I am on duty on New Year’s Day | "Dan" is willing to be safe, and the color of "police" is always new.

Morning and evening, precipitate the past and usher in a new light.

It’s New Year’s Day again, and it’s such a group of people.

Interpret responsibility with persistence

Sincerely guarding the lights of thousands of families with blood heat

Patrol prevention and control, conflict mediation

Safety inspection, traffic diversion


a new year

Haiyuan police

Send peace to the masses on time.

Conflict mediation has me.

In order to ensure the harmonious, stable and orderly order of the jurisdiction during the New Year’s Day, all police stations of Haiyuan County Public Security Bureau are based on the actual situation of the jurisdiction, actively promote the "police station’s main defense" policing mechanism, adhere to the working concept of "no contradiction, no lack of service, and no accidents", build up a strong sense of urgency and act positively. During the New Year’s Day holiday, the police of Qiying Police Station found in their work that there was a contradiction between the two people in the jurisdiction because of economic disputes. In order to prevent the contradiction from spreading and intensifying, the police took the initiative to go to the masses and visit them on the spot. In order to mediate contradictions and disputes more reasonably and effectively, the police made full use of the joint mediation center of the Seventh Battalion Police Station to put contradictions on the "desktop" to resolve disputes and promote harmony. In the end, both parties to the contradiction calmed their emotions, opened their hearts and expressed their willingness to take a step back and reach mediation.

Travel safely with me

In order to do a good job in road traffic security during New Year’s Day and let the masses spend a peaceful and peaceful holiday, according to the characteristics of holiday travel, the traffic patrol brigade carefully analyzed and judged the traffic safety situation during the holiday, actively adjusted the service mode, deployed and used police officers in a targeted manner, increased police input at key intersections and key road sections in the jurisdiction, and strengthened the rectification of traffic violations such as drunk driving, driving without a license, "Three Supers and One Fatigue" and riding electric vehicles without wearing safety helmets during the holiday.

Patrol prevention and control has me.

In order to further strengthen the overall public security prevention and control, during the New Year’s Day, Haiyuan Public Security increased its patrol prevention and control efforts. The special police squadron and the county armed police squadron organized police forces to patrol key sections and main blocks in the streets, squares, shopping malls and other areas under their jurisdiction every day, and put police forces on the streets to the maximum extent, keeping high-frequency patrols and flashing warning lights, so as to achieve "controlling dead corners, flashing warning lights and meeting police", effectively improving the rate of seeing police and handling affairs on the streets, and effectively deterring all kinds of illegal and criminal activities.

Hidden trouble investigation has me.

The string of safety cannot be relaxed for a moment. During the New Year’s Day, the civilian auxiliary police of Chengguan Police Station went deep into hotels, KTV, gas stations, fireworks and firecrackers retail outlets and other places in the area under their jurisdiction to conduct a full-coverage inspection, focusing on the monitoring facilities of the industry, fire-fighting equipment, safe evacuation routes and the implementation of the real-name registration system, doing a solid job in various safety precautions, discovering and eliminating all kinds of potential safety hazards in time, and comprehensively purifying the social security environment. Minimize the hidden dangers of public safety, resolutely be responsible for defending the soil, do your duty, and respond to the expectations of the masses with practical actions.

Serve the masses with me.

During the New Year’s Day, the civilian auxiliary police of each police station stood on their posts, actively handled the police work together, enthusiastically solved problems for the masses, resolved conflicts and disputes with heart, and became "caring people" of the masses.

"Your warm service is so touching that I enjoy the special treatment of getting an ID card on holiday …" At the household registration window of Qiying Police Station, two people who finished their business gave the police a great praise for their holiday persistence! During the New Year’s Day, in order to facilitate the people in the jurisdiction to handle all kinds of household registration business and further enhance their ability to serve private affairs, Haiyuan Public Security Household Registration Window fully implemented "365 days x24 hours" all-weather service without closing, meeting the needs of people returning from other places, "having no time to go to work and no place to do it after work" and other staff members, which won unanimous praise from the people who applied for permits.

Original title: "I am on duty on New Year’s Day |" Dan "is willing to be safe, and" police "is always as new"

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