The local temperature may be record-breaking recently, but then the temperature will plummet.

Recently, the weather has cooled down and warmed up strongly, and the temperature has risen sharply, and the cooling is not to be outdone.
Cooling: The first cold air cooled significantly in Northeast China and other places.
Two cold air streams affected our country this week. Yesterday, a new cold air stream began to affect the north. Today and tomorrow, cold air will continue to move eastward, affecting many places in North China and Northeast China.
Today, cold air brings cooling to eastern Inner Mongolia and Northeast China.
The influence of this cold air is relatively northerly, mainly in western Inner Mongolia, north-central Northeast China, northern Xinjiang and other places, where the cooling range can reach 10 ~ 14℃ in northern Xinjiang and eastern Heilongjiang, and the local temperature exceeds 14℃.
For example, the cooling in Northeast China is very obvious. The highest temperature in Harbin was 4℃ yesterday, and it will drop sharply today and tomorrow. The highest temperature tomorrow is only -11℃, and the highest temperature in Changchun will drop to -2℃ tomorrow.
Temperature rise: the 20℃ line is lifted northward or warmed to a record.
Because the first stream of cold air has more than enough heart, it moves faster, and it doesn’t affect all places for a long time, mostly only about one day. After the impact, the temperature will rise rapidly. The south has not been affected by cold air, and the recent temperature has been all the way up.
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the temperature in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Anhui and other places will be significantly higher than normal. The day after tomorrow, the maximum temperature of 20℃ will be rapidly pushed northward to the northern Henan-southern Hebei-northern Shandong line.
Taiyuan, Wuhan and Hefei may all approach or break the record of the highest temperature in December. For example, the highest temperature in Wuhan the day after tomorrow can reach 24℃.
Cooling: The second cold air "plummeted" in many places.
The temperature rise is so vigorous that the second cold air will also show its strength.
This weekend, due to the influence of cold air, the temperature in North China, Huanghuai and Northeast China will drop by 4 ~ 8℃, and the temperature drop in eastern Inner Mongolia and south-central Northeast China will reach more than 10℃.
Due to the obvious temperature rise tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the temperature drop over the weekend will be very violent, and some places can even be described as "plunge".
Like Shijiazhuang, Jinan and Zhengzhou, the highest temperature exceeds 20℃ the day after tomorrow and will plummet to around 5℃ on Sunday. The highest temperature in Harbin and Changchun was above 0℃ the day after tomorrow, and plunged to less than -10℃ on Sunday.
At the same time, as the warm and humid airflow continues to strengthen northward and meet with cold air, there will be a large-scale rain and snow weather process in the central and eastern regions on October 10-11.
It is estimated that from October 10 to 11, there will be small to medium snow and local heavy snow in parts of North China and Northeast China, rain will turn to sleet or snow in northern Huanghuai and northwestern Shaanxi, and there will be small to moderate rain and local heavy rain in southern Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and northern South China.
Remind everyone that the temperature has fluctuated greatly recently, so everyone should pay attention to the weather changes and add clothes in time to avoid catching a cold.
(Source: China Weather Network)

Xingye Consumer Finance made more efforts to continuously strengthen the effectiveness of risk management.

  With the consumer finance industry entering the stage of high-quality development, forging professional risk management ability has become the top priority for financial institutions to create competitive advantages and operational resilience. Balancing the resources between "business" and "risk" and creating a professional, digital and refined risk management system test the operational wisdom of various institutions.

  As an excellent student in the first echelon of the industry, Industrial Consumer Finance attached great importance to the echelon training of talents’ soft power at the beginning of its establishment, established and improved the system and mechanism, strengthened the policy of combining risk management with assessment and incentive, maintained the stability and enthusiasm of the management team, and laid a solid foundation for the steady development of the company.

  Specifically, the company builds a multi-dimensional, quantifiable, scientific and rigorous monitoring index system, strengthens the management and control constraints and responsibilities of key positions and key personnel such as account managers and risk approvers, and improves the accountability mechanism with clear hierarchy, coordinated powers and responsibilities and efficient operation; Strengthen the staff’s awareness of risk management, continuously carry out system education and warning education, enhance the enforcement of rules and regulations, and transmit the awareness of compliance risk to every employee and every business.

  In addition, Industrial Consumer Finance integrates traditional risk control and intelligent risk control concepts, effectively solves the problem of information asymmetry, and focuses on building a "pre-lending-lending-post-lending" whole-process risk control system, effectively improving approval efficiency and reducing loan risks. First of all, based on the general lack of effective credit records of sinking customers, we continued to optimize the pre-loan investigation process, adhered to the principle of "pro-nuclear and pro-visit, face-to-face interview", and the account manager went to the customer’s living residence and office to conduct a nuclear visit, investigate and verify its real income and liabilities, comprehensively consider the customer’s external liabilities and living costs, and restore the customer’s real borrowing purpose and solvency as much as possible. Secondly, combining traditional and emerging credit information, on the basis of traditional credit means, making full use of customer behavior data, and strengthening the risk prevention and control of application information verification, bad habits investigation and multi-head lending prevention. After the loan is issued, by building a risk early warning strategy combining system and labor, using multidimensional credit information and machine learning algorithm, and exerting the synergistic effect of big data platform and digital decision engine, the risk of existing customers is stratified and differentiated management is implemented within the duration.

  Consumer finance services are aimed at the public who have not fully enjoyed the traditional bank loan services, and the customer base is sinking, which puts forward higher requirements for preventing and resolving financial risks.

  In recent years, consumer financial institutions have actively relied on the application of financial technology to improve their ability to handle credit risks. For example, Industrial Consumer Finance explores the cross-domain cooperation of "digital finance+smart justice", puts into production the blockchain electronic deposit system, and uses advanced financial technology means such as blockchain and big data to realize the data docking between court case handling and financial business system, reducing the burden of proof for consumers. Blockchain technology has three characteristics: unforgeability, traceability and openness, transparency and verifiability. Using blockchain technology, the whole process of credit electronic data will be wound up, making electronic data become electronic evidence, improving the availability and reliability of data, effectively realizing data protection and consumer rights protection, and building a more efficient post-loan disposal channel to resolve financial risks. At present, Xingye Xiaojin has combined with Quanzhou Intermediate People’s Court through the blockchain electronic deposit system to realize the whole process of credit, the whole cycle of electronic deposit, the automatic generation and submission of litigation materials in batches with one button, and has handled more than 1,000 cases cumulatively, forming a good demonstration effect.

  Risk management is the core competitiveness of financial institutions. The Central Financial Work Conference emphasized that risk prevention and control should be the eternal theme of financial work. As a new financial format, consumer finance should firmly establish risk awareness, strengthen risk management and implement risk responsibility, so as to promote the long-term healthy development of the industry. As a formal licensed financial institution, Industrial Consumer Finance will constantly improve its risk management system, providing strong support for the company’s steady development and stability.

Source: Xianning News Network


Take stock of the central bank’s financial risks in 2023 | ③ key areas and resolve them steadily.

—— January 2, 2024 [CCTV] Focus interview, new deployment and new actions


People’s Republic of China (PRC) Financial Stability Law (Draft) was reviewed by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) and publicly solicited opinions. set up;establishFinancial stability guarantee fundThe basic framework has been initially established and some funds have been accumulated.


Establish and improve the financial stability index, financial stability monitoring and evaluation index system and financial stability questionnaire surveyFinancial stability monitoring and evaluation system.


Improve the central bank’s financial institution rating, bank risk monitoring and early warning, bank asset quality on-site assessment, stress testing and other monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and riskEarly identification, early warning, early exposure and early disposal.


Give play to deposit insurancePrevention of bank run, differential rate, early correction and risk disposalCore functions such as.


Financial support for local debt

Risk resolution


Conscientiously implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on preventing and resolving risks in key areas, and make overall plansCoordinating finance to support local debt risk resolutionWork, enrich the prevention and resolution of debt risksTools and means, strengthenRisk monitoring, assessment and prevention and control mechanism, promote risk disposal in key areas, and firmly hold the bottom line of no systemic risks.

Strict financial discipline, promote the adoption of local governments and financing platforms.Revitalize or sell assetsAnd other ways to raise resources to repay debts.


For areas with relatively heavy debt burden, new government investment projects will be strictly controlled.

Guide financial institutions to negotiate with financing platforms on an equal footing in accordance with the principles of marketization and rule of law.Extension, borrowing new and returning old, replacementIn other ways, classify policies to resolve the risk of stock debt, strictly control incremental debt, and establish a normalized financial debt monitoring mechanism for financing platforms. When necessary, the People’s Bank of China will also provide emergency liquidity loan support to areas with relatively heavy debt burden.


Classified policy to solve the stock

Debt risk

Strictly control incremental debt

Establish a normalized financing platform

Financial debt monitoring mechanism

Support local governments to gradually divest the government financing function of the financing platform through mergers and acquisitions, asset injection, etc., and transform into a market-oriented enterprise that is independent of government credit and financially sustainable.

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The People’s Bank of China held a working conference on financial stability in 2023.


Important achievements have been made in preventing and resolving financial risks


The Eighth Anniversary of the Implementation of the Deposit Insurance Regulations | Six Questions and Six Answers on Deposit Insurance


China People’s Bank, General Administration of Financial Supervision, China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly held a video conference on financial support for the real economy and prevention and resolution of financial risks.


[Xinhua News Agency] Authoritative Interview | Insist on Serving the Real Economy and Keeping the Bottom Line of Financial Risks —— Interview with Pan Gongsheng, Governor of the People’s Bank of China and Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

[CCTV] Minister of Economic Hotspots talks about the overall controllable risks of real estate finance and local debt.

[CCTV] Authoritative Interview | Monetary Policy, Exchange Rate and Financial Risk: How Central Bank Governors Respond to Financial Hotspots

[Column] Effectively Prevent and Resolve Financial Risks and Firmly Hold the Bottom Line of No Systematic Risks.

Qiushi. com commentator: Helping the construction of a strong country and the great cause of national rejuvenation with high-quality financial development

  The Central Financial Work Conference emphasized that finance is the blood of the national economy and an important part of the country’s core competitiveness. It is necessary to speed up the construction of a financial power, comprehensively strengthen financial supervision, improve the financial system, optimize financial services, prevent and resolve risks, unswervingly follow the road of financial development with China characteristics, promote the high-quality development of China’s finance, and provide strong support for comprehensively promoting the construction of a strong country and the great cause of national rejuvenation with Chinese modernization.

  Finance is related to the overall development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the financial system has strongly supported the overall situation of economic and social development, resolutely fought a tough battle to prevent and resolve major risks, and made important contributions to building a well-off society in an all-round way as scheduled and achieving the goal of the first century. At the same time, we should be soberly aware that various contradictions and problems in the financial field are intertwined and affect each other, and some of them are still outstanding. There are still many hidden dangers in economic and financial risks, the quality and efficiency of financial services to the real economy are not high, financial chaos and corruption are repeatedly banned, and financial supervision and governance capabilities are weak. At present, the great changes in the world that have never happened in a century are accelerating, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered a critical period. The financial system should effectively improve its political stance, be mindful of "the country’s greatest", strengthen its mission, and help build a strong country and national rejuvenation with high-quality financial development.

  Provide high-quality financial services for economic and social development.Financial activities, economic activities; Financial stability and economic stability. Serving the real economy is the bounden duty and fundamental purpose of finance. To provide high-quality services for economic and social development, finance should work hard on "three efforts": to create a good monetary and financial environment and effectively strengthen high-quality financial services for major strategies, key areas and weak links; Strive to build a modern financial institution and market system, and dredge the channels for funds to enter the real economy; Efforts will be made to promote high-level financial openness and ensure national financial and economic security. The "three efforts" anchor the goal of accelerating the construction of a financial power, point out the path to promote high-quality financial development, and clearly put forward a series of measures such as maintaining the stability of monetary policy, optimizing the structure of capital supply, doing five major articles on technology and finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance, creating a financial market with unified rules and coordinated supervision, and steadily expanding the institutional opening of the financial sector. These measures will further enhance the ability of finance to support the development of the real economy and support high-quality development with high-quality financial services.

  Comprehensively strengthen financial supervision and effectively prevent and resolve financial risks.Preventing and resolving financial risks is the fundamental task and the eternal theme of financial work. The CPC Central Committee has continuously improved the financial supervision system, promoted a new round of reform of financial supervision institutions, and provided institutional and institutional guarantee for comprehensively strengthening financial supervision and effectively preventing and defusing financial risks. The Central Financial Work Conference made a series of new arrangements for preventing and resolving financial risks. For example, all financial activities should be regulated in accordance with the law, the risks of small and medium-sized financial institutions should be dealt with in time, a long-term mechanism to prevent and resolve local debt risks should be established, the main supervision system and fund supervision of real estate enterprises should be improved, the issuance and trading behavior of financial markets should be standardized, the relationship between rights and responsibilities, speed and stability should be well grasped, and the early correction mechanism of financial risks with hard constraints should be improved. These measures have responded to social hot issues and released the signal of strong supervision and strict supervision, which will definitely enhance the supervision ability and effectiveness. The financial system should take the opportunity of institutional reform, strive to build a complete, scientific, standardized and efficient financial supervision system, and firmly hold the bottom line that systemic financial risks will not occur.

  Strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee over financial work.The Communist Party of China (CPC)’s leadership is the greatest advantage of the Socialism with Chinese characteristics system, and strengthening the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee over financial work is the fundamental guarantee for doing a good job in financial work. Strengthening the party’s overall leadership over financial work and strengthening the system theory and overall view in financial management work are conducive to transforming our political and institutional advantages into financial governance efficiency. It is necessary to improve the system and mechanism of the Party’s leading financial work, give full play to the role of the Central Financial Committee, and do a good job in overall planning, coordination and control. Give full play to the role of the Central Financial Work Committee and earnestly strengthen party building in the financial system. Give full play to the role of the financial committees and financial working committees of local party committees and implement territorial responsibilities. It is necessary to forge a team of high-quality professional financial cadres who are loyal and clean, vigorously carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture in the financial system, strengthen the construction of financial rule of law, and provide talent support, cultural nourishment and rule of law guarantee for the development of financial undertakings.

A comprehensive overview of the financial industry, starting with understanding finance.

Source: Financial Partners
# Why are you in the financial industry?
The answer of most students is that the financial industry is more likely to make "big" money and has great enthusiasm for the financial industry.
There are also more rational students who will say that the financial industry has a broad development prospect and is of great help to the future development of individuals.
Many students who haven’t graduated have little work experience, and their attitude towards finding a job depends more on their enthusiasm.
Why do you choose the financial industry? I can’t tell you clearly. Why do you want to go to an investment bank/brokerage firm? It doesn’t seem very clear either.
If you try hard to get a chance, it seems that you can answer well on the exam question of "looking for a job" on your behalf!
In fact, this shows that students do not understand the financial industry, the functions of various institutions, and the recruitment market.
# What is finance
The essence of finance is the financing. Among them are about credit, risk, transaction, financing and wealth management.
Credit is the root of the whole financial field. If there is no credit, there will be no money, and mankind will return to the era of barter trade. With credit, money is valuable.
With money, the economy can run well. After solving the problem of money as a measure, we can enter the exchange link.
Later, people found that the essence of the circulation of many commodities is only the transfer of property rights, and it does not need the exchange of physical objects. This involves asset securitization.
Through asset securitization, exchange becomes a transaction in the capital market. Asset securitization greatly promotes the efficiency of commodity circulation and exchange.
Thus, there is what we call the capital market. In the capital market, because the price fluctuates with the value, but also because of information asymmetry and other factors, the price of the transaction object fluctuates.
Credit, asset pricing and securitization have all been solved. The next step is to manage risks. Then securitize the risk as well. There are all kinds of financial derivatives, all kinds of models to price risks.
Financing is an inevitable thing after asset securitization. Rich people want to convert their money into assets with positive income expectations.
If you have assets, you want to sell some equity or assets and convert them into capital for business expansion. Behind many credit financing, there is a relatively hidden risk-free arbitrage behavior, which is essentially resource rent-seeking or power rent-seeking.
What about the risk management tools? Then, fixed income, absolute income and wealth management, this huge market, will become possible.
Many professional investment institutions came into being, and the capital market entered the era of institutionalization, which led to the investment banks, brokers, banks and other major financial institutions we wanted to go to.
# What kind of talents does the financial industry need?
In recent years, the financial industry has been emphasizing: compound financial talents.
Many skills such as finance, valuation and data analysis also require cross-departmental participation in other business lines.
At the same time, with the re-empowerment of the financial industry by emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain, technology has become an important element in the development and innovation of the financial industry, and the demand for financial talents is undergoing a round of rapid changes.
The industry demand is not only vertical professional talents in the traditional financial and economic fields, but also financial technology compound talents with financial related knowledge who can continuously empower enterprises through scientific and technological means. This demand has also risen sharply.
In addition, the financial industry also needs comprehensive professional financial talents.
As traditional finance, there is an endless demand for professionals in various sub-sectors of traditional finance.
Senior professionals such as investment banking, asset securitization, new investment and financial management, macro-financial analysis, law, consulting and evaluation are all in short supply.
The market is changing rapidly, and the needs of customers are changing all the time. What financial institutions need is comprehensive professionals who are really close to users, have insight into customers’ pain points, can provide solutions and have the ability to research and develop financial products.
# Which position are you suitable for in finance?
Regarding the positions in the financial industry, I believe that everyone has some understanding of the concepts of front desk, middle desk and back office. If we can make clear what the front, middle and back are worth, when we talk about a department, we can get a general idea of the work content and development direction, which will be of great help to your later choice.
* financial industry panoramic map courseware
In a word, students who are interested in the financial industry should first have a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry and make personalized plans for themselves.
# Raise your hand if you want to attend the lecture!

A brand of tea in Fuzhou is 480,000 yuan per catty! The reporter made an unannounced visit to investigate "high-priced tea"

Recently, there is a latest list of Wuyi Rock Tea in 2020 circulating on the Internet, and the price of tea inside is staggering!
The price of rock tea of various brands
Each catty ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The most expensive hand is still "far fragrant", which actually reaches 480,000 yuan, and the single bubble is 9,600 yuan. Is this tea or RMB? What’s so special about "high-priced tea"? How is the tea market in Fuzhou? Come to see the reporter’s unannounced investigation.
480 thousand yuan a catty?
Can reach a luxury car!
In Paiwei Road, Taijiang District, there are several tea dealerships and brand chain stores within one kilometer. The tea sold in each store is mainly Wuyi Rock Tea.
They were branded by the store with magnificent names such as "ingenious production", "Zhuangyuanhong" and "exclusive customization". Of course, the price is also high.
Thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan a catty of Wuyi rock tea can be found everywhere, and some of them are more than 100,000 yuan a catty.
In a tea brand chain store in Gutian Road, Gulou District, the clerk showed the reporter the treasure of their town store-a Wuyi rock tea named "Yuanxiang", the price per catty was as high as 480,000 yuan.
Rock tea is "far fragrant"
The clerk revealed to the reporter that this "Yuanxiang" belongs to "not for sale" and has not been tried. Only when it costs more than 150,000 yuan can it be given a bubble. Since it is "not for sale", why is it priced at 481,000 Jin?
During the reporter’s unannounced visit, all tea merchants said that they have a special tea mountain in Wuyishan. Due to the scarcity of Wuyi rock tea, the price is naturally high. In addition, many Wuyi rock teas are named as master teas, which are made by masters. The process is complicated and the price will rise.
But can a catty of tea with a price of more than five figures really be sold? The clerk told reporters that there was no shortage of sales.
Is it true? Is it fake?
There are many routines of "Niulankeng Cinnamon"
In addition to "high-priced tea", during the unannounced visit, the reporter also noticed that many tea shops have "Niulankeng Cinnamon" and they are placed in a conspicuous position.
However, the "Niulankeng Cinnamon" produced in the core mountain site of Wuyishan is originally sold as a small quantity and scarcity, with an annual output of only 1,000 kilograms.
Where did the "Niulan Pit Cinnamon" on the market come from?
The staff of a tea brand chain store told reporters that many so-called Niulankeng cinnamon in the market actually have hidden mysteries.
In the interview, the reporter learned that due to the low output, most of the cinnamon in Matouyan is on the market, and even Niulankeng cinnamon is mixed with tea from other mountain farms to replace it. In addition to selling tea, many tea merchants also claim that they have a tea mountain in Wuyishan.
In fact, some tea gardens in Wuyishan belong to local villagers. In these tea gardens, you will see clusters of tea trees, and the signs set up by tea merchants are very conspicuous. Some tea gardens with an area of only a few minutes have even inserted the signs of several tea merchants.
source map
Some of these tea merchants just bought a small amount of tea from the villagers, and some just spent money to insert a brand. The tea actually sold to the outside world is probably just a fake product wrapped in the appearance of Wuyi Rock Tea and filled with ordinary tea.
A simple box of tea leaves is often hand-made by the so-called masters, and the raw materials of famous potholes cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan per catty.
Many consumers are asking, what is unique about Wuyi Rock Tea, which can sell at such a high price?
"High-priced tea" is a gimmick.
Or is it genuine?
Yao Xinen, former deputy secretary-general of Fujian Tea Society, told the reporter that the quality of tea mainly depends on two factors, namely, planting tea and making tea, that is, raw materials and technology.
As we all know, the natural environment of Wuyishan’s "three pits and two streams" is excellent, and the quality of rock tea planted is the best. Because of its limited planting area, things are rare.
Wuyishan niulankeng
The high price of Wuyi rock tea also stems from its complicated production process. Take the most famous Dahongpao tea as an example, its working procedure is complicated, involving more than ten kinds of skills such as picking, pouring green and making green.
It takes at least dozens of people to make tea in a short time, and any master can’t do it alone.
In addition, because Wuyi rock tea leaves only leaves after removing the stems, and it is baked with sufficient fire, about 8 kg of fresh leaves of Wuyi rock tea can be made into 1 kg of dry tea. Compared with other teas in China, the ratio of fresh leaves to dry tea is 4:1, which is only half of Wuyi Rock Tea.
It is rare to make tea, and the high price has become inevitable.
In the case that the supply of authentic Wuyi rock tea is in short supply, some merchants began to play tricks to fake the truth and make false hype.
Rock tea market chaosWho’s in charge?
At present, there is no authority to judge the authenticity and value of tea in the domestic tea industry, and there is also a lack of scientific identification standards.
Grades and prices are assessed by tea manufacturers themselves according to their quality grades, but the standard of "speaking for yourself" does not have much reference and guiding value.
In view of the current chaos in the rock tea market, Secretary-General Yao also said that there are certain difficulties in management.
Drinking tea is nothing but a part of daily life. The appearance of sky-high rock tea has deviated from the initial intention of drinking tea. Do you know any other "high-priced teas" or "high-priced teas" in The Secret Behind? Welcome to tell us!

I am on duty on New Year’s Day | "Dan" is willing to be safe, and the color of "police" is always new.

Morning and evening, precipitate the past and usher in a new light.

It’s New Year’s Day again, and it’s such a group of people.

Interpret responsibility with persistence

Sincerely guarding the lights of thousands of families with blood heat

Patrol prevention and control, conflict mediation

Safety inspection, traffic diversion


a new year

Haiyuan police

Send peace to the masses on time.

Conflict mediation has me.

In order to ensure the harmonious, stable and orderly order of the jurisdiction during the New Year’s Day, all police stations of Haiyuan County Public Security Bureau are based on the actual situation of the jurisdiction, actively promote the "police station’s main defense" policing mechanism, adhere to the working concept of "no contradiction, no lack of service, and no accidents", build up a strong sense of urgency and act positively. During the New Year’s Day holiday, the police of Qiying Police Station found in their work that there was a contradiction between the two people in the jurisdiction because of economic disputes. In order to prevent the contradiction from spreading and intensifying, the police took the initiative to go to the masses and visit them on the spot. In order to mediate contradictions and disputes more reasonably and effectively, the police made full use of the joint mediation center of the Seventh Battalion Police Station to put contradictions on the "desktop" to resolve disputes and promote harmony. In the end, both parties to the contradiction calmed their emotions, opened their hearts and expressed their willingness to take a step back and reach mediation.

Travel safely with me

In order to do a good job in road traffic security during New Year’s Day and let the masses spend a peaceful and peaceful holiday, according to the characteristics of holiday travel, the traffic patrol brigade carefully analyzed and judged the traffic safety situation during the holiday, actively adjusted the service mode, deployed and used police officers in a targeted manner, increased police input at key intersections and key road sections in the jurisdiction, and strengthened the rectification of traffic violations such as drunk driving, driving without a license, "Three Supers and One Fatigue" and riding electric vehicles without wearing safety helmets during the holiday.

Patrol prevention and control has me.

In order to further strengthen the overall public security prevention and control, during the New Year’s Day, Haiyuan Public Security increased its patrol prevention and control efforts. The special police squadron and the county armed police squadron organized police forces to patrol key sections and main blocks in the streets, squares, shopping malls and other areas under their jurisdiction every day, and put police forces on the streets to the maximum extent, keeping high-frequency patrols and flashing warning lights, so as to achieve "controlling dead corners, flashing warning lights and meeting police", effectively improving the rate of seeing police and handling affairs on the streets, and effectively deterring all kinds of illegal and criminal activities.

Hidden trouble investigation has me.

The string of safety cannot be relaxed for a moment. During the New Year’s Day, the civilian auxiliary police of Chengguan Police Station went deep into hotels, KTV, gas stations, fireworks and firecrackers retail outlets and other places in the area under their jurisdiction to conduct a full-coverage inspection, focusing on the monitoring facilities of the industry, fire-fighting equipment, safe evacuation routes and the implementation of the real-name registration system, doing a solid job in various safety precautions, discovering and eliminating all kinds of potential safety hazards in time, and comprehensively purifying the social security environment. Minimize the hidden dangers of public safety, resolutely be responsible for defending the soil, do your duty, and respond to the expectations of the masses with practical actions.

Serve the masses with me.

During the New Year’s Day, the civilian auxiliary police of each police station stood on their posts, actively handled the police work together, enthusiastically solved problems for the masses, resolved conflicts and disputes with heart, and became "caring people" of the masses.

"Your warm service is so touching that I enjoy the special treatment of getting an ID card on holiday …" At the household registration window of Qiying Police Station, two people who finished their business gave the police a great praise for their holiday persistence! During the New Year’s Day, in order to facilitate the people in the jurisdiction to handle all kinds of household registration business and further enhance their ability to serve private affairs, Haiyuan Public Security Household Registration Window fully implemented "365 days x24 hours" all-weather service without closing, meeting the needs of people returning from other places, "having no time to go to work and no place to do it after work" and other staff members, which won unanimous praise from the people who applied for permits.

Original title: "I am on duty on New Year’s Day |" Dan "is willing to be safe, and" police "is always as new"

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Shanghai Nightlife Festival will be opened: 100 nightlife spots will be released, and night consumption will be offered to benefit the people.

Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office held a news briefing on the afternoon of May 31st. At the meeting, the Municipal Commission of Commerce introduced the relevant situation since the launch of the fourth "May 5th Shopping Festival" and the arrangement of key activities in the next stage. The Municipal Economic Information Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Xuhui District, Putuo District, Yangpu District, Minhang District and Chongming District introduced the arrangement of related fields and regional activities.

I. The situation since the launch of the fourth "May 5 th Shopping Festival"

More than 1,000 consumer promotion activities have been held since the 4th Shanghai "May 5th Shopping Festival" was launched one month ago. According to the monitoring of the Consumer Market Big Data Laboratory (Shanghai), the average daily offline consumption in the first month (April 29-May 28, 2023, the same below) was nearly 8 billion yuan.

The sales of 250 large commercial enterprises monitored by the city increased by 16.4% compared with the same period of last year’s shopping festival, and the passenger flow increased by 31.5%; Among them, the sales of catering and outlets increased by 18.9% and 36.7% respectively compared with the same period of last year’s shopping festival. The sales of "beautiful" and "delicious" commodities grew strongly, with domestic cosmetics brands and time-honored food brands leading the growth. The sales of cosmetics, food, gold and silver jewelry and other commodities increased by 76.9%, 55.1% and 13.9% respectively compared with the same period of last year’s shopping festival. During the May Day holiday, the major automobile distribution enterprises in this city achieved a total sales of 838 million yuan.

Since the launch of the 4th Shanghai "May 5th Shopping Festival", there are four main features:

First, the new customer group detonated the increase in consumption. Generation Z leads the new consumption trend. For example, the Bailian ZX Creative Fun Field on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street attracts more than 100,000 "second-time fans" to punch in, among which "post-90s" and "post-80s" account for 44% and 25% respectively. Foreign tourist groups have aroused the climax of consumption. For example, the sales of May Day holiday in Yuyuan Business Circle increased by 27% compared with 2019, and the passenger flow on April 30 was the highest in recent years. The sales of four outlets increased by 57.4% month-on-month.

Second, new supply leads to new demand for consumption. During the launch season of Shanghai’s global new products, nearly 300 domestic and foreign brands held the first theme day activities, and more than 150 flagship stores rushed to the Shanghai consumer market. Time-honored brands keep the right and bring forth new ones. 284 time-honored brands in the city launched more than 100 new products of national fashion, 15 themed promotional activities, and a batch of 104 newly recognized Shanghai time-honored brands appeared. More than 200 kinds of high-quality agricultural and pastoral products and handicrafts with Tibetan characteristics appeared on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, and more than 200 kinds of products with Lu ‘an characteristics "rushed to Shanghai". Good things gather in the consumer market. More than 20 pieces of handmade bronze wares from Turkey, dry sausages from France and amber wine from Georgia entered the city’s consumer market for the first time. Sharing and docking of consumption resources in the belt and road initiative countries. The Russian Fisheries Trade Fair was successfully held. The first "Silk Road E-commerce Yunpin Sea Purchase" event was successfully held.

Third, new scenes stimulate new hot spots in consumption. Shanghai Coffee Culture Week held the largest "West Coast International Coffee Life Festival" along the Pujiang River. At present, Shanghai has 8,530 cafes, ranking first in the world. The 2023 Shanghai Tourism Industry Expo was successfully held, and more than 3,000 exhibitors brought more than 150,000 new products. Shanghai Global Food Festival released the list of the first batch of food landmark restaurants and food landmark business districts. The number of Shanghai Global Food Restaurants exceeded 13,000, ranking first in the country. Daxue Road opened a limited pedestrian street for the first time. Pujiang Country Park held the Minhang Special Session of Shanghai Automobile Quality Consumption Carnival to create a new scene of automobile consumption. First Medicine Nanjing East Road Store officially introduced the chronic disease management solution "MMC Health Convenience Store", bringing the public a new experience of health service at your fingertips. Changning brand-new "Kaitian Gathering" Time-sharing Pedestrian Street Version 2.0.

Fourth, the government and enterprises have launched intensive measures to benefit the people. All districts and departments have conscientiously implemented the "15 Articles" to promote consumption and launched a series of innovative measures. The "trade-in" policy for new energy vehicles has continued to exert its strength. Since May, a total of 6,077 citizens have applied for subsidies. Personalized service is a pilot in the beauty market, and the first personalized skin care service for cosmetics in China is launched. The Municipal Consumer Protection Committee issued the group standard "Compliance Guidelines for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests of Precious Metals, Jewelry and Jade Jewelry".

II. Arrangements for key activities in the next stage

On the one hand, hold the 2023 Shanghai Nightlife Festival. With the theme of "Shanghai at night, it’s never too late to meet each other" and around "neighborhood, waterfront and community", more than 200 special activities, such as sports night and book reading night, will be launched online and offline in June. Will present four characteristics:

The first is to explore new scenes and publish 100 good places for nightlife. Launch a number of waterfront nightlife places such as Putuo Changfeng "88 Tribe" and Suhewan Vientiane World on both sides of Pujiang River; Combined with the characteristic commercial district, a number of popular nightlife places such as limited pedestrian street on University Road and Wufan Night Market in Meiluocheng are launched. In combination with the "quarter-hour convenient life circle", a number of good places for nightlife in the neighborhood, such as Zhonggeng Roaming City and Sijing Night Market, were launched to enrich the citizens’ choice of night consumption. In addition, the list of "24-hour Shanghai" series and "Shanghai WOW! Shanghai trend nightlife guide ",etc.

The second is to expand new fields and hold a night market with the theme of "opening the night". On June 3rd and 4th, a night market with the theme of "Opening the Night" was held in Fengjing, BFC Bund, with the participation of more than 40 enterprises. For example, the whole family facilitated the first launch of the street version of Midnight Food Store. Shiseido’s brand-new young brand engraved the street trend for the first time to create a skin care experience at night; Ctrip Group released the recommendation of "Lighting One River and One River" night tour attractions for the first time, and launched a photo punching point for accompanying rabbit art installations; Shanghai Drama Art Center launched a night-time funny line show; Baixin Bookstore launched live activities around books, poems, vinyl and art for the first time; Tik Tok Life Service creates a "My Sleepless Night" fun punching device; A number of community organizations will also launch fun run, Frisbee, Lu Chong and other special night sports experiences.

The third is to link the new platform and launch a night-time consumption benefit discount. Didi will configure 50,000 "taxi+bicycle" travel packages every day, and carry out surprise taxis and green low-carbon night riding activities. Meituan take-out will issue 30 million yuan "supermarket department store coupons" and food coupons in Shanghai, and link high-quality restaurants to bring group purchase packages on the six-fold line. If you are hungry, you will launch a super topic of "Hungry Night Market" and distribute food and beverage coupons with a total value of nearly 20 million yuan. Barley will issue night performance coupons for the first time in June, covering 389 theater projects and 68 livehouse projects of Barley Platform. Shanghai Guijiu will issue 300 million yuan coupons, launch a new consumption experience together with 100 catering enterprises, and create a new landmark of consumption experience at No.500 Hongqiao Road. For the first time, Gaode Map launched the "66 Nightlife Map" and distributed tens of millions of taxi red envelopes.

The fourth is to lead the new trend and create the "Night Shanghai" IP publicity project. Excavate the characters’ stories and dreams behind "Night Shanghai" and strengthen the IP cultural connotation of "Night Shanghai". Jointly launched the "Roaming Shanghai Small Store" live broadcast plan with WeChat video number, showing the ingenious stories and consumption characteristics of 66 Shanghai-style small stores. Together with Ergeng Media, the documentary "Nightlife Dreamer" was created, and six nightlife dreamers and special projects were introduced. UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art will also create a new theme exhibition "Night Dimension: Night of Adventure".

On the other hand, we will continue to launch a new batch of featured theme activities to continuously stimulate the vitality of online and offline consumption.

In 2023, "Shanghai Global New Product Launch Season" will hold the Global New Product Launch Season and Fashion Customization Week, and a three-day fashion event will be held in Changning Shangshengxin Institute from June 2 nd to 4 th. In late June, we will hold the global new product launch season, Shanghai Tide Life Festival, combine the trend platform, build a trend voice position, and hold a trend carnival and other activities. Hold the Shanghai Consumer Market Innovation Conference. Release the list of popular first stores and creative launching activities of international and local brands in the "Shanghai Global New Product Launch Season" in 2023, and the "Shanghai International Consumer Center City Construction Consumer Market Innovation Case" in 2022, and launch the project of financial innovation to help build an international consumer center city.

Hold the Shanghai Manufacturing Fair. The event will release the first show of AI smart new products, launch the "D2W Design Shanghai Airlines Plan" and log in to London to promote the "Made in Shanghai" fashion products to the sea. Hold the 2023 Shanghai Import Shopping Festival and the Cultural Colorful Month Series of National Commodities. Launched 27 special activities with the theme of imported goods and cultural customs from more than 20 countries. The 4th Shanghai Snack Festival was held, and four thematic activities were launched, namely, special snack tasting, wine tasting, Shanghai gift exhibition and high-quality goods exhibition.

A number of special activities will be carried out in each district. For example, Pudong New Area has built a time-limited pedestrian street on Fucheng Road around the "night economy" and promoted a number of key night activities. Jing ‘an District will create "Jing ‘an Terrace Season" for Sino-French exchange activities and related activities of international film festivals. Xuhui District launched the activity of "Strolling Hengfu and Swing YEAH Road Together". Putuo District will build a waterfront nightlife experience zone in Changshouwan area, Tianan Thousand Trees, Chuangxiang Tower and other "waterfront nightlife good places" in Shanghai. Songjiang District focuses on "Sijing Night Market" and Happy Valley to launch a number of new scenes of night consumption. Fengxian District will build a night economic demonstration zone of Mermaid Leisure Street. Chongming District held the 2023 Rural Nightlife Festival.

When and when is Christmas in 2018?

  In western countries, Christmas is a festive festival for family reunion, which has dual functions of religious festivals and cultural festivals, and is also an important business activity season. So today’s Gregorian calendar will introduce you to the date of Christmas and the date of Christmas in 2018. Let’s learn together.

When is Christmas in 2018?

  A: Christmas in 2018 is on December 25, 2018, Tuesday, November 19, 2018 of the lunar calendar.

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  Christmas time in 2018

  》》The origin of Christmas bilingual edition

  》》The story and legend of Christmas is 50 words short in English.

When and when is Christmas?

  Christmas, also known as Christmas Day, the birthday of Jesus, is translated as "Christ Mass", a traditional western festival, which falls on December 25th every year. Mass is a liturgy of the church. Christmas is a religious festival, because it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, hence the name "Christmas".

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What day is Christmas?

Differences between Christmas at home and abroad

  1. The West doesn’t eat apples on Christmas Eve.

  In China, as early as before the arrival of Christmas Eve, lovers and friends began to give apples to each other. Because "Apple" and "Ping" have the same sound, they take the meaning of peace and smoothness, hoping for peace and security in the next year. In recent years, the market has also launched apples with Christmas trees and the words "peace and auspiciousness", and various styles have emerged one after another.

  In the west, there is no such homophonic saying. The habit of eating Ping ‘an fruit didn’t spread until Christmas came into China.

Film Review | The Three Battalions: "I hold" is also a philosophy of life.

Text | Hu Xueyi Zhou Haoyu
Recently, the film "Three Battalions" was released, which broke through the box office of 100 million yuan on the first day, and the douban score rose from 7.8 to 7.9 on the second day.
"Three Battalions" is adapted from real events, and the prototype comes from the nonfiction work "Please tell the director that the task of the three battalions has been completed" by the author of "Netease Human Studio".
The film mainly tells the story that the three teams led by Cheng Bing, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, caused one of the suspects to die unexpectedly in the process of handling a vicious case and was sentenced to prison. After he was released from prison, he still insisted on tracking the story of the fugitive suspect as an ordinary person.
Twelve years’ pursuit of the murderer can be said to be a kind of "self-persistence" of Cheng Bing. What about the persistence in truth, the persistence in principles and the pursuit of ideals?
The "I hold" of storytelling is the key point of double harvest at the box office.
The blueprint for the creation of the movie story, "Please tell the director that the tasks of the three brigades have been completed", was the winner of the annual click of Netease Literature in 2018, and was "asked by ten thousand people to make a movie". Director Dai Mo once said in an interview: "The story is touching enough, so there is no need to show off your skills. Its foundation is thick enough."
"There is no such thing as a big overhead shot, a big empty mirror, and aerial photography." In the director’s lens, there is only a slightly "flat" narrative. However, the calmer the picture and the more stable the rhythm, sometimes, the more it can highlight the risks of criminal investigation, the darkness of crime and the bitterness of life.
In recent years, the "new mainstream" movies have swept the Chinese film market. There are many movies and TV works like The Battle at Lake Changjin’s "Wolf Warriors" and My People,My Country’s, which tell grand stories closely related to the value orientation, such as feelings of home and country, national righteousness, etc. The movie "Three Battalions" tells the group story of sticking to the original heart and pursuing justice from the personal fate of police Cheng Bing.
Cheng Bing, once the captain of the third brigade, has strong professional ability and rich experience in handling cases. He had a bright career prospect and a happy family, and was sentenced to prison because the suspect died during the trial. However, the focus of film storytelling is not how Cheng Bing proves his ability with enthusiasm, but how he keeps looking for Wang Eryong in prison and after his release from prison, so as to reflect the professional belief of a policeman. It has nothing to do with identity, occupation and interests. What Cheng Bing does is also what the film wants to convey-"I hold" is an attitude towards life. It is not a "one-track mind" or a "dead end". It helps you to tell you the direction of your initial heart at the roundabout time of every life.
At the same time, the film also presents other characters with short but complete story auxiliary lines, such as Cai Bin, who deliberately went to a far-away place to open a bracelet shop, Ma Zhenkun, who "cleaned up" his daughter-in-law with only one kiss, Liao Jian, who is stingy but worried about his son, and Xu Yizhou, who was the first one who clamored to follow the captain to pursue the murder, etc., so that every turning point or conflict can be traced and followed logically, and the group portrait of the police will also come alive.
It is worth mentioning that in the plot after catching Zhang Eryong, Cheng Bing asked, "Can you be convicted without a confession now?" It makes people feel emotional. After leaving the public security system, the change of the times, the progress of science and technology, and the perfection of the legal system only surprised Cheng Bing for a moment, and then showed his joy in the progress of criminal investigation technology and mechanism. In the future, no more "Wang Eryong" will escape from the French Open.
Realistic "ego-holding", looking for the core of emotional resonance
At the beginning of the film, the elements of the crime suspense are "straightforward": the stairwell crisscrossed with cold and warm, the girl’s body covered with blood on a pure white nightgown, and the sultry and irritable southern summer night … Although the director does more imitation, who can refuse a crime movie with a lens picture like "Seven Deaths"? Subsequently, solving the case, deciphering and arresting the murderer were carried out step by step, until Wang Eryong escaped, the story became different and the emotion began to change tone.
If Cheng Bing’s promise of "solving the case within five days" is a policeman’s idealism, then what the film depicts next is a realistic "whipping" for more than ten years.
The police became prisoners, criminals became husbands of ordinary people, and several groups of misplaced relationships piled up the bones of the story. Even a policeman wearing prison clothes and carrying prison rules is still a policeman at heart. This dramatic conflict can be seen in many criminal investigation movies, and it is also the part that can best complete the three-dimensional and shining point of the characters. Whether it is the writer’s portrayal of characters, the director’s use of camera language or the actor’s interpretation of details, "Three Battalions" is undoubtedly handled properly, showing the forbearance of falling status, the despair of finding a needle in a haystack, and the "self-holding" of professional beliefs.
In the era when the reconnaissance system was not perfect, there was no monitoring and door-to-door search; No technology, relying on eyesight to compare faces; Without a team, a person travels all over the country, setting up a night market, working as a porter, a night taxi driver, a courier, a security guard in an Internet cafe, and a doorman in a community … The audience also substitutes from these daily and common real scenes. The alienation of his wife and daughter, the departure of his partners, the provocation of fugitives and other plots make those helpless, unsolvable and helpless feelings "reasonable" and strong, thus understanding and empathizing with Cheng Bing’s "I"
Although the whole film of "Three Battalions" is slightly weak in historical weight and humanistic speculation, it has found a "universal formula" for the new mainstream films in the current film market, which is one of the meanings of the work.
Everyone may have a "I hold" in their hearts, even at the moment of "I hold".
Don’t we spend our whole lives just to swim to the other side of "I hold" and really bid farewell to the past and move towards the future?