"Tourism partner" is accused of being involved in pornography, and it is necessary to polish your eyes when holding a group to warm up.


□ Ma Yuan (Chongqing University)

Recently, "tourism partners are accused of being involved in pornography" has attracted attention.It is reported that some netizens found on a social platform that "all-inclusive travel expenses" is becoming a code word. Under the eye-catching title of such posts, it is usually indicated that "girls only, each takes what he needs". In response to this matter, on the 30 th, the relevant staff of the social platform said that at present, a full-scale review has been carried out for the notes related to the "travel partner" in the station, and the problems reflected by the users mentioned in the article have not yet been located. Once the illegal content is verified, the illegal users will be seriously dealt with according to the law.(August 31st. China News Network)

With the fiery travel, young people are eager to complete a beautiful trip with the partners who resonate with the same frequency, and the "travel partner" comes into being. Behind the "tourism partner", it reflects the new needs of the younger generation in social and tourism consumption. They find travel companions through social media platforms or specific applications and reach a consensus on travel. This way encourages people to get out of the comfort zone, establish contact with strangers and create a unique and unforgettable travel experience together. However, the beautiful vision of sharing travel experiences has changed in social media platforms.

The emergence of new things is bound to be accompanied by some new problems, and the disadvantages of social interaction are gradually emerging. Some lawless elementsBorrowThe name of the child, the fact of illegal transactions, makes the original pure travel contract a tool for illegal crimes. Social networking with partners is plagued by abuse and misleading on social media platforms: for example, words such as "all-inclusive expenses, optional location" or "girls only, each with his own needs" appear from time to time in the copywriting, and some users even mentioned that they were asked if they were looking for a "green partner". The dissemination of this information not onlyGedaSub-socialization itself casts a shadow, which raises people’s concerns about their privacy and security. The existence of this kind of behavior has undoubtedly pushed the social interaction of partners to the forefront of morality and law, and the future development of social interaction of partners has become vague and uncertain.

The response of the platform involved has taken a positive step.DandaThe abuse of sub-socialization exists not only in one platform, but also in other social platforms. Therefore, all major social platforms should strengthen the audit mechanism, strengthen the monitoring and control of platform content, and contribute to optimizing the network ecological environment. Government departments also need to continue to exert their efforts in supervision, formulate relevant laws and regulations, and severely punish the abuse of social partners for illegal transactions. In addition, the public’s own risk awareness and moral values are equally important. Virtual identities on the Internet are often difficult to distinguish, and it is not uncommon to transmit illegal information through obvious words and expressions. In social networks, users should be rational, keep their eyes open while holding a group to keep warm, and not be blinded by superficial information to prevent the infringement of criminals.

In today’s society full of alienation and social pressure, partner socialization provides a unique and beneficial way for some people to interact. We can’t let the behavior of a few abusers,And denyThe positive value of social interaction. Therefore, all sectors of society need to work together to protect the purity and legitimacy of partner socialization, and strive to ensure that partner socialization is not distorted as a tool for illegal transactions while meeting people’s social needs, so that partner culture can continue to radiate warmth and friendliness and bring positive energy to society.