Rumors stab in the back hurt many entertainment stars.

    In the afternoon, Sammo Hung finally answered the phone. He said that he was in Shandong and thanked all those who cared about him. He also said that he was drinking Pu ‘er leisurely and nothing happened at all.

    News shouldn’t rush into "heaven"

    The sudden death of Sammo Hung, a Hong Kong martial arts superstar, was revealed by a mainland media, which was proved to be an oolong incident within a day, which was a false alarm. Although Sammo Hung himself, who was at the filming scene, has not come forward to express his position on this matter, or even filed a lawsuit because of anger, the media should really reflect on itself in this matter: Is it because people are "written" to death for no reason?

    As a journalist, when a news event happens, the first thing that comes to mind is to spread it as quickly as possible. This is understandable and even commendable, but how to pay more attention to "authenticity" and "accuracy" on the basis of ensuring "speed" is often overlooked. It is written in black and white like this, and even if the parties come forward to clarify, their bad influence has already existed objectively. There are not a few stars who "come back from the dead" in recent years. Andy Lau, Zhao Benshan and others will mysteriously "disappear" many times in a year. They are too lazy to pay attention to these rumors, but for the public who have the right to know, "being cheated" is small, and "losing trust in the media" is big. The story of "the wolf is coming" is something we heard when we were children, but it is no entertainment when we grow up.

    The media fabricated false reports

    A few days ago, a mainland newspaper published a news titled "Twenty Years of Wulitou Stephen Chow (Q Bar) Celebration-premiered in Beijing on the 24th, and three" star girls "appeared together". According to the report, the premiere of "Changjiang No.7" was held in the Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium on January 24th, and at the same time, as a celebration of Stephen Chow’s 20 years of filming, Stephen Chow will make a full appearance with his master. Not only will Degang Guo lead the disciples of Deyun Society to co-chair with Ceng Baoyi and Lin Zicong, but Sharla Cheung, Karen Mok, Zhao Wei and other "star girls" as well as Feng Xiaogang, Ge You, Zhao Benshan, S.H.E and Cai Qin will all support him.

    China Film: A certain media "makes no sense" to mislead the audience

    In this regard, China Film Group, as the main investor of the film, responded that it was false news, and the premiere was indeed scheduled for the 24th, but the contents mentioned in the newspaper were not confirmed by the film, and they were all fabricated at random. A person in charge of China Film also said humorously that although Stephen Chow’s Wulitou is very popular, as a media, please don’t be "Wulitou". The media plays a guiding role for readers. Ordinary people generally can’t tell whether the news is true or false. The practice of fabricating news in order to attract attention will lead to bad social influence. In addition, according to the person in charge of China Film Publicity, "Changjiang No.7" will be premiered in several major cities in the mainland and several countries in Southeast Asia after its premiere in Hong Kong on the 23rd.

    At present, the premiere ceremony of "Changjiang No.7" in Beijing has been confirmed to be held in Happy Valley on 24th, and its title is tentatively "Stephen Chow has been filming for 20 years? Light and shadow stay in the New Year and be moved by the grand ceremony-cum the premiere ceremony of "Changjiang No.7" in China Lunar New Year. By the n, beijing happy valley will become the theme park of Changjiang No.7.

    A reader who claimed to be an extra actor in the drama "The Past in the South of the Yangtze River" telephoned the reporter and said, "At about 5 pm on the 9th, Zhou Jie had a conflict with a leading actress over the issue of leaving her position, and then Zhou Jie shouted’ Stop filming’. Just as Zhou Jie turned to leave, the actress suddenly made a remark that angered Zhou Jie. He turned and jumped on the other side to start work, but fortunately he was held by the staff, which did not lead to bad results. But Zhou Jie kept cursing the actress and swearing! It was not until the director and producer came forward that the storm was calmed down! " When the reporter asked which actress it was, the extra actress said that she only knew that she played Su Weici in the film. After checking the cast list of "The Past in the South of the Yangtze River", the reporter found that it was Shumei Lian who played Su Weici in the same company as Zhou Jie.

    Zhou Jie’s agent, Miss Huang, was contacted by the reporter. She said that she was not in Nanjing, but she talked to Zhou Jie on the phone every day. "He has been in a good mood recently and has never heard of any conflict with anyone. It is very li kely that it is a trial play, and the extras mistakenly think that there is a conflict. Besides, he and Shumei Lian both belong to our company, and they usually have a good relationship! " Zhu Zhiying, the producer of The Past in the South of the Yangtze River, told the reporter with a smile: "There was no Shumei Lian’s play that day, so how could there be a conflict? On that day, we filmed a big scene. There were more than 300 people on the scene. The scene was really chaotic, but there was no conflict. The actors are very dedicated, and Zhou Jie has been on the set all the time, and he keeps guiding young actors into the show. It must be a mistake! "

    Hu Mei held a press conference: there are many doubts

    At 9: 30 in the morning, the reporter received a text message: "At four o’clock today, director Hu Mei and her lawyer plan to hold a rumor conference on the online rumor article of actor Ding Jun, and you are invited to take the time to attend." In the afternoon, the reporter rushed to the press conference site, waited for nearly 40 minutes, but was told that director Hu Mei could not attend because of an important meeting. The reporters offered to interview Hu Mei himself, hoping that the press conference would be postponed or a short telephone connection would be made, but the alternative way was rejected. The producer, production director and lawyer of the 24-episode TV series "Deep Blue Sea", which was supervised by Hu Mei, said that they were authorized by Hu Mei to hold it on their behalf. However, as the press conference progressed, things became more and more suspicious and full of doubts …

    At eleven o’clock in the morning, director Hu Mei made a solemn statement on a portal website, at the beginning of which he wrote: "I was surprised to see a rumor article downloaded from famous websites such as XX and XXX from my assistant this morning …" Then he refuted the details of the article one by one. From morning till 11: 00 noon, director Hu Mei’s quick and fierce reaction is quite different from his previous style of dealing with the media.

    The four people who held the press conference on behalf of Director Hu Mei were the producers and production directors of the TV series "Blue Sea is De ep" and Hu Mei’s entrusted lawyer. In response to the reporter’s questions, they didn’t say anything further except emphasizing Director Hu Mei’s statement. The entrusted lawyer also said that he had just been entrusted. To in vestigate the criminal responsibility or civil liability of the rumor maker, "we still need to sue the object" and "it is not up to us to decide whether to find it, but to ask the public security department". These hasty answers are obviously unsatisfactory. The reporter inquired about it, and the answer was that the TV series was about to air. At the end of the press conference, one of the female producers also stepped down to send a "taxi fare" to the reporters present, which was rejected by some media.

    Hu Mei is a highly respected director in China. With his excellent works, the public and the media are generally in awe of him. Originally, it was a normal behavior to defend moral reputation. After a day of tossing, it seems to be a boring headless case. Only the dirty "hidden rules" hide in the dark. From beginning to end, the reporter has been paying attention to clues and trying to see through the true face behind this incident. Is it the ubiquitous entertainment law that makes the reporter’s vigilance too tight? Or the phrase "the curtain has just been opened" is chilling.

    Ding Jun reacted fiercely: he would not sell himself for hype.

    After director Hu Mei issued a statement, Ding Junwu Dandan and his wife called director Hu Mei’s assistant separately, saying that they didn’t know about the blog before, and they also wanted to investigate the source of the rumor. Wu Dandan, the wife of Ding Jun, sent a short message to Hu Mei, the director’s assistant yesterday afternoon: "The statement is to be sent. After all, we are also victims, but we are not public figures, and we have no spare money to hire someone to stare at the Internet for us every day, so we know it is too late. However, before the matter is investigated and cleared up, we think there are some inappropriate words in Hu Mei’s statement. Our level is not vulgar enough to use prostitution to speculate, and vicious people will show their tails sooner or later, so wait and see. "

    Wu Dandan then sent a text message again saying: "This matter is not just a statement for us. I think the nausea in our hearts should be solved through legal channels. I also hope that you will have a good look at the article written in the name of Ding Jun to analyze its authenticity! Solemnly declare that our nausea and anger are no less than yours! "

    Wu Dandan also sent a text message to Wang Lu, vice president of Shenzhen Dianguang Media, who attended the conference: "I wonder if this person wants to destroy Ding Jun or Hu Mei? Help me analyze it. "

    Morning News (Reporter Yang Lianjie) Andy Lau’s company, Yingyi Entertainment, invested in the filming of Crazy Stone in 2006, which was a great success. Since then, it has been famous in the industry for being good at discovering new directors. A few days ago, some people used the name of Yingyi Entertainment to promote their own films and actors, which led to the urgent rumor of Yingyi Entertainment.

    Recently, it has been reported that an actor is a new generation of young actors with full deductive ability, which was discovered by Andy Lau’s "Hong Kong Yingyi Entertainment Company" in China. It is also said that Yingyi Entertainment Company is holding the "Focus Fight II Open Recruitment Competition for Asian New Star Directors" to search for the next director Ning Hao, and that "the winner of the (director) will receive our direct investment without interfering with the creative process, and Andy Lau, the superstar himself, can participate in the performance unconditionally as needed, and at the same time invite some big directors as producers.’ At present, Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige and Tian Zhuangzhuang are all the targets we plan to invite.’ "

    In response to such news, Hong Kong Yingyi Entertainment Co., Ltd. urgently denied the rumor yesterday, saying that the news was not sent by their company, and was deeply dissatisfied that "the inaccurate news was widely reported, and at the same time, the report included false information that was inconsistent with the facts". The person in charge of the company said that Yingyi Entertainment does h ave a new shooting plan, Focus Fight, and is also recruiting writers, directors and actors. However, the news that Andy Lau created a new star mentioned in the report is all fiction. "Yingyi Entertainment has not reached any cooperation consensus with the actor and the production company starring in the film." Yingyi Entertainment said in a statement that Focus Fight is still in the stage of recruit ing writers, directors and actors. Interested parties can browse the details on their official website, and the details of the second round of recruitment of Focus Fight will be announced on the official website later.

    Entertainment circle is really dangerous.

    Entertainment circle is very dangerous, this sentence has been said by countless people countless times, but there are still countless men and women who sharpen their heads and want to get in, for the sake of course, the glamour floating in the world and the splendor of luxurious food. However, after hard work, some people became popular, some people crossed like meteors, and some people didn’t make it out at all. They paid hard work, sweat, tears and, I’m afraid, money and body.

    For young people who have just entered the industry, they know only a limited number of people in the circle. Of course, they should seize as much as possible if there is a seemingly insignificant opportunity, and this opportunity often seems mild and harmless. "Have dinner with director XXX and get familiar with it", that’s all. However, when this "director" painted an infinite bright future, and "accidentally" revealed that he was preparing to invest tens of millions of yuan in a big drama, and then said that "you have great potential, but you need to polish it carefully" and need to "talk to me alone", is it still up? For a newcomer, it is definitely a problem.

    Like the fake Andy Lau company recruiting directors and actors, I’m afraid many young people in the industry will be moved when they first hear it, and they can get a lift in Andy Lau. This is a blessing that has been repaired for many years! I believe that although the rumor is timely, many people have sent their resumes to be summoned.

    In the entertainment circle, strength is very important, and connections are more important. In an environment controlled by people, there are many shady things everywhere. It is probably not easy for anyone to get away with it.

Editor: Liu Li