The "China-Detective Chinatown 3 Film Cooperation and Exchange Conference" revealed that’s full-film IMAX camera was shot.

  On the second day of the opening of the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival, the "China-Japan Film Cooperation and Exchange Beijing Roundtable" sponsored by Beijing Film Bureau and Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee was held in Tokyo. Responsible persons of the Japanese Culture Department, the Asian and Oceania Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Embassy of China in Japan, the directors represented Shunji Iwai and Chen Sicheng, and about 50 people from more than 20 important film companies in Beijing and Tokyo attended the meeting. This round table is the first time that domestic film management departments have held a large-scale official exchange and dialogue during the Tokyo International Film Festival, which will have a positive impact on promoting substantive cooperation between China and Japan.

  Zhao Weidong, executive deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Beijing Municipal Committee, said in his welcome speech that the trip brought together outstanding talent representatives, production team representatives and outstanding works from Beijing film industry to Tokyo, hoping to learn from Tokyo International Film Festival, and at the same time, further deepen mutual understanding and exchanges between the film circles of China and China and Beijing and Tokyo with the help of the film festival platform, fully display the achievements of Japanese film development, and better promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between filmmakers of the two countries in the future.

  China director Chen Sicheng and Japanese director Shunji Iwai made speeches as representatives of the filmmakers of the two countries respectively. Director Chen Sicheng said, "The current Sino-Japanese relations should be the best period in history. Promoting the construction of Sino-Japanese relations that meet the requirements of the new era has become an important consensus between the two countries. China and Japan have made more new breakthroughs in cultural exchanges, which is also a common opportunity for Chinese and Japanese filmmakers."

  "Tang Detective 3" was recently released in Tokyo.

  The fourth film shot by IMAX camera in the world.

  Chen Sicheng also shared the filming experience of Detective Chinatown 3 on the spot. "With the joint cooperation of Chinese and Japanese filmmakers, many difficulties have been overcome. The shooting locations of Shibuya, Shinjuku and Akihabara will be presented one by one in the movie. " It is worth mentioning that the whole film Detective Chinatown 3 was shot with ALEXA IMAX camera. This is also the fourth film in the world to use this technology in the whole process after the Avengers 3 pioneered in 2018.

  It is reported that IMAX camera is one of the cameras with the highest resolution and dynamic range in the world. It has amazing ability to capture light and color and is regarded as the "gold standard" of movies. At the same time, the works shot by IMAX camera will be presented on IMAX screen in Quan Huafu, which will provide 26% more video content for fans and bring a broader vision. However, because IMAX cameras have certain requirements on the production volume and technical operation of the film, it is rare to use IMAX to shoot the whole film in the world. Detective Chinatown 3’s new attempt in technology will definitely bring more shocking and immersive visual effects to the audience.

  Welcome Japanese filmmakers to shoot in China.

  The core theme of Tang Detective 3 is "anti-war"

  Chen Sicheng said at the scene that the first film he directed was Love Story in Beijing, and the fourth film was Detective Chinatown 3, which was filmed in Tokyo, which was very predestined. He also hopes that more Japanese colleagues can come to Beijing, a very rich and inclusive city, to shoot their works and promote cultural exchanges between China and Japan.

  In addition, Chen Sicheng also admitted that the core theme of the film Detective Chinatown 3 is "anti-war". "This is a movie that I hope everyone can hug each other and resolve misunderstandings, and it is also right for ‘ Community of Shared Future for Mankind ’ Film expression. I also hope that Chinese and Japanese artists can work together to exert their influence and let all mankind hug each other tightly. "