Cold knowledge! Why are you afraid of snow in skiing competitions?

There was fierce fighting in the Winter Olympics, and snow fell in Zhangjiakou on the 12th. What is the impact of snowfall on snow projects? How do each division respond to ensure the smooth progress of the event?
Reporter’s visit:
Natural snowfall is fluffy and humid.
Funa is more suitable for competition.
Xu Mengzhe, a reporter from the General Station: In fact, the impact of natural snowfall on competitions, especially snow events, is quite great. This is fresh snow, very fluffy, and it is humid.
Xu Mengzhe, a reporter from the reception desk: Look at the floor below. This is our funa. It is very hard, and our snowplow has been pressed many times. This is what meets the requirements of our athletes’ competition. Therefore, the staff are clearing the floating snow, which can ensure the normal operation of our games and reduce the probability of athletes being injured.
Winter Olympics and Cold Knowledge
Snowfall will affect the track and visibility
Why are you afraid of snow in skiing competitions? First of all, snow will affect the track. First, the temperature rise accompanied by snow will affect the temperature and quality of snow on the track, so the types and amount of waxing of athletes’ skis need to be adjusted accordingly. Second, the new snow brought by snowfall will make the surface of the track soft and increase the friction, which is not conducive to the players’ play. However, the visibility is low in snowy weather, which will affect the sight of athletes and referees. Especially for high-speed skaters, it is very dangerous. So, to what extent will the snowfall stop the game? The reporter learned from the track management that this has nothing to do with the amount of snow, but it needs the consistency of the snow surface of the track to reach a certain standard before stopping the race. There will be professionals responsible for checking and judging.
Genting ski park:
Ski doctors are all in battle
Can be transported in the first time.
On the 12th, Genting Ski Park ushered in the mixed team final of snowboarding obstacle pursuit in the snowstorm. Genting Stadium Group also conducted official training. All 138 medical staff were on duty, and on the snowy road with slope obstacle skills of more than 400 meters, four medical teams and two standby teams were waiting.
National ski jumping center leveled the track.
Snow and wind protection
Snowflakes also fell on the 12th at the National Ski-jumping Center, which is known as "the snow is pleasant". Before the snow stopped, the operation support team began to level the track. They pressed and stepped on the track to provide a safe track environment for athletes to land. Some people worry that if the snowfall is accompanied by strong winds, how can the "snow is good" be countered? It turns out that the valley of Chongli ancient poplar has a natural drop of more than 130 meters, and there are mountains on both sides that can shield or weaken the wind, and the construction of windbreak in the later period ensures that the wind speed in the take-off area of the site is below 4 meters per second.
Wind and snow blowing operation in National Cross-country Skiing Center
Clear the snow trough
On the 12th, the National Cross-country Skiing Center also held the women’s 4x5km relay race, in which the athletes used the opened snow chute. If there is snow in the snow chute, it will greatly affect the skating speed and performance of the athletes.
The mountain operation team of the venue started the emergency mechanism in advance, arranged a 20-person snow removal team to blow snow on the 5 km track to fully guarantee the operation of the event.
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