The media "expressed their opinions": did NATO and Russian military exercises escalate the tension?

  Cctv newsThe multinational military exercise codenamed "Fast Trident -2017" began in western Ukraine on the 11th. The military exercise will last for two weeks, with 2,500 soldiers from NATO participating. From September 14th to 20th, Russia and Belarus will hold the "West — The joint military exercise in 2017 will extend from kola peninsula to Belarus. In recent years, what are the frequent military exercises between NATO and Russia? Will the tension between Russia and the West continue to escalate?

  India Express: NATO-Russia confrontation is meaningful

Indian express

  The article in India Express pointed out that the Ukrainian military said that the "Fast Trident" military exercise was to deal with the "Western 2017" large-scale military exercise to be held by Russia and Belarus on the border. Although Russia called the exercise "purely defensive", it still caused panic in the Baltic countries and Poland. The Russian side said that 12,700 Russian and Belarusian soldiers will participate in the exercise, but some opponents said that as many as 100,000 soldiers may participate.

  CNN: A rehearsal of military exercises or armed conflicts.

  CNN reported that both the "Fast Trident" military exercise and the large-scale military exercise that Russia is planning will put the region in a tense situation. Military experts believe that Russia’s "Western 2017" military exercise is a drill for the armed conflict between Russia and NATO, because the Russian exercise is very close to the expected strike site that the outside world thinks. Russia said that some NATO members tried to intensify the situation to the maximum extent before the exercise and made unfounded accusations against Russia.

  Sputnik: Hostility between the United States and Russia escalated.


  Sputnik’s article pointed out that before the "Fast Trident" exercise, on August 24th, US Defense Secretary Matisse said in a meeting with Ukrainian President poroshenko that the Trump administration was considering providing Ukraine with more weapons of destruction. Dan Kovalik, a professor of international human rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, said that Matisse’s remarks clearly regarded Russia as a direct threat, and the US behavior could be understood as an escalation of hostility between the two countries, which would inevitably have a negative impact on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict between the two countries.

  Xinhua News Agency: NATO strengthens support for Ukraine

Xinhua News Agency

  The article of Xinhua News Agency said that "Fast Trident" is a military exercise set up under the framework of NATO’s Partnership for Peace, which has been held in Ukraine since 2006 to show NATO countries’ support for Ukraine. Of the 2,500 soldiers participating in this competition, 1,000 are Ukrainian soldiers, with the purpose of helping Ukraine to carry out military training and promoting interoperability between the United States, Ukraine and other NATO troops. This marks the further strengthening of military cooperation between Ukraine and NATO.