A century-long journey to the founding of the Party | Take responsibility at the critical moment, and strive for innovation: Party building empowers the "sunshine spirit"

Born in the midst of internal troubles and foreign invasion, grew up in hardships and setbacks, and grew stronger in tackling difficulties. It was just in the prime of life that the Communist Party of China (CPC) ushered in its centenary birthday, and the land of China was full of prosperity and vitality.
Looking back,Jiangsu sunshine groupAlways maintain the indomitable mental state and indomitable struggle posture, lead and support with high-quality party building, and forge ahead step by step. In the past 35 years, sweat has spread all over the journey and "sunshine" has spread all over the world.Today, Sunshine Group has become a national key enterprise group and the industry leader supported by the state. It is also the world’s largest wool spinning enterprise and high-end suit production base, and "Sunshine Products" has frequently appeared in major national events and important occasions.
In the face of the ever-developing new situation, Sunshine Group always insists on taking economic construction as the central task, leading the development of enterprises with party building, and effectively improving the operation quality of party affairs construction in enterprises. All party member cadres have built a solid foundation of faith, supplemented the calcium of the spirit, stabilized the rudder of thought, and turned their initial heart and mission into.Pioneering, innovative, insatiable spirit and cooperation, dare to struggle.The actual action.
Leading by example to stimulate the "red kinetic energy" of enterprises
With the production of epidemic prevention materials "assembly number" sounded, in order to make epidemic prevention materials reach the front line of anti-epidemic in a timely manner, "all staff act, go all out, race against time, do everything possible" has become the most authentic portrayal of the backbone of the company in party member.
On the basis of strict epidemic prevention and control measures, Sunshine Group has always maintained a sense of urgency and crisis, taking the lead in promoting the resumption of work and production, and activating the vitality of enterprise development. On February 10, 2020, Sunshine Group, as one of the first enterprises to resume production, strictly followed the prescribed conditions and highest standards for epidemic prevention and control, and resumed production order in a safe, orderly and organized manner while doing scientific prevention and control. Since the resumption of work, there have been special buses and commissioners waiting at major railway stations, and 50 chartered buses have been sent to 3 provinces and 34 counties and cities, and more than 1,200 employees have been taken back without leaving Wan Li Road. Party member, the second branch of clothing, contacted each other according to the list to help all employees go home. Despite fatigue, everyone is duty-bound to be "infected" on this road to fighting the epidemic.
Cultural Empowerment to Build Soft Power of Party Building
In the years of party building work, Sunshine Group has been innovating and exploring, seeking truth and being pragmatic, actively exploring, accumulating a lot of rich and effective experience, building a distinctive party building system and culture, and forming a cultural soft power that empowers the development of enterprises.
Party member, a model worker, leads the innovation team to create an enterprise "innovation culture". By stimulating the vitality of the innovative work team, it provides strong support for the company’s development, upgrading and transformation. On the one hand, Party construction leads and actively builds a perfect innovation management system. Enrich and expand the innovative work function of sunshine labor model, on the basis of the original task of fabric development, timely absorb the newly selected labor model in the professional fields of fabric production, clothing production and so on into the core innovation team, so that the core team has the ability to ensure that the whole process of products from raw materials to ready-to-wear professionally leads technology development, design and production, quality control, standard formulation and lean management; On the other hand, adjust and optimize the division of responsibilities of the core team. Party member model workers carry out "four innovations", namely, thinking innovation, business innovation, management innovation and service innovation, to enhance the planning ability, organization ability, management ability and execution ability of their team members, so that the value of grassroots party member can be fully respected and realized, and the vanguard and exemplary role of party member cadres can be mobilized and brought into play.
At the same time, through the help of party building, we will create an "organizational culture" of enterprises. Enterprises actively connect with village party branches, build party building alliances, and carry out party building and co-construction work. Party organizations carry out joint construction and twinning, party member twinning, learning exchange, volunteer service, twinning and other activities. Enterprises regularly send high-quality Party building resources to the village, and organize party member from the village to visit the Party building position and enterprise development exhibition hall of Sunshine Group. Combined with the actual needs of the whole village and enterprises in party member, we should innovate the carrier of party building, integrate resources, unite together, and improve the quality and organizational strength of party organizations in party member with project-based services. At the same time, scientific guidance was given to the development planning of twinning village, and financial support was given to the construction of "beautiful countryside", with the support fund exceeding 200 million yuan.
Combining the party building project with the actual production and operation activities of enterprises is a major feature of the party building work of Sunshine Group. For example, the party building project "Red Workshop"-the branch is built in the production line, and party building is the productive force ",although the" Red Workshop "is a small carrier, it can effectively realize the same direction and synchronous development of party building work and enterprise development goals, and achieve" strong party building and strong development ". Integrating Party building into the workshop is not only an effective move to activate the "red cells", but also to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of enterprise economy … The fruitful party building work has also won Sunshine Group a series of honors, which has been rated as an advanced grassroots party organization by Wuxi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China for many times, and was rated as one of the "Five Good" grassroots party organizations and a demonstration site of "Strong Economy and Strong Party Building" by Jiangyin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.
Team building is included in the strategic blueprint for winning the future.
At present, the ups and downs of the world economic situation are becoming more and more complicated, and the dual pressures of external shocks and slowing domestic demand make the development of enterprises face many challenges. With the new wave of development such as digitalization and intelligence coming, a team of high-quality party member cadres who are United and can fight well is the greatest confidence for enterprises to face the future.
On the construction of party member team, Sunshine Group attaches great importance to it. Focusing on the needs of transformation and upgrading, according to the principle of "short-term construction, medium-term reserve and long-term planning", the company strives to build a management, technical and service-oriented "grass-roots party member team", develop grass-roots professional and technical personnel through multiple channels, build a technical advisory team with multiple majors and establish career development channels at multiple levels. Boldly reform and innovate in the mechanisms of training, use, evaluation, mobility, encouragement and restraint, and maximize the vitality of grassroots talents in innovation, entrepreneurship and efficiency. With regard to the reserve and management of party member’s reserve forces, based on the principle of "adhering to standards, ensuring quality, improving structure, strictly controlling and carefully developing", we have continuously expanded the training, education and investigation of front-line workers, managers and young intellectuals, focused on developing party member among front-line employees, operational experts and innovative backbones, strengthened the training and investigation of activists joining the Party, and enhanced the vitality and vitality of the party member team. In three years, we have developed a total of 333 new party member.
In the new journey of the "14th Five-Year Plan", we will strengthen our ideals and beliefs, inherit the red genes, dare to face up to contradictions and take responsibility. Sunshine Group will step forward with great strides, persist in doing a good job in enterprises, develop the economy, further condense the spirit of party member cadres to take responsibility and start businesses, and earnestly shoulder the responsibilities entrusted by the party and the people in the new era with the enthusiasm of seizing every minute and the tenacity of dripping water.
Text | Cao Xiuming
Source: China Textile News