Huawei P70 Series Price Exposure

  Huawei usually releases new P-series machines in the spring, and it’s the P70 series this year. According to mobile phone China, Huawei P70 series has a lot of news on the Internet, but not much about the price. Some digital bloggers recently broke the news that the price of Huawei P70 series may be similar to that of Mate60 series.

  Huawei P70 series imaginary map

  Recently, a blogger wrote that what is the price of Huawei P70 series? Refer to the Mate60 series, which is not bad. In the comment area, some netizens suspected of pollen said that the P70 series would be cheaper than the Mate60 series, while bloggers replied that it was "not much cheaper", which seemed to confirm the speculation that the P70 series was relatively cheaper. In addition, some netizens asked whether Huawei P70 series will continue the color scheme of Rococo White, while bloggers said that P70 series has white, but it is not necessarily Rococo White.

  Let’s review the price of Huawei Mate60 series:

  Huawei Mate 60-12 GB+256 GB 5499 yuan; 12gb+512gb5,999 yuan; 12GB+1TB 6999 yuan

  Huawei Mate 60 Pro-12 GB+256 GB 6499 yuan; 12GB+512GB 6999 yuan; 12GB+1TB 7999 yuan

  Huawei Mate 60 Pro+-16GB+512GB 8999 yuan; 16GB+1TB 9999 yuan

  Huawei Mate 60 RS extraordinary master-16GB+512GB 11999 yuan; 16GB+1TB 12999 yuan

  According to the blogger’s news, the starting price of Huawei P70 series should be less than 5499 yuan. In addition, the starting price of Huawei P60 series is 4488 yuan, so the starting price of P70 series can be expected.