Xi’an illegal online car-hailing platform was removed from the shelves, in the end who will supervise the navigation software aggregation taxi function?

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  Western Network News (reporter, Liu Wang) Do you dare to take a ride on an online car without the approval of the competent authorities? Recently, a navigation software removed a number of unapproved online car-hailing platforms in Xi’an overnight. Why were these online car-hailing platforms removed? Western Network reporters conducted an investigation.

  Several ride-hailing platforms were removed from the Autonavi aggregation page

  Is it difficult to take a taxi during peak hours? Use the Autonavi map to take a taxi. You can call multiple online car-hailing platforms with one click, but in the past two days, many friends who are used to taking a taxi through navigation software have found that the original taxi aggregation page, "Sunshine Travel", "Proper E Line", "Timely Car Use", "An’an Car Use", "Ctrip Car Use", "AA Travel" and other online car-hailing platforms have disappeared. What remains are the four online car-hailing platforms that have obtained the online car-hailing license in Xi’an.

  Several drivers who had registered on these online ride-hailing platforms told reporters that the online ride-hailing driver port they used issued a notice to them. The notice said that in order to cooperate with the work of Xi’an city regulators, the Xi’an navigation software taxi business was offline from the evening of October 11. Later, the reporter called the Autonavi map taxi line, and the operator told the reporter that the reason why these online ride-hailing cars could not be found was because "there are no cars nearby."

  Some travel platforms such as "Sunshine Travel" confirmed to the Western Network reporter that on the Autonavi map, the entire Xi’an city does not have its own brand of online car-hailing. The competent authority confirmed to the Western Network reporter that Xi’an has indeed requested the removal of online car-hailing platforms that have not obtained service licenses.

  Drivers are not happy, passengers complain service can not keep up

  The way navigation software aggregates illegal online car-hailing platforms has long caused dissatisfaction among some legal online car-hailing drivers in Xi’an. A driver, Master Chen, complained to the Western Network reporter that he spent time participating in the training of online car-hailing drivers and paid a high price to buy vehicles that meet safety standards before obtaining the qualification for quasi-transportation. Drivers of these illegal platforms do not need it. In essence, this is an infringement of illegal operations on legitimate operations.

  In addition to drivers in the same industry, the "taxi-hailing" aggregation taxi platform has also been dissatisfied by passengers. According to local media reports, Ms. Chu, a resident of Xi’an, had such an experience. "After calling a car, the car experience is not very good. The in-car environment and driver service can’t keep up." Ms. Chu said that she used the Autonavi map ride-hailing function to call a BYD car through an unnamed online ride-hailing platform. The environment and hygiene in the car are not good, and the driver service is not very professional.

  Map navigation software aggregation network car-hailing platform, who should supervise it?

  In fact, there are already signs that the navigation software has been removed from the shelves of many online car-hailing entrances in Xi’an. On June 20 this year, Autonavi Map was "discussed" by the management department because the freight of the cruise car was much higher than the freight of the online car-hailing car, and the unauthorized online car-hailing platform was listed on the shelves. The management department asked Autonavi Group to immediately correct the wrong freight information of the cruise car and immediately remove the unauthorized online car-hailing platform. The relevant person in charge of Autonavi Group also promised to remove the unauthorized online car-hailing platform.

  And people familiar with the matter also revealed that the reason why they "discussed" with Autonavi maps instead of "interviewing" is precisely because the behavior of Autonavi map aggregation network car-hailing is difficult to characterize. In our country, the main responsibility for safe production is borne by enterprises, and the online car-hailing platform is responsible for passengers. Autonavi maps provide the entrance to illegal online car-hailing platforms. In the event of an unsafe accident, does Autonavi map also need to be held responsible? If it needs to be held responsible, is it administrative law enforcement by the surveying and mapping department or the transportation department? On these two issues, there are still legal gaps in local supervision.

  Reporters found that although the aggregation page of Autonavi maps removed these unapproved online car-hailing platforms, Baidu maps and Ctrip trips can still be searched for online car-hailing platforms such as "Sunshine Travel" and "Ctrip Travel" that have not been approved by the competent authorities.