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Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

In mid-May, the 27th China CBE Beauty Expo, which was postponed for one year, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Over 220,000 square meters of the venue, the memorable lively scenes reappeared shoulder to shoulder. It is not difficult to see the enthusiasm of people in the beauty industry and their confidence in boosting the industry.

During the epidemic period, the demand for beauty products as non-essential products was cold, and the offline circulation links such as warehousing, logistics and retail stores were stagnant, and the upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industry chain all encountered "dark moments". Fortunately, after entering 2023, these enterprises have seen hope again.

The total retail sales of cosmetics from January to April was 129.9 billion yuan, up 9.3% year-on-year, which exceeded the level of the same period in 2019 before the epidemic. This is also reflected in the financial reports of various local listed beauty companies-Marubi shares and Shuiyang shares all returned to growth in the first quarter of 2023, getting rid of the "most difficult 2022".

But all this has just begun. Many people in the industry who participated in the Expo admitted that the sales rebound in January and February was less than expected, and the response of e-commerce promotion on Women’s Day on March 8 was flat. Enterprises need to speed up the solution of those problems that are not obvious in the period of rapid development, so as to seize new growth opportunities.

As a partner of many international brands such as L ‘Oré al, Lancome and Sisley when they first entered the e-commerce channel in China, Liren Lizhuang successfully landed in the capital market in 2020 and became a cosmetics online retail service provider with comprehensive data insight, online operation and brand marketing. After listing, Liren Lizhuang began to develop its own brand based on its original experience in the cosmetics industry. At present, it has effective skin care brand Meiyitang, China characteristic plant brand Yurongchu and so on.

Qiao Xiaoling, director of the research and development department of Liren Beauty Cosmetics, who is leading the research and development of new products, told the interface fashion that from the data of e-commerce market, the current consumer preferences are polarized. Consumers with strong economic ability are still loyal to high-end cosmetics, while some consumers whose mentality has changed from excitement to conservatism pursue products with higher cost performance.

This means that the mid-range beauty products are cold.

Cosme Meishi, the head foundry behind famous beauty brands at home and abroad, such as L ‘Oreal, Estee Lauder, Perfect Diary and Hua Xizi, also found the same rule from the needs of cooperative customers.

Cosmis is a Korean cosmetics ODM company, but China has already become its second largest market. Liu Yuanli, deputy general manager of Cosme Meishi’s production headquarters in China, told Interface Fashion that some brand customers are focusing on products with high performance-to-price ratio and strong efficacy, that is, "increasing the quantity without increasing the price", and improving the added quantity and efficacy of ingredients to the critical value as much as possible under the same pricing.

Qiao Xiaoling also mentioned the same development idea. In addition to maximizing the efficacy of products, they will also make precise development according to consumer demand and provide consumers with combined products to cover all their needs. For example, sensitive muscle consumers may need to spray in the sun environment in addition to daily water emulsion, so they will develop it based on the needs of the scene.

In cooperation with local beauty brands, Liu Yuanli also found that some brands that were originally priced by the public began to try to pursue high-end. For example, a brand originally sold lipstick for one or two hundred yuan, and now it will consider launching products with a price of four or five hundred yuan. Some local skin care brands have also begun to put on shelves skin care products with a retail price of thousands of yuan, and they have the courage to fight with international brands.

In the past three years, due to the epidemic, the traffic and logistics were not smooth, and the influence of online and offline sales was a common problem disclosed by many beauty brands in financial reports and external information, and this problem was solved with the liberalization of the epidemic. However, the "stuck neck" problem that the main raw materials depend on overseas markets has become more prominent after this epidemic.

A cosmetics researcher told the interface fashion that during the epidemic period, the problems of overseas raw material procurement interruption and price increase caused many brands to rush to the local market to find alternative raw materials. However, it is very complicated and time-consuming to replace raw materials by re-debugging the formula, filing and registering. Therefore, the delay in launching new products and the increase in development costs have been more problems in the past three years.

The reason why substitute materials are hard to find is that there are not many local manufacturers of daily cosmetics raw materials in China cosmetics industry chain.

Qiao Xiaoling said that this is because if the basic raw materials such as surfactants are only used in a single domestic market, the output may not cover the input, and the quantity efficiency is not high; On the other hand, head chemical enterprises such as BASF and Dow started from large chemical industry, and then gradually entered the fine chemical industry in the fields of daily cosmetics. These international manufacturers basically monopolize the global market share, and it is difficult for domestic small manufacturers to start from scratch.

For the present cosmetic manufacturers, the development of functional active ingredients, a subdivision of raw materials, is a new starting point for competition.

In 2018, Kosmet Group established a raw material company in China, aiming at developing exclusive raw materials with China characteristics. Its newly introduced X-fine ultra-fine powder treatment technology claims to make the base makeup lighter and lighter. Liu Yuanli said that these exclusive technical raw materials can not only help Cosme to expand its own quantity, but also feed back the upstream raw materials companies that provide basic raw materials.

In China, similar manufacturers of raw materials focusing on active ingredients have begun to show their edge.

Qiao Xiaoling takes ergothionine, a popular ingredient in the skin care market, as an example. When ergothionine was first synthesized abroad, its cost price was very high, reaching 200,000 yuan per kilogram. However, after using biosynthetic technology to increase the output of ergothionine in China, the price reduction is immediate, and its current market cost price is basically 60,000 yuan to 70,000 yuan per kilogram.

The technical realizability and broad application market prospect of these functional active ingredients undoubtedly bring new opportunities to local brands. Oriental plant components, peptides, oligopeptides and other peptide compounds are the hot research directions in the domestic cosmetic market at present.

In the past, there were many local skin care brands featuring herbs in China, such as Yiyibucao and Baique Ling. However, compared with the efficacy memory of nicotinamide, boson and other compounds, the efficacy of herbal skin care products always has a sense of distance.

Liren Lizhuang’s own brand Yurongchu has listed a series of products with saffron extract as the main functional ingredient since the beginning. In Qiao Xiaoling’s view, there is still a lot of room for development of oriental herbs. The key is to thoroughly study how to better extract and retain their active ingredients, how to make them work with other ingredients in the formula, scientifically present their mechanism of action, and further verify their safety.

Since L ‘Oré al, Revlon and other international brands entered China for a century, the cosmetics market in China has only developed for more than 20 years. However, local cosmetics enterprises have begun to ponder how to surpass these international competitors by admiring, learning from and learning from them. Everyone reached a consensus that independent research and development is the way to build core competitiveness and barriers.

Local listed cosmetics companies such as Polaiya, Shuiyang, Marubi and Betani all invested in heavy assets projects such as production R&D bases after raising funds. For some brands that get goods from foundries and start with online marketing, in-depth cooperation with foundries is a path to overtake in corners.

In 2020, Yixian (Guangzhou) R&D and production base jointly established by Perfect Diary parent company Yixian E-commerce will be officially put into production this year. In 2022, Kosmet also established a joint venture with Pellet Group, the parent company of new brands such as UNNY, RNW and Aiyu, in Fengxian, Shanghai. Eye-catching shows that the equity ratio of Zhongke Simesi and Pellet in the joint venture company "Pellet Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." is 82%.

Liu Yuanli said that this is a two-way win-win model. The brand side can gain the inclination of the R&D and production capacity of Cosme Meishi, shorten the development cycle, reduce the production cost and so on, and stabilize its own supply chain. Cosme poetry can cultivate more long-term and stable customers, maximize its own production capacity and ensure sales.

In the past three years, the pain felt by downstream brands has also been transmitted to upstream manufacturers, which is reflected in problems such as reduced orders and vacant production capacity. To stand out from the fierce competition in the supply chain, upstream manufacturers must also change the previous thinking of "waiting for customers to come" and actively increase service to stabilize old customers and expand new customers.

In order to recover quickly after the epidemic, Kosmet reconfigured the personnel structure, reduced the number of front-line production personnel by upgrading automation equipment, and increased the recruitment of R&D personnel.

In the past, Cosme Poetry Research Department was only divided into two sections: skin care and make-up, and the increase of researchers also made it refined into the special development of specific product categories such as cream and tissue substances. In addition, Cosme has set up a testing service center to shorten the time and cost of sending products to a third-party testing company for efficacy evaluation.

Because OEM manufacturers often receive orders from brands one to two months in advance to stock up, they are more sensitive to the recovery of the cosmetics market.

Liu Yuanli said that with reference to the data in 2021, Kosmet will achieve year-on-year growth in the second quarter of this year, and the company has begun to feel the atmosphere of 618 e-commerce promotion this year. In addition, from the communication with many brands, the third quarter, which was sandwiched between 618 and double 11 in the past, was a low point in sales, but this year may become a "turnaround" moment in the beauty industry. And the fourth quarter, which includes double 11’s big promotion node, is the expected opportunity for the big outbreak.

At the time of the outbreak of local beauty brands two years ago, it was a hot topic to seize the opportunity and eat up the bonus. However, in the period of fading traffic and low industry, introspection and self-cultivation are the starting points of the brand’s long March from 1 to 100.

Beauty companies based on a single main brand began to exert their brand matrix, such as the make-up brand Caitang to Polaiya, and the high-end anti-aging brand Jieke to Betani; New subdivided blank areas have begun to attract attention. For example, Nature Hall launched the efficacy brand "Own Out" focusing on baby’s fragile muscles at the US Expo; Starting from the cutting-edge brands who have made a fortune online, we are beginning to pay attention to the importance of offline channels. For example, Hua Xizi opened its first flagship store in Hangzhou, and tested the water in pop-up shop in Japan.

These new attempts are new opportunities for local cosmetics enterprises to explore and create for themselves, and they are also important signs of industry recovery and future development.

Recommend 5 plots to independent games! You can play with your mobile phone, so don’t collect it quickly?

What excellent plot-oriented indie games can you play on your mobile phone? In this issue, we recommend five excellent plots to you to ensure that each style is different! Conscience recommendation, remember to like the collection ~

This is a work that fully exposes the development history of western medicine in the Middle Ages. In this work, you can see many magical scenes of western medicine in an era when science and technology have not been effectively developed. For example, doctors in those days had a deep relationship with barbers. Barbers’ shops were not only places for haircuts, but also places for visitors to enjoy and treat patients. Visitors had to buy tickets if they wanted to see them. Therefore, in order to make their diagnosis and treatment more exciting, doctors and hairdressers with actor attributes need to add bloody elements to stimulate the eyes in the process of diagnosis and treatment to win more ticket income. Doctors also need to add a lot of spices when preparing the medicine, regardless of the therapeutic effect. Anyway, if it tastes bad, your patient will definitely not come again.

All kinds of outrageous things are perfectly displayed by excellent plots, vivid games and appropriate pop-up science popularization. Players will feel the backwardness of thought, the cover of privilege, the desire of human nature, and the spirit and inheritance of exploring truth in the medieval background from the perspective of a doctor. Every bit of progress and common sense of mankind has been paid a great price. Let the players feel the original weight of common medical knowledge nowadays. I think this is the greatest significance that this game can give us. Players who like this absurd and true tonality must try this work.

Soothing music, exquisite 2D pictures, and a sad but unpretentious love story that spans two people’s lives. If you want to get a peace that is not short-lived but very substantial, then just put down some utilitarian heart and follow the music wholeheartedly to feel the story of this work.

In the setting of this work, there is a technology to realize the dying man’s wish by modifying his memory. But for the integrity and truth of the memory chain, it is not as simple as just modifying the results and turning what is not obtained into what is obtained. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually adjust the past memory of the modified person, so that the memory chain is completely established. Therefore, in order to realize Johnny Welsh’s dream of going to the moon all his life, the protagonists played by the players should enter the sea of his memory, witness his life in flashback, solve the mystery of why he went to the moon, correct his memory, and witness his touching love story with his wife again. This book has won the best game script award in GameSpot’s best game of the year, and the mobile version has optimized the mobile experience on the basis of the original.

As long as you like indie games, or want to experience the charm of the plot to the game on your mobile phone, then this game must not be missed!

The game version of the Walking Dead is a narrative game with zombie doomsday theme and branch selection. In the game, we can interact with the scene with the development of the plot, such as kicking the window, talking to people and investigating the scene. At the critical moment, we need to make a choice between minutes and seconds. In the background of doomsday zombies, these choices are often difficult to choose. It may be that you decide who to save in one thought. If you choose one of them, you must accept the end of death. Or it may be an unintentional choice that leads to an unexpected result and kills someone. At the moment when the decision must be made in a few seconds, the player can’t think carefully, so he can only act according to his instinct. This makes the game very real and has a sense of substitution.

The game is based on the fact that Lee Everett, a black criminal, was forced to embark on a journey of survival due to the zombie crisis on the way to be escorted. On the way, he met Little Lori Clementine and they worked together to find a way to survive. It is worth mentioning that when TGA was still called VGA, this game won the best game award of the year.

This is a decryption game with terrorist elements. In the game, the player will play the painter trapped here. The player must meet the requirements of the cute little girl in the painting and paint the correct color according to the requirements. However, the little girl’s requirements are not so easy to understand clearly. Once a mistake is made, even a little mistake will offend the little girl. She will be ruthless and give the player a death ending.

That’s true, but it’s great fun to tease the little girl, try all kinds of painting methods of death, watch her various interesting reactions, and collect 48 ways to die with a big brain hole. When the player crosses these death endings, the life story of the lovely little girl and the story behind her will also be presented to the player, and the story of this horror element will also have a sudden change in style. This book is not long, but the interactive feedback with the little girl is very vivid. The experience of attracting players to die all the way is still very good.

This is a conversational chat game. Taylor on the other side of the dialog box turned to us because he was in trouble on another planet. Players need to understand Taylor’s situation according to his description and judge and guide him what to do next according to their own experience. If the player makes a mistake, Taylor may die and never be contacted again.

Time and reality are synchronized in the game, when you give a certain order. Taylor needs an hour to finish it, so it’s really only an hour before he receives his contact information. If you are late, he can only wait for you silently all the time. Taylor’s narrative in this play is particularly graphic, which can easily arouse the imagination of players. Let the whole game get a very excellent sense of substitution. Players who like pure text games should not miss this game.

So that’s all the content of this recommendation. What other interesting plot-oriented mobile games have you played? Welcome to share your recommendation in the comments section ~


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Do a good job in the "answer sheet" of higher level development of education

"The collapse of the county" and the difficulty in introducing excellent educational talents … As an underdeveloped prefecture-level city located in the southwest of Hunan Province, the regional GDP ranking is not in the top of the province. In the past few years, the overall level of basic education development in Yongzhou City was still hovering in the middle and lower reaches of Hunan Province.

How to achieve a higher level of education development?

"Adhere to the priority development of education, implement the strategy of building a strong city through education, and play a’ combination boxing’ around promoting high-quality and balanced development of education, improving teaching quality, and narrowing the educational gap between the north and the south, so as to promote the high-quality development of education in the city!" Zhu Hongwu, secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee, said.

With the attitude of striving for the first place, Yongzhou handed over an "answer sheet" for the development of education at a higher level. From 2020 to 2021, Yongzhou’s education work won the encouragement and praise of Hunan provincial government for its hard work supervision twice; In 2022, it was awarded "excellent" in the evaluation and assessment of municipal and state governments’ educational responsibilities … What is behind this to promote the change?

Promote at a high level to solve the "collapse in the county"

The quality of high school education and teaching in Daoxian, ningyuan county and other counties is not high, which was once a pain point in Yongzhou.

In 2023, the secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and the mayor successively organized special investigations to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of county-level ordinary high schools, and proposed to carry out the assistance and co-construction of Yongzhou No.1 Middle School and Yongzhou No.4 Middle School in Ningyuan No.1 Middle School and Daoxian No.1 Middle School, so as to promote the high-quality development of county-level high schools in the city.

"Twinning to help county-level ordinary high schools, the county party committee and the county government bear the main responsibility, and the city and county-level supervision offices have been keeping an eye on it for a long time …" Zhu Hongwu said that Yongzhou promoted twinning to help county-level ordinary high schools as a major educational reform.

In September, the counterpart support team entered Daoxian No.1 Middle School and Ningyuan No.1 Middle School to carry out their work, and started with the establishment and improvement of various school management systems to help the school improve the scientific and standardized management level.

Yongzhou City and Helping Counties set up a special fund of 10 million yuan for the aided schools every year, and establish and improve the incentive mechanism for work evaluation. Every year, the local county party committee, county government and the Municipal Education Bureau organize the performance evaluation of cadres and teachers sent by the municipal high schools, and those who pass the examination will be rewarded by the county where they are located every year.

"The municipal and county finances have also set up special funds for our school to ensure that we and the cadres and teachers sent by the municipal high school will carry out all aspects of teaching, research and education reform in a normal way." Mary, a teacher from Daoxian No.1 Middle School, said.

"The quality of high school education is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of education and people’s satisfaction in a region. We will continue to increase urban planning and help nanbu county, such as Ningyuan and Daoxian, get out of the dilemma of’ collapse in the county’. " Chen Ailin, deputy secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Committee and mayor, said.

It is reported that the city has invested 1.77 billion yuan to build six public ordinary high schools with high standards, and invested more than 500 million yuan to rebuild and expand nine public ordinary high schools. In the past five years, the city has added nearly 50,000 high school places.

Optimize and improve quality to solve the problem of "more but not better"

Jump rope happily for 10 minutes between classes, and have the same music class with the students who help rural schools … Recently, children are enjoying a happy campus life at the teaching point of Shankoupu Village, Tuojiang Town, Jianghua Yao Autonomous County.

In the past, there were many teaching points in Yongzhou, accounting for a relatively large proportion in Hunan Province. Rural education was "big but not strong" and teaching points were "many but not excellent". Sprinkling pepper noodles is not only difficult to see obvious results, but also wastes resources.

In the spring of 2020, Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government took the lead in exploring the optimization and upgrading reform of rural small-scale schools in Xintian, and achieved more than expected results. "Xintian Experience" was also selected as "100 Cases of Exploration of Grassroots Reform in Hunan".

Based on the "Xintian Experience", in 2021, Yongzhou continued to make efforts to optimize and upgrade small-scale rural schools as an important measure to promote the balanced development of urban and rural education and boost rural revitalization, and comprehensively promote the optimization and upgrading of teaching points in the city. In the past three years, Yongzhou has embarked on a path that can be replicated and popularized in the optimization and upgrading of rural teaching points.

Up to now, the number of rural teaching points in the city has been optimized and upgraded to 353, 236 left-behind Children’s Home schools have been established, and 535 online joint schools have been built. All small rural schools in the city have achieved full coverage of the Internet and Banbantong.

"Let every rural child enjoy a better education, which is the solemn commitment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government to the people of the whole city." Huang Zanxiao, Party Secretary and Director of Yongzhou Education Bureau, said. Through continuous efforts, Yongzhou has basically realized the transformation from "small and weak" to "small and beautiful" and "small and excellent".

Bringing education together to solve the "teacher dilemma"

Yongzhou’s economy is underdeveloped, and its attraction to talents is limited. At one time, it faced the difficult problem of teachers’ "attracting, cultivating and retaining". How to break the game?

In recent years, Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have issued "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the System and Mechanism of Talent Development" and "Article 36" of the New Deal for Talents, etc., in order to attract and retain talents for the city’s education system.

Since 2018, the city has introduced more than 800 high-quality education talents. In 2023, the city introduced 175 outstanding educational talents. Up to now, the number of primary and secondary school teachers in the city has increased by more than 20% year-on-year, the number of deputy senior judges has nearly doubled year-on-year, and the actual number of deputy senior judges has increased by 192% year-on-year, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm of teachers.

To build a high-quality and professional team of high school teachers is inseparable from the guidance of famous teachers. Yongzhou has written the construction of "famous teacher project" into the government work report for three consecutive years, taking it as an important starting point for strengthening the city through education.

In recent years, Yongzhou organized and selected 40 "Yongzhou Chief Teachers", built 100 county-level famous teacher studios, and promoted the professional growth of more than 5,000 young and middle-aged outstanding backbone teachers.

At this year’s Teachers’ Day Celebration Conference in Yongzhou, the main leaders of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government awarded licenses to 20 newly established municipal famous teacher studios. "These famous teacher studios are like entrepreneurial teams, and all teachers, young and old, are full of passion." Wen Jiayou, a researcher at Yongzhou Academy of Educational Sciences, said.

The introduction of talents, the project of famous teachers, and the promotion of teachers’ abilities … Yongzhou is taking a series of reform measures to solidly promote the construction of "three teams" of principals, class teachers and teachers, constantly stimulate the initiative and creativity of teachers, and consolidate the foundation for the high-quality development of Yongzhou education.

China Education News, 1st edition, November 29th, 2023.

Author: Special correspondent Li Qing Our reporter Yang Xiye

On the second day of the table tennis World Cup quarter-finals, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, France and Sweden appeared, with their opponents and schedules attached.

Today is Thursday, December 7, 2023. The first table tennis mixed World Cup entered the second match day of the quarter-finals. Last night’s match, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Yidi, Manyu Wang and Fan Zhendong appeared, beating Slovakia 8-1 and winning the first quarter-finals. Today, the table tennis tournament will be held at 12: 00 noon and 19: 00 pm, and the opponents will be China Taipei and French respectively. I feel that the opponents will be stronger in the second stage, so we should prepare the competition carefully. At present, China, Japan and South Korea have the best performance in the standings, ranking first in the standings, while Sweden and Germany rank second and third, but there are still several games to come, and the points will change with the results of the games. Today’s schedule is as follows:

10:00 Germany vs France

10:00 Korea vs Slovakia

12:00 Guoping vs China Taibei

12:00 Japan vs Sweden

17:00 Korea vs Sweden

17:00 German vs China Taibei

19:00 Guoping vs France

19:00 Japan vs Slovakia

It is not difficult to see from the above schedule that the competition will be wonderful, such as Germany and France. In Germany, Ochalov Francesca Hanying did not participate in the competition, but several athletes such as Winter and Shan Xiaona, as well as Walther and Stamper, are not bad. The French team is the main lineup, such as the lebrun brothers and Simon Gauzy, Yuan Jianan and Pavard, etc. Maybe this morning’s game, the French team has a higher probability of winning.

South Korea and Slovakia feel that the South Korean team has a good chance of winning, because several main players, such as Lin Zhongxun of Ahn Jae hyun, Shen Yubin and Tian Zhixi, have performed very well this time. China and China Taipei, the national table tennis team, have a good chance of winning. After all, China Taipei Lin Yuru, Chuan Chih Yuan and Zheng Yijing both retired, and their strength was affected. Today, fans are concerned about who will appear, who will play mixed doubles and who will play singles.

In the match between Japan and Sweden, I feel that it is not a problem for the women’s team to win. Compared with Hayata Hina Hirano Miwoo and Zhang Benmei, their strength is indeed higher than other players. However, the Swedish men’s teams Carlberg and Carlson are not weak, and they are expected to be wonderful.

At 17: 00 p.m., South Korea and Sweden, Germany and China Taipei, there is a high probability that South Korea and Germany will win. But I can’t say for sure. After all, the strength of the Swedish team is also good. Although falk and Moregard didn’t come, Carlson and Carlberg did play well. As the China Taipei team said above, Lin Yunru and Chuan Chih Yuan are not here, and the strength of the team also has an impact.

At 19: 00, China played against France, and Japan played against Slovakia. I felt that China and Japan had a good chance of winning. After all, no matter which main player of the China team is, they are among the top ten players in the world, and they still believe in the strength of the China team. The same is true of the Japanese team, whose strength is higher than Slovakia.

Who do you think will appear tonight, Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha playing mixed doubles, and Chen Meng and Malone playing singles?

Introduction to Baseball 1.0

"I witnessed greatness in baseball."

-Walt Walt Whitman.

In "Time and the River", Thomas Wolfe once described in poetic language the grand occasion of people in southern towns watching the scoreboard outside the newspaper during the 1912 World Series.

They imagined the wonderful scene of the game thousands of miles away by changing the numbers on the scoreboard. In another masterpiece, You Can’t Go Home Again, Wolff also portrayed the literary image of an old baseball player whose baseball career is coming to an end.

In his masterpiece Bang the Drum Slowly, Mark Harris tells the story of how a baseball player who was doomed to fail faced death. This acclaimed baseball novel was adapted into a movie of the same name in 1973, which was also a great success and made Robert De Niro, the leading actor, well known.

baseballIt is an element of competitive animation classics.

Whether you are born after 80, 90 or 00, as long as you are interested in sports animation, you will have seen at least one baseball animation.From Baseball Hero to Major League Baseball, to Diamond Ace, of course, there are many fans who know a lot about more baseball cartoons. Those incredible reversals and the superb performance of the protagonist’s aura have made your blood boil. Compared with Nobuo’s "magic ball", I’m afraid baseball fans prefer the spirit of self-burning and the growing story of Sawamura Eijun’s frustration and courage!

  • of course,The success of baseball animation works is not accidental, but formed by choosing the best among the best on the basis of a huge base.. When you open a list of competitive cartoons, you will find that there are a lot of baseball cartoons that can’t be named at all. Whether it’s hot-blooded or girlish, everything is available. Of course, the environment in which these authors grew up is an extremely popular environment for baseball, but baseball itself doesUnique.
  • Why is baseball favored by so many cartoons and comics?One reason is that it’sReversal property is stronger.! Because the end of the game is not measured by time, but by the number of outs, there is a famous saying in the field of baseball-"The game is not over until the last exit.". In reality, there is a good show of reversing 7 points in the second half of 9 innings, let alone animation.
  • The charm of baseball is also reflected in another unique attribute. Compared with other team sports, baseball and related sports (softball, cricket, etc.) areThe defender has the initiative.Yes! Generally, we are familiar with sports in which the player who needs to score has the ball, but baseball is the player who is responsible for keeping the score. This will make the game between the offensive and defensive ends more exciting and fair, rather than the defensive side needs to try its best to destroy the initiative of the offensive end. These two points have made baseball attractive enough.


It is a ball game that combines intelligence and physical strength.

Known as "The combination of competition and wisdom"

For our country, baseball has been introduced for more than 100 years.

But its development speed is very slow.

There is a big gap with some other ball games.

butbaseballIs a

Exercise that is very beneficial to people’s intelligence and physical health.

Baseball is different from other ball games.

haveInteresting, playful, military, competitive and intelligent.Features,

For athletesLogical thinking abilityandin good condition

Have a good exercise effect,

It is very suitable for college students.

Therefore, many colleges and universities in China are actively advocating the development of baseball.

The shape of the stadium

Stadium presentationFan shape

Most of the activities of the competition are based onhome baseAs a starting point.Infieldbehome basefirst basesecond basethird basecircumambientdiamond. After hitting a hit, the batter will try to get on the base in a counter-clockwise direction.

Home runfirst basesidelinerightGo to home platethird basesidelineLeftare allOut of bounds area, and vice versa. The outfield is the out-of-bounds area outside the infield.

red lineThe area is still part of the stadium, but it does not belong to the boundary.

RunnercanWhen running to the base bagOut of bounds/out of bounds markings, but subject toNo more than three feet.The specification of.

(What do you mean, give me a chestnut:)

InfieldIt has a side length of 27.4 meters.square

Home plate is called in English.

Home base”。

(base runner is from here.departRun run run run,

pass byFirst base, second base and third base,

againreturnHome base,

Kind of like going out.Walk aroundThe feeling of going home again)

Is used todecide

Did the pitcher pass the pitch?Strike zone

Is base runner?Safe treadingHome plate comes back to score,

Does the batterSwing halfwayEqualImportant basis.

Made of pentagonal white rubber plate.

It is divided into three bases: first base, second base and third base, each of which has one.Garrison playerResponsible for defense.

In the gamebase runnerforscore, must pass through the location set by the three bases, and these three bases are first base, second base and third base in turn. base runner mustPass by in sequenceThese three bases can only beReturn to home platebutscore.

Base running instructor area

Baseball is located outside the first and third bases, and the area for the base running instructor to guide the team members to run and hit the ball is called ".Base running instructor area”。

(The base running instructor canguidehitterstrike a ball)

Pitcher boardIt’s located on the baseball fieldPitcher mound topA rectangular white rubber flat plate in a flat area,

providepitcherWhen pitching, the center of the ball is at the foot.For standing.

And just below the pitcher’s plate,

There is a cement base for fixing the pitcher’s board.

The function is to fix the position of the pitcher’s board,

Avoid changing the position because the pitcher’s axis foot is trampled.

Tips: (The distance from the pitcher’s plate to the top of home plate is 18.44 meters)

Comic book Baseball Hero

In baseball

For the players on the field and the substitutes who don’t play.

And other team members wearing sports clothes.

The prepared seat is called

Player’s seat"

The players’ seats are set at the bases on both sides of the court.

At least 6~7 meters away.

Used by the host and guest teams.

  • Unlike other sports, which require excellent athletic ability, baseball is a kind of sports.You can get started as long as you are willing to try.The movement. If you are a big fat man with outstanding hitting power, you can even be a key hitter as long as you improve your batting average; On the defensive side, he can be a left outfielder with little defensive pressure, and he can also take over if he is willing to practice squatting. If you are a small man, but you have excellent running ability, you can become a pioneer after you have a certain hitting ability, and even practice to steal some stunts to complete the promotion.Even if you are plain and nothing outstanding, as long as you are willing to practice hitting and can hit the ball out, you will have the opportunity to show yourself on the baseball field!

  • Of course, the entry threshold of baseball is very low, and you can play tall, short and fat, but if you want to play well, you need it.Lots of practice.. At the very least, the three elements of "throwing and hitting" are passable, but as long as you are not as dull as Raimon Tarou in "The Mask of the Speed of Light", these three abilities can be gradually improved through acquired practice; If you can, add "run". However, after playing baseball for a long time,You will find that you already have the all-round sports skills of "throwing and running", and you will not be so unfamiliar when you engage in other sports.

So,If you want to change yourself through a sport, choose baseball.!

How much do you know about beauty cosmetics?

Hello! Ladies and gentlemen, how much do you know about beauty cosmetics? Let me give you a brief introduction.

Basic steps:

  Cleansing: thoroughly clean the skin with effective cleansing cream (cleansing products, such as cleansing cream, choose the cleansing cream that suits you according to your skin type, choose hydrating cleansing cream for dry skin and oil-controlling cleansing cream for oily skin).

  2 skin care: apply skin care products (toner, eye cream, essence, lotion, cream-it is better to use a whole set of skin care products)

3 coating isolation: isolate makeup and dust with isolation sunscreen lotion, which is convenient for removing makeup thoroughly.

  3 apply foundation: apply evenly, pay attention to the foundation not to be applied to the hairline, and pay attention to the corners of the mouth. Make facial makeup feel more stereoscopic (liquid foundation or air cushion).

  Concealer: Use concealer products (such as concealer cream, concealer liquid, etc.) to cover up defects (chloasma, blackheads, dark circles, etc.).

  5 Fix makeup: Fix makeup with powder puff by pressing, or use makeup spray (but the effect of makeup spray is not as good as honey powder, and oily skin can also be fixed with powder cake). After a few hours of makeup fixing, due to various factors such as sweating and sun exposure, makeup will be removed, and makeup can be fixed every few hours.

  6 Thrush: First, use a eyebrow trimmer to remove the excess hair on the eyebrow peak and the upper and lower edges of the eyebrows. Then use the eyebrow pencil to outline the eyebrow shape (pay attention to the width of the eyebrow shape, and the position of the eyebrows, eyebrows and eyebrows are being filled (pay attention to the light eyebrow color and the deep eyebrow color, and the eyebrow pencil color should be close to the hair color).

  7 Eye shadow: First, choose a concealer close to your skin color to cover the blemishes on your eyelids, and then cover the glossy of your eyelids with loose powder, which will make your makeup last longer. Then choose a matte color as the base, use an eye shadow brush to smudge it gently from left to right, and then choose a bright eye shadow color to smudge it from both sides to the middle to make the makeup feel more harmonious and natural. Apply the eye shadow with sequins in the middle of the eyes to enlarge the eyes.

8 Draw eyeliner: divide the upper eyeliner into three sections with the eyes down 45 (point at the head, eyes and tail of eyes to determine the position), and then draw eyeliner along the root of eyelashes, paying attention to that the eyeliner must be thin. After the lower eyelid is drawn, a quarter of the eyeliner will appear very natural when connected with the upper eyeliner.

9 Clip eyelashes: choose a slender mascara and brush it gently upwards, then brush it on the false eyelashes with a special glue for sticking false eyelashes, then gently stick it from the head of the eye to the end of the eye, then clip it to the root of the eyelashes with an eyelash clip and clip it three or four times repeatedly.

  10: Apply lipstick: first apply a layer of lip balm, then outline the lip shape with a lip liner, and then apply lipstick (if you want lipstick not to touch the cup or fade, you can spread a layer of paper towel on the lipstick, dip a proper amount of loose paint in the lipstick, and brush it several times, the effect is better.

9 Pay attention to avoid color difference between the neck and face. You can apply sunscreen spray to the neck to prevent large color difference, so that the makeup of the whole face looks more harmonious.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, that’s all for today’s beauty content. See you next time!

Experts discuss: What can education do to slow down and adapt to climate change?

Climate change is the most urgent and complex global crisis facing mankind, and coping with climate change has become a top priority for mankind. What can education contribute to human response to climate change? How to play the role of education to slow down and adapt to climate change?

Recently, at the Sixth World Education Frontier Forum with the theme of "Climate Education and Learning: Turn the tide and Start with Me", experts and scholars from home and abroad discussed these issues in combination with the latest research results in climate change education.

What can education do for climate change?

Ma Fengqi, dean of the School of Education of Guangzhou University, believes that in the face of the increasingly severe challenge of climate change, what human beings can do is to start from me, from now on, from everyone’s daily life, and education is duty-bound.

Yin Houqing, vice-president of the 8th Council of China Education Association and president of Shanghai Education Association, conducted a survey on 236 primary and secondary schools in Shanghai. He found that the surveyed schools designed 400 scientific projects in project-based learning, and the environment-related projects accounted for about 20%, which was a high proportion in general. However, the projects related to climate change account for 2.5%, which is very low.

Yue Wei, a professor at the School of Education of Huazhong Normal University, believes that tackling climate change is not only a scientific and social issue, but also an educational issue, and education must take active action. The value orientation of education in coping with climate change lies in slowing down and adapting to climate change.

"For a long time, education has always followed the modern development paradigm centered on economic growth. This is undoubtedly aggravating the survival crisis of mankind and the earth. " Yue Wei said that in order to alleviate, adapt and even reverse climate change, education itself must be changed, and its important direction is its own ecologicalization.

In addition, an evaluation survey of international students by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shows that young people generally have a good understanding of climate change. Among the students surveyed, nearly 80% said they knew or were very familiar with climate change and global warming.

Deborah Nusa, a senior analyst of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, believes that the education system plays an important role in climate change by influencing the way of thinking, behavior and life choices. At the same time, climate change provides an opportunity for education: to help young people improve their thinking skills and accept complexity better.

What challenges does climate change education face?

In East Asia, a region with a strong atmosphere of exam-oriented education, how can we carry out an education that seems to be not directly related to further studies and exams? Li Shengbing, dean of the School of Education Science of South China Normal University and executive director of the Hong Kong and Macao Research Center, pointed out that the implementation of climate change education is indeed a big problem.

Pei Qing, an associate professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has long been engaged in research on climate change education. In his teaching practice, he found that when talking to students about global climate change, students usually feel very far away from themselves. When studying climate change, it is difficult for students to feel the traces of climate change.

Pei Qing believes that how to close the distance between students and climate change education, effectively promote climate change education, and enhance young people’s scientific literacy and humanistic feelings are issues that need to be considered in climate change education.

"At present, in some countries, school science teaching has not changed much in the past ten years, becoming more and more outdated and out of touch with real scientific practice in the real world." Deborah Nusa believes that school science education plays a vital role in cultivating future scientists, so attracting and supporting students to further their studies in the STEM field is the key to strengthening green development.

Teachers are the key to the implementation of climate change education, but teachers around the world generally lack the necessary knowledge, resources and teaching training related to climate change education, and cannot effectively implement climate change education in the classroom. A recent survey conducted by UNESCO on 58,280 teachers in 144 countries shows that less than 40% teachers are confident to teach climate change knowledge.

How to carry out climate change education?

Gong Peng, vice president of the University of Hong Kong and professor of global sustainable development, pointed out that many climate change problems are not profound, and climate change education should start with dolls.

He believes that the relevant knowledge of climate change should be designed in the basic education system, from kindergarten to high school, giving priority to the knowledge of climate change on health threats, starting with the simple knowledge of coping with high temperature and heat waves, and gradually increasing the systematic knowledge of coping with climate change.

Climate change education involves meteorology, geography, physics, chemistry, sociology, economics, politics and other disciplines. Yue Wei pointed out that the implementation of climate education should move from a single discipline to a multi-disciplinary integration, and the unique advantages of different disciplines should be brought into play to achieve the effect of collaborative education.

Li Xingwei, president of Macau University of Science and Technology, an academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering, believes that the government can use the database to carry out popular science activities and cooperate with secondary schools and universities to improve students’ awareness of climate change. The development of climate change education needs interdisciplinary thinking. At the university level, tourism industry, environment, economy and other disciplines all intersect. He hopes that the construction of these related subjects in China can form an all-round talent training system from undergraduate to doctoral level.

Yue Wei believes that student-centered experiential teaching and inquiry learning are the most effective for climate change education. These teaching methods can make students connect with the real world, give full play to their creativity, and then find solutions to problems from different angles.

Yin Houqing also believes that climate education is not only to teach people the skills to cope with climate change in their lives, but also to enable students to form the values they need to adapt to climate change, thus driving behavioral changes. In the construction and implementation of the climate change education curriculum, the thematic learning mode promotes learners from knowledge learning to understanding learning, and then connects with life, so as to improve the quality of ecological civilization.

The "World Education Frontier Forum" is a cross-disciplinary international education exchange platform founded by the China Education Thirty Forum, with the aim of "leading the trend and creating the future". The forum aims to promote the international exchange of the latest educational ideas and models, promote the application of the latest educational technology, and realize the all-round development of education in the future. The forum was hosted by the China Education Thirty Forum, in cooperation with the Education Policy Research Center of the University of Hong Kong, and co-organized by Tian Jiabing Foundation, the National and Regional Research Base of the Ministry of Education, the Hong Kong and Macao Research Center of South China Normal University, and the School of Education of Guangzhou University.

You must pay attention to these when swimming in summer →

Swimming is a sport that people often participate in in summer.

People swim in the water in hot summer.

It can not only prevent heatstroke and cool down, but also be beneficial to health.

But long-term contact with the water in the swimming pool

It may also cause damage to the skin


Three kinds of damage to the skin


Direct damage of disinfectant in water

At present, the chlorination disinfection method is commonly used in public swimming pools, which will damage the skin and hair and make the skin dry and dehydrated, so most people will have dry skin and hair after swimming.


cutaneous allergy

People with sensitive constitution will have skin allergic reaction, erythema, papules and itching symptoms.


May be infected with infectious diseases

Some indoor swimming pools have too many people, and the disinfection of public goods is not thorough, which will make people infected with diseases such as tinea and scabies.

Although the probability is not great, swimming in the swimming pool is likely to cause skin diseases, especially in places with more traffic such as water parks. Among them, cases of tinea pedis and infectious plantar warts after swimming are more common.

How to find a clean and safe swimming pool?

Is the water clean?

Does the bacterial content exceed the standard?

Is there enough disinfectant?

Find a clean and safe swimming pool

Keep these details in mind.


Look at the papers

According to "Regulations on Hygiene Management in Public Places", "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Regulations on Hygiene Management in Public Places" and other laws and regulations, the operators of swimming pools need to publicize the hygiene license, annual inspection report and hygiene reputation grade mark in the eye-catching position of swimming pools.

Operators of swimming places must obtain the hygiene license of public places before they can open their business to the outside world, and should show their business license and accept social supervision.

Before entering a public swimming pool, consumers should pay attention to whether the public health permit and the health certificate of employees are publicized in a conspicuous place in the swimming place.


Distinguishing water quality by "looking, smelling and asking"

First look: before entering the swimming pool, you must first look at the color and transparency of the water. In a swimming pool with good water quality, if it is covered with white porcelain, it will show bright light blue; If there are light blue tiles, it is dark blue; The pool water must meet the crystal clear conditions, depending on whether there are particles floating on the water surface, whether there is precipitation at the bottom of the pool, and whether the sprayed foam can dissipate within 15 seconds.

Second smell: you can smell the faint chlorine gas close to the water surface, indicating that the residual chlorine content is basically qualified. If you feel pungent and difficult to adapt, it means that the content of residual chlorine has exceeded the standard, which will cause harm to your body.

Three questions: Ask the staff about the replacement time, frequency and test results of the pool water, as well as the daily maintenance measures.

Four cuts: Feel whether there is skin discomfort in the pool water with your hands. People who often swim can feel the softness and hardness of the water. Feeling "soft" indicates that the water quality is excellent, feeling "hard" and astringent, even itching and pain, and the water quality may be poor.


Look at the sanitation facilities

See if the swimming place is equipped with dressing rooms, shower rooms, toilets, closed garbage bins and mechanical ventilation facilities that meet the hygiene requirements.

Check whether the water temperature, residual chlorine concentration, pH value and other indicators of the swimming pool on that day are qualified through the electronic bulletin board or text bulletin board of the swimming venue.

Tips for swimming health in summer


Swimming equipment and wearing swimming glasses can also reduce the direct contact between the water in the swimming pool and the eyes.

Summer is the high incidence of pinkeye, which is transmitted through contact. If a patient swims in a swimming pool, it may spread inflammation to other swimmers. The residual chlorine in swimming pool water with a certain concentration can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and prevent the spread of diseases. However, if the concentration of residual chlorine is too high, it will also cause harm to eyes.


Control the swimming time, generally within 2 hours.

Because skin diseases and other germs have to stay in the body for a period of time before they can be transmitted to the body, swimming time should not be too long, and it is best to control it within two hours. Finally, thoroughly washing the whole body with clear water after swimming can wash away pathogenic microorganisms that may pollute the skin and reduce the risk of skin diseases.


Reduce touching the public goods in the swimming pool, prepare towels and slippers by yourself and store them in the cupboard.


Pay attention to your own health and seek medical advice in time.

If you find yourself with skin damage or skin diseases, try not to go to the swimming pool in order to avoid infection or aggravate skin diseases. If you feel unwell, such as stinging eyes and skin, you should leave the swimming pool in time and clean the residual pathogenic microorganisms and disinfectants.


Replenish water before and after swimming.

You will sweat when swimming, but because your body is wet, you often can’t feel the loss of water in your body, resulting in dehydration. Nutritionists suggest drinking 600 ~ 800 ml of water before swimming, and replenishing water in time after swimming.

Forward Reminder Synthesis: Hubei Release, Wuhan Fifth Hospital, Heilongjiang Traffic Broadcasting, Healthy China.

Source: Hubei release

The Steam page of the Zen action game "The Punch" was launched and will be released in 2024.

On September 14th, the IT House reported that the Steam Store had put on the shelves an action game named "The Punch".It is planned to be released in 2024..

According to the game introduction,The finishing touch is a very casual and endless action game.. This game is a journey of jumping and falling, rising slowly into the sky like a brush on a piece of paper. The finishing touch provides a moment for players to leave their busy daily lives and calm down.

From the description, "The Touch of the Eyes" is also a Zen work. This unique design has been seen in games such as "Mountain" before, but the ink style of "The Touch of the Eyes" still makes people feel a little bright, and IT home friends can look forward to it.