-40℃ extreme cold test, look up to U8 three electricity, intelligence to show extraordinary strength.

Recently, a head media launched a winter test in Mohe. In the extremely cold weather of -40℃, more than 50 new energy vehicles competed on the same stage, and the actual measurement was carried out around the core dimensions that users paid attention to, such as battery life, charging power, control and intelligence. Looking at the major lists, the million-level new energy hardcore cross-country looked up to U8 with excellent results and won six first places in one fell swoop. Among them, in the field of plug-in/extended-range vehicle segmentation, Wangwang U8 Deluxe Edition successfully won the pure electric endurance achievement rate, the maximum charging power and the average charging power TOP1, and it was ranked in the first echelon in the elk test on the open road and the static fake car test by ACC in the snow at night, and also got TOP1 in the voice interaction test of winter scenes.

Leading the three power systems, looking up to U8 has more hard-core cloud-P.

This winter test was carried out in the environment of -40℃, which put forward an extreme test for the test vehicle. Before all the tests, the participating vehicles should implement the uniform maintenance standard and strictly implement the same test conditions, so as to ensure the fairness of the test and truly simulate the user’s car use situation in winter. Under the harsh test conditions, Wangwang U8 first demonstrated the leading technical level of Sandian, and stood out from the crowd to obtain excellent measured results.

From a technical point of view, looking up to U8 depends on the blade battery first. Looking up to U8, it is equipped with the easy Sifang technology platform. Four motors form the core drive source, and each wheel is controlled by one motor. On this basis, it is equipped with a blade battery whose battery core is further upgraded to meet the ultra-high charge-discharge rate requirements of the Sifang system. Compared with the previous generation blade battery, it is expected that the blade battery can reach the original specific power of 220%, and the energy density of the battery is increased by 8%. Under the condition of not increasing the volume of the central battery pack, the existing battery pack can store more energy. At the same time, the blade battery equipped with U8 also supports up to 110kW DC fast charging, and it takes only 18 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% at the earliest, so that users can effectively avoid charging anxiety, and can quickly replenish power in a short time and improve the convenience of car use.

In the end, according to the measured results, the achievement rate of pure electric endurance of U8 in ultra-low temperature extreme environment still reached 58.6%, ranking first among all plug-in/extended-range models, which performed quite well. Moreover, in the test of 180W charging pile, its maximum charging power reaches 82.33kW, and its average charging power can also reach 57.41kW, which also ranks first among plug-in/extended-range vehicles.

In addition to the hard-core three-electric system, Wangwang U8 is also equipped with Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system. The system uses five dimensions of intelligent exploration, deep collaborative intelligent calculation of software and hardware, and intelligent control of three directions and six degrees of freedom to get through the whole link of perception, decision-making and execution, which can realize all-round intelligent control of the car body and comprehensively improve the maneuverability and comfort of looking up at U8. Coming to the ice and snow trial site in Mohe, Yunqi -P showed its ultimate strength. In the off-road elk test at 50km/h, the posture of U8 body is stable and controllable, and the safety and handling are fully guaranteed, and finally the G excellent rating is obtained.

Outstanding intelligent strength, looking up to U8 voice intelligent driving double first.

Another highlight of this media winter test is to test the reliability of vehicle intelligent system in low temperature environment. In the aspect of intelligent interaction, the media specially measured the voice interaction ability of winter scenes, and issued 30 voice commands in Mandarin, including 15 common commands, 5 fuzzy commands, 4 complex commands, 3 visible-to-talk commands and 3 wakeup-free commands. After testing, Wangwang Link intelligent human-computer interaction on U8 is outstanding, and the number of successful voice commands ranks first in the audience. Functionally, U8 supports continuous dialogue in the whole scene, and users can set the duration of continuous dialogue for 20s/60s/90s, and a wake-up call can continuously issue multiple instructions such as setting navigation, turning on air conditioner and turning on music. At the same time, the system also supports four-tone independent interaction, and each passenger can control the train independently with voice, with excellent recognition accuracy and command response speed.

In the field of intelligent driving, the media focused on AEB’s emergency braking ability and intelligent driving assistance ability, and conducted a rigorous test of "ACC battle in the snow at night". Finally, Wangwang U8 successfully passed the static fake car test in the snow ACC 60km/h at night, the static fake car test in the backlight ACC 60km/h at night, and the static fake car test in the backlight ACC 40km/h at night, and became the first echelon, which fully confirmed the technical level of its AEB system and intelligent driving system. It is worth mentioning that not long ago, BYD conducted an AEB test by looking up at the U8 test vehicle, and the top speed of successful braking and braking came to 130 km/h. Although the test video showed that this function has not been mass-produced on the car, it has fully demonstrated the leading position of BYD AEB technology.

Judging from the harsh winter test of the media, the strength of U8′ s hard-core products with real endurance, strong control and high safety has been fully verified, and the final test results are quite excellent. Just in the past December, Wangwang U8 Deluxe Edition ranked first in the sales of millions of new energy SUVs in the first complete delivery month with the monthly sales of 1,593 vehicles, which made Wangwang successfully become the first echelon of millions of high-end brands and created history. As a high-end brand built with the ultimate technology, I hope that I have completed the first step of "rushing" and the future can be expected.