United Airlines asked Boeing to stop producing 737 MAX 10 aircraft for it, and will turn to smaller aircraft and Airbus A321.

  On March 12 th, United Airlines has requestedStop producing the 737 MAX 10 aircraft for it, and switch to smaller models and Airbus A321 aircraft until the 737 MAX 10 passes the long-delayed certification.

  United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is on the 12 thThe investor conference said: "We have asked to stop manufacturing 737 MAX 10 for us, and they have already done so. We also asked Boeing to start manufacturing MAX 9 … When MAX 10 was certified, it is still uncertain. "

  Kirby said that once the MAX 10 is licensed, United Airlines will switch back to using this aircraft. Kirby also confirmed earlier media reports that United Airlines is seeking to replace some of its 277 MAX 10 orders with Airbus A321 aircraft. (Bloomberg)