A brand of tea in Fuzhou is 480,000 yuan per catty! The reporter made an unannounced visit to investigate "high-priced tea"

Recently, there is a latest list of Wuyi Rock Tea in 2020 circulating on the Internet, and the price of tea inside is staggering!
The price of rock tea of various brands
Each catty ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The most expensive hand is still "far fragrant", which actually reaches 480,000 yuan, and the single bubble is 9,600 yuan. Is this tea or RMB? What’s so special about "high-priced tea"? How is the tea market in Fuzhou? Come to see the reporter’s unannounced investigation.
480 thousand yuan a catty?
Can reach a luxury car!
In Paiwei Road, Taijiang District, there are several tea dealerships and brand chain stores within one kilometer. The tea sold in each store is mainly Wuyi Rock Tea.
They were branded by the store with magnificent names such as "ingenious production", "Zhuangyuanhong" and "exclusive customization". Of course, the price is also high.
Thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan a catty of Wuyi rock tea can be found everywhere, and some of them are more than 100,000 yuan a catty.
In a tea brand chain store in Gutian Road, Gulou District, the clerk showed the reporter the treasure of their town store-a Wuyi rock tea named "Yuanxiang", the price per catty was as high as 480,000 yuan.
Rock tea is "far fragrant"
The clerk revealed to the reporter that this "Yuanxiang" belongs to "not for sale" and has not been tried. Only when it costs more than 150,000 yuan can it be given a bubble. Since it is "not for sale", why is it priced at 481,000 Jin?
During the reporter’s unannounced visit, all tea merchants said that they have a special tea mountain in Wuyishan. Due to the scarcity of Wuyi rock tea, the price is naturally high. In addition, many Wuyi rock teas are named as master teas, which are made by masters. The process is complicated and the price will rise.
But can a catty of tea with a price of more than five figures really be sold? The clerk told reporters that there was no shortage of sales.
Is it true? Is it fake?
There are many routines of "Niulankeng Cinnamon"
In addition to "high-priced tea", during the unannounced visit, the reporter also noticed that many tea shops have "Niulankeng Cinnamon" and they are placed in a conspicuous position.
However, the "Niulankeng Cinnamon" produced in the core mountain site of Wuyishan is originally sold as a small quantity and scarcity, with an annual output of only 1,000 kilograms.
Where did the "Niulan Pit Cinnamon" on the market come from?
The staff of a tea brand chain store told reporters that many so-called Niulankeng cinnamon in the market actually have hidden mysteries.
In the interview, the reporter learned that due to the low output, most of the cinnamon in Matouyan is on the market, and even Niulankeng cinnamon is mixed with tea from other mountain farms to replace it. In addition to selling tea, many tea merchants also claim that they have a tea mountain in Wuyishan.
In fact, some tea gardens in Wuyishan belong to local villagers. In these tea gardens, you will see clusters of tea trees, and the signs set up by tea merchants are very conspicuous. Some tea gardens with an area of only a few minutes have even inserted the signs of several tea merchants.
source map
Some of these tea merchants just bought a small amount of tea from the villagers, and some just spent money to insert a brand. The tea actually sold to the outside world is probably just a fake product wrapped in the appearance of Wuyi Rock Tea and filled with ordinary tea.
A simple box of tea leaves is often hand-made by the so-called masters, and the raw materials of famous potholes cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan per catty.
Many consumers are asking, what is unique about Wuyi Rock Tea, which can sell at such a high price?
"High-priced tea" is a gimmick.
Or is it genuine?
Yao Xinen, former deputy secretary-general of Fujian Tea Society, told the reporter that the quality of tea mainly depends on two factors, namely, planting tea and making tea, that is, raw materials and technology.
As we all know, the natural environment of Wuyishan’s "three pits and two streams" is excellent, and the quality of rock tea planted is the best. Because of its limited planting area, things are rare.
Wuyishan niulankeng
The high price of Wuyi rock tea also stems from its complicated production process. Take the most famous Dahongpao tea as an example, its working procedure is complicated, involving more than ten kinds of skills such as picking, pouring green and making green.
It takes at least dozens of people to make tea in a short time, and any master can’t do it alone.
In addition, because Wuyi rock tea leaves only leaves after removing the stems, and it is baked with sufficient fire, about 8 kg of fresh leaves of Wuyi rock tea can be made into 1 kg of dry tea. Compared with other teas in China, the ratio of fresh leaves to dry tea is 4:1, which is only half of Wuyi Rock Tea.
It is rare to make tea, and the high price has become inevitable.
In the case that the supply of authentic Wuyi rock tea is in short supply, some merchants began to play tricks to fake the truth and make false hype.
Rock tea market chaosWho’s in charge?
At present, there is no authority to judge the authenticity and value of tea in the domestic tea industry, and there is also a lack of scientific identification standards.
Grades and prices are assessed by tea manufacturers themselves according to their quality grades, but the standard of "speaking for yourself" does not have much reference and guiding value.
In view of the current chaos in the rock tea market, Secretary-General Yao also said that there are certain difficulties in management.
Drinking tea is nothing but a part of daily life. The appearance of sky-high rock tea has deviated from the initial intention of drinking tea. Do you know any other "high-priced teas" or "high-priced teas" in The Secret Behind? Welcome to tell us!