Henan urgently applied for the "rain-increasing plane". Farmers can water the land by swiping their cards (Figure)

  "Buying electricity card" has been neutral in the drought-resistant and seedling-protecting war in some towns and villages. Dagong Business Daily reporter Hu Zhiqiang/photo

  Henan urgently applied for calling "rain-increasing aircraft"

  The deputy director of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau communicated with netizens online, saying that the "rain-increasing aircraft" could be in place in the middle of this month, and artificial rainfall and snow could be carried out when the time was ripe.

  ■ Business Daily reporter Guo Fushou

  In the face of this year’s severe drought, meteorological stations at all levels in our province have used high technology-a new generation of weather radar to monitor weather changes. In the middle of this month, "rain-increasing aircraft" can also be put in place.

  Yesterday afternoon, Zhao Guoqiang, deputy director of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, visited the portal website of the provincial government and the live broadcast room of Dahe. com, and exchanged views with netizens on issues such as "fighting drought with all efforts to protect seedlings and win a bumper harvest".

  A new generation of weather radar helps drought resistance

  "After the drought, meteorological departments at all levels in the province have been closely monitoring the weather changes, and a new generation of weather radar is on.

  Zhao Guoqiang said that they have also strengthened drought monitoring and satellite remote sensing monitoring.

  Since February 3, 2009, the precipitation and precipitation infiltration depth have been observed intensively. According to the monitoring and analysis, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau issued an orange warning signal for drought on January 7, and upgraded the drought warning to red on January 29, prompting relevant departments and units to do emergency work to prevent drought, and also providing meteorological basis for the provincial party committee and government to organize leaders to carry out drought-resistant wheat watering work.

  580 shells and rockets to alleviate drought

  "According to the arrangement of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, all parts of the province have inspected anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers and other equipment that carry out weather modification operations. On the first day of work after the holiday on February 1, a special person and a special car were sent to Luoyang and Jiaozuo. " Zhao Guoqiang said.

  On the night of February 1st, the artificial influence workers in Sanmenxia, Luoyang, Jiyuan, Jiaozuo, Anyang and other cities stuck to the gun point, and timely carried out ground anti-aircraft guns and rockets to artificially increase rainfall and snow. A total of 18 anti-aircraft guns and 26 rockets were dispatched, and 400 shells and 180 rockets were fired. As of 08: 00 on February 2, there was light rain and snow in the affected area, which alleviated the drought to some extent and reduced the fire risk level of the forest area.

  The "rain enhancement plane" can be put in place in the middle of this month.

  Zhao Guoqiang said that according to the requirements of the provincial party committee and government, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau formed the 12th supervision team led by the bureau leaders to guide the work of drought-resistant wheat watering in Puyang. At the same time, the relevant business units of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the meteorological bureaus of provinces and municipalities also sent experts, technicians and mobile soil moisture measuring instruments to the fields to provide technical guidance and on-site services for farmers.

  "Not only that, but also urgently call the rain-increasing aircraft." Zhao Guoqiang introduced that he was also actively in contact with the Air Force Department on matters related to the early adjustment of aircraft. On February 3rd, the letter from the provincial government to apply for a rain-increasing plane from the Air Division has been delivered by a special person. It is expected that the rain-increasing plane will be in place in the middle of this month.

  Credit card irrigation makes great contributions. Farmers look forward to "well-to-well communication"

  ■ Business reporter Hu Zhiqiang correspondent Sean

  It saves money and effort to water the land and swipe the card. In the face of the once-in-50-year drought in the whole province, farmers’ friends have a heartfelt heart: the grassroots need benefits like "well-connected".

  Farmers can water the land by swiping their cards.

  Yesterday morning, Meng Yongsheng, a villager from Menglou Village, Xilingsi Town, Sui County, came to the transformer room at the east end of the village. He pushed on the knife, took out a card from his coat pocket, pointed it at the electric meter, and only heard a bang, "It’s time to water the ground …" Meng Yongsheng ran to his wheat field with a smile. At this time, the plastic pipe in the ground had already come out.

  Meng Yongsheng said that before the "well-to-well connection" project was realized, it would take him half a day to pour it back to the ground.

  Meng Yongsheng’s "well-to-well connection" project is a pilot project for the state to support key agricultural power projects. Meng Xiande, secretary of the Party branch of the village, said that at present, more than 800 mu of wheat in the village has been watered. If it is not the "Jingjingtong" project, I am afraid that many farmers will be worried about the lack of power lines and meters.

  Save labor, time and land.

  Li Xiangyu, director of the production planning department of Suixian Power Supply Company, introduced that the "well-to-well connection" project is also called "platform area", which refers to the well area controlled by a transformer, and is referred to as "platform area" for short. In the implementation of this project, there is no wire post in the wheat field, and the land can be watered by swiping the card. His benefits are not only labor-saving, time-saving but also land-saving.

  In the implementation, the cable is buried more than 1 meter deep underground, so that the line loss is greatly reduced without wind and rain; Secondly, the outdoor transformer is seriously stolen, the transformer is installed indoors, and the door is equipped with monitoring and alarm equipment, which can effectively prevent theft.

  Li Xiangyu introduced that the company invested a total of 4.95 million yuan last year. At present, there are 34 "well-to-well" projects in the county, benefiting more than 23,000 mu of cultivated land in this year’s drought relief work.

  The small card introduced by Li Xiangyu is the "IC" card. You can pay the electricity fee to the Dianguanzhan for recharging. After watering the land every time, you can swipe your card again, which shows the electricity consumption and balance of farmers. At the same time, the machine will automatically settle according to the charging standard stipulated by the state.

  I look forward to more investment in these projects.

  "I don’t know, I’m scared." This is a proverb in eastern Henan. In the past two days, the Business Daily reporter visited four townships in Sui County. Whether there is a village committee of the "Jingjingtong" project, the growth of wheat seedlings can be described as two days.

  Under the background of the same drought year, in the implementation area of the "Jingjingtong" project in Menglou Village of Xilingsi Town, the growth of wheat seedlings is generally better than that of other village committees. Jiangang Township is a township with good soil quality in Sui County, and Yanzhuang Village in this township is also a beneficiary village of "well-connected". Yesterday afternoon, villager Ding Baoquan watered his own wheat for the second time, and at the same time, he applied fertilizer first, which effectively enhanced the growth of wheat seedlings.

  Compared with the village committee with the "Jingjingtong" project, Wang Peichu, a villager in Li Dazhuang, Xilingsi Town, has a strong desire for "Jingjingtong". He said that if there is this project this year, he and other villagers will respond positively.

  In response to farmers’ voices, Li Xiangyu said that in recent years, the state has increased its investment in power infrastructure. If the funds allocated by higher authorities are normal, the county needs more than 1,300 "stations", and the transformation task can be completed in two to three years.

  "By then, farmers in the county can water their crops with their credit cards." Li Xiangyu said.

  Yellow River Defense General:

  Stop the Yellow River from cutting off.

  Business News (Reporter Guo Fushou) Due to the severe drought in Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Shandong provinces, the Yellow River Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters (Yellow River Flood Control Headquarters) held an emergency meeting and issued instructions to support drought relief in the basin to ensure the safety of the Yellow River’s ice prevention, drinking water safety and food safety in the Yellow River water supply area, and ensure the continuous flow of the Yellow River.

  Xiaolangdi adjustable water quantity

  Half less than the same period last year.

  Yesterday, news came from the Yellow River Committee that the Yellow River Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters held an emergency special meeting on drought relief. In the case that the main stream of the Yellow River is dry, it is necessary to do everything possible to raise water sources to support the drought relief in the basin provinces.

  According to the latest hydrological data, from November last year to January this year, the inflow of water from the main inflow areas of the Yellow River Basin was 5.244 billion cubic meters, 13% less than the multi-year average, of which 950 million cubic meters came from the middle reaches of the Yellow River, 51% less than the multi-year average; The downstream inflow was 141 million cubic meters, 76% less than the multi-year average. Affected by the continuous drought, the adjustable water volume of Xiaolangdi Reservoir in the Yellow River is only 1.71 billion cubic meters, 1.74 billion cubic meters less than the same period last year.

  "In order to support drought resistance in Henan, Shandong and other provinces, the Yellow River Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters strengthened consultations, closely tracked the development of downstream ice conditions and droughts, and scientifically dispatched and increased water consumption indicators in time when the incoming water was dry." The relevant person in charge of the Yellow River Committee said that it is necessary to ensure the safety of the Yellow River against ice, the safety of drinking water and food in the Yellow River water supply area, and ensure the continuous flow of the Yellow River.

  Issue an orange warning of drought

  The reporter also learned that in view of the severe drought in several provinces in the Yellow River Basin, especially in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and Shandong provinces, according to the provisions of the Yellow River Basin Drought Relief Plan (Trial), the Yellow River Defense General has further upgraded the warning level. From now on, the regional drought in the Yellow River Basin will be upgraded from a yellow warning to an orange warning, and a secondary emergency response will be launched.

  Henan Yellow River Affairs Bureau:

  It attracted 322 million cubic meters of Yellow River water.

  Quench thirst of wheat in our province

  Business News (Reporter Guo Fushou correspondent Zu Shibao Liu Tian) Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the Henan River Affairs Bureau held an emergency meeting on drought-resistant wheat irrigation on the 3 rd, proposing to make full use of the Yellow River water and go all out to ensure the demand for drought-resistant wheat irrigation in Henan along the Yellow River.

  Niu Yuguo, deputy commander of the Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Henan Province and director of the Yellow River Affairs Bureau of Henan Province, said that from November last year to January this year, more than 20 sluice gates for diverting water from the Yellow River were opened one after another, and the cumulative water supply to Henan along the Yellow River was 316 million cubic meters. The maximum daily water intake for drought-resistant wheat irrigation reached 130 cubic meters per second. Among them, the emergency water diversion in January was 162 million cubic meters, which was 120 million cubic meters more than the same period of last year, which was the highest water diversion in the same period since 1980.

  In January this year, our province diverted 162 million cubic meters of Yellow River water in an emergency, setting a new high for the same period since 1980. The Yellow River Affairs Bureau of Henan Province applied to the Yellow River Committee for a water plan to divert 322 million cubic meters of water to the Yellow River in February, with an average diversion flow of 133 cubic meters per second, which has been approved by the Yellow River Committee, the highest application and approval for the same period since 2000. This means that 322 million cubic meters of Yellow River water will be used to water wheat in our province. henan business daily

Editor: Yan Bin