Are pineapple and pineapple the same fruit?

If the fruit circle is going to make a biography of Zhen Huan, then pineapples and pineapples will be the essential protagonists in this palace fight drama.

For a long time, the debate about whether they are the same fruit has never stopped. Open the search engine and enter the words "pineapple and pineapple" to find 5.95 million pieces of information.

You can find 5.95 million pieces of information by typing the words "pineapple and pineapple" in the search engine.

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In the camp of "not the same fruit", supporters list the differences between pineapple and pineapple in every detail, for example, pineapple has fewer thorns, does not need to dig trenches, does not need to be soaked in salt water, and is more noble than pineapple (no, the pineapple party refuses).

The other camp believes that pineapple is actually a pineapple, and the two are like tomatoes and tomatoes, potatoes and potatoes.

So, what is the relationship between pineapples and pineapples on the market?

The dispute between pineapple and pineapple is actually an "infighting"

To understand this puzzle that has puzzled the fruit circle for a long time, we must first talk about the pineapple family.

According to the "Flora of China", the common name of pineapple is pineapple.

Botanically speaking, they are the same plant of the genus Bromeliaceae.

There are more than 2,000 employees in 45 genera in this "department" of Bromeliaceae, among which only one species of pineapple has economic cultivation value, and the rest have become ornamental flowers.

Potatoes, perennial evergreen herbaceous pulpy plants of bromeliaceae.

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In 1935, there were 135 recorded pineapple varieties. According to the characteristics of fruits, they can be divided into four categories: Cayenne Group, Queen Group, Spanish Group and hybrid group.

If you go to a supermarket or a fruit shop to buy pineapple, you will probably buy a queen variety called Bali.

In 2015, about 80% of the main pineapple producing areas in Chinese mainland were cultivated in Bali.

Its leaves are a little prickly, and it will prick your hand. If you cut it open, you will find many black round fruit eyes, which are actually the stigma and stamens left in the pulp of pineapple.

After removing them, you can eat only about 57% of the pulp.

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If you are persuaded by Bali pineapple and want to switch to "pineapple", then the clerk may recommend some special varieties to you, such as golden diamond pineapple, perfume pineapple, peeled pineapple and so on, but they are actually different members of the pineapple family.

Take Golden Diamond Pineapple as an example, it is a hybrid variety bred in Taiwan Province area, numbered Tainong 17. In 2018, 85% of the pineapples cultivated in Taiwan Province were golden diamonds.

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Its size is one or two times larger than that of Bali, but its fruit eye is only half as deep as that of Bali. After cutting the peel, it can be eaten directly, with a crisp taste and overflowing juice.

Because the bromelain content in golden diamond pineapple is relatively low, it won’t sting too much when eaten.

However, its excellent taste and quality also mean that you need to pay more money to take it home. For example, in Baiguoyuan, a chain fruit shop, the price of an A-grade Bali pineapple is about 13.5 ~ 15.8 yuan/kg, while the price of a golden diamond pineapple of the same level is 42 ~ 45 yuan/kg.