The fifth episode of "Zero Tolerance": The window staff of the government affairs hall embezzled 69 million public funds for three years, and went to work in Chuzhou, lived in Shanghai, and went back

In June 2021, the Intermediate People’s Court of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province auctioned the property involved in a corruption case, including a "green-eyed white dragon" game card.
It is a souvenir of an online game, and it has no practical function. However, due to the limited global distribution of 500 copies, the market price is about 100,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, only half an hour after the shooting started, the bidding was raised to 87 million yuan. Although this is only the result of netizens bidding at random with the mentality of joining in the fun, no one really pays the bill, which leads to the auction, but this game card and its former owner Zhang Yujie have attracted great attention from the society.
On January 19th, the fifth episode of the anti-corruption feature film "Zero Tolerance" was broadcast, which revealed that some financial personnel were "small officials and huge corruptions", one of which was Zhang Yujie, a staff member of Chuzhou Real Estate Registration Center in Anhui Province.
According to CCTV news reports, Zhang Yujie’s specific job is to receive citizens at the lobby window of the government service center, collect funds for house purchase custody, fill in custody agreements, and issue bank deposit certificates and fund custody certificates. After investigation, during the three years from 2016 to 2019, he embezzled more than 69 million yuan of public funds by means of not recording the collection and forging the collection facts.
In March 2020, Zhang Yujie was detained.
Compared with traditional corruption cases, the property involved in this case is very special, and there are many game equipment. And the reason why he has the idea of embezzling public funds is related to playing online games.
One day in 2016, a buyer took tens of thousands of yuan in cash to handle fund custody. As he could only pay by credit card according to the regulations, Zhang Yujie first went through the formalities for him and deposited the cash in his card, intending to help him pay by credit card the next day. Who knows that when playing games that night, I couldn’t help spending all these tens of thousands of dollars because I bought equipment.
"Charge, charge, charge to the card shows insufficient balance. At the beginning, it was the most fearful time, so I will take it slowly. I will pay it back first. I thought so at that time. " Zhang Yujie confessed, "As a result, no one has ever discovered it. At this time, I began to think that if I get a little more, it should be okay. The back is really like an avalanche, and I can’t stop at all."
"He felt that today I bought a suit of online game equipment, and I made a customs clearance on it smartly, and my life value was realized. I didn’t regard work and serving the people as my ideal. Put him in a position where he can easily get money, and it will be strange if there is no problem. " Fang Yangqing, a staff member of the Supervision Committee of the Chuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, introduced.
He confessed that part of the money was spent on playing games, and a larger part was "basically spent on spending with his girlfriend". He said that after he started spending, he found that he couldn’t control his desire to spend. "You can’t pay the latter amount. At this time, the mentality of breaking the jar has come out again, and I feel that it has not been discovered anyway, so let’s do it first."
The investigation found that nearly 70 million yuan of Zhang Yujie’s corruption had almost been squandered by the time of the crime, and only a few were spent on games, most of which were spent on various high-end consumption.
He has made three girlfriends, bought various luxury brands of clothing, watches and jewelry for them, traveled around and experienced various luxury enjoyment together. The most expensive luxury submarine suite in a hotel in Hainan costs 100,000 yuan a night, and Zhang Yujie and a girlfriend stayed here for four consecutive nights. He naturally won’t tell his girlfriend how the money came from.
According to the discipline inspection personnel, for a long time, Zhang Yujie worked in Chuzhou during the day, but actually lived in Shanghai. After work every night, he took the high-speed train from Chuzhou to Shanghai, rented a house in Shanghai for 38,000 a month, and then took the earliest high-speed train to Chuzhou in the morning. As long as there is no money to spend, Zhang Yujie once again reached out to public funds and embezzled public funds for more than 400 times in three years.
The staff of the Supervision Committee of the Chuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection analyzed that the dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty of the relevant personnel exposed in the Zhang Yujie case was shocking. If someone gave him a hand, or someone found it, "Hey, Xiao Zhang, what happened to this small ticket you filled out today? Even if he is reminded, it is a pity that these have not appeared. "
After investigation, Chuzhou City, from the municipal real estate transaction department to the real estate registration center and transaction management department, all failed in their duties. According to the relevant system issued by Chuzhou City in 2011, the fund custody window must be set up separately, with one person receiving, one person reviewing and one person handling vouchers and supervising each other. However, the real estate registration center has never been implemented according to the system, from the main leaders to the section chief, and no one even knows about this system.
It is precisely because he saw the extreme lack of unit management that Zhang Yujie dared to take risks again and again.
In 2019, when he planned to get married, he bought a second-hand villa in the name of his girlfriend. Without paying a penny for the house, he used his position to falsely open a set of fund custody procedures, and the house purchase was paid from the fund pool.
Subsequently, he resigned from the unit, imagining that he might get away with it. However, his illegal behavior was soon discovered and Zhang Yujie was locked up.
In November 2020, Zhang Yujie was sentenced to life imprisonment. In addition, a total of 19 party member leading cadres and public officials at all levels have different degrees of responsibility, and they have all been held accountable. Among them, the chief and deputy chief of the transaction management section have constituted the crime of dereliction of duty and were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment.
Editor: Su Zhan
Editor in charge: Fan Jing