The leader of the college entrance examination composition marking team published a book to teach writing. Experts questioned: The examination institute should respond.

  Recently, this year’s perfect composition "Living in a Tree" in Zhejiang College Entrance Examination triggered a hot discussion among netizens, and Chen Jianxin, the leader of the composition marking group of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination and an associate professor of Zhejiang University, received attention. Some netizens pointed out that Chen Jianxin was the editor-in-chief of the college entrance examination composition teaching aid book, and gave many lectures on college entrance examination composition teaching, and questioned Chen Jianxin’s "abuse of power for personal gain".

  In this regard, the survey in The Paper found that Chen Jianxin had edited two supplementary books on composition for college entrance examination in 2016 and 2019, and gave lectures on "Intensive Training Course on Composition for College Entrance Examination" through Tencent Classroom, Qingyun Duan Micro Classroom, Southern Academy and other platforms, with a price of 199 yuan. In addition, he has given many lectures on composition for teachers and students in Zhejiang Province.

  Is Chen Jianxin’s behavior illegal or "abusing power for personal gain"? When interviewed by The Paper, many education experts said that it is necessary for Zhejiang Education Examinations Institute to answer and decide whether college entrance examination examiners edit relevant books and give lectures in violation of regulations.

  Recently, The Paper repeatedly called the Scientific Research and Publicity Department of Zhejiang Education Examinations Institute, but no one answered the phone.

  With regard to a series of discussions triggered by the perfect score composition of Zhejiang college entrance examination, many education experts also mentioned that further education reform should be carried out to change the way of education evaluation.

  Editor-in-chief of the college entrance examination composition teaching assistant, lecturing on the "intensive training course of college entrance examination composition" for 199 yuan.

  The Paper noted that Chen Jianxin had participated in the editing of two supplementary books on college entrance examination composition, namely, Selected Comments on Essays published by Zhejiang Education Publishing House in 2016 and Practical Training on College Entrance Examination Composition published in 2019. At present, these two books are sold on multiple e-commerce platforms.

  In a shop of an e-commerce platform, the introduction of "Selected Comments on Discourse Articles" shows that Chen Jianxin, the editor-in-chief of the book, is priced in 30 yuan, and the content is divided into five parts; The latest revised edition published in 2017 added the "2017 college entrance examination composition marking standard" and "selected more than 20 examination room compositions and authentic comments".

  According to the information of another store on the above-mentioned e-commerce platform, one of the two editors of the College Entrance Examination Composition Practical Training is Chen Jianxin, whose price is 59 yuan, and the designated purchase method is "Xinhua Bookstore in Zhejiang Province". The book also contains full-score compositions and comments from the college entrance examination.

  In addition, Chen Jianxin’s "Intensive Training Course of College Entrance Examination Composition" was launched on Tencent Classroom, Qingyun Micro Classroom and other platforms, and was promoted through the media platform in late April 2019.

Screenshot of the related publicity page of "College Entrance Examination Composition Intensive Training Course" by Chen Jianxin.

  The poster of this course is written with the words "2019 College Entrance Examination Composition" and "College Entrance Examination Composition Intensive Training Course for Candidates by College Entrance Examination Marking Teachers". According to the lecturer, Chen Jianxin has been the leader of the composition marking group of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination since 2000, presiding over the composition marking work of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination every year, and evaluating the perfect composition every year. The introduction of the course features in the poster also emphasizes "the head of the college entrance examination marking team and the famous marking teacher personally teach", "accurately coping with the scoring points of the college entrance examination composition" and "writing skills that can be directly applied to the examination room composition".

  According to the information in the publicity page, the "2019 College Entrance Examination Composition Intensive Training Course" was created by Zhejiang Education Publishing Group, with a total of 18 sessions, including the college entrance examination composition marking and high score points, examination, conception, breakthrough in essay writing, and the use of words and phrases. The online course is priced at 199 yuan in Tencent classroom and Southern Academy platform.

  In addition, Chen Jianxin has given lectures on composition for college entrance examination for Zhejiang teachers and students for many times.

  Official website, Education Bureau of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, shows that Chen Jianxin gave a special lecture on composition for the 2019 college entrance examination for all senior high school teachers in Deqing County in March 2019 in Deqing No.1 Middle School of Huzhou. Official website, the People’s Government of Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province, shows that Chen Jianxin participated in the "On-the-spot Meeting of Writing Guidance for Senior High School Chinese College Entrance Examination" hosted by Cangnan County Education Bureau in March 2018, giving lectures on composition guidance for nearly 200 senior high school Chinese teachers. Official website of Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School in Zhejiang Province showed that Chen Jianxin had given a lecture entitled "How to write a good exposition article" at the school in April 2017, and the audience was all senior three students of Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School.

  On the morning of August 10th, according to the report of The Paper, Chen Jianxin responded that he was "unclear" about compiling teaching AIDS for college entrance examination composition.

  Whether the relevant behavior is illegal or not needs to be answered by Zhejiang Education Examinations Institute.

  In the past few days, the concern aroused by the perfect score composition of Zhejiang college entrance examination has shifted from the discussion on the text of Living in a Tree and whether the full score given by the composition is reasonable to the disclosure of the marking situation by the head of the Chinese marking group of the college entrance examination, the editing of the teaching aid book of the college entrance examination composition, and whether the intensive training courses and lectures on the college entrance examination composition are in compliance and whether it is suspected of abusing power for personal gain.

  In this regard, on August 10th, Chen Zhiwen, editor-in-chief of China Education Online, said in an interview with The Paper that there was no room for discussion about how to judge the perfect composition in Zhejiang College Entrance Examination. "In fact, foreign exams such as TOEFL, IELTS SAT, GRE, etc., candidates need to sign a statement on the transfer of rights before the exam. The core meaning is that right or wrong is determined by the organizers of the exam, not by people including candidates." Chen Zhiwen said.

  He believes that among the concerns caused by the perfect score composition of Zhejiang college entrance examination, the only point worth discussing is: Who pushed a topic that is not suitable for discussion in the public opinion field to the public opinion field?

  On August 5th, Wen Rumin, editor-in-chief of Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary schools hired by the Ministry of Education, pointed out in the Weibo that the marking of the college entrance examination should be kept confidential, and all participants in marking should not disclose the marking situation to the outside world, and bluntly said, "It is illegal to disclose the Zhejiang perfect score composition in the journal for the first time."

  In addition, on August 10th, Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, told The Paper that it was definitely not suitable for the group leader of Chinese composition marking in the college entrance examination to write and publish the college entrance examination composition guidance book and give lectures on composition guidance.

  In this regard, Chen Zhiwen said that, unlike the proposer, the management of college entrance examination examiners is relatively not too confidential. Therefore, whether it is illegal for college entrance examination examiners to go out to give lectures and publish some related books requires the relevant departments of various provinces to answer and decide.

  Similarly, Xiong Bingqi, president of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, pointed out that it is not rational to discuss the issue just because Chen Jianxin published books and participated in lectures. Whether there is any act of illegally seeking personal gain by using the identity of the group leader of Chinese composition marking in Chen Jianxin requires the involvement of relevant departments in the investigation.

  An education expert who did not want to be named bluntly said: "Zhejiang Education Examinations Institute has the responsibility to stand up and respond to public questions."

  Expert: The entrance examination should be changed from "selection" to "evaluation"

  Xiong Bingqi believes that it is impossible for the examiners to disclose the college entrance examination questions, and it is not against the regulations to interpret the marking standards for serving candidates, with the leader of the marking group as the editor-in-chief and publishing books on composition guidance.

  Chu Zhaohui, on the other hand, said that Chen Jianxin is not alone in publishing books and giving lectures by examiners in the college entrance examination. Some training institutions still use examiners to conduct commercial speculation. He believes that this kind of situation has both loopholes in the system and lax management, so it is necessary to improve the system and strengthen management.

  In addition, Chen Zhiwen believes that the statement that "Chen Jianxin has been the head of the Zhejiang College Entrance Examination Chinese composition marking group since 2000 and presided over the annual Zhejiang College Entrance Examination composition marking work" needs to be verified by the authorities. "There are still many people who claim to be the leader of the proposition, or the proposer. Can you believe it?" Chen Zhiwen said.

  Talking about a series of discussions triggered by the perfect score composition of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination, Chu Zhaohui and Xiong Bingqi both mentioned the need for further education reform.

  Xiong Bingqi pointed out that the focus of the contradiction lies in the fact that the college entrance examination is a selection test, not an evaluation test. The so-called selection test is to select candidates fairly, and it doesn’t matter whether the selection system is scientific or not; The evaluation test, on the other hand, is to pass the test to evaluate students’ mastery of real subject knowledge and subject accomplishment.

  He believes that it is difficult to solve the problem of exam-oriented composition atmosphere through marking. "To improve the quality of composition proposition and reading, further improve the quality of Chinese education, and the quality of education in all subjects, we need to promote the reform of the examination enrollment system and effectively change the entrance examination from ‘ Selection ’ , the reform is ‘ Evaluation ’ . Otherwise, the controversy surrounding the proposition and marking is just ‘ Chicken feathers in one place ’ 。”

  Chu Zhaohui believes that the controversial issue reflects from a deeper level that the current enrollment examination program design is not standardized and professional. "In a more standardized and professional procedure, the questioner doesn’t have to write the questions in a closed environment, and the questions need to go through multiple procedures and various tests before ‘ Out of the oven ’ ; In the marking session, it will not be determined that a certain person will be the team leader for a long time. " Chu Zhaohui said.

  "There is still a long distance between the professionalism and modernity of the college entrance examination enrollment process and modern education evaluation." Chu Zhaohui, for example, said that some foreign exams judged that candidates cheated, not because they caught the candidates plagiarizing in the examination room, but because they initiated the analysis of the answer results, and if the analysis results showed that some answers reached a certain similarity, they were considered cheating.

  In this regard, Chu Zhaohui’s idea can allow ordinary colleges and universities to use students’ academic performance in high school as the basis for enrollment, thus narrowing the scope of the college entrance examination. In this way, the workload of marking and evaluating the college entrance examination is relatively reduced, and it is possible to analyze and evaluate the results of the college entrance examination according to different levels, to reverse the problems of exam-oriented teaching and routine answering, and to promote the specialization and modernization of educational evaluation. (The Paper reporter Tina Cheng intern Zhou Xiaohang)