The exposure of the film "1917" predicted sam mendes’s one-day tour of World War I.

1905 movie network news Recently, the famous director sam mendes’s new film "1917" released a brand-new preview. In the notice, two young soldiers were ordered to go through the position of bullets and deliver an important message. The time given to them by the boss is one day.

The whole preview is full of postmodern texture, and music, lens shifting and editing are not the models of family ethics drama that Mendes is good at. Moreover, the preview sequence of shots and subtitles appear in exactly the same way, which creates a closed-loop structure in vision and plot, which is very novel. The story of the film took place in World War I, 1917. Two young soldiers were appointed by their superiors to pass through the front line and enemy positions to deliver a message. This information is very important because it concerns the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers — — Including the brother of the soldier who passed the information. And the time given to them by the boss is one day. This setting of the time of day, a character and a war scene is easy to remind people of the "three unifications" in drama, and it is also easy to think of it.

The film was produced by Amperin Company in Steven Allan Spielberg. Colin firth, benedict cumberbatch, mark strong, andrew scott, richard madden, george mckay, Dean-Charles Chapman, daniel mays, Adrian Scarborough and others starred. According to the plan, the film will be released on a small scale at Christmas this year and on a large scale on January 10th next year. According to this release schedule, the film will undoubtedly enter the award season.