People are happy when they are happy! William Feng’s new drama conference turned into "Pippi Peak"

William Feng and Zhu Yilong attended the "Know No" conference.

The TV series "Do you know if it should be green, fat, red and thin" was held in Beijing today. The newly-married William Feng people are full of spirits at every happy event. They changed from serious Feng Shu to "Pipifeng", generous and humorous to help "good brother" Zhu Yilong, and contributed many golden sentences. The scene has become his "stand-up comedy" special.

William Feng hugs Zhu Yilong

"Do you know if it should be green, fat and thin?" starring newlyweds Zhao Liying and William Feng. Although the heroine couldn’t attend, William Feng also distributed a lot of "invisible dog food". When talking about his role in the play, Uncle Gu said "sweet": "He will take his wife to eat delicious food, make up his wife, be jealous and have a little mood, and create an atmosphere …" Turning to his rival Zhu Yilong in the play, he asked weakly, "Is it not good to say this in front of you?" Bring laughter to the scene.

When asked about the wisdom of life learned from filming, while shy Zhu Yilong was still thinking, William Feng took the initiative to answer the question: "I’ll answer this! I think Zhu Yilong should have learned a deep lesson. That is, when you like a girl, you must marry her at the first time. Don’t wait! Also, brothers can’t be trusted easily. If you are not active, the opportunity will slip to your brothers. Men must be a little worse. " William Feng also "complained" that the little girls in the play all liked the little grandfather played by Zhu Yilong. "In order to clear up the relationship with me, I followed him and shouted a second uncle … but I was used to it anyway. When I was still very young, my fans called me Feng Shu."

William Feng revealed that although they are rivals in love in the play, they have a good relationship outside the play. Zhu Yilong was shy when he was unfamiliar. "You can not talk from beginning to end after eating a meal." But after getting acquainted, the teacher became more lively and talked about everything. He once took himself to eat chicken, but he failed to learn. William Feng also recalled seeing Zhu Yilong for the first time in the crew. "I like Yi Long very much as soon as I see him. He looks like Tony Leung Chiu Wai [Weibo], so handsome! I took a fancy to him at first sight. But that scene was our tit-for-tat, and the gas field had to be mentioned, so he also promoted the small universe, and I also promoted the small universe, so I stared at each other! " When Zhu Yilong talked about his first impression, he sincerely said: "It was too dark, I didn’t see it clearly …" That led William Feng to "remedy" quickly. "He didn’t wear contact lenses that day!" Also reminded each other in a low voice that "we should flatter each other at this time", Zhu Yilong instantly understood and replied: "Brother Feng is very handsome! My first impression when I saw Feng Ge was that Feng Ge was more handsome than I expected … "

The first computer in new China: from scratch, it ranks among the top in the world.

  China news agency, Beijing, September 6 (Chen Ying) As the world’s largest computer manufacturing base, China’s computer industry has now ranked first in the world.

  According to the data released by the "2019 World Computer Conference" held in July this year, in 2018, China’s computer industry achieved a main business income of 1.95 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.7% year-on-year; The output of microcomputers is 310 million, and the annual output of servers reaches 2.952 million.

  It is hard for people today to imagine that China’s first electronic computer — — 103 computers, covering an area of 40 square meters, with an operation speed of only 30 times per second.

  In January 1953, Hua Luogeng was ordered to set up the first computer research group in China in the newly established Institute of Mathematics of China Academy of Sciences, with Professor Min Dake of Tsinghua University Electrical Engineering Department as the team leader. The goal of this group was to develop China’s own computer.

  In April 1956, when Premier Zhou Enlai personally led the formulation of a 12-year long-term outline of scientific and technological development, Hua Luogeng was appointed as the head of the computing technology planning group, responsible for drafting the blueprint for the development of computer industry in China. As a result of the implementation of the plan, the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences was born.

  In 1956, the Preparatory Committee of Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences was established in China, and the design of the first small computer 103 in China was completed. It took 8 months for the State-owned 738 Factory to manufacture this computer.

  In the field of computers, everything is "big" at the beginning. The first computer in New China covers an area of 40 square meters with only a few large cabinets in the mainframe, and there are nearly 4,000 semiconductor germanium diodes and 800 electron tubes in the body.

  On August 1st, 1958, Computer 103 completed the operation of four instructions, which marked the official birth of the first universal digital electronic computer made by China people.

  The 103 computer adopts magnetic core and drum memory, the memory is only 1KB, and the operation speed is 30 times per second. Only one year later, the 104 computer came out successfully, and the computing speed increased to 10 thousand times per second. From 30 times to 10 thousand times, it only took more than a year.

  Since the founding of New China 70 years ago, China’s computer R&D and manufacturing have not only developed from scratch, but also reached the forefront of the world.

  Supercomputer is a kind of computer with the strongest function, the fastest operation speed and the largest storage capacity. It is mostly used in national high-tech fields and cutting-edge technology research, and is one of the important indicators to measure the level of national scientific and technological development and comprehensive national strength.

  The first billionth supercomputer in China was "Yinhe -I" developed by the Computer Research Institute of National University of Defense Technology. Its operation speed is more than 100 million times per second.


  资料图:超级计算机“天河二号”。 刘曼 摄






"Tourism partner" is accused of being involved in pornography, and it is necessary to polish your eyes when holding a group to warm up.


□ Ma Yuan (Chongqing University)

Recently, "tourism partners are accused of being involved in pornography" has attracted attention.It is reported that some netizens found on a social platform that "all-inclusive travel expenses" is becoming a code word. Under the eye-catching title of such posts, it is usually indicated that "girls only, each takes what he needs". In response to this matter, on the 30 th, the relevant staff of the social platform said that at present, a full-scale review has been carried out for the notes related to the "travel partner" in the station, and the problems reflected by the users mentioned in the article have not yet been located. Once the illegal content is verified, the illegal users will be seriously dealt with according to the law.(August 31st. China News Network)

With the fiery travel, young people are eager to complete a beautiful trip with the partners who resonate with the same frequency, and the "travel partner" comes into being. Behind the "tourism partner", it reflects the new needs of the younger generation in social and tourism consumption. They find travel companions through social media platforms or specific applications and reach a consensus on travel. This way encourages people to get out of the comfort zone, establish contact with strangers and create a unique and unforgettable travel experience together. However, the beautiful vision of sharing travel experiences has changed in social media platforms.

The emergence of new things is bound to be accompanied by some new problems, and the disadvantages of social interaction are gradually emerging. Some lawless elementsBorrowThe name of the child, the fact of illegal transactions, makes the original pure travel contract a tool for illegal crimes. Social networking with partners is plagued by abuse and misleading on social media platforms: for example, words such as "all-inclusive expenses, optional location" or "girls only, each with his own needs" appear from time to time in the copywriting, and some users even mentioned that they were asked if they were looking for a "green partner". The dissemination of this information not onlyGedaSub-socialization itself casts a shadow, which raises people’s concerns about their privacy and security. The existence of this kind of behavior has undoubtedly pushed the social interaction of partners to the forefront of morality and law, and the future development of social interaction of partners has become vague and uncertain.

The response of the platform involved has taken a positive step.DandaThe abuse of sub-socialization exists not only in one platform, but also in other social platforms. Therefore, all major social platforms should strengthen the audit mechanism, strengthen the monitoring and control of platform content, and contribute to optimizing the network ecological environment. Government departments also need to continue to exert their efforts in supervision, formulate relevant laws and regulations, and severely punish the abuse of social partners for illegal transactions. In addition, the public’s own risk awareness and moral values are equally important. Virtual identities on the Internet are often difficult to distinguish, and it is not uncommon to transmit illegal information through obvious words and expressions. In social networks, users should be rational, keep their eyes open while holding a group to keep warm, and not be blinded by superficial information to prevent the infringement of criminals.

In today’s society full of alienation and social pressure, partner socialization provides a unique and beneficial way for some people to interact. We can’t let the behavior of a few abusers,And denyThe positive value of social interaction. Therefore, all sectors of society need to work together to protect the purity and legitimacy of partner socialization, and strive to ensure that partner socialization is not distorted as a tool for illegal transactions while meeting people’s social needs, so that partner culture can continue to radiate warmth and friendliness and bring positive energy to society.

The launching ceremony of the "China Public Service Anchor List" project was held in Beijing.

Text/Yangcheng Evening News All-Media Reporter Li Li

On March 28th, the 8th China Public Welfare Annual Conference was held in Tsinghua University. The theme of this year’s annual meeting is "Keep your passion, keep going". It is hoped that through the "aggregation effect" of the annual meeting, the public welfare undertakings of "improving social efficiency, creating social atmosphere, participating in social incentives and building modern civilization" will continue to create new social values.

In order to carry forward the positive energy of society, lead more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, and jointly help new formats and modes such as live broadcast, short video and instant e-commerce to standardize healthy and sustainable development, Public Welfare Times held the launching ceremony of "China Public Welfare Anchor List" at this annual meeting.

The Public Welfare Times compiled and published the "China Public Welfare Anchor List", and the "China Public Welfare Anchor List Office" was responsible for the collection, compilation and publication of public welfare practice cases in the anchor field, and praised celebrities, network anchors, content creators, caring enterprises, etc. who made outstanding contributions to society, so as to make digital public welfare communication more social. The establishment of this list not only reflects the society’s attention to digital public welfare, but also highlights the positive role of network anchors and content creators as public figures in spreading positive energy and leading social fashion.

"Find the power of example and carry forward the spirit of public welfare!" Next, China Public Service Anchor List will hold a series of special events on public service cultural themes, such as "China Public Service Good Things" and "Digital Public Service Competition". Together with major network platforms, high-quality anchors, social celebrities, caring enterprises and public service brands, we will build a digital and sustainable public service ecosystem through digital empowerment.

Ministry of Culture: 19 webcast platforms were investigated for violating laws and regulations.

  Jinghua Times News (Reporter Jia Ting Meng Fanze) Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from the press conference of the Ministry of Culture that 19 webcast platforms, such as Betta and Huya, were included in the list of illegal and illegal Internet cultural activities because they were suspected of containing obscenity and violence. Liu Qiang, deputy director of the Cultural Market Department of the Ministry of Culture, said that a blacklist system will be established for online platforms and anchors that repeatedly violate the rules, and credit punishment will be imposed, and business activities of violators will be prohibited or restricted.

  19 penalty results will be announced in time.

  Liu Qiang, deputy director of the Cultural Market Department of the Ministry of Culture, said that there are two main types of violations in the webcast platform investigated this time. One is that the live broadcast platform for performing arts provides online performances that promote obscenity, pornography and harm social morality. Some "anchors" sexually tease and hint through body and language, and there are violations such as "flashing" and "teasing" to win the audience’s attention and attract the audience to pay for virtual gifts, which is vulgar and indecent and has a bad social impact. Furthermore, the game live broadcast platform provides the game content display with gambling, violence and abetting crime, such as the live broadcast of gangster-themed games "Grand Theft Auto (GTA)5" and "Dragon 0", etc., with bloody pictures and abetting crime, and the live broadcast of illegal game "Zha Jinhua", etc., which promotes gambling behavior and violates social public order and good customs.

  Therefore, in order to standardize the operation order of Internet cultural market such as online performances, the Ministry of Culture issued the 25th batch of investigation list of illegal Internet cultural activities, and 19 online live broadcast platforms such as Betta, Tiger Tooth Live, YY, Panda TV, Battle Flag TV, Dragon Ball Live, Liujianfang and 9158 were included in the investigation list for allegedly providing Internet cultural products that promote obscenity, violence, instigate crimes and endanger social morality.

  Liu Qiang introduced that the webcasting platform listed in the investigation list has clear violation facts and sufficient evidence. The live broadcasting platform involved in the case should actively cooperate with the investigation, and should strictly abide by the Interim Provisions on the Administration of Internet Culture and strictly implement the responsibility of content self-examination. The Ministry of Culture has deployed comprehensive law enforcement agencies in relevant regional cultural markets to investigate and deal with the enterprises involved in the case according to law, and announced the punishment results in a timely manner.

  Violation of the "anchor" will be blacklisted

  Liu Qiang introduced that in the next step, the Ministry of Culture will focus on establishing a long-term management mechanism, and plan to introduce policies to strengthen the management of online performances, and standardize the key links of online performances in terms of management of business entities and post-event supervision.

  In addition, a warning list and blacklist system for illegal webcasting platforms and illegal "anchors" will be established, and the behaviors of webcasting platforms and "anchors" will be restrained through the credit punishment mechanism to strengthen industry self-discipline. For anchors who repeatedly violate the rules, the platform will be required not to accept them for anchor business; For live broadcast platforms that repeatedly violate the rules, it is possible to stop providing their content.

  Liu Qiang said that the current popular mobile APP is not an extra-legal place. It is similar in content and form to the webcast platform and will be included in the management process.

  > > enterprise response

  We will continue to improve the platform supervision mechanism.

  Companies including Betta TV, Tiger Tooth Live, 9158, YY, etc. all responded that they will actively cooperate with the actions of relevant state departments, strengthen the audit management of the platform, and jointly purify the network environment.

  Betta TV said that yesterday morning, Betta and a number of peers participated in the forum of network culture business units organized by the Ministry of Culture, listened to the publicity and management requirements of laws and regulations, and jointly discussed the development norms of the industry. Betta hopes to provide users with quality live broadcast service through its own efforts.

  Huya Live also said that it will always adhere to a positive and healthy operation idea, resist vulgar content, resolutely support and cooperate with the actions of relevant state departments, and call on peers to jointly safeguard the green environment of the industry and promote the healthy development of the industry.

  Tiange Group, which belongs to 9158, responded that this time it was notified by the Ministry of Culture that individual anchors in the platform had performed vulgar performances, and the group had closed the rooms and anchors in time.

  "The results announced by the Ministry of Culture today are a wake-up call for us and the whole industry, which will enable all platforms in the industry to continue to strengthen the supervision of their own platforms and more effectively promote the sound development of the live broadcast industry." Tiange Group said that they will invest more manpower, material resources and financial resources, continue to strengthen the monitoring and management of the platform, and have the confidence to do a better job in platform supervision.

  YY Entertainment responded that it will continue to improve the platform supervision mechanism and strictly investigate all kinds of illegal and vulgar live broadcast content. The penalties include closing the live broadcast, titles, confiscation of income and deposits.

  > > news background

  Frequent pornographic incidents on live broadcast platforms

  It is reported that in the past two years, webcasting has rapidly developed into a new Internet culture format, and live broadcast forms such as performing arts live broadcast and game live broadcast have emerged one after another, attracting the attention of a large number of netizens, and the market scale has grown rapidly. According to statistics, the number of users of the webcast platform has reached 200 million, and there are about three or four thousand live broadcast "rooms" online at the same time during the daily peak hours of large-scale live broadcast platforms, and the number of users can reach two or three million.

  At present, there are about 30 enterprises engaged in webcasting in Beijing, and the industry scale is constantly expanding. Since the second half of 2015, obscene and pornographic incidents represented by "live broadcast creating people" have occurred frequently, violating social morality and even gambling and drug-related problems have occurred frequently, and even some enterprises have used this as a means to create gimmicks for financing and listing, and online pornography is facing new challenges. In this context, the Beijing Network Culture Association launched the activity of negotiating a self-discipline convention, taking regulatory measures to solve the problems existing in the current live broadcast platform and implementing the main responsibility.

  The day before yesterday, the heads of more than 20 major enterprises engaged in online performance (live broadcast) such as Baidu, Sina, Sohu and iQiyi jointly issued the "Beijing Webcast Industry Self-discipline Convention", promising that all anchors must be certified in real names from April 18; The webcast room must be marked with watermark; Content storage time is not less than 15 days for future reference; For anchors who broadcast political, gun-related, drug-related, violent and pornographic content, serious cases will be blacklisted.

  Last night, the reporter observed on several live broadcast platforms, such as fighting fish and battle flags, and found that the convention has not been formally implemented, and many platforms have imposed certain restrictions on the performance and dress of the anchor. For example, "it is forbidden to spread vulgar and pornographic pictures, sounds, words, games and video information, causing vulgar interaction in the venue" and "it is forbidden for women to deliberately expose sensitive parts such as cleavage and buttocks". The flag platform also requires the anchor to maintain the order of the live broadcast room and deal with the illegal audience in time. However, in some live broadcast platforms, there are still naked female anchors, and there are also many viewers who leave messages to tease and ask the anchors to "take off their clothes" and "get up and watch their legs".

Double Pride is widely praised: animation inherits the chivalrous spirit of the East.

Recently, the 3D animation "Double Pride", adapted from Gu Long’s classic martial arts IP, presents the story of the twin chivalrous brothers "Little Fish and Hua Wuque" to the audience again with exquisite production and beautiful painting style, which awakens everyone’s memory and longing for the children in the Jianghu who are dressed in fresh clothes and brave in chivalry. On October 3rd, the animation of "Double Pride" rushed into the top ten of Tencent Animation Channel, which triggered a heated discussion among the audience. Many viewers praised it for its "authentic martial arts flavor of Gu Long" and "modeling intentions and aesthetic online". The popularity of "Double Pride" shows that animation, a popular expression for young audiences, is an effective way to spread martial arts culture and inherit chivalrous spirit.

Animated interpretation of Gu Long’s classic IP, innovative transmission of the chivalrous spirit of the East

As a leading writer of martial arts novels, Gu Long has created 57 works with more than 25 million words in his life. These works have created a series of chivalrous figures in the Jianghu, such as Xiaoyu, Hua Wuque, Li Xunhuan and Shen Lang, which convey the core of multiple chivalrous spirits such as "friendship, belief and transcendence". "Two Prides in a Family", which began to be serialized in 1966, is a masterpiece among them, and has been adapted into film and television works for many times, which is very popular among the audience.

The animated version of "Double Pride" mainly tells the story that Xiaoyu and Hua Wuque started their Jianghu trips from the Villain’s Valley and the Flower Palace respectively, and in the process, they never met each other and went to appreciate each other, and then joined forces to fight against the villains. The tortuous and bizarre life experience adds a "sad" background to the fate of the two brothers who were forced to separate since childhood. Because of this, the two people showed their indomitable and unyielding qualities in their respective growth processes, such as "getting out of the mud without being stained", which moved countless audiences.

In the animation, the two brothers joined hands with the heroine Tie Xinlan to fight against the five villains, the twelve astrologers and the villain Jiang Yulang. The wisdom, courage, sense of justice and the trust and mutual support between their peers are very suitable for the current context, full of praise for the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature and whipping the false, evil and ugly, which is of value guiding significance to young audiences.

As the first animated work in Gu Long’s martial arts IP, "Double Pride" also inherits the martial arts culture well — — This unique cultural element and valuable asset of China. For a long time, no matter how the external environment changes, Chinese people have always maintained a high degree of reverence and praise for chivalrous spirits such as gratitude, honesty and trustworthiness, once upon a time in america, etc., and thus many literary and film works have been born, constantly conveying the feelings and righteousness, kindness and warmth in the world. It can be said that "chivalrous spirit" has become one of the unique cultural business cards of the Chinese nation.

The new era needs new works and new expressions. How to make young people understand and love China’s traditional culture has always been a big problem in the process of literary and artistic creation. Especially with the development of the times, young people’s appreciation ability and aesthetic demand for literary and artistic works are increasing day by day. Only by constantly innovating expression forms on the basis of ensuring the content can we better attract the audience. The animation "Double Pride" not only restores all kinds of strange people in the rivers and lakes in Gu Long’s works, but also shows a strong antique charm and romantic atmosphere in scene modeling, painting style, soundtrack and action design. For example, the elegant and refined Flower Transfer Palace, the sinister villain’s valley and the magnificent Murong Mountain Villa are beautifully and freehand restored in the film, showing an all-encompassing river and lake scene; In addition, the title also presents the "Great War Seventeen Years ago" in the form of ink painting to the audience, highlighting the "romance and lofty sentiments" of Gulong Jianghu in all directions.

To sum up, With the help of 3D animation, a literary form popular with young audiences, "Two Prides in a Family" gives a vivid and vivid secondary image to the mysterious wonders of rivers and lakes and strange people with unique skills. At the same time, it also vividly displays many emotions such as friendship, affection, love and chivalry, so that the audience can gain a brand-new aesthetic experience while being subtly influenced by China’s traditional martial arts culture and spirit.

Martial arts culture links non-legacy handicrafts to make national culture glow with new vitality.

On November 21st, the animation of "Two Prides in a Family" joined hands with the national key non-legacy project "Wang’s Shadow Play in Huaxian County" to launch the activity of "The Swordsman’s Shadow Play resurfaces", and at the same time exposed the shadow play handicraft works of Xiaoyuer and Hua Wuque, in which Hua Wuque was armed with a long sword, wore a hairpin, dressed in blue, tied with a jade pendant and a fragrant bag, and the image of a gentle and elegant son came to the fore. The little fish holds a short knife in each hand, dressed in red cloth, tied with a rope and a bag around his waist, with weeds in his mouth and unruly eyes, and his lively and agile image temperament is also vivid; In addition, the overall line design of these two shadow puppetry works is also very fine. The lines and patterns on the clothes of Xiaoyuer and Hua Wuque are very clear, vivid and have ancient charm. Once they were launched, they won praise from the audience.

Shadow play originated in the Western Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago and originated in Shaanxi Province, China. In Huazhou District, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, the hometown of shadow play in China, Wang Haiyan, the non-genetic inheritor of Wang’s shadow play, has been committed to the combination and promotion of national culture and intangible heritage for many years, and has designed many exquisite and heritage-rich handicraft works for various cultural products, including movies, cartoons and games. This time, the dream linkage between "Wang’s Shadow Play" and the animation "Two Prides in a Family" has brought the shadow play, a cultural heritage with a long history and tradition, back to the public in a younger and more dynamic way, bringing the audience beautiful enjoyment and conveying the value and charm of intangible culture to the young audience.

At the same time, martial arts culture, like shadow play, belongs to Chinese treasures, and classics need to be passed down. In this activity, the swordsman spirit carried in the classic IP of "Two Prides in a Family" was presented in a more vivid and diverse way in the combined narrative of "animation+shadow play", and the shadow play handicraft works with multiple artistic values such as aesthetics and collection were produced, which were welcomed by young audiences. This is of great significance for young audiences to feel the charm of Chinese culture and enhance their cultural self-confidence and cultural identity.

To sum up, as a Guo Man’s work adapted from the classic martial arts IP, it has both sentimental and cultural heritage value. In the cross-dimensional cooperation of "animation+martial arts", "Double Pride" shows its unique charm and is well received by young audiences, which provides a good example for how contemporary literary works can make young people better understand and accept traditional culture. (Author: Zhang Jianzhen, deputy director of Radio, Film and Television Research Center, Institute of Journalism and Communication, China Academy of Social Sciences)

China Art Newspaper (2nd edition, November 21st, 2022)

Everbright Bank held its 2023 annual performance conference.

  On the morning of March 28th, () held the 2023 annual performance conference.

  At the meeting, Wang Zhiheng, President of China Everbright Bank, said that in 2023, China Everbright Bank thoroughly implemented the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, the Central Financial Work Conference and the Central Economic Work Conference, adhered to the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, adhered to the general tone of striving for progress while maintaining stability, earnestly carried out thematic education, further promoted inspection and rectification, continuously promoted high-quality development, and achieved positive results in all aspects of work.

  Wang Zhiheng said that in the next step, China Everbright Bank will resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee on financial work, fulfill the responsibilities and missions of the financial enterprises in charge, and provide more accurate, high-quality and efficient comprehensive financial services for the high-quality development of the real economy with practical actions and pragmatic measures. Do a solid job in the "five major articles" of finance, optimize the debt structure, consolidate the customer base, continue to create wealth management characteristics, adhere to the compliance bottom line, enhance risk management and control capabilities, and accelerate the digital transformation. Adhere to the initial intention, forge ahead, unswervingly follow the road of financial development with China characteristics, and make great contributions to the construction of a financial power with its own high-quality development.

  Wang Zhiheng answered questions from banking analysts. When talking about the strategic optimization focus of China Everbright Bank, Wang Zhiheng said that China Everbright Bank will strive to build a professional, distinctive, influential and competitive state-owned joint-stock commercial bank according to the development idea of "12345". "1" is to uphold and strengthen the overall leadership of the party; "2" is based on serving the real economy and high-quality development; "3" is the business transformation index of anchoring AUM, FPA and GMV; "4" is to build four key characteristic areas: wealth management, comprehensive services, transaction banking and scene integration; "5" is the implementation of five capacity-building projects: customer group management, risk management, scientific and technological support, product aggregation and team specialty, and provides strong support for comprehensively promoting the construction of a strong country and national rejuvenation with Chinese modernization with first-class financial services.

  The management of China Everbright Bank also communicated with analysts, media reporters and small and medium investors on issues such as serving the real economy, retail business, financial technology, inclusive finance, risk management and asset quality, scenario finance and wealth management business.

  (), CITIC Securities, () Securities, Goldman Sachs Group, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and other well-known investment bank analysts at home and abroad, as well as media reporters such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Economic Daily, Financial Times, China Bank Insurance News, shanghai securities news and 21st century business herald attended the performance conference through on-site or teleconference. Sina Finance conducted a live video broadcast of the performance release activities.

The 55th China Higher Education Expo (2020)

Peng Wenjun: We are concerned that since 2012, universities directly under the Ministry of Education have arranged 64 universities to be included in the designated poverty alleviation work system. Colleges and universities in our country have played a vital role in the process of getting rid of poverty, especially in the decisive year, and are indispensable forces in the process of getting rid of poverty in the whole country. In a word, the cooperation between universities and local governments in our country is mainly reflected in the combination of blood transfusion and hematopoiesis, and the combination of wisdom and ambition. In particular, the school’s resources are seamlessly connected with local needs, and the school’s scientific and educational advantages are accurately connected with local resources and development foundations. In the process of participating in poverty alleviation, each university is actively exploring and building a new mode of cooperation between schools and places in combination with its own characteristics and the characteristics of poverty alleviation points. There are mainly the following aspects:

1. Poverty alleviation through education lays the foundation for local poverty alleviation. Colleges and universities make use of the advantages of talents to increase the motivation of local development. For example, teaching, pairing, donation, the construction of smart campus, joint teaching, targeted training, and accurate selection and delivery, many measures can lay the foundation for education in poor areas.





What mobile phone should I buy?

What mobile phone should I buy?

  This year, the competition among major mobile phone manufacturers is particularly fierce, especially in the second half of this year, major smartphone manufacturers around the world have released a new generation of flagship mobile phones in an attempt to attract more consumers. Recently, foreign media released the ranking of the world’s best smartphones in 2013, mainly based on design, software and hardware functions, content, which operators can log in to the network, and price, etc.What mobile phone to buy?How about it? Warm reminder: because it is the statistics of Gome media, the ranking results in China may be different, so it is for reference only.

TOP1 of the world’s best mobile phones: Apple iPhone 5S

  In most eyes, Apple’s iPhone 5S is the best of existing smartphones.

  IPhone 5S has achieved a perfect balance between excellent design, useful functions, application and content. The iPhone 5S is almost the same as the iPhone 5 released by Apple last year, but it has a better camera and a fingerprint sensor, which allows users to unlock the phone without entering a password.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  At present, the first iPhone 5s in China is about 5488 yuan, and interested friends may wish to participate.

The world’s best mobile phone ranking TOP2: Google HTC One

  Like Samsung, HTC also cooperated with Google to develop a "Google version" for its flagship smartphone. The Google version of HTC One is the best Android smartphone in the world. Like the HTC One based on HTC software, the Google version of HTC One also has a great design, but it uses a "clean" version of Android system without any unnecessary additives.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The unlocked version provided by Google costs $599 and can run on AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the United States.

Top 3: HTC One, the best mobile phone in the world.

  If you are interested in starting an Android phone, but you are stuck in the carrier contract, then HTC One is the best Android model you can buy. HTC One has an all-metal design and has the best functions of any Android phone. In terms of design and production quality, this is the first Android phone that can compete with Apple’s Android.

 What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The signing price sold through AT&T and Verizon is $149.99, and T-Mobile is a free gift. It needs to be signed for two years at $21 per month. The price on the Sprint network is $199.99.

The world’s best mobile phone ranking TOP4: Motorola Moto X.

  Motorola Moto X is one of the best smartphones recently. This phone runs on the clean version of Android operating system, but Motorola has added some tricks, such as users can quickly view notifications from the lock screen interface.

What mobile phone should I buy?

TOP5: Google version of Samsung Galaxy S4, the best mobile phone in the world.

  Samsung and Google have jointly launched a special version of Galaxy S4, which removes all the software added by Samsung and provides a clean version of Android system directly from Google. The basic version of Android system is one of the best operating systems, and it complements Samsung’s powerful hardware.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The unlocked version provided by Google costs $649 and can run on AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the United States.

The world’s best mobile phone ranking TOP6: Samsung Galaxy S4

  Samsung’s flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, is one of the most concerned smartphones by the media and consumers this year, but for some users, this phone may have gone too far. This is because Samsung has added a lot of complicated functions to the Galaxy S4, and users will probably never use these functions. In addition, the plastic case of this mobile phone will give people a cheap feeling, which may make some consumers reluctant to start.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The signing price sold through AT&T, Verizon and Sprint is $199.99. T-Mobile is $49.99, and it needs to be signed for two years at $22 per month.

TOP7 of the world’s best mobile phones: Apple iPhone 5C

  IPhone 5C is one of two new smartphones launched by Apple this year. In Apple’s smartphone product portfolio, this phone has replaced the iPhone 5, but this is because it has basically the same specifications and functions as the iPhone 5. The only difference between the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5 is that the former is made of plastic and offers five color choices: green, white, blue, pink and yellow.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The signing price through AT&T, Verizon and Sprint starts at $99. T-Mobile is $49.99, and it needs to be signed for two years at $20 per month.

TOP8: Samsung Note3, the best mobile phone ranking in the world

  Samsung launched the Galaxy Note smartphone two years ago, making phablet a popular model. This year, Samsung launched the third generation model of this series of products: Galaxy Note 3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has the largest 5.7-inch display among smartphone products, but compared with last year’s model, Galaxy Note 3 is lighter and thinner. In addition, this phone also has an iron pen called "S Pen" for users to draw or take notes.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The signing price sold through AT&T and Verizon is $299.99. T-Mobile is $199.99, and it needs to be signed for two years at $21 per month.

The world’s best mobile phone ranking Top 9: LG G2

  G2 is LG’s latest flagship smartphone, which has a gorgeous 5-inch display, and its Android system is one of the latest versions. But the phone has an eccentric design quirk: its power and volume buttons are on the back of the phone. For users who have just started using it, it is estimated that this mobile phone will be difficult to use.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The signing price sold through AT&T and Verizon is $149.99. T-Mobile is $79.99 down, and it needs to be signed for two years at $21 per month.

Top 10 mobile phones in the world: LG Optimus G Pro

  Optimus G Pro is LG’s flagship phablet, equipped with a 5.5-inch display, which can support full HD 1080p video playback. This is a great choice for people who like big-screen mobile phones.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: It is sold through AT&T, and the signing price is 99.99 USD.

TOP11 of the best mobile phones in the world: Nokia Lumia 925

  Nokia Lumia 925 is the best Windows smartphone available at present. Among the Nokia Lumia series smartphones, this is the most attractive one, equipped with a camera with excellent performance. For consumers who are interested in buying Windows Phones smartphones, this phone should be the first choice.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The signing price sold through AT&T is $99.99. T-Mobile is $19.99, and it needs to be signed for two years at $20 per month.

TOP12 of the world’s best mobile phones: Nokia Lumia 1020

  By most standards, Nokia’s flagship smartphone Lumia 1020 is equipped with the best camera of all smartphones. For consumers who value the camera function, this mobile phone should be one of the first choices.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  But this phone also has some shortcomings. In order to make room for a powerful camera, Lumia 1020 is thicker and heavier than most smartphones. There is even a huge bulge on the back of the phone. In addition, Nokia Lumia 1020 runs on Microsoft Windows Phone operating system, and the number of applications in Windows App Store is not as much as that on Android or iOS platforms.

  Price: It is sold through AT&T, and the signing price is $199.99.

TOP13 of the world’s best mobile phones: BlackBerry Z10

  Although it has not aroused enthusiastic response among consumers, the BlackBerry Z10 is still a pretty good smartphone. The Z10 is the first smartphone based on the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which is very good, but it is not as versatile as the iOS or Android platform. Moreover, the number of applications on the BlackBerry 10 platform is also good, so it is not the best choice for consumers who want the latest and best applications.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The signing price of AT&T is $0.99, and Verizon gives it away for free. T-Mobile is $99.99, and it needs to be signed for two years at $18 per month.

TOP14 of the best mobile phones in the world: (Addendum 1) Google Nexus 5

  Google just released the Nexus 5 this month. This phone has just been launched, and BusinessInsider has not been able to test and score it. However, this kind of mobile phone looks quite good, and its unlocked version is only $349; In contrast, the price of the unlocked iPhone 5S is about $300 higher. Nexus 5 has a nearly 5-inch display screen and runs on a new version of Android operating system called "Kit Kat". This version has made many improvements, with improved speed and fluency.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  Price: The unlocked version provided by Google starts at $349. Sprint pre-order signing price is $149.99. Will log on to the T-Mobile network soon.

TOP15 of the best mobile phones in the world: Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet

  Nokia has developed the first phablet Lumia 1520 based on Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system, which has a 6-inch display and a powerful 20-megapixel camera. At present, we don’t know when this mobile phone will land in the US market or how much it will cost, but it should be available before the holiday shopping season.

What mobile phone should I buy?

The world’s best mobile phone ranking Top 16: HTC One Max

  HTC’s phablet One Max should be available during the holiday shopping season. HTC has launched an enlarged version of its flagship mobile phone, HTC One Max, which has a 5.9-inch display and a fingerprint sensor on the back.

What mobile phone should I buy?

  It’s not clear when the phone will go on the market and its price, but it should be on Verizon’s network before the end of the year.

  Editor’s note:What mobile phone should I buy?? The above are the best smartphones in the world in 2013 counted by foreign media, but the article is also one-sided, because only standing in the local position of the United States, not every country is suitable. For example, in China, there are also many domestic mobile phones, such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, etc. The best mobile phones in the world will definitely have domestic mobile phones on the list, and the United States cannot represent the whole world, so it is for your reference only.


Live up to the times and inspire youth! The press conference of "Classic Chanting, Being Youth" was held.

  On April 24th, the press conference of the large-scale music and cultural program "Classic Ode to Youth" jointly created by the Literary Program Center of the Central Radio and Television General Station and CCTV Creative Media Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. At the press conference, the highlights of this season’s program innovation were introduced, and the theme song of the program was officially released.

  Zhang Guofei, Convenor of the Cultural and Art Program Center of the General Desk, Huang Xiaoju, Deputy Director of the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Guo Tong, General Manager of Central Video Media Development Co., Ltd. and Party Secretary and Chairman of CCTV, Liao Changyong, Dean of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Kang Zhen, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, Wang Lijun, Dean of the College of Arts of Beijing Normal University, Lin Yuan, Director of the Large-scale Activity Center of the Cultural and Art Program Center of the General Desk, Tian Mei, producer of "Classic Ode", Wang Chuanyue, a professor of the Central Conservatory of Music,

  Ancient and modern ensemble traditional culture "Zhengqing Youth" 

  Five thousand years of culture, three thousand years of poetry, our culture has never stopped. Poetry has cultivated the inexhaustible spiritual source of Chinese culture, built an eternal and beautiful China, and the poems that have been circulated for thousands of years can still cross time and space and have emotional resonance with modern people. For a long time, "Classic Chanting" has harmoniously integrated Chinese classic poetry and modern pop music with the original mode of "harmony with poetry and song", so that more classics can be seen and heard.

  Huang Xiaoju, deputy director of the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said in his speech: "Classic Chanting is a cultural program deeply loved by the people. It has always adhered to the socialist core values as the guide, adhered to the position of Chinese culture, actively promoted the creative transformation and innovative development of poetry art, and reflected the national spirit, the style of the times and the life style with strict content selection, in-depth thinking and exquisite artistic creation, providing a large number of high-quality literary works for the audience.

△ Zhang Guofei, Convenor of the Literature and Art Program Center of the Central Radio and Television General Station, delivered a speech

△ Huang Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, delivered a speech

  Huanxin upgrades the classic IP "Zhengqing" 

  As of April 24th, since the six seasons of Classic Poems, a total of 303 classic poems have been sung, 338 groups of classic singers have been invited and 338 classic music works have been created, and this number is still increasing. The new season "Classic Chanting" is a brand-new starting point. The program focuses on the theme of "just youth" and strives to achieve breakthroughs in multiple dimensions.

  Zhang Guofei, convener of the Cultural Program Center of the General Station, said: "The brand-new launch of" Classic Ode to Youth "is that the General Station adheres to ‘ People-centered ’ Further implement the creative concept of ‘ Creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture ’ Another masterpiece of the policy. The program will surely become another example of the integration of traditional culture and contemporary expression innovation. "

  Program producer Tian Mei introduced the highlights of program innovation on the spot. Ideologically, the program takes "just youth" as the core theme, gathers youthful strength from poetry classics, highlights youthful vitality in music creation, and endows traditional classics with more vigorous vitality and communication power; In the lineup, the program cooperated with several professional art academies to create literary and artistic masterpieces, and invited many experts and scholars in the fields of culture and music to expand the appreciation dimension, further enhancing the musicality, professionalism and cultural connotation of the program content; In addition, the program also links many primary and secondary schools across the country, inviting youth representatives to participate in classic singing, showing the elegance of young people in the new era with a youthful spirit, and practicing "educating people with aesthetic education and educating people with culture".

  Liao Changyong, Dean of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, expressed his expectation for the program at the scene: "The Classic Ode is a perfect combination of poetry and music, and it has truly achieved ‘ 1+1 is greater than 2’ The artistic effect of. We often say ‘ Poetry ’ This word, poetry and songs will always be together. I hope that more excellent poetry works will be recommended to you on this stage, and I hope that more well-composed songs and truly classic songs will be introduced on this stage. "

△ Liao Changyong, Dean of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, had an interactive conversation with host Sa Beining.

  Kang Zhen, vice-president of Beijing Normal University, said, "The classics are passed down and passed down forever. Times are different, but youth comes down in one continuous line. "Classic Poem, Being Youth" actively seeks the convergence between traditional culture and modern values, refines the cultural connotation that meets the needs of the times from classic poems, establishes the aesthetic resonance and spiritual resonance of young people with the voice of youth, and makes more young people become the inheritors and innovators of Chinese traditional culture silently. "

△ Kang Zhen, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, delivered a speech

  Wang Lijun, Dean of the College of Literature of Beijing Normal University, said: "Beijing Normal University is an old friend and good partner of the program" Classic Ode to Youth ".We are very happy to shoulder the mission of the times better with the general station and the program group, and strive to explore an effective way to transform cultural resources and cultural research results into cultural communication, and work together to create a masterpiece with educational, cultural and contemporary significance, so as to truly realize the cultural ‘ Live ’ Get up, let the beauty of classics and culture enter people’s hearts more and better, and contribute more to telling the story of China and showing the youthful China style. "

△ Wang Lijun, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts of Beijing Normal University, delivered a speech

  The whole people sang "Positive Youth", the step of forging ahead. 

  At the press conference, the theme song "Heart has a Direction" of the program "Classic Ode to Youth" was also announced. The song was written and sung by Vae and played by Lang Lang on the piano. Focusing on the theme of "just youth", the melody is progressive from gentle to passionate, expressing the spirit of "just youth" with a clear mind, down-to-earth and unafraid of difficulties. At the same time when the song was released, the program also launched the activity of "Creating a Heart-oriented MV with the Whole Network" on the Internet, inviting netizens to perform "Heart-oriented MV" in various ways, such as cover, second creation, musical instruments, dance, etc. High-quality content will be included in the official video, and participants will have the opportunity to become the protagonist of "Heart-oriented MV" together with Vae and Lang Lang.

  Wang Chuanyue, Phoenix Legend and Dong Baoshi, guests of the new season program, expressed their feelings and thoughts about participating in this season’s recording and shared their feelings about this season’s theme.

△ Professor of Central Conservatory of Music, tenor singer Wang Chuanyue, pop group Phoenix Legend, and music singer Dong Baoshi have an interactive conversation.

  In addition to the leaders and guests present, Yu Feng, Dean of the Central Conservatory of Music, Zhuge Yannan, Secretary of the Party Committee of china opera, and Jing Xiaoyong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Oriental Performing Arts Group, also expressed their congratulations and expectations to the program’s launch through video. Yu Feng said: "The classic" is a new release, and many excellent teachers, students and graduates from our college have participated in the creation and singing of the program, adding new vitality and communication to traditional culture with practical actions. " Zhuge Yannan said: "As a literary and art worker, I am very happy to see the brand-new launch of" Classic Ode to Youth ". I hope that this season’s program will make the definition of youth broader, and I also hope that the program will make traditional culture bloom with different vitality. " Jing Xiaoyong believes: "As a cultural program deeply loved by the audience," Classic Chanting "has passed ‘ Harmony with poetry and song ’ The form, which combines Chinese classic poetry with modern pop music, provides many excellent works for the audience. We believe that "Classic Chanting is Youth" will continue to sing the main theme of the new era and show the spirit of China people through the diverse integration of music and poetry, with exquisite masterpieces with rich feelings and profound skills. "

△ Tian Mei, the producer of "Classic Ode", introduced the highlights of this season’s program.

  Live up to the times and inspire youth! Qinghua Lang’s "Classic Ode to Youth" will be broadcast on CCTV-1 during the May Day holiday, and will lead the audience to start a new poetic youth journey with innovative presentation, so stay tuned.