How to eliminate the tire pressure light of Golf 7?

There are many ways to eliminate the tire pressure lamp of Golf 7.

First of all, you can operate through the navigation system: open the navigation, click the menu, find the original car settings, there will be tire pressure options, click to enter and follow the prompts to eliminate the operation. Secondly, if you change the music system, you can find the original car information button inside, find the tire button after entering, then enter to see the TPMS settings, click reset and press OK. In addition, you can also operate through the buttons on the steering wheel: first press an upward arrow on the left side of the steering wheel, then press the R key on the table, and then press the plus sign on the right side of the steering wheel to restart the vehicle to eliminate the tire pressure light. Finally, you can also find the multi-function steering wheel for reset operation. These methods can effectively eliminate the tire pressure lamp of golf 7.