German media: China responded to the "car tsunami" like this.

Source: Global Times

German "Economic Weekly" December 7 article, original title: China responded to the car tsunami in this wayChina is already the largest automobile manufacturer and exporter in the world. Nevertheless, the production capacity of BYD, Weilai, Geely and other manufacturers is too large for the domestic market. The latest satellite images show that there is a bigger plan behind it. China hopes to inject millions of cars, especially electric cars, into the global market in the next few years.

At present, the main reason why this plan is blocked is that it is difficult for China cars to be shipped abroad. Most importantly, they lack the necessary means of automobile transportation, that is, ro-ro ships. There are more than 700 such ships in the world, of which less than 100 are operated by China. According to the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, only about 10 ships are suitable for ocean transportation.

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), by 2026, China Shipyard will build about 200 new ro-ro ships, 76 of which will be built for customers in China. Today, large ro-ro ships can usually accommodate 7000 to 9000 cars.

Another sign of the car tsunami can also be found in the port of China. Recently, a large area of the port has been transformed into a new car loading parking lot. This development is most obvious in the Pearl River Delta, where an island has been transformed into a large export parking lot.

Port and logistics companies are also trying to find creative ways out. For example, they use special standard containers, and three or four cars can be nested and stacked. This is not enough. COSCO Shipping Group has developed special shelves, which can stack vehicles together and transport them by ordinary bulk carriers. These ships are now transporting logs for China from Europe and transporting China cars to Europe on their return journey.

In order to overcome the bottleneck at sea, in 2022, COSCO Shipping Special Transportation established Guangzhou Yuanhai Automobile Shipping Co., Ltd. jointly with Shanghai Port Logistics and SAIC Anji Logistics to better help China automobile to enter the global market. (Author Thomas Stozel, translated by Aoki)