Dialogue "Treasure Singer" Chen Chusheng: There is more room for imagination in my music.

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Chen Chusheng, a voice that runs through 2007, can always sing a life story with deep affection. However, such a voice was silent for a long time, and it was not until he boarded the stage of Hunan Satellite TV’s "Who is the Treasure Singer" that everyone found him again.

Chen Chusheng appeared as an "equal sign" singer, and the recommender Luo Yonghao asked the most concerned question on behalf of everyone: "I haven’t heard from you for many years. What have you been busy with these years?" Chen Chusheng said frankly in the program that in fact, he has been playing bands and making music, but it is different from the past era of "wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley". Now he needs to work hard to let more people know that he is still singing and making music. "If there is such an opportunity for more people to hear, I am willing to start again, starting with the’ equal sign’."

Tomorrow night, "Who is the Treasure Singer" will usher in a "highlight night". At the end of the program, Chen Chusheng was interviewed by the national media, including the story of catching entertainment (ID: IBUYUJI), and shared his feelings about the program and his musical journey.

"Very compact and exciting."

After receiving the invitation from director Hong Tao, Chen Chusheng promised to be on "Who is the Treasure Singer" with little consideration. He said that if he wants to meet young and powerful musicians, he also wants to test his efforts in music over the past few years. "This time I came to the show to hope to put aside all my past achievements, go into battle easily, face every singing seriously and enjoy the stage to the fullest."

Every treasure singer will replace his name with a "symbol" before revealing his name. Chen Chusheng chose "=" (equal sign). When the familiar "Did anyone ever tell you" sang again, everyone was moved. This is indeed a voice that everyone has been waiting for for a long time.

Arai XI, the presenter of the program, was deeply moved: "I used to have a lot of singers, but I am still willing to stand here anonymously." The music critic Er Di commented that the new version of Did Anyone Tell You has a sense of sadness and infiltration. "With the sad strings that are not what they used to be, it is a feeling that’ things are people who don’t rest everything, and tears flow first’, which shows that there is a deeper understanding of singing."

After years of tempering, the voice is more pure. Chen Chusheng maintains his awe of the stage. He admits that he is very nervous. "After all, he has not sung on such a stage for a long time." The tension continued until he sang "Mercury" with Land Rover, and his familiar old friends made him relax a lot.

Talking about the "trip to the treasure", Chen Chusheng admitted that the biggest gain was "enjoyment". There is no teleprompter on this stage, and every song is required to be thoroughly understood and integrated into your own understanding. In the duet session, you have to cooperate with your partner in many harmonies. "It is very compact, but it is also very exciting, so you will still feel very happy after singing, especially if you don’t forget so many words."

"Who is the Treasure Singer" includes Mesozoic singers such as Manjiang, Hannah Kim and Jiang Meiqi, as well as new generation singers such as the landlord’s cat and ICE PAPER. Chen Chusheng obviously feels a change. He said, on a stage similar to the T-stage, "You will see a lot of new generation singers who will express themselves on different stage forms and make full use of this stage. When we talk about singing, we actually (except) sing well, so we have to think about how to perform it. I think this part needs me to learn, that is, how to make full use of different stages to express my different forms, so that people on the scene or the whole visual effect can be integrated with music to maximize the enjoyment of visual hearing. "

"slowly pick up the memories"

"I am a singer, and my clue is’ I am No.09 player’." When Chen Chusheng first appeared, he introduced himself like this. 09 is the number when he participated in Happy Boys in 2007, when countless viewers voted for this number. Returning to the stage, Chen Chusheng saw many familiar IDs and names, and "felt very cordial". Happily, there are also many new IDs. "These people know me in this program, which is also a very happy thing for me."

In the "Who is the Treasure Singer" program, there is also a good brother of Chen Chusheng, the "No.07 player" Land Rover. They sang two songs together, and the singing video was circled on social networks, which caused praise and heated discussion.

One is "To My Former Self", which starts with the numbers of "No.09 Chen Chusheng" and "No.05 Land Rover" in the fast boy period, and instantly brings back the youthful memories of the audience. The audience commented on the tacit understanding and passion of the two people’s singing. "The narrative tone tells the story of their experiences and moods along the way. Even if time passes, the past is not like smoke. It is still a burning flame that ignites their love for music and cherishes their friendship."

One is Mercury, an excellent musical work that has been covered many times. Chen Chusheng and Lu Hu’s singing kept the artistic conception and emotional expression of the original version to the greatest extent, faithfully presented the lonely surroundings created by Guo Ding, and explained it again with the most sincere and sincere emotions. They seem to be carefully caring for a song, and their eyes are sincere and pure, moving.

How do you feel about being on the same stage with Land Rover after 14 years? Chen Chusheng said, in fact, this is the first time they sang in the same stage. "We will talk about many things we experienced together in the past and slowly pick up many memories. I am very happy to have such an opportunity to sing with him, and I can also see each other’s growth through this singing on the same stage. How to say it is very warm, because two people are familiar with each other and the communication on music is very fast. In this process, it is very smooth and very happy. "

haveGood work,alsoLet people hear you"

The recommender Luo Yonghao was very excited to see Chen Chusheng in Who is the Treasure Singer. "I haven’t heard from you for many years. What have you been busy with these years?"

Different from the fate of most draft champions, Chen Chusheng’s "debut is the peak". In his 26-to 36-year-old golden decade, he experienced highs and lows, and he was confused and gained happiness. Although there was a lot of repercussions when he kicked the Hunan Satellite TV "Singer" program in 2019, he turned around and disappeared. Later, the audience actually saw him in a program that tested his acting skills.

In fact, Chen Chusheng did not leave music. In 2014, after his contract with Huayi Music expired, he set up an independent studio and formed a five-person band SPY.C After that, he was active in music festivals and band tours as the lead singer of the band. Chen Chusheng said, "The most influential person in my music career is Ka Kui Wong. I learned guitar because I watched the videos of their concerts, and I was also influenced by them in writing words, including forming a band. "

In order to show the diversity of music styles, Chen Chusheng specially sang a disco-style Evening Dress in Who is the Treasure Singer. "I chose this song because I hope more people can understand Chen Chusheng’s music content, which may not be as simple as most people think. In fact, I have been doing a lot with the band from my second and third albums to the album Detective C with my own band SPY.C Chen Chusheng said that through the expression of Evening Dress, I want to communicate with you and let more people know. "In fact, there is more room for imagination in Chen Chusheng’s music, and I have been doing this all these years."

There is good music, but it is difficult to be heard by the public. This is a big dilemma that Chen Chusheng is facing at present. He admits that now is the era of information explosion and streaming media, and everyone can be from the media. "If you want others to pay attention to you, in addition to the good works you can get, you must let people hear and see. Maybe I am more traditional from the media. Unlike many young musicians now, they are doing very well in this piece. I also hope that I can learn more. "

Participating in "Who is the Treasure Singer" has gained a lot, and more people have heard their own voices. Chen Chusheng is ready to start again. "In fact, Chu Sheng has been making music seriously in recent years, seriously facing every album."

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