A slower love may be happier. The boy met her with the same frequency in the exploration.

Although Liang Fei (pseudonym) has not read many books, he is a very hard-working young man. After several years of social experience, Liang Fei finally had his own career, and his family began to worry about his marriage. Although Liang Fei usually dresses up like a bachelor who has no one to take care of him, in fact, he has already met a nice girl on the scout.
The girl’s name is Linlin (a pseudonym). She is cute in appearance and not gentle in character, but she knows that she cares about people. Her biggest dream is to find a husband who loves and takes care of herself. For Linlin, a husband doesn’t need to be too handsome or too rich, but he must be a man who particularly dotes on his wife.
Liang Fei and Linlin have known each other for a long time, but both of them are traditional and conservative people, so their relationship is progressing relatively slowly. After knowing each other for three months, Liang Fei and Linlin started video chatting. After knowing each other for half a year, they met for the first time. It took them a year to know each other before they officially confirmed their relationship.
When Liang Fei just stepped into the society, he was also an affectionate teenager who really wanted to fall in love. However, after several endless love affairs, Liang Fei finally realized that the key to a reliable relationship is to meet someone with the same frequency. If you slow down a little, you may be able to see a person’s character and conduct more clearly.
Later, Liang Fei met Linlin on exploration. This time, Liang Fei didn’t rush to tell Linlin, but started with Linlin as friends. After getting to know Linlin better, Liang Fei tried to show Linlin his mind. Until this time, Liang Fei didn’t say those three words to Linlin, because he was not sure whether he liked or loved Linlin at the moment.
Linlin is a slow girl, and Liang Fei and Linlin are people with the same frequency. His slow pace left a very good impression on Linlin, and she thought Liang Fei would be a more reliable boy. So, Linlin also agreed to Liang Fei’s meeting request, and the two began to formally date.
As ordinary people, the form and process of dating are roughly the same. Liang Fei is not a romantic man, and he doesn’t know what emotional appeal is, but he is more careful. And Linlin won’t play the woman, won’t pretend to be gentle in front of the person she likes, but she really cares about Liang Fei’s life.
After Liang Fei and Linlin confirmed the relationship, Liang Fei changed a lot. He changed from a rough man dressed casually to a clean and decent boy. Even when he went out to talk about things, his business partners were more confident in their cooperation. And Linlin is really happy like a princess. She can be coaxed and used by Liang Fei when she loses her temper. She can boss Liang Fei around when she is unhappy, and she will be gently held in her arms by Liang Fei when she is uncomfortable …
Once upon a time, cars and horses were slow, and I only loved one person in my life. In fact, in a fast-paced life, slower love may be more happy. There are many single brothers and sisters who are practical and reliable. If you are single, you will definitely meet the ta who "slows down" with you.
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