Jinhua Technology Layout Intelligent Manufacturing "Changan Core" Boosts Xi ‘an Hard Technology Industry

  Cctv newsFrom November 7th to 8th, the 2017 Global Hard Science and Technology Innovation Conference was successfully held in Xi ‘an, under the guidance of National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China National Intellectual Property Administration, China Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology, and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, and hosted by Xi ‘an Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Xi ‘an Municipal People’s Government, which launched China’s hard science and technology brand and pointed out the direction for hard science and technology industrialization. The Xi ‘an Declaration on Global Hard Technology released during the conference called for making hard technology a new symbol of Xi ‘an, marking the core of manufacturing in Xi ‘an with hard technology, creating the soul of manufacturing in Xi ‘an, constantly improving the level and ability of intelligent manufacturing of enterprises, becoming a "Made in China 2025" demonstration city, and constantly glowing with new creative vitality.

  How to promote the transformation of science and technology into real productive forces and realize the marketization and industrialization of hard science and technology has always been an important topic of concern to policy makers, enterprises and investors of hard science and technology. Xi ‘an is rich in scientific and educational resources, has a good foundation of science and technology industry, and is located in strategic overlapping areas such as "One Belt and One Road" construction, comprehensive innovation and reform pilot zone, independent innovation demonstration zone and national free trade zone. The industrialization of hard technology has obvious advantages. On November 6th, the Xi ‘an Municipal Government issued Ten Measures for Developing Hard Science and Technology Industry in Xi ‘an, which pointed out that Xi ‘an will set up a 100 billion yuan Xi ‘an Science and Technology Industry Development Fund, and at the same time make every effort to build a global highland for hard science and technology talents, and will give up to 5 million yuan in project supporting awards to all kinds of talents who set up enterprises or carry out industrialization activities in Xi ‘an. A set of policies and measures have been released, paving the way for the industrialization of hard technology.


  On November 18th, at the 19th China International Hi-tech Fair held in Shenzhen, the face recognition artificial intelligence chip "Changan Core" developed by Xinjinhua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was officially released, which set a product benchmark for Xi ‘an to open the era of hard technology. "Changan Core" is the world’s first artificial intelligence chip with neural network and deep learning, which integrates the functions of face recognition, object recognition, motion recognition and thinking feedback. This chip can extend the sensor function to intelligent identification tasks. Based on the acceleration of the whole chip, it is not only small in size, but also low in power consumption. The chip architecture is the artificial intelligence network technology closest to nerve conduction between neurons in the human brain in the world, representing the core level of artificial intelligence chips.


  Jinhua Technology and Gionee Communication signed a cooperation agreement.

  At the press conference, Jinhua Technology and Gionee Communication reached a consensus on the application scheme of mobile phone industry based on artificial intelligence chip embedding and signed a cooperation agreement. The cooperation between the two parties will create a new era for the research and development of artificial intelligence equipment, jointly promote the development of the industry and incite the trillion-dollar market of artificial intelligence. Wu Yijian, Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of Jinhua Investment Holding Group, said that in the next two years, there will be 200 million smart phones equipped with Changan Core in China. Jinhua Group is confident that Changan Core will become a benchmark product in the era of hard technology in Xi ‘an with the spirit and drive of continuous innovation.

  It is understood that Jinhua Investment Holding Group has been deeply involved in the western part of China. In recent years, the Group has focused on technological transformation. Its Jinhua Technology Company has comprehensively laid out hard technology industries such as augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence technology, and linked the industrial resources and technological advantages of the United States and South Korea to promote the transformation and landing of scientific and technological achievements.

  In the field of artificial intelligence, Jinhua Technology is jointly developing the next generation of artificial intelligence chips with top foreign industry experts and scientific research institutions, which will be widely used in smart phones, robots, drones, unmanned vehicles, smart homes and other fields in the future. In addition to the "Changan Core" released this time, the full-screen fingerprint identification chip and black night vision device chip developed by Jinhua Technology are all very front-end and representative hard technologies. In the next stage, Jinhua will focus on promoting the industrialization of these products, forming large-scale mass production, and providing more hard technology products for China’s intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading.

  In the field of augmented reality, Jinhua Technology has a number of independent intellectual property rights, and in the past five years, it has reached in-depth cooperation with top augmented reality companies and R&D institutions in the world. Jinhua Investment Group and Jinhua Technology are also the founders of the World Augmented Reality Asia Expo. At present, they have successfully held three AWE World Augmented Reality Asia Expositions and ARI China Augmented Reality Innovation Competition, and contributed to the permanent establishment of AWE Asia headquarters in Xi ‘an and the establishment of China Augmented Reality Industry Alliance. Through this global industry fair and technology summit, Jinhua Technology has conducted extensive exchanges and industrial cooperation with top enterprises and researchers in the field of intelligent manufacturing in more than 40 countries.


  Wu Yijian, Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of Jinhua Investment Holding Group, accepted an exclusive interview with Hard Technology Meeting Room.

  Wu Yijian, chairman of Jinhua Investment Holding Group, said: "Through the World Augmented Reality Asia Expo, we have seen that a number of domestic front-end technology-based enterprises are constantly introducing new products and technologies, and intelligent technology is being widely accepted and applied in the market, and its potential and value have surfaced."

  Wu Yijian believes that it is a systematic process from technology to production to market. The transformation and promotion of hard technology as the core support force is not only a matter for enterprises, but also a major event to respond to the development needs of the whole country. In the near future, with the enhancement of comprehensive national strength and the rapid development of semiconductor industry, China will start a new round of intelligent economic development boom driven by demand. Jinhua Group will always adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit, continue to promote the landing of intelligent technology manufacturing industry, and make contributions to improving the innovation strength of Xi ‘an, upgrading Shaanxi’s hard power and building a strong country in science and technology.