How much do you know about beauty cosmetics?

Hello! Ladies and gentlemen, how much do you know about beauty cosmetics? Let me give you a brief introduction.

Basic steps:

  Cleansing: thoroughly clean the skin with effective cleansing cream (cleansing products, such as cleansing cream, choose the cleansing cream that suits you according to your skin type, choose hydrating cleansing cream for dry skin and oil-controlling cleansing cream for oily skin).

  2 skin care: apply skin care products (toner, eye cream, essence, lotion, cream-it is better to use a whole set of skin care products)

3 coating isolation: isolate makeup and dust with isolation sunscreen lotion, which is convenient for removing makeup thoroughly.

  3 apply foundation: apply evenly, pay attention to the foundation not to be applied to the hairline, and pay attention to the corners of the mouth. Make facial makeup feel more stereoscopic (liquid foundation or air cushion).

  Concealer: Use concealer products (such as concealer cream, concealer liquid, etc.) to cover up defects (chloasma, blackheads, dark circles, etc.).

  5 Fix makeup: Fix makeup with powder puff by pressing, or use makeup spray (but the effect of makeup spray is not as good as honey powder, and oily skin can also be fixed with powder cake). After a few hours of makeup fixing, due to various factors such as sweating and sun exposure, makeup will be removed, and makeup can be fixed every few hours.

  6 Thrush: First, use a eyebrow trimmer to remove the excess hair on the eyebrow peak and the upper and lower edges of the eyebrows. Then use the eyebrow pencil to outline the eyebrow shape (pay attention to the width of the eyebrow shape, and the position of the eyebrows, eyebrows and eyebrows are being filled (pay attention to the light eyebrow color and the deep eyebrow color, and the eyebrow pencil color should be close to the hair color).

  7 Eye shadow: First, choose a concealer close to your skin color to cover the blemishes on your eyelids, and then cover the glossy of your eyelids with loose powder, which will make your makeup last longer. Then choose a matte color as the base, use an eye shadow brush to smudge it gently from left to right, and then choose a bright eye shadow color to smudge it from both sides to the middle to make the makeup feel more harmonious and natural. Apply the eye shadow with sequins in the middle of the eyes to enlarge the eyes.

8 Draw eyeliner: divide the upper eyeliner into three sections with the eyes down 45 (point at the head, eyes and tail of eyes to determine the position), and then draw eyeliner along the root of eyelashes, paying attention to that the eyeliner must be thin. After the lower eyelid is drawn, a quarter of the eyeliner will appear very natural when connected with the upper eyeliner.

9 Clip eyelashes: choose a slender mascara and brush it gently upwards, then brush it on the false eyelashes with a special glue for sticking false eyelashes, then gently stick it from the head of the eye to the end of the eye, then clip it to the root of the eyelashes with an eyelash clip and clip it three or four times repeatedly.

  10: Apply lipstick: first apply a layer of lip balm, then outline the lip shape with a lip liner, and then apply lipstick (if you want lipstick not to touch the cup or fade, you can spread a layer of paper towel on the lipstick, dip a proper amount of loose paint in the lipstick, and brush it several times, the effect is better.

9 Pay attention to avoid color difference between the neck and face. You can apply sunscreen spray to the neck to prevent large color difference, so that the makeup of the whole face looks more harmonious.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, that’s all for today’s beauty content. See you next time!