Extreme krypton or the fastest listed new force to build a car in history

Business News (Reporter Wang Zhuyu) It has been established for less than three years, and it is expected to become the "fastest IPO in history" brand of high-end pure trams. Recently, Krypton publicly submitted a prospectus to land on the New York Stock Exchange, with the stock code "ZK". At present, Geely Holding Group has 9 listed or planned listed companies, including Krypton, and Li Shufu, the helm of Geely, has ushered in a bumper IPO.

According to public information, Extreme Krypton was established in March 2021 and is a high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle brand hatched by Geely Holding Group. If it is successfully listed before March 2024, it will become the "fastest IPO in history" new energy automobile enterprise. For reference, it took Weilai, Tucki and Ideality, who are also new car-making forces, about 4 years, 6 years and 5 years to go public in the United States respectively. Tesla also spent seven years.

According to the prospectus, apart from producing high-end pure electric vehicles, Extreme Krypton also provides technology-driven solutions and is committed to leading the electrification, intelligence and innovation of the automobile industry. At present, Krypton has released four models, including Krypton 001, Krypton 001FR, Krypton 009 and Krypton X.

The data shows that in 2022, 72,000 vehicles were delivered throughout the year. In the first half of 2023, 43,000 vehicles were delivered, a year-on-year increase of 124.3%. By the end of October 2023, Krypton had delivered more than 170,000 vehicles.

The rapid increase in car sales has led to a significant increase in revenue. In 2022, Krypton achieved revenue of 31.899 billion yuan. In the first half of 2023, the revenue was nearly 21.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 136%, of which the vehicle sales revenue was 13.175 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 148.75%.

In terms of gross profit margin, the gross profit margin of Krypton vehicles reached 12.3% in the first half of this year, up 7.6 percentage points year-on-year. Earlier, An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, revealed that Extreme Smart is already the pure electric brand with the best gross profit level except Tesla. This year, the company’s gross profit margin target is in double digits. Judging from its growth momentum, Krypton is expected to become the first and fastest electric vehicle company to make money except Tesla.

According to the plan, Krypton plans to enter the pure electric vehicle market in Europe and the Robotaxi market in the United States in the future. And this will bring about a corresponding increase in R&D, marketing and other expenses. The data shows that in the first half of 2023, the R&D expenses of Krypton reached 3.19 billion yuan, and the sales, general and administrative expenses were 2.90 billion yuan.

As an important bet of Geely in the field of new energy, it is urgent to improve its "hematopoietic" ability, and listing is bound to be one of the paths of capital blessing. On August 25 this year, the CSRC confirmed the information on overseas listing. According to the filing notice of overseas issuance and listing, Krypton plans to issue no more than 926 million ordinary shares and list them on the New York Stock Exchange.

According to the prospectus, the funds raised by this IPO are mainly used for three purposes: about 45% is used for "developing more advanced pure electric vehicle technology and expanding product portfolio"; About 45% is used for "sales and marketing, expanding service and charging network"; 10% is used for "general purpose of the enterprise, including the working capital requirements to support the company’s business operation and growth".

In recent years, many brands under Geely have rushed to the capital market. At present, there are 9 listed or planned listed companies, including Geely Automobile, Volvo Automobile, Lotus Technology, Polar Star, Yikatong, Extreme Krypton Automobile, Qianjiang Motorcycle, Hanma Technology and Lifan Technology. While Li Shufu, the helm of Geely, ushered in a bumper IPO, it also made Geely Holding Group’s "team battle" ability expand.

Some market analysts believe that the independent listing of Geely’s brands will enable Geely to achieve large-scale operations. As Li Shufu said in his internal speech: "In the end, the number of global automobile industry enterprises will not be too much, and only large-scale enterprises can survive."