Taiwan Province is the fashion benchmark! The street is full of "lower body missing" clothes, which are fashionable and show long legs, which is good for eyes.

Compared with celebrities and online celebrity, the street shooting style is more suitable for ordinary people, and there will be no sense of gap after the network returns to reality. The practical and easy-to-use way of wearing has saved many ordinary girls from dressing difficulties.

See the city street shooting and taste the trend culture.. Taiwan Province has a combination of Chinese and Western culture, and is deeply influenced by it in fashion. Walking on the streets of Taiwan Province, you will find that local girls are very good at dressing themselves.

One of the most typical is"clothes missing"Wear it, mix autumn and winter clothes with summer items, and the shape presented is warm and fashionable, which is very eye-catching ~

First, unlock the "missing clothes" to make the winter style more fashionable.

① Emphasize the sense of style contrast between the upper and lower items, and the modeling is more layered.

In fact, the wearing method of "missing clothes" is not strange, that is, it is to combine items from two different seasons.The silhouette of the garment covers the bottom garment, giving people a visual sense of "no bottom garment"Further, it emphasizes the style attributes of the upper and lower items, and the overall shape is more fashionable and layered. In autumn and winter, the return rate is 100%.

(2) increase the exposed skin area of legs to achieve the effect of height and thinness.

The most taboo in autumn and winter is to dress too bloated, and it is easy to feel very tacky if you are fat. And the "missing clothes" wearing methodRelieves the heavy feeling visually., and increases the exposed skin area below the thigh, which has the effects of showing height, slimming and leg length.Improve the fashion of modeling and optimize the proportion of the body..

(3) abandoned the bloated winter styling, wearing more fashionable and eye-catching.

From the fashion point of view, the "missing clothes" wearing method not only abandons the bloated feeling, but also gives people a refreshing feeling. Some people may ask whether this way of wearing will be too cold, but it won’t. You can choose trench coats, coats and even down jackets for the upper body.It only increases a certain exposed skin area, and the warm-keeping work is still in place.

First, to achieve the "lower body missing" wearing method, choosing the right item is the key.

01. The length of the coat should skip the crotch, and the version should be loose.

In order to achieve the "missing clothes" wearing method, it is very important to choose the right clothing item. The length of the coat must skip the crotch, and it must have the effect of covering the bottom; And the version should be slightly looser, mainly in silhouette, and the meat cover is also thinner.

for exampleSuit, windbreaker, coat or down jacketThey are all recommended tops.It increases the internal space allowance and can cover the lower body well.

02. The bottoms should not be longer than thighs, and should not be too bloated and fluffy.

For the choice of bottom garment, its length must not be too long, otherwise it is necessary to increase the length of the garment to realize the "missing bottom garment" wearing method.The length of the bottom fitting should not exceed the thigh, and it is better to cover the hip and hip position; And the version should not be too bloated, if it is a little self-cultivation..

for exampleShort skirts, shorts and short seamless pantsAll of them can form a "missing clothes" wearing method with different styles of tops, making the shape warm, fashionable and slim.

Third, Taiwan Province girls’ demonstration of "missing clothes" and interpretation of different styles.

(1) suit+shorts, with loafers elegant and fashionable.

Combining the silhouette suit with the ultra shorts, the length of the suit completely covers the ultra shorts, and only the legs are exposed to achieve the effect of being tall and thin. Suits can choose casual styles with ribbon elements, and it is more fashionable to abandon the sense of formality; Paired with a pair of loafers and stockings, it looks intellectual and stylish.

(2) leather+short skirt, fabric attributes echo more advanced.

The upper body is matched with a leather coat, and the lower body is matched with a leather skirt and boots. The fabrics of the upper and lower items echo each other, and the leather fabrics are selected, which improves the overall coordination of modeling and also highlights the beautiful and elegant side of women. A blouse can brighten the vision with bright colors and add more feminine colors.

(3) windbreaker+short skirt, wearing the same color is higher.

"windbreaker+short skirt" is more suitable for girls who are taller and more temperament. Next, with long boots, use the same color principle to stretch the vision vertically, and then enlarge the figure advantage, highlighting the tall figure, slim and tall, and looking simple and advanced!

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