Rush to the hot search! On a hot day, the mother gave the electric fan to her child and was killed by the heat.

After crouching

The high temperature in various places continues to spread.

Some people don’t pay attention to it after heatstroke.

Wait until after severe heatstroke

The tragedy is irreversible …

In the past week, the emergency department of Sandun Hospital of Zhejiang Hospital has received many cases of heatstroke every day. A 30-year-old female patient with heatstroke (severe heatstroke) did not turn on the air conditioner at home, and the electric fan was given to the child. By the time the family found out that she was not in the right condition, the patient had fallen into a deep coma.

What took you so long? Her husband explained that "she is not afraid of heat at ordinary times". In the end, the doctors tried their best, but there was nothing they could do.

The doctor stressed that heatstroke is severe heatstroke, and the mortality rate is very high if the rescue is not timely. However, heatstroke usually does not happen suddenly. If there is threatened heatstroke or mild heatstroke, we must intervene in time, otherwise the symptoms will continue to worsen, such as heatstroke and even death.

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Netizens said

"Poor inherit the wind"

Some netizens don’t understand her husband’s words.

Xiao Bian reminds that in high temperature weather, whether in production or life, we should guard against the personal safety risks caused by summer heat.

Eight Mistakes of Heat Shock Disease

Misunderstanding 1

Heat stroke is heatstroke, so it is not life-threatening.

Heat stroke is the most serious type of severe heatstroke. Heat stroke is not as simple as raising body temperature, but produces a series of terrible physiological reactions. Patients will have multiple organ failure, central nervous system dysfunction, disseminated intravascular coagulation and so on. If it is not properly treated in time, the death rate of heat stroke is very high, and the general death rate can reach 50%-70%, and the death rate of elderly patients over 70 years old will reach 80%.

Myth 2

If you have symptoms of heatstroke, you can cool down at home.

Heatstroke is extremely dangerous once it develops to the stage of heatstroke. When the patient has symptoms of heatstroke such as high fever, no sweat, blurred consciousness, convulsion, or even no response, don’t hesitate to call 120 in time and send him to the hospital as soon as possible.

Misunderstanding 3

Indoor, there will be no heat stroke.

Heat stroke is not exclusive to outdoor, and indoor small environment with high temperature and poor ventilation may also cause heat stroke. Decoration workers and workshop workers who stay in a closed space for a long time belong to the high-risk group of heat stroke; Some elderly people live in old houses with poor ventilation and no air conditioning, and are also prone to heat stroke.

Misunderstanding 4

If you don’t do strenuous exercise, you won’t get heatstroke.

Heat stroke can be divided into labor type and non-labor type, the former refers to strenuous exercise in summer and high-intensity physical activity; The latter is common in the elderly, infants, pregnant women and other people with slightly weaker physique. In the summer of 2022, there was an incident in Shandong where a woman suffered from fever during the confinement period and eventually died of heatstroke.

Myth 5

If the temperature is not high, it is not heatstroke.

Elevated body temperature is the main feature of heatstroke, and the core body temperature of patients is mostly above 40℃. The core temperature mentioned here is often reflected by rectal temperature. Our daily measurement of axillary temperature or ear temperature can only be used as a reference, and can not be used as a basis for the diagnosis of heatstroke.

Myth 6

Only in summer will there be heatstroke.

Heat stroke is not exclusive to summer. For example, workers who work in unventilated high-temperature factories for a long time, firefighters who face raging fires, and even people who steam saunas in winter may suffer from heat stroke.

Misunderstanding 7

In hot weather, eating more cold drinks can prevent heatstroke.

The most important thing to prevent heatstroke is to drink plenty of water, including white water, salt water and drinks containing electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and chlorine. Eating a lot of cold drinks will increase the burden on the stomach. Alcoholic drinks and high-sugar drinks will make the body lose water and are not recommended.

Misunderstanding 8

Women with weak constitution are more likely to get heatstroke.

Generally speaking, women’s heat adaptability is weaker than men’s, but a large number of clinical data show that there are more men suffering from heat stroke than women, which should be related to men’s more outdoor work and heavy physical activities. Such as outdoor high-temperature workers, steel workers, firefighters, athletes, soldiers participating in training, etc. are all high-risk groups of heat stroke.

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The heat is scorching

Be sure to watch out for heatstroke!

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