Introduction to Baseball 1.0

"I witnessed greatness in baseball."

-Walt Walt Whitman.

In "Time and the River", Thomas Wolfe once described in poetic language the grand occasion of people in southern towns watching the scoreboard outside the newspaper during the 1912 World Series.

They imagined the wonderful scene of the game thousands of miles away by changing the numbers on the scoreboard. In another masterpiece, You Can’t Go Home Again, Wolff also portrayed the literary image of an old baseball player whose baseball career is coming to an end.

In his masterpiece Bang the Drum Slowly, Mark Harris tells the story of how a baseball player who was doomed to fail faced death. This acclaimed baseball novel was adapted into a movie of the same name in 1973, which was also a great success and made Robert De Niro, the leading actor, well known.

baseballIt is an element of competitive animation classics.

Whether you are born after 80, 90 or 00, as long as you are interested in sports animation, you will have seen at least one baseball animation.From Baseball Hero to Major League Baseball, to Diamond Ace, of course, there are many fans who know a lot about more baseball cartoons. Those incredible reversals and the superb performance of the protagonist’s aura have made your blood boil. Compared with Nobuo’s "magic ball", I’m afraid baseball fans prefer the spirit of self-burning and the growing story of Sawamura Eijun’s frustration and courage!

  • of course,The success of baseball animation works is not accidental, but formed by choosing the best among the best on the basis of a huge base.. When you open a list of competitive cartoons, you will find that there are a lot of baseball cartoons that can’t be named at all. Whether it’s hot-blooded or girlish, everything is available. Of course, the environment in which these authors grew up is an extremely popular environment for baseball, but baseball itself doesUnique.
  • Why is baseball favored by so many cartoons and comics?One reason is that it’sReversal property is stronger.! Because the end of the game is not measured by time, but by the number of outs, there is a famous saying in the field of baseball-"The game is not over until the last exit.". In reality, there is a good show of reversing 7 points in the second half of 9 innings, let alone animation.
  • The charm of baseball is also reflected in another unique attribute. Compared with other team sports, baseball and related sports (softball, cricket, etc.) areThe defender has the initiative.Yes! Generally, we are familiar with sports in which the player who needs to score has the ball, but baseball is the player who is responsible for keeping the score. This will make the game between the offensive and defensive ends more exciting and fair, rather than the defensive side needs to try its best to destroy the initiative of the offensive end. These two points have made baseball attractive enough.


It is a ball game that combines intelligence and physical strength.

Known as "The combination of competition and wisdom"

For our country, baseball has been introduced for more than 100 years.

But its development speed is very slow.

There is a big gap with some other ball games.

butbaseballIs a

Exercise that is very beneficial to people’s intelligence and physical health.

Baseball is different from other ball games.

haveInteresting, playful, military, competitive and intelligent.Features,

For athletesLogical thinking abilityandin good condition

Have a good exercise effect,

It is very suitable for college students.

Therefore, many colleges and universities in China are actively advocating the development of baseball.

The shape of the stadium

Stadium presentationFan shape

Most of the activities of the competition are based onhome baseAs a starting point.Infieldbehome basefirst basesecond basethird basecircumambientdiamond. After hitting a hit, the batter will try to get on the base in a counter-clockwise direction.

Home runfirst basesidelinerightGo to home platethird basesidelineLeftare allOut of bounds area, and vice versa. The outfield is the out-of-bounds area outside the infield.

red lineThe area is still part of the stadium, but it does not belong to the boundary.

RunnercanWhen running to the base bagOut of bounds/out of bounds markings, but subject toNo more than three feet.The specification of.

(What do you mean, give me a chestnut:)

InfieldIt has a side length of 27.4 meters.square

Home plate is called in English.

Home base”。

(base runner is from here.departRun run run run,

pass byFirst base, second base and third base,

againreturnHome base,

Kind of like going out.Walk aroundThe feeling of going home again)

Is used todecide

Did the pitcher pass the pitch?Strike zone

Is base runner?Safe treadingHome plate comes back to score,

Does the batterSwing halfwayEqualImportant basis.

Made of pentagonal white rubber plate.

It is divided into three bases: first base, second base and third base, each of which has one.Garrison playerResponsible for defense.

In the gamebase runnerforscore, must pass through the location set by the three bases, and these three bases are first base, second base and third base in turn. base runner mustPass by in sequenceThese three bases can only beReturn to home platebutscore.

Base running instructor area

Baseball is located outside the first and third bases, and the area for the base running instructor to guide the team members to run and hit the ball is called ".Base running instructor area”。

(The base running instructor canguidehitterstrike a ball)

Pitcher boardIt’s located on the baseball fieldPitcher mound topA rectangular white rubber flat plate in a flat area,

providepitcherWhen pitching, the center of the ball is at the foot.For standing.

And just below the pitcher’s plate,

There is a cement base for fixing the pitcher’s board.

The function is to fix the position of the pitcher’s board,

Avoid changing the position because the pitcher’s axis foot is trampled.

Tips: (The distance from the pitcher’s plate to the top of home plate is 18.44 meters)

Comic book Baseball Hero

In baseball

For the players on the field and the substitutes who don’t play.

And other team members wearing sports clothes.

The prepared seat is called

Player’s seat"

The players’ seats are set at the bases on both sides of the court.

At least 6~7 meters away.

Used by the host and guest teams.

  • Unlike other sports, which require excellent athletic ability, baseball is a kind of sports.You can get started as long as you are willing to try.The movement. If you are a big fat man with outstanding hitting power, you can even be a key hitter as long as you improve your batting average; On the defensive side, he can be a left outfielder with little defensive pressure, and he can also take over if he is willing to practice squatting. If you are a small man, but you have excellent running ability, you can become a pioneer after you have a certain hitting ability, and even practice to steal some stunts to complete the promotion.Even if you are plain and nothing outstanding, as long as you are willing to practice hitting and can hit the ball out, you will have the opportunity to show yourself on the baseball field!

  • Of course, the entry threshold of baseball is very low, and you can play tall, short and fat, but if you want to play well, you need it.Lots of practice.. At the very least, the three elements of "throwing and hitting" are passable, but as long as you are not as dull as Raimon Tarou in "The Mask of the Speed of Light", these three abilities can be gradually improved through acquired practice; If you can, add "run". However, after playing baseball for a long time,You will find that you already have the all-round sports skills of "throwing and running", and you will not be so unfamiliar when you engage in other sports.

So,If you want to change yourself through a sport, choose baseball.!