Not afraid of competition, why does BYD Han EV dare to "challenge" the high-end market of new energy?

China automobile brands have never given up on the impact on the high-end market. Especially in recent years, with the "Matthew effect" of the automobile market becoming more and more fierce, the leading independent brands have become more and more brave, and they have independently developed and established technical highlands to launch more competitive products in the market.

With the accumulation of sales volume, the market has proved that the high-end models launched by China brand will not lose joint venture models, whether it is Yan value power or configuration quality control. Among them, the most outstanding performance is undoubtedly Han, and the cumulative sales volume in one year has exceeded 100,000 units.

It is worth mentioning that in the past year, there were 1,127 models on sale in China, of which only 43 models sold more than 10,000 yuan a month. Among them, there are only 8 high-end cars with an overall price of more than 200,000 yuan, of which 4 models are C-class cars, which are,, and Han. In the case of chasing after the tigers, Han was able to stand firm in the market segment of medium and large C-class high-end cars, which gradually proved consumers’ recognition of independent high-end models.

Why does Han stand out from the encirclement?

In fact, there are many independent brands that introduce new models to the high-end market every year, and even some car companies spend a lot of money to invite world-class design and management teams, but few independent brands have successfully squeezed into the high-end market, but why did Han succeed?

Everyone who knows it knows that Wang Chuanfu’s ideas and ideas have always been very advanced. When most independent brands earned their heads off for fuel vehicles, they entered the new energy vehicle market more than ten years ago. It is also Wang Chuanfu’s advanced strategic vision that has been leading the rapid development to become the leader of new energy vehicles today.

Twenty years ago, it was impossible for people to imagine that a battery manufacturer had become the only leader in the field of new energy vehicles. As a car company that started with batteries, it is indeed at the forefront of independent car companies in the new energy vehicle market.

With the continuous investment in R&D and innovation, we have mastered the core technologies of the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles, such as batteries, motors and electronic controls, and are the only car companies in the world with the core technologies of "Three Electricity", which cannot even be achieved. At the same time, in the current global chip shortage, it is also one of the few car companies that are not troubled by the chip shortage, because they can make chips themselves and do not need to rely on foreign imports.

It is also with strong technical strength as a support that its Hanergy has made great efforts in the new energy vehicle market and even begun to seize the market share of fuel vehicles. In July, the total sales volume was 56,975 vehicles, up 89.4% year-on-year and 14.5% quarter-on-quarter, setting a new brand sales record. Among them, the sales of new energy vehicles accounted for 87.85% of the total sales, which further increased compared with June, reaching 50,057 vehicles. As a representative of autonomous medium and large cars, Han also captured the perfect data of 8,522 cars in July, and in June, the cumulative sales volume exceeded 100,000 cars, which was fully recognized by consumers.

At present, the cumulative sales volume in the new energy market has already exceeded 1 million vehicles, making it the only car company in its own brand that has exceeded 1 million vehicles. From this series of sales data, it is not difficult to see that it has successfully changed from a fuel vehicle enterprise to a new energy vehicle enterprise.

Technical strength is the key to breakthrough.

The core technology is the survival of car companies. Knowing this truth, in the past two years, the research and development of new technologies has constantly subverted the outside world’s perception of the industry. From last year’s "blade battery" to this year’s DM-i super hybrid technology, the advent of each new technology has brought subversive effects.

Chairman Wang Chuanfu once said, "Safety is the greatest luxury of electric vehicles". As one of the core components of electric vehicles, the safety of batteries largely determines the safety performance of electric vehicles. The emergence of "blade batteries" has raised the safety of batteries to a new height, and at the same time, it has made Han stand out in the highly competitive automobile market.

As we all know, the traditional power battery produces the battery core in the form of winding, while the "blade battery" adopts the lamination process. Compared with winding structure, laminated structure has more uniform current density, excellent internal heat dissipation performance and is more suitable for high power discharge. This is like a box of the same size, one full of ping-pong balls and the other full of straightedge. We can easily imagine the help of lamination technology to space utilization. Therefore, the blade battery has better cycle characteristics, safety characteristics and energy density.

Among more than 300 safety tests of power batteries, acupuncture test is recognized as the most demanding test, which can be called the "Everest" of battery safety test.

The acupuncture test removes all the outer garments of publicity packaging, so that the true safety of the battery is naked in front of consumers. No one wants an unstable and explosive battery sitting under his ass. Blade battery became famous by acupuncture test in World War I, and its natural safety skill was promoted to a unique position through the acquired technological blessing.

Self-cultivation of flagship models

It has been a year since Han went public. After nearly a year’s investigation, Han did hand over an answer sheet worthy of the flagship model.

However, with the intensification of competition in the automobile market, the range of consumers’ choices has gradually expanded, so while digging deep into demand, they are also constantly striving to meet the consumption upgrade. For example, the newly listed 2021 Han EV standard endurance luxury model, compared with the 2020 Han EV ultra-long endurance luxury model, only reduces the battery capacity, and other configurations have not changed, but the price has dropped by 20,000 yuan, which is enough to be seen, bringing consumers unexpected product value and charm.

From the perspective of positioning and selling price, the direct competitor of Han EV is undoubtedly that the listing of the 2021 standard endurance luxury version of Han EV has not caused much pressure, because the comprehensive strength ratio of Han EV is better.

From the price point of view, the price of the 2021 Han EV standard endurance luxury model after subsidy is only 209,800 yuan, but the comprehensive cruising range can reach 506km;; The starting price after subsidy is 235,900 yuan, which is not only 26,100 yuan higher, but also the comprehensive cruising range is only 468km.

In terms of charging time, even if it is fast charging, it takes 1 hour to wait, while the fast charging time of the 2021 Han EV standard battery life version is only 0.42 hours, which is about 25 minutes. In other words, compared with Han EV, it not only runs farther, but also has a shorter waiting time for charging, which is especially critical for pure electric vehicles. Another point that has to be mentioned is that the safety in China is well known to all, and consumers have their own opinions on who is safer between the two.

Faced with the continuous price reduction, from the new forces of car-making to traditional car companies, most of them avoid their sharp edges and do not confront them head-on, while Han EV chooses positive hard steel, which is undoubtedly supported by strong technical strength.

Write at the end:

As a well-deserved leader of independent new energy vehicles, the road to transformation is not easy. Behind this is decades of technical research, which gives you a proud technical idea and a competitive capital.

The launch of the 2021 Chinese EV standard endurance luxury car further extends the benchmark product advantage of the Chinese EV industry to the market segment of 200,000+mid-to-high-end pure electric cars, and demonstrates the strength and confidence of China New Energy flagship car to continue to lead the market.