Wang Jianlin turbulent 30 days, crazy sale of assets, a total of nearly 7 billion yuan recovered funds

July has been a difficult month for Wang Jianlin. In the past month, Wang Jianlin and Wanda have frequently become the focus of public opinion due to a series of fire sale operations. Although the title of richest man has long been lost, the exposure has not diminished at all.

Wang Jianlin, chairperson of Wanda Group, sold his assets three times in a row under financial pressure, recovering a total of nearly 7 billion yuan. These assets include Wanda Film and Beijing Wanda Investment, and the transfer price is lower than the market price.

Wang Jianlin has sold assets three times in a row:

On July 10, Wanda Investment and Ms. Lu Lili signed the "Share Transfer Agreement". Wanda Investment transferred its shares of Wanda Film 180 million to Lu Lili, accounting for 8.26% of the company’s total share capital. The transfer price was 12.07 yuan/share, involving an amount of 2.173 billion yuan.

On July 17, Wanda Investment and its concerted action Shanxian Rongzhi signed the "Share Transfer Agreement", Wanda Investment transferred its holding of Wanda Film 177 million shares to Shanxian Rongzhi, accounting for 8.14% of the company’s total share capital, and the transfer price was 13.17 yuan/share, involving an amount of 2.331 billion yuan.

On July 23, China Ruyi announced that Shanghai Ruyi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, acquired 49% of the shares of Beijing Wanda Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Wanda Cultural Industry Group") held by Beijing Wanda Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Wanda Investment") at a transaction price of 2.26 billion yuan.

After the transfer, Wanda Investment will be held 49.8% by Wanda Cultural Industry Group, 49% by Shanghai Ruyi, and 1.2% by Wang Jianlin. Wanda Investment is the controlling shareholder of listed platform Wanda Film, holding 20% of its shares. After the change of rights and interests is completed, Shanghai Ruyi indirectly holds a 9.8% stake in Wanda Film through Wanda Investment.

Transferring assets can only ease Wanda’s current cash flow problems. S & P pointed out that Wanda Commercial will face huge repayment pressure in the next 12 months.

According to public information, the current Wanda commercial management of 11 surviving bonds, the scale of 10.766 billion yuan, of which the scale of maturity within one year is 1.348 billion yuan. In terms of US dollar bonds, the current Wanda commercial management of 4 US dollar bonds, the scale of survival 1.70 billion US dollars, two of which total 1 billion US dollar bonds will mature within one year.

Industry insiders believe that the biggest risk for Wanda at present is whether it can go public. If Zhuhai Wanda Commercial Management cannot go public by December this year, according to the gambling agreement, Wanda will not only have to redeem 38 billion yuan, but also pay 12% interest. "

At present, China Chengxin International, Fitch, Moody’s and S & P have successively adjusted the rating of the joint stock company of Dalian Wanda Commercial Management Group.

In response, Wanda Commercial Management Group responded that the company’s operations are stable and its profitability is good. The company will strictly abide by the provisions and requirements of relevant laws and regulations, earnestly fulfill its information disclosure obligations, and remind investors of relevant risks on relevant matters.