Prosperous left hand and quiet right hand enjoy Suqian ancient canal scenery belt.

  Fancy left hand

  Quiet right hand

  Have a rest and enjoy peace by the water.

  If you come to Suqian alone, start a quiet journey of one person. Here, you can not only feel the modernity and prosperity of the city, but also appreciate the ecology and tranquility of the Suqian section of the ancient canal.

  Soaring thousands of miles, sighing about Qian Qian.

  The boat of the canal, from south to north, is endless. Looking at the bridge, the past of the city, countless beautiful scenery.

  Suqian is born of water and prospers because of water. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through the territory and meanders. Looking at the two sides of the canal, the green water sets off the greenery, and high-rise buildings rise not far away, and a different feeling rises from the bottom of my heart.

  Stroll through the scenic belt of Suyu Central Canal, walk into the most beautiful canal coastline in Siyang, indulge in the tenderness of the river, enjoy the scenery along the way and feel the leisurely and slow life of Shuicheng with the boat.

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  "Bridge" meets Xi Chu and listens to a secret language.

  The winding Grand Canal is the "mother river" of Suqian people. Today, when the banks of the canal are becoming more and more beautiful, bridges span the banks of the canal, bearing the memories of countless Suqian people.

  "Bridge" meets Suqian and listens to the secret language of Canal Bridge. How many bridges are there in Suqian section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal? Let’s count them.

  North Ring Canal Bridge, Nanjing Road Canal Bridge, Development Avenue Canal Bridge, Yanghe Bridge, Canal Culture Bridge, Zaohe An Lan Bridge and many other canal bridges are either classical or fashionable, and the stories of the city are recorded in the joyful songs of canal water. Overlooking from the sky, is this place of Xi Chu particularly attractive?

  Perhaps, when you meet a canal bridge unexpectedly, someone is watching you from a distance when you are standing on the bridge watching the scenery.

  Seek seclusion by the river and explore the style of Shuicheng.

  As far as you can see, there are many cultural attractions beside the canal bridge. Canal History Museum, outdoor theater, sightseeing tower, outdoor cafe, cruise terminal ….. Garden beauty and characteristic buildings are embedded in it, which enriches the wonderful swimming along the river.

  Cross the canal bridge and walk along the riverside road to a street in the city, turning quiet into excitement. A tall building next to another, an alley after another, a new look, all tell the story about Suqian.