"China Star Jump" helps diving rookie counterattack professional players

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Killer took off handstand.

Xing Aowei takes off.

Gao Hu’s Flying Swallow Action

  Zhejiang Satellite TV’s large-scale charity star diving reality show "China Star Jump", since last week’s transfer to the semi-finals of the master’s tricks, the overall difficulty of the players’ jumping has improved, and the difficulty of the movements has erupted collectively. Especially in Gao Hu and Killer, two "high-platform kings" jumped out of the amazing professional-level movements. Killer took out the difficult movement of 611A handstand and somersaulted forward for half a week in the first jump, and then challenged the highest difficulty 202A of the 10-meter platform since the launch of the diving program, while Gao Hu 302C’s perfect jump of reflexively somersaulted and hugged her knees for one week, which was praised by Olympic champion Li Na, a substitute judge, as "the height that professional athletes can only reach after practicing for one year". This week’s second semi-final is still full of experts, especially Xing Aowei, the Olympic gymnastics champion of cross-border diving, who created a dazzling 720-degree somersault and a 180-degree twist against the sky in the preliminary round. The semi-final will continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and threatened to "jump the diving action of the next Olympic Games" if he advanced to the final.

  Killer, Xing Aowei and Gao Hu, who are also non-professional divers, have turned from inexperienced diving novices to almost professional ones. Their respective advantages of "being in harmony with the right time and the right people" are prominent, which is an important weight for their successful breakthrough and the secret behind their successful counterattack.

  Location: Gao Hu grew up facing the sea, and his childhood "plunge" warmed up and dived.

  Gao Hu is the "king of the platform" among the contestants. He not only won the 10m platform at the fastest speed in training, but also was the first person in the competition. In addition to the courage and boldness of "being too high to be happy", Gao Hu showed an amazing and perfect swallow in the preliminary round, and the difficulty of the action was also upgraded all the way. Especially in the last semi-final, Gao Hu 302C made a perfect jump by doing a reverse somersault and holding her knees for a week. Even Olympic champion judge Li Na praised this as "the height that professional players can only reach after practicing for one year". He also relied on this difficult and perfect jump to sit firmly on the spot and advance directly to the final without any suspense.

  The reason why Gao Hu achieved such amazing diving attainments in a short time can be said to be due to the "geographical advantage" occupied since childhood. He is a native of Qingdao, and the urban environment surrounded by the sea on three sides gives Gao Hu a unique advantage before diving. According to Gao Hu himself, "I grew up facing the sea, and I have a deep plot about water. My whole family likes swimming very much, so I have been moving freely in the water since I was three or four years old". According to Gao Hu’s recollection, there are many hills and rocks in his hometown near Qingdao. When he was a child, he was bold. He often avoided his parents’ attention with his friends and jumped from the rocks to the water for excitement. Although the equipment was rudimentary and there was no technical content, his childhood experience was similar to that of today’s diving, especially because he learned Gao Hu’s boldness. It is no wonder that he was able to walk calmly on the 10-meter platform on the first day of training. He once said that "I am not afraid of heights at all and like to challenge the limits." Gao Hu, who has excellent water quality, also revealed that he had passed the diving certificate when he traveled to Palau.

  In addition, Gao Hu is also a sportsman. He likes to play volleyball since he was a child. He is the leader of the school volleyball team. He has participated in many municipal competitions with the team, and volleyball has also trained Gao Hu’s good arm strength.

  Timing: Killer was born with good gene dance skills and was born with boldness.

  Killer has been called "Zhang Dadan" since she entered the competition. In the preliminary competition, she was the first woman on the 10m platform, which was as famous as Gao Hu. In the semi-finals, she was even more powerful, with two consecutive jumps. The first jump of 611A turned upside down for half a week, becoming the first woman to use platform handstand, while the second jump of 202A turned backwards for a week, which was the highest difficulty since the diving program was launched.

  The reason why Killer dives so well can be said that she won at the starting line because of her favorable weather and natural genes. Killer’s mother is a dance teacher, and her innate motor genes, coupled with the super-high physical flexibility of practicing dance since childhood, give her obvious advantages in diving. In addition, Killer, who is bold by nature, also said that he was particularly love the water and liked swimming since childhood. This boldness surprised everyone when Killer walked into the diving hall for the first time, and immediately won the 10m platform, giving the competitors a modest "duel". In a daily training, the diving hall was suddenly cut off due to an accident, and it was suddenly plunged into darkness. At that time, the staff and players present, especially the girls, screamed with fear and scrambled to climb ashore from the water. At that time, Killer, who was on the shore, jumped into the water and swam in the dark diving hall, exclaiming that "such an opportunity is too rare, swimming in the dark is very exciting", which attracted Gao Hu present to be outdone and jumped into the water.

  People and Peace: Coach Xing Aowei and the judges all found that small gymnastics and diving are connected.

  As the Olympic champion of gymnastics, Xing Aowei still can’t hide the champion’s potential in cross-border diving. In addition to his amazing jump in the preliminary round, he let the audience see the high platform handstand for the first time, and even created a dazzling "anti-heaven" action in the second jump: 720-degree somersault and 180-degree turn, which caused a full house of applause. This action is even more created by Xing Aowei. In the semi-finals, he said that he would continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation, and he confidently threatened to "jump the diving action of the next Olympic Games" if he could advance to the final.

  Xing Aowei has the highest starting line among all the players. As a gymnast of the national gymnastics team and an Olympic gold medal champion, he stood out among all the players from the first day of training. The national diving team and the gymnastics team are veritable neighbors. They used to practice in the same training hall. Therefore, many national diving team members and Xing Aowei have been good friends since childhood, including Li Na, the world diving champion who is the coach in this competition. Therefore, Xing Aowei has no pressure and a sense of formality in the training process. Although gymnastics and diving are two completely different sports, they have a lot in common, especially turning and tumbling, which is why Li Xiaopeng of Prince of gymnastics was specially invited to the jury, and Li Xiaopeng’s position was to comment on diving from a semi-professional perspective. Xing Aowei and Li Xiaopeng are both Olympic champions. Since Li Xiaopeng can be a judge, it can be seen that Xing Aowei’s starting line is high, and their teammates, especially good brothers, let him score in the judges’ scoring.

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