrowing the educational gap between the north and the south, so as to promote the high-quality development of education in the city!" Zhu Hongwu, secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee, said.

With the attitude of striving for the first place, Yongzhou handed over an "answer sheet" for the development of education at a higher level. From 2020 to 2021, Yongzhou’s education work won the encouragement and praise of Hunan provincial government for its hard work supervision twice; In 2022, it was awarded "excellent" in the evaluation and assessment of municipal and state governments’ educational responsibilities … What is behind this to promote the change?

Promote at a high level to solve the "collapse in the county"

The quality of high school education and teaching in Daoxian, ningyuan county and other counties is not high, which was once a pain point in Yongzhou.

In 2023, the secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and the mayor successively organized special investigations to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of county-level ordinary high schools, and proposed to carry out the assistance and co-construction of Yongzhou No.1 Middle School and Yongzhou No.4 Middle School in Ningyuan No.1 Middle School and Daoxian No.1 Middle School, so as to promote the high-quality development of county-level high schools in the city.

"Twinning to help county-level ordinary high schools, the county party committee and the county government bear the main responsibility, and the city and county-level supervision offices have been keeping an eye on it for a long time …" Zhu Hongwu said that Yongzhou promoted twinning to help county-level ordinary high schools as a major educational reform.

In September, the counterpart support team entered Daoxian No.1 Middle School and Ningyuan No.1 Middle School to carry out their work, and started with the establishment and improvement of various school management systems to help the school improve the scientific and standardized management level.

Yongzhou City and Helping Counties set up a special fund of 10 million yuan for the aided schools every year, and establish and improve the incentive mechanism for work evaluation. Every year, the local county party committee, county government and the Municipal Education Bureau organize the performance evaluation of cadres and teachers sent by the municipal high schools, and those who pass the examination will be rewarded by the county where they are located every year.

"The municipal and county finances have also set up special funds for our school to ensure that we and the cadres and teachers sent by the municipal high school will carry out all aspects of teaching, research and education reform in a normal way." Mary, a teacher from Daoxian No.1 Middle School, said.

"The quality of high school education is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of education and people’s satisfaction in a region. We will continue to increase urban planning and help nanbu county, such as Ningyuan and Daoxian, get out of the dilemma of’ collapse in the county’. " Chen Ailin, deputy secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Committee and mayor, said.

It is reported that the city has invested 1.77 billion yuan to build six public ordinary high schools with high standards, and invested more than 500 million yuan to rebuild and expand nine public ordinary high schools. In the past five years, the city has added nearly 50,000 high school places.

Optimize and improve quality to solve the problem of "more but not better"

Jump rope happily for 10 minutes between classes, and have the same music class with the students who help rural schools … Recently, children are enjoying a happy campus life at the teaching point of Shankoupu Village, Tuojiang Town, Jianghua Yao Autonomous County.

In the past, there were many teaching points in Yongzhou, accounting for a relatively large proportion in Hunan Province. Rural education was "big but not strong" and teaching points were "many but not excellent". Sprinkling pepper noodles is not only difficult to see obvious results, but also wastes resources.

In the spring of 2020, Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government took the lead in exploring the optimization and upgrading reform of rural small-scale schools in Xintian, and achieved more than expected results. "Xintian Experience" was also selected as "100 Cases of Exploration of Grassroots Reform in Hunan".

Based on the "Xintian Experience", in 2021, Yongzhou continued to make efforts to optimize and upgrade small-scale rural schools as an important measure to promote the balanced development of urban and rural education and boost rural revitalization, and comprehensively promote the optimization and upgrading of teaching points in the city. In the past three years, Yongzhou has embarked on a path that can be replicated and popularized in the optimization and upgrading of rural teaching points.

Up to now, the number of rural teaching points in the city has been optimized and upgraded to 353, 236 left-behind Children’s Home schools have been established, and 535 online joint schools have been built. All small rural schools in the city have achieved full coverage of the Internet and Banbantong.

"Let every rural child enjoy a better education, which is the solemn commitment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government to the people of the whole city." Huang Zanxiao, Party Secretary and Director of Yongzhou Education Bureau, said. Through continuous efforts, Yongzhou has basically realized the transformation from "small and weak" to "small and beautiful" and "small and excellent".

Bringing education together to solve the "teacher dilemma"

Yongzhou’s economy is underdeveloped, and its attraction to talents is limited. At one time, it faced the difficult problem of teachers’ "attracting, cultivating and retaining". How to break the game?

In recent years, Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have issued "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the System and Mechanism of Talent Development" and "Article 36" of the New Deal for Talents, etc., in order to attract and retain talents for the city’s education system.

Since 2018, the city has introduced more than 800 high-quality education talents. In 2023, the city introduced 175 outstanding educational talents. Up to now, the number of primary and secondary school teachers in the city has increased by more than 20% year-on-year, the number of deputy senior judges has nearly doubled year-on-year, and the actual number of deputy senior judges has increased by 192% year-on-year, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm of teachers.

To build a high-quality and professional team of high school teachers is inseparable from the guidance of famous teachers. Yongzhou has written the construction of "famous teacher project" into the government work report for three consecutive years, taking it as an important starting point for strengthening the city through education.

In recent years, Yongzhou organized and selected 40 "Yongzhou Chief Teachers", built 100 county-level famous teacher studios, and promoted the professional growth of more than 5,000 young and middle-aged outstanding backbone teachers.

At this year’s Teachers’ Day Celebration Conference in Yongzhou, the main leaders of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government awarded licenses to 20 newly established municipal famous teacher studios. "These famous teacher studios are like entrepreneurial teams, and all teachers, young and old, are full of passion." Wen Jiayou, a researcher at Yongzhou Academy of Educational Sciences, said.

The introduction of talents, the project of famous teachers, and the promotion of teachers’ abilities … Yongzhou is taking a series of reform measures to solidly promote the construction of "three teams" of principals, class teachers and teachers, constantly stimulate the initiative and creativity of teachers, and consolidate the foundation for the high-quality development of Yongzhou education.

China Education News, 1st edition, November 29th, 2023.

Author: Special correspondent Li Qing Our reporter Yang Xiye