This week’s wonderful movie channel has broadcast many fantasy movies since 12.20.

Special feature of 1905 film network In the genre practice of China’s films, fantasy films have sprung up in recent years, with excellent films such as series, Journey to the West series, Di Renjie series and so on. Domestic fantasy movies are based on oriental mythology, with grand scenes and exploding 3D special effects, which capture a large number of fans and gradually occupy a place in domestic film types.

As the largest domestic film output platform in China, the movie channel will assemble a series of fantasy movies such as "Nine-story Demon Tower" this week, as well as suspense crime movies, healing love and so on, so stay tuned!

Nine-story demon tower

Fantasy index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: A wonderful adaptation of Ghost Blowing Lights that fans should not miss.

Broadcast time: December 20th at about 15:55.

In 1979, the skeleton of a mysterious creature was discovered in Kunlun Mountain. The expedition led by Hu Bayi went deep into the hinterland of Kunlun Mountain to find more secrets about the remains of paleontology, only to be attacked by different mysterious creatures in the process and accidentally fell into the nine-story demon tower. Except for Hu Bayi, the life and death of the group became a mystery.

Hu Bayi returned to Beijing after leaving the army, reunited with his young Wang Kaixuan, and embarked on the journey of exploring unknown civilization again between the mysterious man and the expedition team. On the way, he met Shirley Yang and went hand in hand. A group of people were attacked by unknown creatures in the prince’s tomb, oil town and other places. What happened here once again points to the nine-story demon tower, and this time it will be an unsolved mystery that has been dusty for thousands of years … …

Wonderful film review:The first step is China’s fantasy works that can compete with Hollywood blockbusters.— — From time network

The Four Heavenly Kings of Di Renjie

Fantasy index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: The fantasy and suspense of ancient mythology, the martial arts action reappears Tsui Hark’s fantasy masterpiece.

Broadcast time: about 20:15 on December 20th.

The Four Heavenly Kings of Di Renjie is the third in a series of films directed by Tsui Hark.Strange things happened one after another in Luoyang, the capital of the gods, and the samurai group wearing the ghost face of Chiyou committed crimes everywhere; The fox outside the pub knows human language; The carved dragons on the pillars of the palace Ganyuan Hall came alive. As a detective, Di Renjie should not only solve the truth and motivation of the mysterious case, but also find ways to face Wu Hou’s pressing.

Prior to this, Di Renjie broke the case of the Dragon King, was given a royal mace of Kang Long, and was in charge of Dali Temple, which made him the biggest threat to Wu Zetian’s road to power. In order to eliminate the thorn in the side, Wu Zetian ordered Wei Chi Jin to assemble a powerful group of aliens in an attempt to seize Kang Long’s mace.Di Renjie not only has to protect Kang Long’s mace, but also has to solve mysterious and strange cases, and he has to face Wu Zetian’s seizure of power and is caught in many crises … …

Wonderful film review:A spectacle film that combines brain holes, imagination and fantasy.— — From Douban. Shameless, asshole

Never imagined

Funny index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: Popular online dramas grafted with The Journey to the West’s hilarious doubled.

Broadcast time: December 20th, about 11:38.

The story sets the time in the Tang Dynasty and takes Shi Niu town as the starting point. According to legend, Shi Niu, a huge monster, and a small demon named Wang Dachui were suppressed here.Hammer, the little demon king, was born different from ordinary people, with sharp ears and a little magic. He always boasted of the local demon king. But what he never expected was that his fate was reversed after meeting the Tang Priest’s Master-Apprentice Group. For the Tang Priest’s Master-Apprentice Group, meeting Wang Dachui was also the 82nd most depressing task. Therefore, the two sides staged a fantastic adventure of loving each other and killing each other.

Wonderful film review:This is a movie that can make the audience laugh from beginning to end.— — From the network Yanshan Knife A

Next: predecessor

Warm index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: A warm-hearted healing romance.

Broadcast time: December 19th at about 12:18.

If you are still confused in love, hurt by the pain brought by your predecessor, and hesitate on the way to find the next one, you might as well walk into this film and have a healing journey. Maybe you will find that love is not far away.

Lin Xintian, played by Guo Caijie, has never had a smooth road to love, and she can never meet the right person at the right time. Just when she was disheartened, fate made her meet the affectionate warm man Wuchuan played by Ryan. I thought that I finally met the right person this time, and when I was immersed in happiness, I was miserable and cheated. At the height of sadness, good luck finally arrived, and Lin Xintian, who was wandering around, finally found true love — — The person who has had a secret crush since he was a student and has never let go.

The wrong person will eventually be separated, and the right person will always come. Those injuries and tears you have suffered in love are also the foreshadowing of happiness.

Wonderful film review:Don’t be afraid of love, because it is predestined.— — From time network taoxinxu Shi Fan

Glacier chasing after the murderer

Suspense index: ★★★★★★★

Highlight: Reveal the cold and warm life behind the suspense mystery.

Broadcast time: about 00:28 on December 20th.

Snowflakes flying all over the sky created a picturesque dream world, but in this dream world, a complicated case was quietly buried. The murderer killed three people in an extremely cruel way. Every time he committed the crime in the same way, he cut the ice with a chainsaw, tied the victim’s hands behind his back, then threw it into the biting glacier, and finally covered it with ice, letting it slowly struggle to death.

Headed by Zhou Peng, a senior policeman played by Tony Leung Ka Fai, and Wang Hao, a young detective played by David, the "murderer" went deep into the glacier to trace the real murderer and find the truth.In the cold glacier with hidden dangers, everyone is inevitably involved in a series of complicated events, but the ultimate truth under the glacier subverts everyone’s imagination … … In the film, whether it is the fetters of family ties, the reflection on environmental protection, or the revenge between good and evil, it is very embarrassing.

Wonderful film review:An action suspense blockbuster with strong male hormones, freezing the corpse under the ice and gripping.— — Pony from the internet shines