"Travel+"was advanced with electricity, and Jietu Shanhai L9 led the mixed lineup to land at Guangzhou Auto Show.

China Economic News Network (Liu Chenxi)Following the release of Jietu Shanhai new energy sequence to screen the whole network, Jietu Automobile once again detonated its concern. On November 17th, 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show was grandly opened. Jetway Auto made a heavy appearance with all-star lineups such as Jetway Shanhai L9, Jetway Shanhai L6, Jetway Traveler, Jetway Traveler C-DM and Jetway Traveler JMK modified cars, showing Jetway "Travel" in all dimensions.+”The latest achievement of advanced strategy electrification tells the brand that thank you sir is fully committed to the new energy track.


Run fast, accelerate the sprint of 300,000 annual sales target.

Since its establishment, Jetway has always adhered to "travel"+"Strategic initial intention, creating" travel "from 2018 Jietu product sequence.+"Market segmentation, by 2023, Jietu Shanhai new energy sequence will open up a brand-new track of" travel+hybrid ",and Jietu Automobile will make great strides in the automobile stock market, creating a new record for the growth rate of China SUV brand with strong growth, and creating an exciting speed for China automobile market.

This year, in the face of the extremely involuted China auto market, Jetway once again ran out of the "Jetway Acceleration". In October, Jetway sold as many as 38,053 vehicles a month, 1-mdash; The cumulative sales volume in October increased by 64.7% year-on-year, making China’s cutting-edge SUV car companies the first in growth rate; Up to now, the cumulative sales volume in 2023 has reached 256,000 vehicles, ranking fifth in China brand fuel SUV market, ranking among the first camp, and successfully winning the trust of 870,000+users and the love of 39 million fans around the world. It is estimated that by the end of 2023, the annual sales volume of Jietu Automobile will exceed 300,000, and the total sales volume in the first five years will exceed 950,000.

Travelers "wild" to help out, achieving new growth in Jietu market

Jetway’s beautiful sales report card is inseparable from the strong help of Jetway travelers. Based on the real needs of users, Jietu Traveler has been created by more than 30 rounds of users. It has four advantages: beauty, joy, city and wildness, which can not only give users the excitement when they move forward, but also provide users with the comfort when they stop. It can not only satisfy users’ pursuit of universal beauty, but also realize the display of self-personality. Its appearance has successfully opened up the market segment of off-road SUV for travel and expanded and upgraded "travel"+"Strategy, let Jietu brand more and more" wild ".

Nowadays, cross-country travel has become a new fashion, and the appearance of Jietu travelers positioning "cross-country SUV" is the peak. The new car sold 7931 vehicles in the first month of listing, and the order has reached 43926 vehicles so far; Among them, the proportion of four-wheel drive purchase is as high as 85%, and the proportion of ecological modification is 62%, which fully shows the market popularity and user preference of Jetway travelers, and strongly helps Jetway to sprint through the annual sales target of 300,000 at the end of the year.


C-DM, a Jietu traveler who appeared at this auto show, directly hit the new trend of young people’s electric travel in the new era. The new car adopts Chery Kunpeng super-performance electric hybrid C-DM, equipped with 1.5TD DHE+3DHT165 high-efficiency hybrid power system, with a comprehensive battery life of 1000 km+; With 6.6kW external discharge function, it supports various camping equipment such as ovens and electric cookers. Using Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, it has the advantages of outstanding face value, powerful power, long comprehensive battery life and first-class safety performance. The new car is expected to go on the market in the first quarter of 2024, which is bound to become a new sales growth point of Jietu Automobile.

Shanhai L9 led the way, "Travel!+"Strategy advanced again.

In the face of the fierce wave of new energy, Jietu Automobile accelerated its overall transformation to new energy, and launched Jietu Shanhai new energy product series on the eve of Guangzhou Auto Show, and officially listed its first model — — "Big family, big seven-seat super hybrid SUV" Jetway Shanhai L9, driven by electric hybrid "travel"+"Strategy advanced again.

Jietu Shanhai is positioned as a "leader of hybrid cross-country travel", and will launch a strategic layout from five aspects: new sequence, new products, new channels, new ecology and new team to build the world’s first hybrid cross-country brand. Jietu Shanhai relies on Kunlun cross-country platform, Kunpeng super hybrid C-DM technology, lion intelligent cabin/great wisdom driving, extremely changeable space scene ability, "travel"+Ecological platform and other five advantages to build the core of product technology, to meet the new travel needs of users who are more convenient, more rational, more immersed and more social.


At the auto show, Jietu Shanhai L9 made its first public appearance after listing. The new car has a long body of 4862mm and a long wheelbase of 2850mm, which is extremely changeable and more in line with the needs of large family users. Using Kunpeng Super Hybrid C-DM, it has an industry-leading thermal efficiency of 44.5%, and the cruising range under comprehensive working conditions reaches 1100Km;; Equipped with Qualcomm 8155 high computing platform, it provides more than 15,000 books on the road, which is convenient for users to plant their own tourist routes at any time. Jietu Shanhai L9 is also the first hybrid model that promises the lifetime warranty of the whole vehicle, and it can be called "the most ideal car with a class of 200,000".

In the next two years, Jietu Shanhai will launch eight new hybrid products, including urban Yueye SUV series, hard-core off-road SUV series and pickup truck series, covering mixed family travel and mixed off-road travel. And innovate the service mode to create exclusive "travel"+"The new ecology, it is estimated that 300 mountain and sea experience centers will be officially opened by the end of this year, and the number will increase to 450 by the end of 2024, providing users with 24-hour free charging, free opening of lounges and live broadcast rooms, and 50 km on-site test drive experience services anytime and anywhere.

Facing the future, Jetway will continue to insist on "travel"+At the beginning of the strategy, with Jietu Shanhai as the fulcrum, we will create a new business card of "travel+mixing" and create a charged "travel" for users.+"Full-scene value experience, driving the brand up and value jump, striding forward towards the goal of becoming a club with an annual sales of one million in 2026, in the" travel "+"Run out of the new speed on the road.