Byd Han installed a driving recorder, and the original car ETC reserved an interface to get electricity, with a location map and parking monitoring function.

The reserved interface of Han series vehicles is in the black shell at the front. The ETC reserved interface can be used for installing driving recorder or ETC equipment. Most people may not know where the reserved interface is. Please share the installation steps and effects of Kailude C1 driving recorder. Just plug in the ETC interface of the original vehicle. This is a two-in-one interface, which does not affect the installation of ETC. Attach a location map.

The installation steps are simple, and the most important thing is to find the reserved interface. Using the crowbar tool, the back shell can be well removed. First, pry the small middle cover from top to bottom and take it down by hand, and then directly take down the pried gaps on the left and right sides of the big shell, so that the reserved interface position can be directly seen.

Kailude C1 driving recorder, the mold corresponding to the vehicle model, and the original one-in-two ETC power plug, crowbar tools, etc.

The model can watch videos on the mobile APP, and the video can also be watched on the big screen of the car. The recorder comes with a wifi mold, and the mobile phone and the car are connected to view without traffic.