Fashion expert: Your color matching and hairstyle have "betrayed" your taste and temperament.

It’s said that a person can’t judge a book by its cover, but do you think a sloppy and vulgar person can treat life delicately and elegantly? Obviously not.

Taste and temperament do not depend on natural appearance, nor on the accumulation of many luxury goods, but on your clothes, color matching and hairstyle!

< Chapter 1 > Dressing & Color Matching

> > Two core ideas of dressing color matching

(1) the overall clean and tidy.

Even if it’s just a sweater and wide-leg pants worth dozens of dollars, as long as the color matching is clean and tidy, it will look much more advanced than others.

On the other hand, even wearing gorgeous fur, high-luxury custom-made clothes and too fancy color matching will only give people the impression of "nouveau riche", not taste and temperament.

② There is a sense of harmony that echoes each other.

The essence of dressing color matching is not the basic color, nor the popular color.But on the basis of keeping the color matching neat, see if the overall color matching is harmonious.

Take the color that is the most difficult for ordinary people to match. In these two sets of collocation, there is no basic color to control all over the body, but because of the echo of local colors, it has become a trend to look good. This is the charm of color echo to keep harmony ~

> > common color combinations

(A) the basic color-based collocation

① Summary of color matching dry goods

Basic colors refer to black, white, gray, brown, blue and red, which we often see in our lives and will be widely used. These colors are primitive and simple, and they are very easy to control.

There are these matching skills about the combination of basic colors:Combination of simplicity and complexity, three-color principle (no more than three colors as a whole), and color matching.

② on-site demonstration

The color combination that is the easiest to "circle" in the basic color must be black and white.Black-and-white matching can choose one color to be used in a large area and another color to be decorated in a small area, or you can use a color matching ratio of 1:1, 3:7, etc.

The above suit is matched with the first color matching method. Large-scale use of black to create a cool and handsome feeling, the combination of up and down width, white satchel in which can be called the finishing touch ~

(B) basic color+color collocation

① Summary of color matching dry goods

The combination of color and basic color is a fashionable "ceiling" color matching for ordinary people. Fashionable and vivid colors blend into the low-key of basic colors, which is the best interpretation of fashionable color matching.

Color usually choose 1-2 as the key points of color matching. The color used in a large area is best placed on the upper body, and the color that appears in a small area is best echoed in other parts.

② on-site demonstration

Bright cream yellow is like sunshine. Wearing it on your body can make you feel good at a glance.

The suit is folded in avocado green tube top, and white wide-leg pants are worn in open-toed shoes. The overall fresh and beautiful color is brighter than spring!

(C) full-color collocation

① Summary of color matching dry goods

When the whole body is mainly matched with colors, it takes some thought.The colors used in a large area should be easy to control, and it is not suitable for large-scale contrast and conflict between colors.

Color matching should be combined with depth, and small-area colors should echo up and down or up and down.The color closest to the face must be the easiest to control and the most white.

② on-site demonstration

This full-color overskirt collocation does not choose too prominent high saturation or high brightness colors, but chooses the colors of Mo Landi color system for combination.

The gentle smog blue sweater is super white, with a gray-tone grape skirt. The whole seems to be shrouded in gentle light, beautiful and temperament ~

< Chapter II > Temperament & Hairstyle

> > three keys to getting a haircut

① Even and non-mainstream hair color

Few people think that girls with non-mainstream hair colors will have temperament with a haircut that kills Matt.

When choosing hair color,Try to stay away from colors that are too bright and colors that are too fancy.Choose low-key and attractive earth tone or other hair colors with earthy tones as the main color.

② Smooth and not rough hair.

The ugly duckling turns into a swan is a scene that many girls yearn for. In film and television works, the first step for a woman to become a noble princess from Cinderella is to fix her hair.

Rough, hairy, forked and yellow hair looks sluggish and sloppy, how can it bring people a sense of advanced? The silky and smooth hair is like seaweed, dreamlike, and the temperament is completely different!

③ Appropriate and natural hairstyle

But don’t think that as long as you get the hair color and quality, you can sit back and relax in your hair style. If you pick a hairstyle that is not suitable for you, it is a waste of your own face value.

Take Gulnazar as an example. She is recognized as a beauty. It is a waste to press her short hair on the left. The retro and gorgeous curly hair on the right is dignified and elegant, which is what a beautiful woman should look like ~

> > three steps to complete the beautiful hairstyle.

(step 1) preliminarily confirm the hairstyle according to the face shape.

And how do ordinary people fix their hair styles? The first step you have to do is to choose the hairstyle that suits you best according to your face.

The core principle of choosing hairstyle is that face and hairstyle can foster strengths and avoid weaknesses and make up for each other.

Cute round face is more suitable for long hair in shawls.Not suitable for any heavy long straight hair. Also not suitable for long straight hair is a square face.Square face is more suitable for micro-curls.

Diamond-shaped face with prominent cheekbones is not suitable for any face-to-face hairstyle, and is suitable for hair with fluffy feeling.Any other face with prominent bones is also suitable for fluffy and curvy hairstyles.

(Step 2) Add details according to the overall effect.

After initially determining your hairstyle, naturally you can’t achieve 100% perfect effect. You still need some details.

If you look bald, you need to make your hair fluffy, and use fetal hair bangs at the hairline to create a natural hairy flu.

If the face still looks unsmooth,Then you need to choose some thin bangs to decorate.

The long face can shorten the horizontal bangs of the face, and the wide face can lengthen the vertical long bangs of the face.

(Step 3) Post-care and create a natural fluffy feeling of hairstyle.

Hairstyle can’t be done once and for all, and it needs careful care.Don’t wash your hair frequently and don’t dye it many times.These will all hurt the scalp.

The essence of fluffy hair style lies in the integration of air sense.The thinness of bangs and the three-dimensional hair roots can create a fluffy feeling.

< chapter 3 > get the final result of hairstyle+color matching.

(Example 1) Retro curly hair with harbor wind suit

In this typical retro costume, hairstyle and clothing have played a mutual echo role, creating a literary and romantic atmosphere.

The classic Hong Kong style suit uses black and white color matching to make black retro curly hair romantic. The addition of dark green gold-inlaid leather bag and green silk scarf makes this romantic atmosphere more intense.

(Example 2) Skillful short hair with a suit

And this set of white-collar style in the workplace, the hairstyle chose short hair that looks more neat, rather than fluffy and retro curly hair.

The neat sense of hairstyle and the advanced sense of the suit, combined, are super suitable for the stability and temperament of people in the workplace ~

< final chapter >

Clothes and hairstyles can’t fight alone. Only when they are both combined can our taste and temperament be finally displayed.

The taste of clothing depends on color matching, and the overall temperament and local exquisiteness come from hairstyle.Start from these two points and meet your own counterattack moment!