"online celebrity Live" was arrested on the spot with goods. The police arrested several criminal gangs that manufacture and sell counterfeit and infringing goods.

CCTV News:In August of this year, a video of an online cargo anchor stopped by the police during the live broadcast was circulated on the Internet. The video was only 30 seconds long, but it attracted a lot of netizens’ attention, and they speculated why the anchor was taken away by the police during the live broadcast. Recently, the Shanghai police confirmed that this video took place in an arrest operation by the police in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. At that time, the network anchor and his operation team were conducting a live webcast to bring goods, and they were selling counterfeit and infringing goods.

Shanghai police confirmed to reporters that this video took place in an arrest operation in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on August 28. This live broadcast room belongs to a live broadcast anchor named Silent M07. At that time, she was broadcasting live with her operation team. With the stunned expression of the anchor and the appearance of plainclothes policemen, the whole live broadcast came to an abrupt end, and this scene also shocked hundreds of thousands of netizens who were watching the live broadcast.

On the spot, the police controlled 7 people, in addition to the anchor with the goods, there are alsoFourStaff of the operation team and two staff of the supplier. A large number of goods, such as clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry and watches, were also seized at the scene, which was the reason for this action. 

More than 50 people were arrested in 8 dens for manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods.

Not only that, but at the same time, multi-channel police launched operations in Zhejiang and Guangdong. According to the police, the goal of this operation is to crack down on criminal gangs that manufacture and sell counterfeit goods. During the operation, more than 50 criminal suspects were arrested, 8 dens were investigated, and more than 3,000 counterfeit luxury brands’ bags, clothing and other commodities were seized on the spot.

Knowing the fake and selling fake "online celebrity" anchor has become a sales promoter.

Recently, the Shanghai police announced the latest development of the case. Of the more than 50 suspects arrested at present, 41 have been arrested by the procuratorate, and the case is under further investigation. Then, how did this anchor with a million fans go to the road of knowing fakes and selling fakes, and how did it attract the attention of the police? During the investigation, the police found that the anchor tried every means to avoid the brand of the goods he sold in the live broadcast. All indications showed that the anchor and members of the live broadcast team knew that a large number of goods they sold were counterfeit and infringing goods.

So who is this anchor who was taken away? According to the police, the anchor network is named Silent M07, whose real name is Liao, and he is 27 years old this year. In 2017, she signed a contract with a brokerage company to become an online shopping anchor, and began to open a live broadcast room on a well-known e-commerce platform, specializing in women’s wear and accessories. Due to his professional experience as a graphic model, Liao accumulated millions of fans in just three years and became a "head anchor".

There are a lot of abnormal phenomena in the live broadcast that attract the attention of the police.

As one of the many anchors with goods, why do the police pay so much attention to Liao’s live broadcast? Things have to start from May this year. This year, affected by the epidemic, the online shopping form of live broadcast with goods is increasingly recognized by netizens, but there are a lot of unusual phenomena in Liao’s live broadcast.

During the police investigation, it was found that Liao lived for nearly seven or eight hours every day, sometimes as long as 10 hours, and lived almost every day all year round. In the long-term live broadcast, there are often some clothes, jewelry, watches, etc. suspected to be well-known luxury brands. However, Liao never clearly stated the brand of the goods in the live broadcast room, and also blocked the trademarks on the goods.

Deliberately compare the counter price when displaying fake goods.

At the same time, when she shows the goods, she often takes out the genuine counter price as a comparison. Some luxury goods that cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands are only one-tenth or even lower when she broadcasts live, so as to attract consumers to buy. 

Not only that, the brand logo will be covered in all the links of goods suspected of infringement. At the same time, the police found that all the live broadcast pages would be hung with the words "download, delete and play back, keep up with the rhythm", which is very different from the practice of retaining playback in the general live broadcast room.

Unscrupulous merchants use "online celebrity Live" to increase the sales of fake goods.

Because of the strong ability to bring goods, fake merchants have asked Liao to bring goods. Merchants come here, and Liao’s team accepts all the orders, and the business is getting bigger and wider. 

The police investigation found that the fakes recommended by Liao’s live broadcast came from different businesses. Because the traditional online shopping platform has made great efforts to investigate and deal with counterfeit and infringing goods, in order to expand its sales,business operatorI met Liao’s live broadcast team through an intermediary introduction.

The words "a little better" in the mouth of merchants are very implicit. Usually, the prices of their goods are close to genuine prices, and no one cares at all, but they are enthusiastically sought after by fans in the live broadcast room.

The fake merchants with high commission also provide extra appearance fees.

Selling fake goods not only brings huge commission income to Liao’s team, but also provides an extra appearance fee for the fake merchants. Under the temptation of dual interests, Liao’s live broadcast room began to become a popular channel for the sale of counterfeit goods. Police investigations found that nearly 30 of the hundreds of businesses that cooperated with Liao were suspected of selling counterfeit luxury goods.

Many fake merchants have come to the door to ask for goods, and Liao also accepted them according to the order. At the same time, the live broadcast platform is not supervised, and the brokerage company never asks questions, which has become a hotbed for illegal crimes.

In the first three quarters, there were 21,900 complaints related to live broadcast. 

Not long ago, the statistics of the first three quarters of 2020 of the national 12315 platform released by the State Administration of Market Supervision showed that. In the first three quarters of this year, complaints about online shopping accounted for 31.85% of the total number of complaints and reports, and a total of 21,900 complaints and reports related to live broadcast were received, up 479.60% year-on-year, and live broadcast claims accounted for nearly 60%. The demands related to live broadcast mainly focus on jewelry, clothing, shoes and hats, household items and so on. Immediately the annual "Double Eleven""Is coming, how to make the live broadcast bring benefits and convenience to buyers, but also more reassuring, which is an urgent problem for live broadcast platforms, online shopping platforms, merchants and anchors.