On the second day of the table tennis World Cup quarter-finals, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, France and Sweden appeared, with their opponents and schedules attached.

Today is Thursday, December 7, 2023. The first table tennis mixed World Cup entered the second match day of the quarter-finals. Last night’s match, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Yidi, Manyu Wang and Fan Zhendong appeared, beating Slovakia 8-1 and winning the first quarter-finals. Today, the table tennis tournament will be held at 12: 00 noon and 19: 00 pm, and the opponents will be China Taipei and French respectively. I feel that the opponents will be stronger in the second stage, so we should prepare the competition carefully. At present, China, Japan and South Korea have the best performance in the standings, ranking first in the standings, while Sweden and Germany rank second and third, but there are still several games to come, and the points will change with the results of the games. Today’s schedule is as follows:

10:00 Germany vs France

10:00 Korea vs Slovakia

12:00 Guoping vs China Taibei

12:00 Japan vs Sweden

17:00 Korea vs Sweden

17:00 German vs China Taibei

19:00 Guoping vs France

19:00 Japan vs Slovakia

It is not difficult to see from the above schedule that the competition will be wonderful, such as Germany and France. In Germany, Ochalov Francesca Hanying did not participate in the competition, but several athletes such as Winter and Shan Xiaona, as well as Walther and Stamper, are not bad. The French team is the main lineup, such as the lebrun brothers and Simon Gauzy, Yuan Jianan and Pavard, etc. Maybe this morning’s game, the French team has a higher probability of winning.

South Korea and Slovakia feel that the South Korean team has a good chance of winning, because several main players, such as Lin Zhongxun of Ahn Jae hyun, Shen Yubin and Tian Zhixi, have performed very well this time. China and China Taipei, the national table tennis team, have a good chance of winning. After all, China Taipei Lin Yuru, Chuan Chih Yuan and Zheng Yijing both retired, and their strength was affected. Today, fans are concerned about who will appear, who will play mixed doubles and who will play singles.

In the match between Japan and Sweden, I feel that it is not a problem for the women’s team to win. Compared with Hayata Hina Hirano Miwoo and Zhang Benmei, their strength is indeed higher than other players. However, the Swedish men’s teams Carlberg and Carlson are not weak, and they are expected to be wonderful.

At 17: 00 p.m., South Korea and Sweden, Germany and China Taipei, there is a high probability that South Korea and Germany will win. But I can’t say for sure. After all, the strength of the Swedish team is also good. Although falk and Moregard didn’t come, Carlson and Carlberg did play well. As the China Taipei team said above, Lin Yunru and Chuan Chih Yuan are not here, and the strength of the team also has an impact.

At 19: 00, China played against France, and Japan played against Slovakia. I felt that China and Japan had a good chance of winning. After all, no matter which main player of the China team is, they are among the top ten players in the world, and they still believe in the strength of the China team. The same is true of the Japanese team, whose strength is higher than Slovakia.

Who do you think will appear tonight, Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha playing mixed doubles, and Chen Meng and Malone playing singles?