Fan Bo: Artificial Intelligence Opens a New Chapter in Education

  With the rapid development of digital technology, artificial intelligence is becoming a core competitive advantage in the field of education. Its iterative upgrading has not only brought revolutionary changes to teaching practice, but also brought unprecedented creativity to the education industry. Ms. Fan Bo, general manager of Aiqiyi Quanzhixin Education, pointed out: With the development of artificial intelligence, it marks that the field of education is moving towards a brand-new era.

Fan Bo, General Manager of Quanzhixin Education

  First of all, in terms of teaching mode, the application of artificial intelligence is changing the traditional dual structure of "teacher-student" and introducing the ternary teaching mode of "teacher-student-machine". The support of intelligent teaching tools and platforms has become the key. These tools can not only provide personalized learning paths, but also provide accurate teaching feedback for teachers through data analysis, so as to realize personalized teaching, make up for the weak links of strengthening students and maximize the teaching effect.

  Secondly, under the teaching mode of man-machine cooperation, the role of teachers is changing. They are no longer simple knowledge transmitters, but become the motivators of students’ learning internal drive, guiding students to explore the ocean of knowledge. At the same time, teachers have changed from the leader of the teaching process to the leader of the education process, helping students to build a knowledge system and cultivate their autonomous learning ability.

  At the same time, students’ autonomous learning ability is particularly important in this process. With the great enrichment of educational resources and the expansion of educational space, students can study in a more diverse and open environment, which is no longer limited by traditional classrooms. The application of cognitive model has changed the way of knowledge production and knowledge dissemination, and brought far-reaching influence to the field of education.

  Ubiquitous education has once again taken the lead in educational innovation by using artificial intelligence (AIGC) technology, and launched a series of cutting-edge courses, aiming at training students to master and apply the latest AI-generated content (AIGC) technology. The courses of "AIGC Design" and "AIGC Writing" under the company are well received. At the same time, based on the existing audio and video transmission technology and intelligent network, Universal Education innovatively launched a variety of online education products and services, including live broadcast, interactive live broadcast, recording and broadcasting, interactive recording and broadcasting, AR, VR, MR and so on. Reach more users quickly and accurately through the big data intelligent recommendation system.

  Our "AIGC Design" course will teach students how to use AI tools for creative design, including graphic design, UI/UX design, animation production and other fields. The course covers the operation skills of AI design tools, the innovative application of design concepts, the acquisition of design core typesetting and color matching skills, the disassembly of aesthetic principles and practical cases, etc., in order to cultivate students’ innovative thinking and practical ability.

  The course "AIGC Writing" emphasizes practicality and innovation, especially its application in content creation, copywriting and news editing. The course will introduce the use of AI writing tools, teach students how to efficiently generate texts with AI assistance, and at the same time emphasize maintaining the unique perspective and creativity of human authors to ensure the originality and attractiveness of the content. In addition, the course also focuses on the creation and incubation of personal brands, guiding students how to give play to their personal interests and hobbies through creative content output, establish and enhance their personal IP influence, and achieve creative efficiency and dimension improvement, thus realizing more possibilities for self-media sideline and new careers. The project also won the award of "China Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise of the Year in 2023 -AIGC" in the new economic peak list of Ai Media, which is also a high recognition of the achievements of Universal Education in the field of AIGC.

  Universal education has always been committed to promoting the development of education through technological innovation, which not only responds to the demand for updating educational content in the digital age, but also provides students with the necessary skills to adapt to the future workplace and increase their competitiveness in their careers.

  In the future, Ubiquitous Education will continue to explore the deep integration and application of artificial intelligence technology and educational practice, provide students with more high-quality learning resources, and constantly promote the innovation and upgrading of education and teaching with the "golden key" of artificial intelligence.